Giro Scamp Youth Helmet Review

eric-awwy By Eric Awwy, 21 Jan 2020

A childhood spent actively means life conquered from the beginning. Children love the outdoors, and when you spice that life up with a bike, they can explore their abilities beyond measure. Giro is one of the companies that has taken upon itself to provide safety gear as they cycle around.

Accurately, the Giro Scamp youth bike helmet counts as the best bike helmet for kids in the new generation. Interestingly, the Giro Scamp helmet features some elements common in Giro’s best adult helmets, wrapped together to fit and keep a child safe. This Giro Scamp Youth helmet review tells you why it is worth a dime.

Forthright, the Giro Scamp helmet has remarkable safety features, all of which come in perfect design for children. As we are about to show you, the Giro Scamp is among the best helmets for toddlers and babies.

Why so? We answer your question elaborately in the next few paragraphs, do not miss any line.

In a nutshell, the scamp is lightweight, kids-friendly designed, well-constructed, durable, and comes with comfort for the kids. It is forever a kid’s favorite and a parent’s admiration.

Giro Scamp Youth Helmet

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Full Technical Specs of the Giro Scamp

Best used in: Recreational cycling (Good for toddlers and preschoolers for both cyclist and those riding in bike trailers)

Weight: 251 g

Head Circumference: XS - 45-49cm, S 49-53cm

Impact foam: EPS (foam)

Shell Material: Polycarbonate.

Helmet Construction: In-Mold with an EPS liner.

Internal Adjustment System: Dial Adjust.

Air Vents: 8.

Visors: Yes.

Manufacturer Warranty: 1 year.

CPSC Certification: 1-year-old plus.

Helmet Style: Sport.

Buckle: Pinch guard buckle (standard buckle)

Fit System: Roc Loc Jr. Fit system.

Giro Scamp Helmet - Sizing guide

Use a tape measure to find the right size helmet for your kid that fits and is snug. Position the tape measure above the ears of the kid, approximately 1 inch above the eyebrows. Ensure the tape is level and measure the circumference around the largest part of their head. Given the technical specifications information, you can use the measurements to find the corresponding size.

Below are some sizes for Giro Bike helmets for kids to help you make the right decision. 

Helmet Size Label Dimension in inches Dimensions in cm
Extra Small (XS) 19.25 - 20.50 48.5 - 52 cm
Small (S) 20.50 - 21.75 52 - 55.5 cm
Medium (M) 21.75 - 23 55.5 - 59 cm

Best Helmet for Small Heads (Toddlers)

Regarding sizing, one would argue that Micro Scooter and Nutty Nutcase helmets are best for smaller heads. However, the two are only suitable for head sizes from 48 cm onwards. The Giro Scamp MIPS helmet comes with an extra small size suitable for head circumferences from 45-49 cm.

Giro Scamp is available in S and XS sizes, so it is the best bike helmet for kids with smaller heads. The small fit fits children with a head circumference of 49-53 cm, and the extra small (XS) fit children with head circumferences of 45-49.

In our assessment and parents’ feedback, the Scamp is suited for children between 1-5 years, given the size. You understand that finding helmets for older kids is not as problematic for kids with smaller heads.

With the XS-fit Scamp, the fit for smaller toddlers is just terrific. The retched head strap, cranked down to the small end, makes it snug for kids even with a 43 cm head circumference. And the good thing yet, it does not tip over to cover the face of the toddler, nor does it slide sideward nor tip backward.

The Giro Scamp XS is one of the safest and smallest bike helmets available. Undoubtedly, it can serve you better as your child rides in a trailer or bike seat, thanks to its almost flat design in its rear part.

Comparatively, another smaller helmet would be the Schwinn Infant helmet, which is best for head sizes of 44 cm and onwards. However, compared to the Scamp XS, the Schwinn Infant is of relatively low quality.

Shape and Design

Unlike the old days when helmets were multipurpose, today's helmets are built and designed for the purpose. With its sports design, the Giro Scamp youth bike helmet is intended for general recreational cycling.

It can be used for trailers with high backrests, trailer cycles, and child/toddler bike seats. At the same time, it suits the purpose of being used as kids glide using their balance bikes and pedaling their pedal bikes.

