Best Fitness Trackers for Kids

Choosing The Best Fitness Trackers for Kids

Each year a set of new fitness trackers for kids loaded with new features, style, and performance debuts with the promise of getting calories burnt in your child. You might find yourself at a crossroad on the best fitness trackers to buy for your child. We have had parents consult us on the factors to consider when purchasing a fitness tracker for kids.

Most of them have complained that despite regulating screen time for their kids, it slowly kicks in without their knowledge. Our answer has been simple, why not get them a fitness tracker to monitor their activity? In this respect, we have seen it wise to compile a buying guide for fitness trackers for kids to help you make pre-purchase decisions, whatever the set of activities you’ve set for your kid and the goals for them to achieve.

1. What are the goals of the children and your goals for them?

Conducting a needs assessment is critical as it leads to you and the kids coming up with goals to see them fit. Trust me this is the hardest part given the high gradient of changing from sedentary to an active lifestyle. Nevertheless, understand the number of steps your kid can make in a single day and then research on the number of calories that can burn.

Also, you could advise them on the best activities to get them to burn calories. It is important at first to choose the easy activities then advance up as the child grows their interest in different activities. Remember, the activity you choose determines the type of fitness trackers you will choose. For instance, if it is just some steps you could do a basic step tracker for kids or a basic fitness tracker for kids.

On the other hand, if it is a tough exercise such as swimming you will need a waterproof or water-resistant fitness tracker with software designed to handle such environments. As for regular activities, like combining boxing, dancing, and jogging, you should find your kid a device that has advanced specs such as automatic activity recognition, heart rate monitoring, and step tracking capability.

You can also choose to source for your kid a fitness tracker with GPS tracker to get the pace, elevation, and speed estimations. Surprisingly there are kid’s fitness trackers with cellular connectivity. Lastly, you can also get your child a fashionable fitness tracker for kids, and you will have an easy time convincing them to stay active. The trick works.

2. Design of the Fitness Tracker

Not all the fitness trackers are designed the same. The various companies have invested in R&D to ensure that the multiple needs of the kids and parents are met. Majority of the fitness trackers are worn on the wrist while some have a clip that can be used to hook the wearable to clothing. Kids like graphics and images, it is just hard to explain how so.

But, we think such designs imitate the games and present some of the characters in games, movies, or comics that the kids like. Some trackers have graphics, animated characters or pets, and even microgames, which makes it possible for you not to nag them into different activities, they do it at their pleasure.

It is also important to look for family features including challenges and chores that can be set up by you as a parent and rewards at the end of every challenge or task. If your child is in love with walking the dog as they do some exercises, ensure you choose a tracker that can help you set milestones for both activities.

Remember, kids have a particular type of appetite for cool stuff and will be concerned with the weight, appearance, and the color of the tracker, that’s how they are created. Good news!

There are different customization options for different fitness trackers with the taste of your child in mind. As part of the design, it is also important to look for fashionable fitness trackers for your kids, especially for those who are in love with fashion at a young age. Also, it is essential to check whether you need a water-resistant of a waterproof fitness tracker for kids; this is especially if you are looking for a durable and all day fitness tracker. Regardless of what design you prefer, the priority of the child is always vital in choosing the best fitness tracker for your kid.

3. Fitness Tracker Apps

The advancement in technology has not left out kids. Most of the fitness trackers come paired with a downloadable app that syncs data as the child is active. Others, allow the parents to manually log in the details of the workout when the kids finish and then give vital outputs.  Some apps are compatible with kid’s sleep activity trackers to check on the quality of sleep.

Most importantly, there are provisions in some apps where you log the food and drinks your kids consume, and they help keep track of the diet. Remember, diet goes hand in hand with fitness. It is important when purchasing a fitness tracker for your kid, to consider the design of the app, the ease of using the graphical interface, and the limit age of creating an account in the app.

Some apps only allow the parents to create accounts and then add the accounts of their kids. The apps are available at Google Play Store or Apple’s App Store, and you can look at the ratings and reviews before downloading. Look at our compilation of the best fitness tracker apps for your kids.

4. Compatibility with your Smartphone

Everything we can do with the wearables can be tracked through our smartphones. Most of the fitness trackers are designed to sync with smartphones. You can choose a fitness tracker that is compatible with your handset.

Nevertheless, the default design of the fitness trackers is such that they sync with Android or iOS devices, there are exceptions, and you need to consider the probability of them being compatible before getting your child the device. The beauty of such compatibility is that you end up having access and control to the fitness trackers just at the press of your smartphone’s button.

5. The Price of the Fitness Tracker

Fitness, just like other necessities, comes at a cost. Whether you are running, jogging, swimming, walking, or just doing some yoga or ballet, you need to fish out some money. The good thing is that most of the fitness trackers cost between $50 and $300 with customizations costing a lot more. If you are just after a simple step-tracking device for your kids, a less expensive tracker will do you just good.

