Helmets for Kids for Every Budget (Plus Buying Guide)

Best Bike Helmets for Kids – Safety when Riding Guaranteed

All riding families can agree that getting the youngest riders to wear their helmets is one of the toughest and most mentally-challenging tasks. Finding the best kids’ helmets is also a separate challenging affair. But as parents, we always keep trying, no matter what!

Although easy, if you force your child to wear a helmet, they might end up throwing a temper tantrum, and who knows, they may altogether start resenting the whole concept of riding a bike.

So be careful with both your choice of a helmet and approach to getting them to wear it, dear parent. The last thing you want to do is to force the ‘hard shell” on your kid’s head or worse yet; choose a boring black one for your child to wear.

To motivate kids to wear helmets, you need to go for cool, fun, and up-to-task kids’ helmets. That alone automatically appeals to their appetite to be on bikes.

Even though looks matter, it will please you to know that all of the helmets we have assembled for you have more to them than what meets the eye!

Every one of them meets all the requirements for high quality and up-to-task helmet in terms of protection, coverage, adjustability, user-friendliness, and superior comfort!

If your question if what are the best helmets for kids? Be our guest!

What are you waiting for? Let’s jump straight into it.

1. Giro Scamp Youth Bike Helmet

Salient Features


Giro does it again with a helmet that has just about every feature in an adult helmet, except it is packaged in a smaller child’s size.

This company never fails!

The Giro Scamp is exceptionally built with an in-mold polycarbonate shell with EPS liner. The fusion of the inner and outer shell allows better ventilation and results in a lighter helmet, which is precisely what the Giro Scamp offers kids.

The helmet is further tailored to suit kids and especially girls whose ponytails can fit in with the slight curvature in the helmet’s back. That means that you don’t have to worry about changing Little Maggie or Sandy’s hairstyle when going out for a ride. Convenient, aye?

Plus, with the Roc Loc Jr. Fit system, the helmet can be adjusted with a dial, so it fits the child’s head even as they grow! And all this with a buckle that ensures no pinching of the wearer’s chin as the buckle snaps into place.

Lastly, the helmet further embodies convenience as they come in 13 fancy and exciting colors for each child to select their favorite from!


  • In-mold polycarbonate shell with EPS liner.

  • Super lightweight and comfortable.

  • An integrated visor protects the eyes.

  • Upgraded Roc Loc Dial fit adjust customized to fit even as the child grows.

  • Pinch-guard buckle.

  • Available in a range of kid-friendly colors and designs.

  • Optional MIPS technology model.

  • Ponytail-compatible.

  • CPSC compliance.


  • The number of vents is limited especially when compared to its competitors.

2. Nutcase- Patterned Street Bike Helmet

Salient Features

                                  Medium 56 – 60 cm

                                  Large 60 – 64 cm


The in-mold construction of this helmet is one of many things that make it such a great option for kids!

The durable, injection-molded ABS shell with protective Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) foam works well to offer superior protection in case of a fall or crash.

Furthermore, the spin dial featured ensures a perfect fit and works together with three extra sets of foam pads with 3mm, 6mm, 9mm thickness that is interchangeable to achieve a more tailored fit.

Another winner is the signature magnetic buckle that ensures no more neck-pinching for the child. Requiring one-handed operation, fastening and loosening the helmet is such a breeze!

Additionally, not only does the 360-degree reflectivity of this helmet look cool but it also protects them from other road users by enhancing their visibility.

Lastly, the nutcase street helmet also makes a name for itself for being one of the few dual certified helmets. With a dual safety certification by CPSC and ASTM, that means that the helmet is constructed in such a way that it can offer superior protection in the event of a bike accident or the multiple falls and impacts that skaters are prone to.


  • Dial-adjust fit ensures a snug fit.

  • No pinch Fidlock magnetic buckle.

  • Detachable visor shield eyes from the sun’s glare.

  • Fun and vibrant designs.

  • Dual certified.


  • A limited number of vents.

