17 best 16- and 18 inch Freestyle and BMX Race Bikes

eric-awwy By Eric Awwy, 16 Jun 2021

If you are anything like us, then you’re first time on a BMX bike is one of the most memorable moments of your life.

The difference in geometry, the thrill of exploring and trying out different stunts as well as the overall participation in the BMX lifestyle is one that never gets pushed back at the back of one’s brain.

Here’s the thing; your child is probably one good BMX bike away from having that same experience. And in the same breathe; they are one bad BMX bike away from being robbed of that awesome experience.

This is why we have gone ahead and assembled 17 of the best 16-inch and 18-inch BMX bikes for your little ones.

Why these sizes? Well, they are the best entry-level BMX bikes. These bikes boast of cutting-edge design, lightweight, strong frame, and the perfect size for young aspiring BMX riders who want to rule in bike jumps, pump tracks, skate parks, or even around the neighborhood.

Let’s have a look at them.

Note that if you are unsure about what to look for in a kids’ BMX bike, you can check out our kid’s BMX bike buying guide first. Then come back and have your pick from our selection.

Let's dive in already, won't we!

1 Mongoose Legion L16

Starting us off is the legendary Mongoose Legion L16.

Coming from a company that has been in the mountain and BMX bike game for over 40 years, the Legion L16 accurately upholds the Mongoose reputation.

It’s a great first bike for the aggressive type that are ready to rule in the dirt, trails, and off the ramps.

This bike will push the limits of every aspiring BMX rider as it is equipped with a highly reliable Hi-tensile steel frame, fork, and handlebars. The material is tough even after taking a hard beating yet it is still able to remain light and maneuverable by little ones.  

For the most part, the L16’s geometry and strength is similar to that of an adult-sized BMX bike; except it is scaled down to fit younger riders.

Its 16 x 2.3” tires, for instance, offer great structural resistance for cruising around while its agility is evident in the aluminum u-brakes which allow the freestylers to bring the bike to a stop with ease.  

We love the long-lasting design of the comfort-oriented saddle and grips which are sure to save your coins from maintenance/ repair fees.

Although single-wall rims don’t withstand as much abuse as double-walled rims, the L16’s aluminum single-wall rims are just right for beginners.

That said, the only other thing we aren’t too keen on is the one-piece crank which generally isn’t as strong or as stiff as three-piece cranks. But then again, it’s an entry-level bike so we don’t expect the same design as that of premium adult-sized BMX bikes.

As the manufacturer states, the Mongoose L16 accurately sets the standards for a lot of BMX bikes designed for aspiring riders.

  • Affordably priced
  • Thick tires offer great grip
  • Solid frame construction
  • Responsive u-brakes
  • Single piece crankset
  • Lacks the additional resilience of double or triple walled rims
  • Lies on the heavier side

2 Mongoose Legion L18

From the brand that has expertise in mountain and BMX bikes, Mongoose does it again with the Mongoose Legion L18.

As the name indicates, the L18 is the next size up from the famous Mongoose L16.

As far as looks go, the classic finishes to the L18 are a sure head-turner. This bike is very easy on the eyes! And we are confident that riders between 3ft 8 in. and 4ft 8 in., for whom the bike is designed to fit, will love the appealing looks of the bike.  

As for engineering, the hi-tensile steel frame of the L18 accurately takes any harsh treatment with confidence. 660mm wide handlebars are clamped into position by a 40mm stem, offering great leverage to the riders.

The L18 is further built on 2.3 inch wide tires on 28h rims. The large volume of the tires offers the right grip and cushioning to ensure rider comfort, be it on the street, on pavements, or when performing stunts that entail hard landing. They also make the bike low-maintenance as replacement and repair are not required as often.

Like the L16, this speed machine is equipped with alloy u-brakes that efficiently deliver stopping power as the youngster freestylers.

With such great configurations, we trust that this classic street BMX bike will become your child’s favorite in no time.

