The Right Age for Kids to hit the Gym

What is the Right age to bring your Kid to the Gym?

Before enrolling your kid to a gym class or personally training them in the gym, there are some of the basic things you have to understand pertaining the right age for the gym, the importance of gym for kids, and home activities for kids. With our experience, surveys and research, we are sure that as a parent you mean well for your kid (s). Therefore, giving this information is our gesture and a special way of celebrating you as a savvy parent who wants to see a future happy world. We believe, fit kids are happy kids.

Why Should Kids Do Regular Gym Workout?

Child obesity is growing at a staggering rate. There is no need to remind us that every household with a kid or kids is struggling with implementing strict rules on screen time. There are many reasons why you should expose your kids to regular workout in the gym. Our list, albeit not complete, covers the top reasons that answer the question of why kids should do regular gym workout.

1. The kids become familiar with the kid’s gym equipment, most of which are made to mimic those used by adults. Therefore, when they grow up, they develop the gym discipline to handle gym equipment appropriately. Alex, a father of an 8-year-old, says that “, going to the gym with my kids gives her the chance to know the equipment.” The exposure is necessary and worth it.

2. Gym lessons keep the kids off screens and help prevent obesity and other weight-related diseases. There is a lower chance of exercising kids having type II diabetes. Exercise itself helps in the maintenance of standard blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

3. Gym lessons inculcate discipline at an early aged. Through such learned behavior, your kids come out as people who are obedient and ready to take instructions.

4. Strength and muscle building exercises improve the body balance and gait of the kids. Your kid ends up with a strong and leaner body.

5. Gym training also helps the kids have social skills when they train with their peers.

6. Exercise improves memory and boosts the confidence levels of kids.

7. Exercises help in stress relief and improve sleep pattern and quality in kids. A training kid or adolescent is happier.

8. Regular exercise boosts immunity of kids and prevents them from being overweight.

What is the right Age to bring your Kid to the Gym?

Pictures all over the social media and the internet of celebrity kids with toned up bodies can prompt the question of the right age to bring your kids to the gym. Trust me; we’ve had a couple of parents asking the same question. First things first, fitness can never be compromised based on age. You either keep fit, or the lifestyle diseases catch up with you, it is just that simple. We recommend that when planning your workout routine, you include your kids as well. In my case, I count gym time as bonding time and that which allows me to inculcate discipline into my kids. Yes, the gym can be an excellent relation-building arena that remains unexplored by parents. Recently, I’ve seen gyms with children sections which have experienced trainers. Besides, the growing trend of the chains of junior gyms setting shop across the country is signal that gym id good for the kids. According to the CDC, children and adolescents should have at least 60 minutes daily of aerobic activity for at least three days a week. Three of the most recommended gym exercises for kids include aerobic exercises, bone building exercises, and muscle-strengthening exercises. Ensure the commercial or your private gym is equipped with kid’s gym workout equipment for the best results. Did you know that most of the Next Generation clubs offer a full fitness and leisure package that includes fully equipped kids gyms for youngsters from five years and above? However, moderation on training is essential considering the physiology of the children. Therefore, it is quintessential to check on age before deciding on the best workout plans for the kids.  Age-appropriate training is the only recommended approach to having a gym routine for the kids.

While regular exercise is recommended, below a certain age, play works better for the kids; it is healthier that way.  From the ages of around 5-6 years, engage the kids in regular play exercises. Within the play sessions, you can choose to introduce the kids to dummy kid’s gym equipment, which are lighter. Some of the available options include hula hoops and balls. At the age of 6-12 years, it is safe to introduce the tough gym cues as the motor skills are mature. Am sure this is the best age for an elementary school child. It is safe to enroll the kid in gym classes that happen three days a week. Some of the potential gym activities that might interest a girl or a boy in this age include yoga, jumping on the trampoline, rope-skipping, and weights. They can also do the treadmill but under close supervision.

Ages 13-18, the teens develop a structured approach to gym exercises. In fact, at this age, the gym schedule and discipline of the children have a close semblance to that of adults. They can comfortably do yoga, weight lifting, treadmill, rope-skipping, martial arts, kickboxing, boxing, and Zumba dance. A word of caution, even for the 18-year-olds, ensure that the weight they lift is light as the bones are still growing. I recommend getting a gym instructor who understands the best age fit exercises at the gym for kids. Remember, training the kids at an early age in the gym could have an emotional impact on them affecting their development. Muscles for kids only develop beyond the age of 18 years. Out there, there are many weightlifting competition for kids in case you want your fit kid to advance and showcase their skills. When considering the best age to take your kid to the gym, look at their physical maturity and emotional stability. We will compile some of the lists of gymnastic activities for the kids just for you: be on the lookout. 

Activities to maintain Fitness at Home for Kids

Organized sports such as softball might work well when the kids are in school. However, as a parent, you would want to have fitness sessions with your child.  For success, you should make it a routine, have enough time for playing and games, have different kid’s gym equipment and fitness activity trackers for kids, and stay active together.  Here is a list of 10 home-based fitness activities you can do with your kid at home.


2. Crunches.

3. Lunges.

4. Single-leg raises.

5. Mountain climbers.

6. Push-ups.

7. V-ups.

8. Burpees.

9. Squats.

10. Butterfly kicks

Be on the lookout; our next article will be reviewing some of the best gym equipment for kids. You do not want to miss out on this.

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