3. Uvex 2018 Quatro Junior Children’s Cycling Helmet

Salient Features

Available sizes: 50 – 55 cm


Within minutes of owning the Uvex Quatro Junior helmet, you can tell that much time went into its creation

The helmet features a unique “monomatic” ratcheting buckle that entails slower buckling and securing with a locking slider located below the ear. This means that not only is it essentially easier for kids to use, but it also protects them from pinching themselves.

With the turn of a dial, the helmet can be modified to suits a child’s head. It is worth noting that the Uvex Quatro is, however, created for kids with smaller-sized heads as it suits their heads but also has a much narrower fit range (4cm in comparison to the standard 7), which locks out kids with wider heads.

To shield the child’s eyes from the sun’s rays, it sports a removable snap-fit visor, and to block the entry of insects; it features insect shields.

Not to mention that its in-mold construction offers ultimate impact-resistance and durability of the helmet.

Although not as many as the other contenders in our review, the 9 vents in this helmet do a superb job of allowing air circulation above the child’s neck.


  • Unique non-pinch ratcheting buckle.

  • Durable in-mold construction.

  • 9 vents allow cool, fresh air to circulate over and around child’s head and lets hot, stale air escape.

  • Dial-adjust allows a customized fit.

  • Removable snap-fit visor shields eyes from the sun.

  • Available in a range of kid-friendly colors and designs.

  • Optional LED attachment.


  • Might not be an excellent fit for wider heads.

4. Joovy Noodle Helmet

Salient Features

                                  Small/Medium (52 – 56 cm)


We have no qualms about a helmet that goes the extra mile to protect a child’s noggin.

And that is precisely what the Joovy Noodle helmet does.

The helmet offers superior protection from the elements, bugs, and the impact of a crush!

Most parents are pleased that the helmet is embellished with sufficient vents (14 if you are counting) to ensure that the child’s head remains cools during hot summer rides.

Plus, the front vents are embellished with an integrated bug mesh, so not only will the child remain cool, but they will also be protected from bugs especially when riding in nature.

The extended visor offers ultimate protection from the sun’s rays while the pinch guard chin strap secures easily with no pinch to the child’s chin.

To fine-tune the fit for ultimate protection, the helmet uses an adjustable fit dial, which can be modified throughout the growth spurts of the child.

The list of merits is endless for this one; the helmet offers great head coverage, and being incredibly light, the weight of it won’t be a pressure to the noggin.

The Joovy noodle kid’s helmet truly is the ideal mid-range helmet. It offers excellent features at a price that won’t break your bank.


  • Extremely lightweight.

  • Integrated bug mesh in the front vents.

  • Extended visor for maximum protection of eyes and face.

  • The adjustable fit dial offers a snug fit.

  • 14 air vents.

  • A variety of fun colors.

  • Value for money.


  • Hardshell construction isn’t as durable as in-mold construction.

5. Razor V-17 Youth Multi-Sport Helmet

Salient Features

                                  Youth 22 – 23.5 inches (56 – 59.5 cm)

                                  Adult 23 – 325 inches (58.5 -63.5 cm)


Popular for their expertise in bike helmets, Razor continues to show the reason for the brand’s acclaimed position with the Razor V-17!

The Razor V-17 youth multi-sport helmet promises a mere between state-of-the-art design and top-shelf quality without affecting its ability to offer superior protection, and there is nothing more that could please both parent and child.

If there’s something that this helmet has done exceptionally right is that it is generously padded! What it lacks in terms of a dial-adjust fit system, it makes up for with an extra set of pads. So, in addition to dense padding within, the helmet comes with additional pads to guarantee a tailored fit for each rider. 

Rather than releasing and fastening at the chin, the helmet is secured to the child’s noggin with a side release buckle on the chin strap. The buckle reeks of absolute convenience.

It fastens quickly, is extremely easy to adjust, and stays on even when riding roughly.

In the event of an accident, the hard exterior and ergonomic interior padding do a great job of keeping the child’s head away from harm.

Moreover, it has 17 vents that well-positioned at the top, side, and rear of the helmet, so the rider’s head remains cool on the go.