  • Affordable
  • Cool metal finish
  • Solid construction
  • Large volume tires offer adequate grip and cushioning
  • Assembly takes time
  • Heavy compared to other brands of bike seats
  • Heavier than its competitors

3 Titan Girl’s Flower Princess BMX Bike

Designed exclusively for young girls is the Titan Girl’s Flower Princess BMX bike.

What makes this bike stand out from its competitors is its intentionality towards making it favorable to young girls and still delivering the BMX style they seek. The Titan features a woven front basket, streamers, and rear doll seat, all of which young girls will rave over.

In addition, the seat, tires, grips, training wheels, and brackets are all designed with a multi-colored pink and purple color scheme.

As for structural integrity, the bike stands on a solid steel frame, 16-inch tube tires with spoke wheels that roll smoothly, strong PVC pedals, and Coaster brakes, allowing the rider to stop the bike intuitively.

We also love the wide training wheels, which enhance the stability of the bike and can be removed once the young girl advances in their balancing skills then re-installed once it is time to pass on the bike to the next small rider in the family or neighborhood.

It is also equipped with a handlebar pad to protect the rider’s skin in case of hard impact and wheel reflectors that keep the child and the bike visible in low-light environments.

Weighing 28 pounds, it’s not the lightest bike in our review, but it’s definitely still manageable by the riders it is created for.

If you have not found a BMX bike for your young girl, the Titan’s Princess BMX bike is the real deal.

  • A wide range of safe, reliable, and durable specs
  • Embellished with a woven front basket, streamers, and rear doll seat
  • Inflatable tube tires
  • Removable training wheels
  • Heavier than most bikes in our review
  • Streamers aren’t as durable

4 Brave Galaxy Oil Slick BMX

Revere Bicycles has its twist to a BMX bike known as the Brave Galaxy Oil Slick BMX bike.

This bike just looks good! It’s a sure attention-grabber in the streets. But looks aren’t enough to garner a great riding experience, right?

So let’s jump straight into the specifics that work together with the good looks to make this a great BMX bike.

Firstly, the Galaxy Oil boasts of a reliable build featuring an aluminum frame and fork that is sure to survive tough treatment. The frame is super light (weighing a mere 22 pounds even with the training wheels) and thereby easy for kids to navigate.  

Created for kids between 4 and 6 years of age or those between 3ft 5 in. and 4ft 5in. in height, this 16-inch BMX bike is designed with a low center of gravity which makes it easy to balance the bike as well as to get on and off of it.

The padded saddle is high on the comfort level, and conveniently, the seat post height adjusts from 21 inches to 23.5 inches. However, unlike most bikes that force the parent to grab a fistful of the child’s sweater while training them, this one conveniently features a rear saddle handle to rest their hands.

It is further adorned with beefy tires which tread easily on both pavements and hard surfaces and also delay wear and tear to the bike.

As the kiddo rides on, coaster brakes have the duty of stopping the bike while a chainguard keeps their clothes and hands from damage.

Lastly, the Galaxy Oil comes with a complete set of tool-less quick-release training wheels that make the removal process simple and fast.

All’s to say; this bike will have the young riders out and about until the sunsets.

  • Center of gravity (COG) optimized design
  • Lightweight
  • Rear saddle handle eases training
  • High volume tread tires
  • No kickstand

5 Diamondback Jr Viper 16

Diamondback Bicycles makes its debut on our list with the exceptionally popular Diamondback Jr. Viper.

It’s a 16-inch bike built on a durable high tensile steel frame, accurately sized for 3- to 5-year-olds between 34 and 44 inches tall, and available in black and orange colors.

The Mini Viper 16 eases the headache of assembly as it comes with the brakes dialed in and the gears, front-wheel, seats, and pedals in place, so all you have to do is pump up the tires and take off.

