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10 Convincing Reasons to Buy Your Child a Smartwatch

eric-awwy By Eric Awwy, 24 Jul 2021

Smartwatches; to invest in them or add them to the list of technological innovations that add no value whatsoever to people?

Well, that’s upon you to decide. If you ask most children why they want a smartwatch, they will more than likely state that they are fun. Then they’ll add a very sassy; duh!

But you probably need some more convincing reasons, which is why you’re doing your share of the research.

There are many different opinions out there; some of them even outline the specific timeline to get a smartwatch for your child.  

We believe that if the pros outweigh the cons, then it’s a no-brainer. As such, we have enlisted a host of reasons why we believe every parent should get a smartwatch for their child.

Here’s what you can expect from this article:

10 Reasons why you should get a smartwatch for your kid.

There are many reasons why you should probably buy your child a smartwatch. If they are the active type, it is an accessory that will boost their morale and make them even more active. And if they are the lazy ones, who knows, maybe they can reap some of these benefits and quit being lazy. Let’s explore some of the practical reasons as per parents, kids, and guardians we surveyed, our research, and our experience.

1. Smartwatches help kids nurture good habits

One of the most compelling reasons for conflict between parents and kids is when they forget to do their chores.

As a solution, some smartwatches have customizable alerts that remind their users of their responsibilities. One can even create a daily routine or to-do list on their own.

Such in-built features help fulfill one’s responsibilities as the child remains time-conscious.

No more quarrels; no more nagging; just good old-fashioned peace. And overall, the child develops good habits that will be key in their future.

2. Smartwatches allow communication where smartphones are not an option.

Okay, so your child wants a smartphone, but you are not ready to give them one.

It could be because you know that the chances of the smartphone being lost or damaged are high, or you’re wary of the dangers that the internet poses to naïve children. Better yet, you might not be financially ready to purchase one.

But at the same time, you also want to stay in touch with your child.

Your next step is to look for a kid-friendly alternative.

Key in the smartwatch. It is the next best thing that will satisfy a smartphone-hungry child and a wary or unready parent.

Some smartphones have a SIM card option that allows you to communicate with your child via text or call. Those that are compatible with 3G data allow the user even to send a voice memo.

3. To help Monitor kid’s communication

There are so many dangers on the internet today. People get exposed to many other internet users who may or may not have ulterior motives. 

And the truth is that almost all tragedies in the technological world that we live in today start with strangers communicating on the phone.

By enabling the parent to monitor phone calls to the smartwatch, one can tell if their child is being bullied and step in when need be or stop any inappropriate communication.

The best part is that with the parental control feature, you can have control over the people that your child can communicate with by building a safe contact list for them.  

Although some may think it is a violation of privacy, many parents can protect their children by listening in on the child’s conversations.

Keeping an eye on your child in this way is really about being safe than sorry.

4. Smartwatches allow real-time location tracking

Every parent knows that dealing with the reality of the dangers that their child is exposed to daily can be nerve-wracking. This is why knowing your child’s whereabouts helps to calm nerves.

With the GPS feature available in some smartwatches, you can tell where your child is at all times and avoid the unfortunate horror of having to deal with kidnapping or any other kind of danger!

You can utilize the power of smartwatch GPS when doing bike tours or bike camping as a family.

5. Create “safe zones” for the child

To better track your child’s location, some smartphones allow you to create “safe zones” that outline the boundaries that your child is allowed to stay within.

This is through the geofencing function, allowing the child to move around the designated safe area freely.

Once they step out of the safety parameter, the parent will get a notification and take the necessary measures.

The great thing about this feature is that it gives parents the confidence to let their children go out freely. That way, the child has more independence while the parent has peace of mind.

6. Smartwatches are a safety aid in the event of an emergency

Still, on that safety train, smartwatches are a resourceful gear for emergencies.

The last thing a parent would want to imagine is their child having an emergency and not reaching them. However, they could face danger from strangers or even a medical emergency that requires an immediate response, which is precisely what the SOS feature does.