Kids have something about being stubborn and hesitant to wear helmets. Well, that only happens when it is not Giro Scamp. The Scamp comes in a selection of child-appealing colors and has a design and fit that makes them want to keep it on a little longer, even after a ride.

Helmet Construction

The Giro Scamp Helmet is made from polycarbonate (synthetic) material. The in-molded shell makes it extra strong and durable at the same time. With such a great assurance that it is lightweight, safe, and durable, who can dispute the Giro Scamp helmet as the best kids’ helmet?

Its exterior is carefully molded to have smooth edges, which fuse with the interior foam lining. Such construction assures your child of reduced resistance to air. The foam core of the helmet in the interior and the plastic shell stand the harshest weather. You can wear it even in the scorching Florida sun, and it will remain intact. It is also trendy, we must say!

Visor and Coverage

Like most Giro adult helmets and Adult Mountain biking helmets, the Scamp includes an integrated visor that helps protect the child from the sun's rays. With the shade in the eyes, your child can maintain constant visibility as they show their daredevil side in the trails, paves, and pump-up tracks.

As we mentioned before, the flat-rear design of the Scamp gives it pretty coverage of the head, which is a plus. The plenty of space ensures that the helmet wraps around the head of the child well. The flat rear profile works magic even when the child rides on bike seats or trailers.

Comfort and Fit

The fit is all that matters when it comes to a kids’ helmet. Once a helmet is fit it becomes snug as well. You probably have heard of the bad experiences parents who buy their kids poor-quality helmets have. Without the right fit, you can never win the war of convincing your child to wear them. It was there before almost impossible to come across perfect-fit kids’ bike helmets, mostly due to poor construction and not-so-focused kid-specific design. Today, kids’ bike helmets come in a range of kid-specific designs and features. They are snug, beautiful, slim, and lighter than the old generation.

With the Scamp, it is all a different sweet story altogether!

The Giro Scamp features the Roc. Loc. Jr fit system that is perfectly shaped to warp around the child’s head. Due to years of research and testing, the Giro Scamp has impressive features, including the dial-adjust system and the MIPS technology, which drive comfort home. 

It is also very lightweight and slim, making it a darling for many children.

We are sure it will thrill your preschoolers and toddlers straight from the box. It is among the best unboxing experience they can ever have.


Sweaty heads are common in cycling. Cycling, like any other activity, generates heat and sweat. Only highly ventilated helmets ca help sweat dissipate and keep heads fresh.

The Giro Scamp kids’ bike helmet has eight large vents that help with proper airflow within the helmet. Its inner padding has a sweat absorption capacity, which helps keep the kids’ heads dry for a long time. Notably, the non-MIPS helmets, the plastic liner does not cover the vents nor lets any sweat adhere to it.

On the other hand, the MIPS plastic liner comes very close to the skin and can block the vents. So, if you live in hot climate areas or your child is sweaty, the non-MIPS Giro Scamp would be the best pick.

Buckles and Width Adjustments

Ask any parent what their kids love about the Giro Scamp helmet; the obvious answer would be that it is easy to fit. Giro Scamp has a dial-adjust fit system that is very easy to operate. You can use the dial to ensure the helmet is snug on your child’s head. You only need to twist the wheel at the back of the helmet, and you are good to go.  An advantage of the dial-adjust system is that it grows with the child and helps get the fit right.

The Giro Scamp comes with a standard/traditional buckle type as a cost-cutting strategy. However, this is not a deal-breaker because its function is limited. What matters is the fact that it cuts costs and still performs.

If you’ve used the Lazer P’ Nut MIPS, and the Kali Chakra Child, you are familiar with the magnetic buckle, among the advanced helmet buckle systems. Other buckle types include the monomeric buckle common in helmets like the Uvex Hero. The latter ensures your child does not suffer pinching but comes at an extra cost.

The Scamp comes with a pinch-guard chin buckle that prevents you from trapping the skin of your child’s chin, which can suspend the anticipated outdoor rides.