Like we said, getting a child to put a helmet on ranks up there with getting them to eat their vegetables. That is why it is extremely pleasing to know that the Razor V-17 is available in 13 vibrant colors from which any child can have their pick!

Whether they are riding or skating, this is just the right partner for their endeavors.


  • Lightweight.

  • Budget-friendly.

  • Sleek design.

  • Hard and durable exterior offers excellent impact absorption.

  • The interior is well-padded for comfort and safety.

  • Generously padded with additional sizing pads for fine-tuning the fit.

  • Side release buckles are easy to fasten and adjust.

  • Well-ventilated with 17 vents for airflow.

  • Variety of colors to choose from.

  • CPSC compliance.


  • The helmet’s only shortfall is that it lacks comfort features such as a visor, which many parents may prefer.

6. Raskullz Digital Camo Mohawk

Salient Features


We can all agree that helmets don’t have to be bland to fulfill their function.  

So how about the fact that Raskullz was among the first companies to ever use 3D technology on their products?

The Raskullz Mohawk is part of the Mohawk series that incorporates 3D bendable Mohawk

And it works! This series has caught the eyes of thousands of children who relish their neighborhood rides even more as they get to show off their rad look. 

And the helmet balances the 3D technology with even more superior safety technology.

The EPS inner shell, for instance, absorbs impact from a fall regally.  

Also, the helmet is ventilated with aerodynamic cooling vents that allow comfortable airflow throughout the helmet.

The package further entails removable pads and adjustable straps for a more tailored fit.

With such a helmet, it comes as no surprise to us that the company has survived in the global market for over 60 years.


  • 3D technology.

  • Mohawk spikes are bendable and harmless to the touch.

  • EPS shells significantly absorb shock from impact.

  • Adjustable strap fit system for that perfect fit.

  • Soft pads cushion the shell’s interior for ultimate comfort.

  • Aerodynamic cooling vents ensure coolness and freshness.

  • Complies with US CPSC and ASTM safety standards.


  • Prone to melting after long hours of sun exposure.

7. Bell Richter Youth Helmet

Salient Features


If there’s ever a rider that finds the constant adjustment of the chin strap annoying, confusing, or just down-right exhausting then the Bell Richter is the perfect helmet for them.

In addition to superior quality that adds to the durability, the helmet’s well-thought features add a welcoming touch to the comfort and security of the noggin.

However, the most thought-out feature of this helmet is the incorporated TrueFit one-step adjustment system. As the name suggests, it only requires a single adjustment for that correct fit!

The self-adjusting fit straps are fast, super-easy, and get the job done!

In addition to that, the helmet boasts of reflective features on its rear end to guarantee safety on the trails by making the rider more conspicuous.

As if that wasn’t enough, the helmet further sports a detachable visor for protection from the elements. 


  • Strong, durable and lightweight due to fusion construction technology.

  • Convenient TrueFit 1-step adjustment ensures the correct positioning of the helmet with one step.

  • Pinch guard buckle.

  • Rear reflectors enhance visibility at night and in low-light settings.

  • 16 vents encourage sufficient air permeability above the shoulders.

  • Detachable visor protects the rider from the sun’s glare.

  • CPSC bike compliance.


  • The helmet is not as compatible with ponytails.

8. Giro Me2 Infant/ Toddler Bike Helmet

Salient Features


Youngbloods and old-timers alike have a liking for Giro helmets. Reason being that the helmets produced all have a superior fit, exemplary quality, ultimate comfort and let’s not forget the great fancy designs all in one.

Even more impressive is that their helmets take pride in the fact that they usually come in half the weight of traditional helmets, perfect for kids' heads if you ask me.

Every little detail of this helmet is deliberate.

For starters, the helmet’s 20 vents are a winner in our books as they guarantee that no matter how hot it gets, the child’s head will remain cool. Plus, the vents are protected with a built-in bug net, which keeps bugs at bay.