Now, if you’ve ever had to deal with the annoying three-quarter length trousers and shirts of fast-growing kids, then you understand how important an adjustable seat and handlebar height setting is for kids’ bikes. Thus, the Jr. Viper is designed to grow with its riders as the seat post and stem can both be raised to fit the rider’s size. 

Aside from that, the durable wheel and thick (2.125”) tires are a sure guarantee that this bike will survive the test of time and live to serve the next child in the family line.

This bike is all about safety as it further features a chain guard to keep the clothes and body of the rider out of harm’s way.

Furthermore, intuitive coaster brakes make learning how to ride easy as the child isn’t scared of engaging handbrakes. As they are still mastering how to balance, they can use the optional training wheels and remove them once they become experts.

On a side note, the training wheels do the work of keeping the child safe from accidents that are likely to occur due to imbalance.

So if you ever doubted it, you can now be sure that this BMX-style bike is equipped to give your little one a good and safe thrill on the road.

  • Removable training wheels
  • Adjustable seat post and stem
  • Easy to assemble
  • It lies on the heavier side

6 NiceC BMX bike

Next up, we’ve got NiceC which features cool-looking and lightweight BMX style bikes available in both 16 inch and 18-inch sizes for both boys and girls.

The 16-inch weighs 18.5 pounds and is suitable for kids between 4 and 8 years, while the 18-inch weighs 19.1 pounds and is suitable for kids between 5 and 10 years of age.

Aside from the obvious difference in size, the biggest difference between the two sizes is that the 18-inch model comes with a kickstand while the 16-inch doesn’t.

The 18-inch size is also the perfect way to bridge the gap for kids who are too big for 16-inch bikes yet too small for standard 20-inch bikes.

Both bikes feature high-quality magnesium alloy frames with zero welding. The single-piece frame design is hard to break and makes the bike extremely durable and safe from broken frame accidents.  

Additionally, they feature a dual brake system consisting of front V-brakes and rear coaster brakes that offer advanced speed modulation compared to a traditional V-brake-only system.

Both bikes are also height adjustable. The 16 –inch size handlebar height can be adjusted between 27 and 30 inches, while the seat height can be adjusted between 20 and 24 inches. As for the 18-inch model, its handlebar height can be adjusted between 29.5 and 32.5 inches, while the seat height adjusts between 21.5 and 26.5 inches.

We find the seat settings convenient as they allow low impact upon landing with force.

Lastly, beefy tires, training wheels, and non-slip resin pedals, which feature reflectors, also adorn the bikes.

If not for any of the above reasons, all the kids in the neighborhood will be impressed with the customizable features (fun stickers) on this stylish BMX bike.

  • Dual brake system
  • Ultra-lightweight
  • Single piece frame adds longevity
  • 18-inch comes with a kickstand
  • Extra thick tires
  • Although the 18-inch has one, the 16-inch lacks a kickstand

7 Mongoose Switch 18"

Styled with a charcoal black color scheme, matching black grips, metal spoke wheels, and freestyling pegs, it is clear that the Mongoose Switch means business.

It’s an 18-inch BMX bike which makes it a great fit for that awkward riding stage where the child is too big for a 16” bike, yet a standard 20-inch bike would prove dangerous because of its small size.

The Mongoose Switch is built on a super-strong steel frame that features an alloy four-bolt stem and four-piece handlebars, enhancing its strength.

While it features a single-speed drive train for a simple ride, there’s no stopping the adventures that are to come with this bike. So to ease the minds of parents from the paranoia of their child hurting themselves, the bike is accurately equipped with front and rear hand brakes which work with coaster brakes to deliver stopping power effectively.

Its brake levers are child-sized for optimal use by both beginners and experienced riders.

Furthermore, its retractable training wheels allow a smooth transition to pedal-only riding when the child is ready.

As far as comfort goes, the seat is comfortable and adjustable to match the kid’s height as they grow. And to keep them safe from cuts and scrapes, the Mongoose features a chain guard.

