Get the Kids Kidding with Yoga

Benefits of Yoga for Children

Being a kid today is as hard as being an adult back then. Today, children deal with temptations, distractions, negative energy/influence, peer pressure, and overstimulation. Luckily, yoga, when presented in a child-friendly language, can help counter the encounters of children. Yoga for children is beneficial in helping them cope with the hurry-up the world around them. With busy parents, incessant lessons, internet, and related technology, gaming, competitive sports, school pressures, and malls all over, kids get bored quickly. We unknowingly raise children who are superficially happy. Deep down their lives, their innate joy has been sliced into bits because we force them to cope with the speedy world. Well, fitness through yoga for kids could be the answer. Well, everything is money, except for the low-cost yoga for your kids. Now read through and let us get the kids kidding with yoga.

Parental Encounter with Yoga for Kids

While interacting with a parent (let's call her Malia’s mother), we got to learn the benefits of yoga to kids. Before introducing Malia to yoga, she was withdrawn and bored when with others. Besides, she also had no appetite and did not sleep well. However, as the mother embraced adult yoga, Malia requested that she too be bought for yoga kits (mats and clothing). The mother saw this as a positive step and made Malia’s dream come true by purchasing her a beautiful yoga mat for girls. Every morning, when the mother did her poses, Malia would stretch and make animal shapes. The mother became more concerned and invited a Kids yoga specialists. The story has never been the same. Now 13 years old, Malia has fully benefited from her yoga practices. She advances her training in yoga poses every fortnight and she is one happy girl.

8 significant Benefits of Yoga for Children Every Parent Should Know

Children get a myriad of benefits from practicing yoga. Yoga introduces children to techniques essential in inner fulfillment, relaxation, and self-health. When done at an early age, yoga bestows upon the kid's self-confidence and self-esteem due to body awareness. Being a non-competitive activity, every child has an equal chance of enjoying yoga. Here are some of the benefits of yoga to children:

1. Stress Management

Kidding around yoga has been proven to be a stress management tool for children. Young kids are vulnerable to frustrations. Often, you will find them throwing tantrums and crying due to frustrations. Yoga teaches children some breathing and relaxing techniques that help them focus their minds. Through guided mindful activities, children release stress and anxiety. During these moments, you will see the kids smiling and exposing their innocent of all face. Since yoga focuses on now, it helps kids to forget their worries and relax. Children can practice these mindfulness and breathing techniques at home, at school, or when camping. We let you be the judge of the magical transformation to your kid’s life. Children practicing yoga are never frustrated, frightened, sad, or angry, they ooze with happiness hormones. Doesn’t yoga for kids make a world a happy place one kid at the moment? Sure it does.

2. Developing Social, Collaboration, and Teamwork in Kids

Children’s yoga activities can be undertaken in groups or singly. The former is always the best. It comes by itself. Your neighbor’s kids will see your kids doing yoga and want to join. Alternatively, the improvement in creativity, concentration, and health will make your neighbors enquire more about kid’s yoga activities and snap! You have a group. Yoga makes the individual children focus on self and coexist with one another. Partner poses helps the kids to develop essential teamwork skills such as collaboration, cooperation, communication, and critical thinking. The kids also become confident when part of the group because they pair rather than compete with one another. Yoga encourages children on, when they fail it is not the end but a chance to perfect their poses. Yoga develops tolerance and acceptance of others in children. The children get to learn how mutual respect is necessary for peaceful coexistence.

3. Improving Posture, Balance, Flexibility, and Coordination

During yoga activities, children engage in the standing poses that enhance both strength and posture. The balancing poses help the children in improving concentration, poise, coordination, and focus. Yoga activities for children also entail invigorating backbend poses stimulate the sympathetic nervous system to aid in strengthening the chest and the heart for better coordination. Different yoga poses for kids increase flexibility and help in muscle development. The poses strengthen and realign the various parts of the body.

4. Developing Concentration and Focus

Practicing yoga for kids helps them clear their minds of any distractions. In this respect, they concentrate and focus their minds on moving their bodies and managing a sequence of poses. The yoga classes for children have innovatively included mindful games as a means of entertaining the children and building their focus. According to the University Oberta de Catalunya (UCO), yoga increases focus and concentration in children, and thus high performance in academics. Reliable studies and journals have also connected yoga and improved academic performance in children. Yoga helps the kids learn how to maneuver through worldly distractions and concentrate on whatever they are doing. It teaches the kids to deal with the present moment.

5. Yoga Helps in Developing a Connection between Body and Mind

When practicing yoga, the kids are told to twist and tune their bodies while listening to their body. This way, they build a peculiar connection between their body, breath, and mind. The different yoga postures and body movements help the kids shape the cognition ability of their minds. It helps direct energy and attention inward, creating a calmness that helps someone find their inner self. Inner attention and understanding helps in meditation 

6. Yoga Encourages Behavior Change and Development of Healthy Habits in Children

 The mindful practices develop critical thinkers. Most of the yoga-practicing children are aware of their surroundings. They also top as the most environmentally conscious kids on earth. Yoga develops the instruction taking in children and makes them obedient, respectful, and disciplined. Yoga is also a physical activity that promotes a healthy and active lifestyle in kids. The kids who practice yoga are not prone to lifestyle diseases such as diabetes and child obesity. Malia’s mother confessed to us that after the yoga lessons, Malia began to have a positive change in eating behaviors. Therefore, yoga also helps children to embrace healthy eating habits. The forward bends help the children massage their digestive systems by stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system.

7. Self-Awareness, Confidence, and Self-Esteem

When guiding their bodies through different poses, the children listen to their bodies. They end up realizing their weaknesses and strengths and work on them. The children also learn how their minds influence their bodies. Yoga also helps the kids determine their capability. They get exposed to achieving through focusing their mind on whatever they are doing then. When children understand themselves, they exhibit high self-esteem and confidence.

8. Yoga Helps in Positive Mental Health in Kids

Yoga teaches the kids self-love, appreciation, and awareness. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) recommends yoga for children as a means of treating mental disorders in children such as Attention-deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Tourette syndrome, anxiety, and depression. Therefore, Yoga can be part of the behavioral therapy for mental and behavioral disorders in children. Through mindfulness practice, self-awareness, self-esteem and confidence, and relaxation yoga help children cope with daily

Final Thoughts from the Yogis

We are all yoga enthusiasts. There are many benefits of yoga for children. You need to begin right now, right here. You can understand the different techniques of yoga and the required kits through yoga books for children, watching yoga for kid’s reality shows, and visiting a children yoga specialist.  We have carefully selected some of the yoga kits for children from mats to clothing that you need to read about. Watch out for our next article on yoga for children product reviews and start off the journey. With our elaborate discussion of the benefits of yoga for children, could wait until it is late?

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