 The helmet further integrates a visor that serves a protective role against the sun and rain. Besides, the Mini-Loc fit system which warrants a secure no-pinch fit when adjusted.

To ensure the two-wheeling tot remains comfortable, the helmet’s interior is lined with soft padding making this helmet the perfect embodiment of helmet and security!


  • Great unique styling.

  • Ergonomic padding.

  • Mini Loc fit system with pinch-proof buckle and easy-guide straps.

  • Easy to adjust.

  • Microshell with integrated bug-proof construction.

  • A variety of fun colors.

  • 20 vents for airflow.

  • The built-in visor offers shade.


  • The adjustable straps are somewhat hard to adjust.

9. Raskullz Child Unicorn Helmet

Salient Features


The Raskullz Unicorn helmet is another display of how clever one has to be to get children excited to wear their helmets.

This helmet will have heads turning in the biking streets with the 3-D unicorn ears, horn, and snout.

The TPR material used to make the exterior is of high-quality, durable, non-toxic, safe to the touch. Underneath it is a hard exterior and EPS shell that lines the interior of the helmet, both of which do a great job at shock absorbency.

Other than the cute design and high-quality material; this helmet further ensures comfort through aerodynamic cooling vents that promote immense air circulation during hot summer rides

The helmet also features an adjustable nylon chin strap that provides a comfortable and secure fit.

Comfortable, secure, shock-absorbent and appealing to young riders, the Raskullz Unicorn helmet confidently ticks off all the right boxes for everything you could ever want in a child’s helmet.


  • Best for girls.

  • Shock-absorbing EPS shell.

  • Aerodynamic cooling vents promote airflow.

  • Adjustable strap fit system.

  • Well-padded for comfort.

  • It comes in 4 striking colors.

  • CPSC bike helmet-compliant.


  • With only 6 air vents child’s head might get hot or sweaty.

10. Raskullz Kitty Kat Bike Helmet

Salient Features


Another great entry from Raskullz is the Raskullz Kitty Kat helmet.

It differs from the Raskullz Mohawk and the Raskullz unicorn in that it weighs 2 pounds.

Although heavier than the other two, this helmet is still weight-optimized for a child, especially considering the fact that there are much heavier options in the market.

Here’s why every parent should get one for their child.

The helmet integrates the latest in helmet technology through 3D technology. The sculpted cat is a sure head-turner and mood booster for young riders.

Secondly, like other Raskullz helmets, the helmet features an inner EPS shell that does a great job at shock-absorbing on impact. There is no chance that the child’s head will get hurt with this gear.

Thirdly, it features aerodynamic cooling vents and an adjustable chin strap system that ensure a cool, secure, and comfortable fit!


  • 3-D sculpted TPR.

  • Shock-absorbing EPS shell.

  • Aerodynamic cooling vents maximize airflow to prevent excess sweating.

  • Adjustable strap fit system ensures a sure fit.


  • Limited range of colors.

Honorable Mentions

Here are a few selections that do just as great a job at protecting little riders’ noggins as the kids’ helmets mentioned above.

1. Giro Scamp MIPS Youth Bike Helmet

The Giro Scamp Youth Bike helmet sports similar features as the aforementioned Giro Scamp, except it, is backed by Multi-directional impact system (MIPS) technology. The technology entails an additional interior layer that disperses energy in the case of a fall or crash and thereby evens out the distribution of the force of impact.

Being that the helmet is constructed with an in-mold polycarbonate shell with an EPS liner, the result is that the helmet is so lightweight and comfortable that children even forget its presence on their heads!

With eight vents, built-in visor, pinch-guard buckle, and ponytail compatible back, the Giro Scamp MIPS youth helmet is a worthy investment, especially when compared to other MIPS helmets which come at a higher price tag.

2. Bell sidetrack MIPS Youth Bike Helmet

This helmet is styled like an adult mountain bike helmet, and that is what wins it for us.

For starters, it is fitted with MIPS, which works to minimize injuries from impact at sharp angles. The MIPS weighs a mere one pound so you can rest assured that it won’t weigh the kid down.