Between the freestyling pegs, the cool looks of the bike, and its vast array of high-quality components, it is clear that Mongoose accurately made this bike primarily for cool kids and little pros in the making.

  • Great for kids of all ages
  • Has a brief learning curve
  • Allows the kids' independence of learning on their own
  • Strongly built
  • Not compatible with most bike frames
  • Heavy compared to other brands of bike seats
  • Pricier than most similar bikes

8 Mongoose Skid Boys' Freestyle BMX Bike

The BMX style is evident throughout the Mongoose Skid Boy’s Freestyle BMX bike.

Made especially for your adventurous child, this steel-made bike features 16-inch MAG wheels that offer great traction and training wheels that provide extra stability and allow young riders to learn how to balance at their own pace.

Like most bikes we’ve reviewed, the training wheels are removable once the child is ready to graduate to pedal-only riding.

Ideal for kids between 6 and 9 years of age, a low stand-over height of the Skid’s frame allows kids within this age range to get on and off the bike with ease. 

So what’s the extra kick to this bike? Well, each Skid bike features the BMX racing style handlebar plate so the child can ride in style. Most kids who are eager to hop on a BMX bike desire to keep the BMX freestyling or racing candle burning into their later years, so having such an incredible pro-level feature is a handy motivator.  

Other durable components also abound on this bike. For instance, the foam padding and smooth cover of the seat offer ultimate comfort. The seat is also designed to adjust to the rider’s height.

Backpedaling brakes are a safe option for the child in case using hand brakes doesn’t come intuitively. That said, the only qualm with bikes that only stop through the engagement of coaster brakes is that they aren’t conducive for training kids how to operate handbrakes, which are almost automatically placed in every next-level bike.

If you are up for a simple yet stylish bike that will have your kiddo feeling like a true BMX rider out on the streets, the Mongoose Skid is what you need.

  • BMX race-style Handlebar plate
  • MAG wheels
  • Low standover height
  • Removable training wheels
  • A bit heavy
  • No kickstand

9 Bikestar Safety-Sport BMX Bike

Bikestar Safety-Sport is designed with all the premium features that a budding 4- to 5-year-old would require in a BMX bike.

The black and blue color scheme is just rad!  But topping it off with the glitter paint finish takes the bike’s look to a whole new level!

That said, the one thing we admire about it is how well made and child-friendly the bike is.

It’s a steel-made bike that weighs a mere 22 pounds, making it very easy for young riders to control. And to complete the look, it spots 16-inch pneumatic tires which stand on lightweight alloy rims.

We find that it is easy for small riders to hop over the Bikestar frame with a low crossbar.


Additionally, this bike offers utmost comfort and fit as it boasts of a height-adjustable saddle and ball bearing steering, which adjusts both in height and angle for better stability.


The saddle height adjusts between 20.8 and 24.8 inches, while the handlebar height adjusts between 31 and 34 inches.

Another necessity that has been met with great precision is the child-friendly hand brake and coaster brakes. We must highlight how cool the BMX-type hand brakes are!  For the ease of use, ease of access, and low weight, the brakes are similar to those found on higher-end BMX bikes.

With both configurations, the choice of how to stop is up to the child, but one thing’s for sure; their safety is guaranteed!

Furthermore, reflective features on the front, back, pedal, and spoke areas of the bike enhance the visibility of the bike when riding in the dark.

You can be sure that the neighborhood won’t be the limit for your little BMX bike enthusiast with all these features.

  • Highly durable steel tube framework
  • Ergonomically correct saddle
  • Ball-bearing steering
  • Avails both hand brake and coaster brakes
  • Reflectors add to bike’s safety
  • None so far

10 Revere 16” Freestyle BMX

The Revere 16” Freestyle BMX from Brave Bicycles is a creation from a father-son duo who purpose to create bikes that are generally easy for kids to ride.

