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How to Teach Kids How to Ride a Balance Bike - A Step-by-Step Guide

Ooh well! We are glad you finally made the bold decision of starting your kids with a balance bike instead of training wheels or tricycles. If you are still having doubts as to why we call the move BOLD, there are many reasons why balance bikes make kids master the art of cycling faster. 

That is not our key agenda on this one, though; we are doing this detailed guide to learning to ride a balance bike.

Biking with Kids in National parks, U.S 

There are many ways to spend time in the outdoors, but biking is the leading activity with a far-stretch from the rest in terms of our favorites.

Biking allows you to truly relish the beauty of an area at your own pace.

So how better to bike than doing so in an area where you will be treated to explore-worthy trails, scenic landscapes, and plenty of wildlife along your route. And if you get weary of riding, then you can t

Creative ways to Accessorize Kids’ Bikes

Riding is a lot of fun. However, for kids, the fun isn’t usually just summed up with the turning of each pedal stroke.

Getting them to choose their own bikes is a good place to get started on the fun cycle. But if you are looking to get and keep your kid’s interest in cycling then going a step further and accessorizing their bikes does the trick.

We have heard of stories where parents’ kids’ bike

A Must Read Bike Storage Solutions Guide for Cycling Families

Bikes are great; for you and for the environment and even our health. That, we can all agree on.

We can also agree that when it comes to bike storage, not every bike owner has a working idea of how to conveniently store their bikes.

Your case might be that you have sufficient garage space but you’re poor at organizing so your garage ends up looking cramped.  And things may seem hard because alth

Trailer Bikes: A No BS Guide to Choosing the Best Trailer Bike

There are many ways to transport children. However, a trailer cycle is by far the most efficient and convenient one.

So what exactly is a trailer cycle?

They go by other names like tag-along bikes, trainer bikes, trail-a-bike, and trailer bikes.

Put simply, trailer cycles are a regular kid’s bike with the exception of the front wheel, fork, and headset. In place of these components is a tow

Family Bike Touring Tips (Plus Bike Touring Checklist)

Did you know that in 2015, a survey by Breakaway Research Group for People for Bikes indicated that out of 45 million Americans only 15% made at least one bicycle trip for transportation in the previous year? The article titled “100 million Americans Bike

Family Bike Camping with Kids: Tips and Essentials

So you’ve thought about it, and you’re finally ready to take up your family for that camping trip. There’s only one hitch; you don’t know how to go camping with a bike.

We get it. Camping with family can be a bit hectic if you don’t know what you are up for; especially challenging when bikes are involved.

How do you pack all your stuff along with your kids? Where does everything fit? Whi

Why You Should Never Buy a 12-inch Bike for Your Kid

They are appealing to the eye with their two 12 inch wheels, pedals that can be easily pushed to propel, a comfortable and well-padded saddle and most of all they are quite easy on the pockets.

Perfect, right? But the big question is, “are 12-inch pedal bikes really effective for two to five-year-old kids when put to the test?”

The only appropriate answer to that question is that quite a number of 12-in

Girls on Bicycles - It’s About Time to Change the Narrative!

I have a test for you. Name 10 famous female cyclists off the top of your head. Go ahead, I’ll wait. Are you having a hard time?

No need to worry because I can tell you why.

The Gender divide on cycling is astonishingly high. The recent U.S National Championships, for instance, had over 100 male riders and less than 15 female cyclists in the under 23 category. In fact, BBC cites a report by the

Choosing Hydration Packs for Kids for Biking

When the passion of cycling kicks in, there are many sacrifices to be made on the parents’ side. If you ask any cycling pro or enthusiast, it is all for the best reasons.

Cycling, as we have always insisted, is a fun sport and an exercise that a parent dare denies their kids in the age of screens and rising obesity cases.

Coaster Brakes vs. Hand Brakes - Deconstructing the Debate

When discussing the features to check when purchasing a pedal bicycle for your kid, we mentioned brakes as one of the key factors. It is now that time to put to rest the longstanding superiority debate on whether to use coaster brakes or handbrakes. Depending on who is holding the discussion, you are likely to get confused with this debate.

Choosing Kids’ Pedal Bikes: A Comprehensive Guide for Parents

Today parents are today highly likely to buy their kids a bike compared to the past when they were a Christmas-morning staple. For kids, owning a bike today means freedom from the screen and mobile phone bondage. Imagine going classic and just coasting downhill on a pedal bike. Or better rushing to be the first one to find the gold pot at the end

Major Balance Bikes Races for Toddlers Near You

Talk of fun, excitement, and adorable family memories that comes when kids assemble to have a balance bike race. Most parents attending balance bike race events are always left with one question in mind, “what are the balance bike races near me?”

Nothing is fulfilling in sports as putting a bunch of toddlers in a friendly competitive fire. Such races dubbed as "Tour de France" of toddler bicycle races have over the

Kids Friendly Bike Trails in Bay Area

Are you looking for somewhere to cycle with kids in the USA? Would you love some combination of kids’ friendly bike parks and trails? Oh My! America has exceptional family biking trails and parks. In this article, we drill you through the kids’ friendly bike trails in the Bay Area. Our aim is to whet your adventure appetite and force you to tweak your bucket list.

We all have heard the myth that bike parks and pump tracks are

Child Bike Seats: What to Consider when Choosing the Best

Riding with children is a sure way to have fun unrestricted. However, until they are strong and old enough to ride, you only have the option of enjoining them as your passive passengers or riding buddies. Well, a child bike seat can do the magic trick for you. They are an innovative way to allow parents to get out and about with their toddlers or even preschoolers.

Bike seats come in all varieties. Brands, size, mount

Is Cycling Good for Kids? 11 Benefits of Cycling for Kids

Before buying your kid a bike, a possible question could be the cycling benefits and disadvantages.  We have had this quite many times lingering in our minds. We are often controlled by the benefits of cycling for kids when judging the decision to buy them a bike.

Given the status quo, most parents would go for bikes. We are tired of the tech drama in our homes. Homes are becoming toxic parenting grounds and mayb

How to Clean Kids’ Bike Helmets

Take it or leave it, whether your kid uses the helmet occasionally or frequently it is going to get dirty and smelly. Most parents have been asking how to clean kid’s helmets. Helmets are the most essential and vital cycling gears for your child. Helmets, reduce head injuries that are rampant among cyclists.

A child who cycles or rides a scooter needs a clean helmet. Cleaning a helmet should be a regular routine.

One of the

Kid’s Mountain Bike: 11 Things You Must Know

Congratulations, your son or daughter has now graduated from balance bikes. What’s next? When doing family cycling, you just realized that your kid has now developed some love for off-road biking. Snap! It is now time to get them something to whet their appetite for riding. Potentially, a kid’s mountain bike will be the best decision.

If you were just about to buy a

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