It also features a fusion in-mold polycarbonate shell that creates a much safer and much sturdier fit, a snap-in visor that protects eyes and face from the sun and other debris as well as 15 vents for coolness and comfort.

Lastly, the helmet features an Ergo Fit system with no-twist tri glides that enable the helmet to adjust to size quickly and ensure that the straps remain flat and in position.

3. Giro Tremor MIPS Youth Bike Helmet

The Giro Tremor MIPS helmet is similar to the extremely popular Bell Sidetrack, except it costs 5$ more and has features that make it a better helmet.

Instilling the latest in helmet technology, this helmet entails an integrated Multi-Directional Impacts Protection System, which redirects energy and thereby offer more protection in specific impacts.

Additionally, the in-mold construction of the helmet encourages better protection, lighter weight, and enhanced durability.

With the Roc Loc Sport system, the child is guaranteed fast, easy-to-use and secure fit adjustments

Furthermore, the helmet features18 vents for maximum airflow and a removable visor that protects from the sun’s rays making the Giro Tremor MIPS one of the best options for older kids.

4. Schwinn Thrasher micro-shell lightweight Bicycle Helmet

It doesn’t come as a surprise that Schwinn has been in existence since 1895. To date, the company invests in quality material and the most sophisticated design for their products. The Schwinn Thrasher is no exception.

Merely weighing 0.6 pounds, this helmet is the perfect fit for kids between 5 and 8 years of age with a head circumference of 50 to 54 cm.

 The helmet is lightweight owing to the three-piece micro-shell that enhances durability without weighing your kid down

It further features a visor that you can easily remove or keep on to reduce the sun’s glare and 20 top air vents that provide crucial ventilation on hot summer rides.

Lastly, Schwinn 360° comfort pairs dial-adjustable fit system with full range padding for the perfect customized, comfortable fit.


When introducing kids to the concept of riding a two-wheeler, the most important establishment that they need to be aware of is the safety precautions they should take

That said, a helmet is right on top of the safety precautions that are advised for young and old riders. Unfortunately, not many riders know the dos and don’ts of picking the right helmet for themselves; leave alone their kids.

We have taken the liberty to assemble the best kids’ helmets in the industry, so you don’t have to. From the ones that integrate MIPS technology to the lightest ones with in-mold construction and even ones with 3D technology for visual appeal, it would be hard to miss a befitting pick.

To find your match, gear your kid up and have fun hitting the trails.

Remember; safety first!

Choosing the Best Bike Helmets for Kids

According to a recent study published in the journal Accident Analysis & Prevention, from 2006 to 2015, the U.S emergency departments have treated more than 2.2 million children between the age of 5 and 17 years. Arguably, this means that each day the U.S. emergency departments handle 25 cases of children bike injuries per hour. This translates to 600 cases of bike injuries per day. 

The CDC reports that children from the age of 5 and above have the highest rates of bicycle injuries. They account for 60% of the emergency department visits.

The statistics are already daunting, but what can serve as a caution for getting the best bike helmets for kids is the fact that the injuries mostly affect the upper extremities. The most affected group is between age 10 and 14 years.

The bike injuries can occur anywhere-either at home or on the streets.  Some of the common injuries include fractures, scrapes, cuts, and bruises, which can lead to traumatic brain injuries in kids. Conclusively, a helmet reduces the risk of severe injuries for the kids.

You do understand the benefits of cycling, being a low impact activity, for kids. It makes them fit, healthy, and independent. Besides, cycling is a relatively safe physical activity. Most of the elite cyclists with the big teams were once cyclists in their early days.

Therefore, getting your kids a nice bike could be a kick-start to their passion and career later in life. Getting the bike is one great achievement and ensuring their safety is another.  Ordinarily, one thing to keep in mind is that safety comes first.

It is not substitutable by the thrill on the bike. Did you know that getting your kids a good and well-fitting bike helmet can reduce the chances of head injury? Well, wearing a helmet reduces the chances of head injury by 85%. The kids are delicate beings, and a helmet on the head can prevent physical damages to the head that can come with far-reaching impacts on the growth and development of kids.