The company is keen on manufacturing long-lasting bikes that are easy to control, and this is evident in the 20 pounds aluminum frame of the bike

The minimal weight of the Revere 16” BMX bike allows easy maneuverability, but it is also convenient for parents to carry or push the bike around when the kid gets tired of riding and decides to hop off.  

Unlike most BMX bikes, the Revere 16’s extra padded saddle makes for the most comfortable ride, no matter how long the ride is!

The bike is safe to ride as it can easily be stopped with the dual brake system comprising intuitive coaster brakes and hand brakes which work to help younger riders transition seamlessly to handbrake-only bikes.

Additionally, it is easy to pedal both on paved roads and gravel trails, thanks to the traction offered by the Revere’s big volume tires. And the bike also conveniently adds training wheels which add to the bike’s stability and can be removed without the need for extra tools once the child is ready to pedal on their own.

The only thing we’d add to this bike is a kickstand for proper storage in rest mode. Nonetheless, your child will enjoy going on many adventures with this one!

  • Lightweight and easy to maneuver
  • Extra padded saddle
  • Adjustable hand brake levers
  • Tool-less training wheels
  • Highly affordable
  • Lacks a kickstand

11 Dynacraft Trolls Girls BMX Bike

Being one of the largest and longest-standing privately-held distributors of bicycles in the US, we have high expectations from Dynacraft as a company.

The Dynacraft Trolls Girls bike is designed to cater to young girls who’ve got that love for a bit of adventure.

It’s a 16-inch BMX Street/ dirt bike built on a super-strong steel frame that can remain lightweight and thereby maneuverable by young riders.

Its purple chrome frame is endowed with vibrant Trolls characters graphics that young girls will love.

Those in the learning stages can ‘borrow’ the bike’s stability from the wide training wheels before they eventually learn to keep the bike stable on their own. Those who are already pros at balancing can remove the training wheels or opt not to keep them on if they are already familiar with balancing a bike at the time of purchase.

As far as safety goes, we like how the front/ rear hand brake accurately works with rear coaster brakes to deliver smooth and effective stopping power to the rider. Riding confidence is automatic as they can efficiently engage coaster brakes by pedaling backward.

The bike is also sure to grow with the child thanks to a height-adjustable saddle setting.

Lastly, a handlebar bag for storing the child’s favorite supplies makes this bike stand out from its competitors. Although likely to succumb to wear and tear, we find this bag a great additive to little girls’ bikes!

  • Super fun graphics
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Padded and height-adjustable seat
  • Wide training wheels offer stability for beginners
  • Hand and coaster brakes combination
  • The handlebar bag isn’t durable
  • No kickstand

12 Dynacraft Hot Wheels BMX Bike

As with the Trolls bike, tearing up the streets with the Dynacraft Hot Wheels BMX will be a great source of joy for budding BMX riders.

This bike is a winner in our books solely for its ability to appeal to the youngest riders! The epic-two tone colorful designs, Rev Grips, authentic Hot Wheels graphics, and BMX-style frame are sure to grasp the attention of Hot Wheels fans.

Keeping that cool and colorful theme going on, the bike features orange tires, which in our opinion, make the bike more conspicuous and, therefore, safer when riding in the dark.

This 16-inch BMX bike is built on a robust steel frame that ranks high in terms of durability.

It is kept upright with removable training wheels while front hand brakes and rear coaster brakes work together to deliver stopping power.

We find that the highly responsive hand brakes make stopping easy and smooth.

Another great feature that isn’t always evident in most bikes is the addition of a handlebar pad to keep the child safe in case of a collision.

The Dynacraft Hot Wheel’s seat is also padded and adjustable to keep in tune with the increase in height of the rider.

Our only qualm with this bike is that the assembly instructions that come with it are as inconvenient as bikes that come without assembly instructions. It means that more often than not, the bike will require professional assembly or the good old ‘winging it.  

But once assembled, it is packed with such a myriad of durable, reliable, and safety-oriented features that your Hot Wheel racer will find this stylish bike charming in every way.