On the other hand, if your aim is for the child to engage in different sets of activities in a schedule, you need a higher-end tracker with more information beneficial for you and the kid to reach your goal. Colored touchscreen and fashionable fitness trackers also cost more. There are also options for elite fitness trackers that are hybrid in that they combine the functionality of both smartwatch and trackers at a go.

Having Looked at the factors to consider when choosing the best fitness trackers, let us delve into the reasons and some of the salient features of these pedometers or fitness trackers.

Reasons You Should Get Your Kids a Fitness Tracker

There are a plethora of reasons that can prompt you as a parent to get your kid a tracker. Maybe you want your child to stay fit, or you want them to be healthy. Remember, lifestyle diseases like obesity and diabetes can be prevented by keeping fit. Furthermore, you might be that parent who wants to support their kid who is a budding athlete or footballer. Either way, you will find it quite useful to log the details on your training sessions to track your kid’s progress from time to time.  

Even when you want to encourage your kids to stay or be more active in their daily life, an activity tracker comes in handy as it motivates them to get moving and meet the targets. Yes, you can now set challenges on the activity trackers and reward the kids for meeting their goal. One parent rung us telling us how the child had become more active soon after she purchased an activity tracker with a GPS, she could trace her whereabouts and still reward her for meeting the targets she set.

Remember, screen time is becoming a menace, and before you realize that the boundaries have been moved in the kid's favor, your kid would have increased their weight and become unfit.  According to research, kids between the ages of 5 and 16 years spend close to 6 hours a day on screens whether it be TV, tabs, laptops, IPad, PCs, or even smartphones.

While you live for work, the kids become less active, sit for long hours, and consume high-calorie foods and snacks.  Choosing the best fitness tracker for your kids will be the only unopposable way to help them stay healthy. Kid’s fitness trackers also have the advantage of managing the screen times to healthy levels.

Essential Features of The Best Fitness Trackers for Kids

Even when choosing the best trackers, there are some essential features of fitness trackers that you have to be acquainted with for total successful purchase.

Hydration Monitoring

Water is life. It is vital to ensure that when your children are in their fitness journey, they consume the recommended levels of water. Tracking water consumption habits of your kids using a fitness tracking device helps schedule rehydration times and reminders so that the daily targets are met.

It is advisable to buy a fitness tracker with hydration monitors to check the levels and protect your child’s body immunity as they sweat it out.

Tracking Rest and Sleep

Some of the fitness trackers for kids come loaded with the ability to track rest and sleep. Remember, overactivity in kids can cause exhaustion and adequate sleep, as well as rest, pays off in the fitness equation.

If the kids do not have an appropriate sleep, whichever activity they undertake, it will all be in vain. Sleep is critical for the replenishment of muscles. The rest and sleep tracking capabilities in some of the trackers help you monitor, master, and control the sleep patterns and cycles of your kids.

You only need to allow the kids to wear the trackers overnight and the output of the sleep time and quality of the sleep will be presented in a chart.

Tracking of Burned Calories

The ultimate goal of getting your kids to stay active and off screens is so that they can burn excess calories. Weight has its associated issues on the health of the kids. Luckily, the manufacturers and inventors of some of the kids’ fitness trackers foresaw this and embedded the option of tracking the calories burned during activity in the functionality of these trackers.

There is a software or an application that you can access and enter the food logs daily and accurately measure the weight loss against the goals for your kids. With such information, you can easily tweak the targets and nutrition as well as set new challenges for your kids. It is all fun.

Distance and Steps Measurements

When shopping for a kid’s pedometer, consider if it has distance and steps measurement capacity. Most if not all of the activity trackers allow you to measure the distance covered and the steps that are taken. The steps are automatically logged in and can be accessed at the end of each day.

One of our friends sets goals using steps and distance, and it has worked wonders for the kids. It’s fun and goal-achieving at the same time.  There are apps within the trackers where you can engage in friendly and family challenges to stay motivated to step. Remember, kids, are very hardworking when in a competition or contest for a prize.

Hear Rate Tracking

Heart rate tracking is an important feature that comes with fitness trackers. It helps in monitoring heart rates when undertaking aerobic activities. There are different calibrations used, and different tracker models have varying degrees of accuracy. However, what is more, important is the ability to track your kid’s heart rate during an intense exercise session.

 Our Recommendation

The question on which fitness tracker is best for my kid is best answered by you as the parent. Understand their goals, preferred design and features, your control features, and the cost. The preference, personality, and the taste of your kid will determine the amount you will foot for the fitness tracker. Our compilation of the best fitness trackers for kids can be your first resort in your research journey. We are sure we have presented the top kid's fitness trackers that will address the needs of your kid.

It is indeed worth it to get your kid the best fitness tracker as they will develop healthy habits, be happy, and radiate the happiness to your child. It is investing in the future of your child knowing very well that obese kids grow into obese adults. You can save your grandchildren with sum few dollars. Let your kids be the happy version of you and themselves as much as you can! Let’s get that tracker.

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