When should the Kids wear Bike Helmets?

Whether your kid just started cycling or has been on the two wheels for adventure for ages, getting the best bike helmets for kids is not an option but an obligation you have as the parent or guardian. The helmets cannot be seen as accessories. Instead, they are safety equipment that provides the necessary life-saving protection for the kids when cycling. Buying the best bike helmets for the kids can be a tough task for you as a parent.

Notably, given the dearth of information over the internet on children’s and toddlers' bike helmets and the little choice, unlike adult bike helmets. In this article, we offer a comprehensive analysis of the best kids' bike helmets, how to choose guides, and some of the top bike helmets for both babies and toddlers. We do this to save you precious time that you can use to build a long-lasting relationship with your kids.

Getting your kids to wear bike Helmets

As a parent or a guardian, you have probably wondered how you can encourage your kids to wear helmets. We have useful tips to get enroll your kid in a safety culture of wearing helmets even when you are not around.

Our Buying Guide: What to Look For When Buying Kids Bike Helmets

We are all armatures at some point in our lives and information can save us the cost of ignorance. We come in to fill the information gap for parents and guardians on the importance of having kids’ bike helmets. We do this by informing you of the safest and best helmet for your child. Does expensive mean safer? We comprehensively demystify the common belief by parents. There are different features that you should consider when shopping for a kid’s bike helmet:

1. The size of the helmet

As parents, we always wonder about how a bike helmet should fit a child/kid. One thing to note is that helmets are not one-size-fits-all. Rather, there are different ranges of circumferences. You need to ensure that you have the best fit helmet.

How do you measure a child for a bike helmet? Alternatively, how can I measure a kid's head for a bike helmet?  These are two common questions that parents ask. 

The best way is to use a soft tape to measure the circumference of the head. When measuring wrap the soft tape around the head of the kid just one-inch above the eyebrow. Sometimes, for a helmet to fit appropriately, you can wear a cycling cap or a beanie.

How Should a Bike Helmet Fit a Child?

After getting the right size, you should get the best fitting helmet for your kid. Helmets come with the option of allowing you to adjust them to fit appropriately. Wrong adjustments on the helmets can lead to tilting that causes irritations when riding.

Besides, the helmets can fall off, rotate, or cover the kid's face causing accidents or discomfort. A poorly fitting helmet reduces the efficacy of a helmet in protecting the head of the kids during a crash. Helmets should remain well-fitting on the head and should remain in place even when the kids are in motion.

There are certain signs of a well-fitting kids’ bike helmets:

2. The Visors

When purchasing a kid’s bike helmet, ensure that they have visors. Traditionally, bike helmets have always had either a clip-on or built-in visors. The visors help keep away the sun rays from interfering with the vision of the kids when riding for an appealing ride. For pre-school helmets, choose the helmet with built-in visors. However, for the teenagers and youths go for the helmets with Snap-On or clip-on visors.

3. MIPS Safety Technology

Multi-directional Impact Protection System (MIPS) technology is an innovative way of helmet construction aimed at protecting rotational forces during a bike crash. The MIPS equipped helmets to have a low-friction layer that allows the impact-absorbing foam liner inside the helmets to rotate during an impact. The MIPS system is non-obtrusive and comprises an inner plastic cage that attaches to the foam core through flexible rubber anchors.

An example of a helmet with MIPS technology is the GIRO Scamp Bike helmet for kids.

The movement is limited to a few millimeters and is active in reducing the impact that can damage the brain of the kids. Therefore, when shopping for a kids’ bike helmet, you should consider ones that incorporate the MIPS technology for total safety. Safety experiments and studies on the efficiency of the MIPS technology have shown it reduces the chances of brain injury by 30%.

4. The Construction of the Kid’s Bike Helmet

Regarding construction, helmets can either be in-mold or hard-shell. Regardless of the construction, each type offers protection during a crash. However, they differ in style, durability, and the number of vents. The in-Mold construction has its outer plastic protective shell, and the foam core joined together. The fusion of the two ensures lightness and allows for more vents. In-Mold construction ensures that the outer shell of the helmet does not peel off upon impact.