  • Stylish graphics!
  • Rear coaster and hand brakes
  • Dual brake system
  • Poor assembly instructions

13 Dynacraft Magna BMX bike

The Dynacraft Magna BMX bike is designed for aspiring cyclists who have that little kick that has them keen on trying out tricks and stunts on their bikes.

With 16-inch wheels dressed on steel rims and an ideal robust steel frame, it is one of the best beginner BMX Street/ dirt bikes for boys between 4 and 8 years of age.

You won’t miss the deluxe bright yellow color on the streets, and you can be sure that kids will gush over it as well.

The budding bicyclist will enjoy learning how to balance with the training wheels and still keep the fun going once they are off.

Slowing down and stopping is easy on this bike, thanks to the availed coaster brakes. Keeping the safety train going is a handlebar pad that protects the rider in case of a collision to the bike's front.

The perfect fit for different kids between the 4-to-8-year age range is guaranteed, thanks to an adjustable seat height. And while the seat can be modified for a better fit, we’d wish for an adjustable steering wheel so that the bike truly ‘grows’ with your child

Our only other complaint about this bike is that upon arrival, the wheel bearings are too tight for the comfort and durability of the bike. This garner increased effort on the kiddo’s part and a visit to the local bike shop for fixing.

 But once fixed, the Magna BMX is a show stopper!

  • Flashy yellow color and vibrant graphics
  • Handlebar pads
  • Adjustable seat height
  • Padded seat
  • The bearings are too tight
  • Handlebar height is not adjustable

14 Dynacraft Magna RIP Traxx BMX Bike

Getting the child to love their bike is one of the best foundations to get them to want to learn how to ride it.

That said, the super bright green color and custom graphics of the Sporty Dynacraft Magna 16” Rip Traxx BMX bike will have your child falling head over heels upon the first sighting. The black and white accents of the bike give off ‘ready to rip’ vibes.

Aside from its appealing looks, the Dynacraft Magna RIP Traxx is built to last for years as it stands on a sturdy steel frame.

A full chainguard protects the rider while braking is accomplished with rear coaster brakes.

It is endowed with training wheels that allow the child to learn how to ride at their own pace and eventually get rid of them once they hang things.

Additionally, a comfort-oriented seat with a quick-adjust seat post makes fine-tuning the fit of the bike a breeze even as the child grows.

Aside from the seat setting, the handlebars are also adjustable to match the kid's growing size, making this bike truly ‘grow’ with your child.

Aspiring BMX riders and their parents alike will love the custom-branded handlebar and frame pads which look cool and primarily work to protect the knees and elbows of your little one.

Speaking of safety, the bright green color is also sure to make the rider noticeable even in low-light settings.

With such reliable features, it is no wonder why Dynacraft is still standing since its foundation in 1984

  • Deluxe paint finish
  • Eye-catching color and graphics
  • Quick-adjust seat post and handlebars
  • Removable training wheels
  • Few complaints about bike defects upon arrival

15 Mongoose Mutant BMX Kids' Bike

The Mongoose Mutant BMX bike held our attention for its ability to angle several features to give your kid the best start to the BMX world.

Not only will the BMX styling attract aspiring riders, but the fun graphics that embellish the bike’s chain guard, seat, and handlebar pad too.

Like most of the Mongoose bikes we have mentioned, the Mutant’s frame is made of steel. However, the 28-pounds weight is the only drawback because it may prove difficult for smaller kids to handle.

This 16-inch bike composes a simple single-speed drivetrain perfect for beginners within the 3 to 5-year-old age range.

It features training wheels that keep the bike upright even during sharp turns and leans and are removable as the kid ages and advances in skill.

Mongoose’s choice of brakes for the freestylers is a combination of coaster brakes and a hand brake.

Coaster brakes take the duty of stopping the bike by backpedaling while the child is still learning how to coordinate the hand brake while still balancing the bike. And once they are familiar with the hand brakes, they will love how it requires little pressure to engage.