In-Mold Construction and Roc Loc Jr. Fit System

The on-Mold construction entails the fusion of the outer shell of a helmet, in this case, the polycarbonate shell, with the shock-absorbing inner form liner. The fusion process ensures the ventilation properties of the helmet, or the vents, are not affected, making the helmets lighter and cooler than traditional helmets. It also asserts durability in the particular helmet.

On the other hand, the Roc Loc JR Fit system is a durable, simple, dial-fit system designed to match the curvature of children's heads. After years of testing and research, such a shape was developed.

It considers the anatomical placement and properties of the head, ensuring a snug fit. The Scamp also comes with a large rubberized knob that makes it easy the adjustment of the helmet for proper tension, allowing it to fit in the sprogs' heads comfortably. It is always a better, safe, and lighter ride with the Giro Scamp.

Giro Scamp MIPS or Non-MIPS Versions

In our article on choosing the best helmet for kids, we explored helmet terminology in-depth. If you wonder what MIPS is, it is an abbreviation for a multi-directional impact protection system.

It is a bi-layer helmet protection system found in the inner layers of the helmet. It comprises a low-friction plastic liner where the head of the rider rests. The MIPS technology absorbs most of the impact in a crash.

Albeit controversial, its side of safety assurance cannot be overlooked.

Giro Scamp comes with an option for MIPS and non-MIPS. Depending on your budget and climate, you can always make a choice. Of course, the Giro Scamp MIPS version is expensive compared to the Giro Scamp Non-MIPS version. The latter is excellent for hot climates. All in all, the Scamp helmet is a great safety tool. Call it the safest helmet for toddlers, babies, and children!

Learn more about GIRO MIPS technology in this educative video.

  • Lightweight and comfy.
  • Optional MIPS technology – the safest kids’ bike helmet.
  • Narrow back profile for multi-use in recreational cycling (in bike trailers and child bike seats).
  • Easy to fit and use thanks to the Dial-Adjust system.
  • In-mold polycarbonate shell design for durability.
  • Inbuilt-visor that is ponytail-compatible.
  • Updated Roc. Loc. Jr, fit system with pinch-guard buckle for an easy and secure fit.
  • Multiple color options.
  • Lacks magnetic buckle for effortless adjustment.
  • Not so many vents for better ventilation.

Comparison of Giro Scamp and other Kids’ Helmets

Bike Helmet Head Circumference MIPS Buckle Type Vents Weight (g)
Giro Scamp (MIPS) 45- 49 cm (XS), 49-53 cm (S) Yes Pinch-guard standard 8 251
Giro Scamp Youth Helmet (No MIPS) 45- 49 cm (XS), 49-53 cm (S) No Pinch-guard standard 8 251
Nutcase Baby Nutty 47 – 52 cm Yes Standard 11 280
Lazer P' Nut with MIPS 46 – 50 cm Yes Standard 16 270
Kali Chakra Child 48 – 57 cm No Standard 21 208
Sidetrack Child 47-54 cm Both options Pinch-guard standard 15 276
Uvex Hero 49-54 cm No Monomatic 13 205

Our Verdict - Simply the best!

Before setting your child up for an impressive first two-wheel experience besides the bike, you must ensure the helmet keeps them safe. The Scamp is one of the safest kids’ helmets dedicated to ensuring no head injuries in case of crashes.

Out rightly, the Giro Scamp youth bike helmet checks nearly all the checkboxes, from safety to design and comfort. The top-notch quality design and materials used make it the greatest kids’ bike helmet. With its awesome range of features similar to the best adult bikes, it is the best kids’ helmet on the market. Besides, it has an extra small (XS) design, the best helmet for toddlers and kids with smaller heads.

The Giro Scamp with MIPS version is outstanding for safety but at a slightly higher cost. But if you are on a budget, get the Giro Scamp Non-MIPS version, which also comes in more colors and all the great features except the MIPS technology.

Hands down, the Giro Scamp youth helmet beats all the other helmets for preschoolers and toddlers. Thumbs up for the Giro Scamp helmet for being a trendy, durable, safe, and fairly-priced kids’ bike helmet.

A clean helmet is as important as a clean bike. Here are some resources that can interest you:

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