On the other hand, hard-shell construction helmets have two variations.  There is the skater style kid’s bicycle helmets and the lower-end bike helmets. The lower-end hardshell helmet for kids has a thin plastic shell embedded in the foam core using a tape.

Given its features, the thin plastic can easily come off, crack, and fall off, thus offering the little durability of the helmet. The skater style, on the other hand, has a thick shell that is glued to the helmet’s form core. The thick shell offers durability, multiple impact protection, and meets the ASTM certification for skateboarders.

5. Buckle Types

As a parent, choosing the right buckle type for a kid’s bike helmet can be petty. Nevertheless, it is a big deal as kids can get pinched while fastening the helmet. Snap! This can change their attitude in wearing a helmet and can even lead to endless battles and quarrels at home.

We do not want to see these so we advise you to choose the best buckle when deciding on the bike helmets for kids to purchase. The right buckle prevents skin sores due to pinching. Luckily, different companies have pinch-free buckles. The non-pinch buckle type has a plastic guard beneath the buckle.

6. Adjustability

When purchasing a helmet, you need to check on the adjustability features that the bike helmet for kids you are purchasing has. Many helmets have an internal adjustable plastic cage or lining that ensures good-fit for kids' helmet depending on the size of the head.

As for the lower-end hardshell type, there are no internal adjustment systems. Internal adjustment systems for helmets are vital in helping the helmet to stay on the head and offer appropriate protection. There are different types of internal adjustment systems.

Still, on adjustability, it is essential to look at the strap sliders. The strap sliders and the chin strap sliders keep the helmet on the head. Ensure that the chin straps form a V-shape below the ears of the child. There are plastic strap sliders that hold the straps together, to allow them to buckle and keep the helmet in place. The high-end helmets come with locking sliders to lock into the pace and form a perfect V-shape on the ears. Poorly fitted sliders can lead to the helmets falling off the head.

7. CPSC/ASTM Safety Certifications

Before buying a kid’s bike helmet, it is important to look at the Consumer Product Safety Committee (CPSC) sticker that is usually located in the helmet. The label is an assurance and a guarantee that the helmet will offer high-grade protection upon a bike crash. It is a legal requirement that the helmets manufactured after March of 1999 meet the standards of CPSC.

Apart from the CPSC standard, labels such as Snell, ANSI, and ASTM also denote the safety of a kid’s bike helmet, which are voluntary safety standards implemented before 1999.

All the helmets sold within the U.S. must meet the CPSC and are, therefore, safe. However, it is vital to find the best-fit helmet for your kid.  Note that the CPSC certifications vary from helmet to helmet as there is no standard.

Given the guide in choosing the best bike helmet for kids, be prepared to read through our next article that answers the questions and concerns: What helmet size does my child need?, Different Types of Kids Bike Helmets, and What is the best bike Helmet for a toddler?

Caring for Kids’ Bike Helmets

Buying a helmet and educating the kids on wearing them is one thing. Taking care of the bike helmets for kids is another thing altogether. There are different DIY guidelines on how to take care of a child’s bike helmet.

Final Thoughts

The right size at the right time can save your kid from brain damage due to crash. Apart from having the best helmet-fit ensure that your kids have the right bike fits. Comfort when riding makes biking a thrilling adventure for the kids. As they ride around, they get all the benefits of riding bikes.

Cheap might not be expensive when it comes to helmets. Also, expensive does not mean safe. Therefore, it would help if you considered the above pieces of advice when purchasing bike helmets for kids.

Upon buying kids' bike helmets, ensure that you take good care of the helmets. We have a wonderful article on how to wash a Kid's bike helmet, take some time and read it. 

Expert advice is essential, but research on your own can make you aware of the nitty-gritty. Safety is not and will never be substitutable. Be a responsible parent or guardian out there and inculcate the safety culture into your kids from a young age.

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