And much like the child will eventually grow into the use of hand brakes and be able to ride without the training wheels, they can also adjust the height of the seat setting to match their increased height.

With ultimate safety and handling, nothing will separate your child from this bike!

  • Rear coaster brake and hand brake combination
  • Training wheels
  • Adjustable height setting
  • Cool fun graphics
  • The saddle is not as comfortable
  • It lies a bit on the heavier side

16 RoyalBaby BMX Kids' Freestyle Bike

Royalbaby has been the hub of small cyclist’s hearts since its inception, and there’s good reason for it too.

If their freestyle BMX bike is proof of anything, this company’s bikes are equipped with various features to give riders the best learning experience.

What makes this bike stand out is that it is available in a wide range of color selections, comes 95% assembled, even with the front wheel and brake installed, features a bell to alert passersby and prevent accidents as well as a kickstand for proper storage of the bike when not in use.

Additionally, wide 2.4-inch tires adorn the bike that is built on a sturdy steel frame.

We love that it offers double the safety with easy-to-compress front caliper brakes and rear coaster brakes combination.

Still going on that safe riding wheel, it also comes with training wheels whose widened stance gives the support needed to maintain an upright posture.

This bike further boasts of a wide range of adjustability. The handlebar height adjusts between 29.1 and 31.9 inches, while the saddle height adjusts between 21.3 and 25.2.

As if that isn’t enough, RoyalBaby has gone the extra mile and featured a thoughtful and cool-looking water bottle holder for the little one to carry their water supply easily. Cool-looking and packed with comfort features, what more could you possibly ask for?

The only qualm we have is that while the contouring of the seat is comfort-optimized, the company could improve on its sizing as it is too small.

  • Available in a wide variety of colors
  • Wide range of adjustability
  • It comes with a kickstand
  • Comes 95% assembled
  • Features a water bottle holder
  • It lies more on the heavier side
  • While the saddle is thick, it is small

17 Redline Proline Kids' Pitboss BMX Bike

Redline is another company that has been consistent in its delivery of top-notch BMX bikes, and the Pitboss is yet another BMX bike that speaks of the company’s prowess.

We love it the most because this 16-inch BMX style bike is excellent on the track, trails, and even around the neighborhood, which means that it fits just about anywhere your child will want to try it on.

Most of the components are in-house branded, and the proprietary aluminum frame is no exception. In fact, the only exceptions are the Vee Speedster tires and the Tektro brake of the bike.

But back to the frame; your child will have an easy time navigating it because of its lightness. Weighing 14.6 pounds, this bike is light and sturdy, promising to withstand years of rough handling.

The sturdiness is evident in a tapered Chromoly steel fork that is sure to take the share of impact from the front effectively.

The integrated head tube sealed Euro bottom bracket and rear-wheel feature a flip flop hub that allows one to change the gearing ratio; all speak of the ingenious make of the bike.  

Lastly, we find the 16 x 2” tires great for grip; and the linear-pull brakes accurate for stopping power. It all goes to show how the Pitboss is a powerhouse in itself.

  • Linear pull brakes
  • Lightweight alloy frame
  • No kickstand

Wrap Up

Although not as common as regular bikes, most people agree that BMX bikes are a sight to marvel over, and kids have a soft spot for them.

These bikes ooze confidence, skill, and unique style. They are developed with the latest manufacturing technology to remain strong even after being subjected to hard landings.

After several hours of tests, research, listening, and comparisons to BMX bike’s strength, durability, comfort, and overall quality touches, our bike selection will give your child the best riding experience and still deliver that rad look!

If your kid is showing signs of being super serious about BMX racing in the future, these are some of the best bikes to jumpstart and eventually build that passion. They will, later on, acquire a race-specific bike, but for now, have your pick and watch them enjoy the cool essence of freestyle BMX riding.

Check out our review of the best 16-inch pedal bikes for kids.

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