At the tap of a button, the watch will immediately send an alert to the parent’s phone and inform them if their child is in distress.

7. Smartwatches encourage an active lifestyle

It is ironic. 

How can a technical gadget keep kids active when they are most known for keeping their users sedentary?

Well, not all gadgets will keep your child on the couch all day long. To be more precise, not all features in a technological gadget will make your child a couch potato. For most parents we have talked to, getting a smartwatch as an accessory for cycling only meant that the kids got to be outdoor often riding their bikes and enjoying the benefits that come with cycling rather than playing games.

Besides, some of the games and challenges featured in some smartwatches are geared towards keeping your child up and active. The features include step counting, sleep monitoring, and active competitions between smartwatch owners that are encouraged through motivating messages to cheer the child on.

One such smartwatch is the Fitbit Ace which we have reviewed.

In short, smartwatches encourage the child to stay active by skipping rope, cycling, or playing outdoors and then award the user with fun badges once they attain their goals.

8. Smartwatches are fun gadgets

If you first heard about smartwatches from your child, you probably have to accept that they were right; smartwatches are fun!

I know, I know; it is probably the last thing on your mind. But virtual fun does not always mean that you are encouraged to remain more sedentary. Instead, it can mean that you are enhancing the development of their intellect.

There are lots of fun and educational games that can keep the child’s mind engaged positively and enhance critical thinking skills, which are vital in life.

The Vtech KidiZoom is all about fun with its motion sensor feature, which allows cool and active games.

Not to mention, some smartwatches have cool features like Bluetooth and FM turn the watch into a music player!

9. Take and store fun photos and videos

Smartwatches allow the child to keep the fun going by capturing wonderful memories and memorable moments with their cameras.

When they snap photos, children can ‘trap’ those wonderful moments for life.

Furthermore, if they are interested in photo-taking, video making, and art in general, they can develop and nurture their talent from an early age.

They can even use filters and other fun edit features to make the memories even more awesome.

All in all, smartwatches are great toys too. But, sometimes, it is not just about being serious. A little fun never hurt anybody.

10. Smartwatches are cheaper than smartphones

If finances are a hindrance for a parent to purchase a smartphone, then a smartwatch is an excellent alternative with many similar features!

And when you finally resolve to get that smartwatch for your kid, you will have some peace of mind. While they might be the in-thing in the market and society, they equally have the benefits we’ve outlined above. Besides, the GPS tracker that allows you to keep an eye on your child unobtrusively, you can bank on features such as safety and security features that allows children to send distress signals to you (the SOS dial), which gives you peace of mind at the end of the day. Although a smartphone would equally do this, at a tender age, getting a smartwatch cuts more than the smartphone, especially for pre-school babies.

Should I buy my child a smartphone?

Quite honestly, that depends. What is your child’s most urgent need, and how can a smartwatch satisfy that need?

If you are like most parents, you are definitely concerned about the alarmingly growing rate of inactiveness in today’s society. More and more kids spend most of their time seated on the couch, hooked to a screen.

From the age of four years and above, your kid should be able to use a smartwatch without much worry that they will find it worthless.

In such a case, getting a smartwatch that can track the child’s activity levels and encourage them to stay active by riding a bike, jumping about, or skipping rope, is a great solution.

Is it safe for kids to wear a smartwatch?

There is a myriad of safety features on smartwatches. And the amount varies from a smartwatch to a smartwatch.

Some smartwatches allow parental controls such as limiting internet access, restricting game time. Others feature GPS trackers, which allow parents always to know where their kids are.

Of course, the level of accuracy also varies from one smart watch’s quality to the next one, meaning that it is up to you as a parent to do the homework.

So to answer the question, smartwatches are incredibly safe!

Here are ten good reasons why you should consider getting a smartwatch for your child.

Bottom line

There you have it; here is why we believe smartwatches are a great feature to have on a child’s wrist. 

So how would we define a smartwatch in a few words?

To us, it is a gadget that helps your child stay connected with you, develop vital life skills, and steer away from danger, all while having fun!

If it were up to us, we would get off the fence and get your child a smartwatch.

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