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Best Kids' Bike Handle Bags Reviewed

eric-awwy By Eric Awwy, 22 Dec 2020
Huffy Handlebar Bike Bag

Huffy Handlebar Bike Bag - Best Choice

Po Campo Kinga Handlebar Bike Bag Purse

Po Campo Kinga Handlebar Bike bag - Durable and Stylish

TINTON LIFE Waterproof Bicycle Handlebar Bag

TINTON LIFE Waterproof Bicycle Handlebar Bag - Best Value

Do you love riding in the outdoors alongside your kids but are tired of having to carry extra stuff for the two of you? Or are you the type of parent that resorted to stashing your kids’ pockets with anything they might need during their local cycling excursion? Maybe it is time you got your kid one of the best handlebar bags to kick start their journey into independence.

Many kids make the mistake of filling their pockets with belongings that they would like to have with them as they cycle. And what they don’t realize is that this has the effect of ruining their pockets- at the very least; and affecting their pedal stroke- at worst.

Let’s not even talk about how infuriating it can get for parents when the kids have more and more “important stuff” they need to carry with them.

Want to know what would completely change this? A handlebar bag!

Yes, a handlebar bag or a front bike bag, whichever your preferred method of calling it, is just the ideal way to haul gear from home. Think of it this way - their favorite toy to necessities like a drink or a sizeable lunch or even their phone to communicate with you or navigate their way.

You just can’t beat the relief and ease of accessibility to one’s belongings that only handlebar bags can provide.

And that is why we’ve assembled this pro-list of the best kid’s handlebar bags you can find in the market today.

Let’s jump straight into it.

1 WOTOW Bike Handlebar Bag

WOTOW Bike handlebar Bag review
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Material- high-quality 300D polyester material and padded HPDE

Capacity - 3L

Dimensions - L x W x H (9.0” x 4.7 “5.9”)

Weight - 0.7 pounds

Coming in first is the classic Wotow Handlebar bag.

With a cleverly designed logo that literally embodies the wheels and frame of a bike from the conjoined letters ‘O’ and ‘T’ in the word ‘WOTOW,”- this company seems to love bikes just as much as we do.

The cleverly designed logo makes you wonder, “Just how clever are their products?” And tell you what; the findings are not disappointing at all.

Made of highly durable high-quality 300D polyester material and padded HPDE, this bike bag can retain its shape, whether full or empty, and remains shock-absorbent at all times.

The Wotow is compact yet roomy- perfect for towing all the necessities a kid would want. They can easily fit food and drinks in the main compartment; and smaller items such as keys or earphones in the extra side pockets.

For cell phone storage, there’s a highly sensitive TPU touchscreen pocket that is compatible with just about any smartphone. This compartment enables the rider to use the phone while riding- even when the sun is bright.

It features three hook and loop straps for easy installation and detachment. The straps are appropriately lengthy and secure well so that the bag doesn’t bounce around while the bike is in motion.

High-grade zippers adorn this bag, and one can opt to add a lock to add security to the bag, although we will warn that the pull strings of the bag do take a considerable pull.

The Wotow handlebar bag further features a shoulder strap (adjustable from 31.5 inches to 57 inches) to convert the bag from a bike bag to a shoulder bag when the rider gets off the bike.

Last but not least, to enhance safety at night, the bag spots two wide silver-grey reflective stripes and one reflective hoop.

The only letdown is that this bag only registers as water-resistant rather than the much preferred waterproof design.

But all in all, this handlebar bag cum shoulder bag is strategically built to suit all the youngest riders' needs!

  • Roomy interior (3L capacity)
  • Converts to shoulder bag through the detachable shoulder strap
  • Smartphone TPU screen
  • Reflective features boost safety at night
  • Water-resistant but not entirely waterproof bag
  • Limited color choices

2 Roswheel 11494 Bike Front Handlebar Bag

Roswheel Bike Handlebar Bag
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Materials - 600D polyester fabric + PVC lining and padded with U-shaped E board.

Capacity - 5 Liters

Dimensions - 12.5 (L) x 6.5(H) x 5.0 (W) inches

Weight - 0.7 pounds

Another popular choice is the Roswheel Front handlebar bag

This handlebar bag from Roswheel has everything you would want in a kid’s front frame bag… and then some.

To start with, it is divinely compartmentalized (with one main compartment, two smaller side pockets, and an additional mesh front pouch) so that the rider doesn’t mix up their food essentials with the technical ones.

This bag has a generous carrying capacity, registering at 5 Liters! And guess what; even with plenty of room in these pockets, the bag still doesn’t make the bike feel front heavy!

The bag itself is made of high-quality materials. This entails durable polyester material and u-shaped PE board padding. This inner lining is rigid, so it gives it a good form and protects it.

As for attachment, it fits perfectly fine and firmly on bars via Velcro straps, and the zippers open and close easily.

Like the Wotow bag, this bag can be switched into a shoulder bag with the shoulder strap it comes with, and thanks to the reflective logo and stripes, the riders’ safety in low-light settings is enhanced.

What more could you want from a bike bag? The Roswheel handlebar bag is just entirely perfect. Or is it?

Truth be told, things would be amiss if we wouldn’t highlight our concerns about this bag

While there’s easy access to the bag contents, unlike most handlebar bags in this review, it doesn’t feature a touchscreen-compatible pocket.

A phone navigation pocket features two elastic belts at its top, which can be used for additional items such as a map or a towel.

But if that isn’t a deal-breaker for you, then this front bike bag from Roswheel is a worthy consideration for your child.

  • Lots of room with 5L capacity
  • Well-made with rigid form-shaping padding
  • Well-structured with multi-pockets
  • Multi-purpose usage as bike bag and shoulder bag
  • Lacks a phone pouch for on-the-go navigation
  • Water-resistant but not waterproof

3 Huffy Bike Handlebar Cooler Bag With Phone Case

Huffy Bike Handlebar Bag
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Paragraphs and descriptions here.

  • Durable polyester construction
  • Insulated to keep drinks cold
  • Spacious interior
  • Large touch-screen compatible window
  • Not entirely waterproof

4 Lixada Bicycle handlebar bag

Lixada Bike Handlebar Bag
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Material: Polyester & PVC

Dimensions – 8.7 x 4.7 x 4.7 inches

Color variations – Green, black, sky blue, dark blue, and Pink

Weight – 7.8 oz.

The Lixada bicycle handlebar bag just takes handlebar bags to a whole new level as it is packed with a host of handy features! It is one perfect gift for any cycling family or kids who love cycling as a pastime activity – we call it an excellent partner for cycling.

The Lixada pannier bag attaches to the bike's handle to offer ideal storage space for bike essentials such as rain coats, sunglass lenses, tools, towels, cell phones, or other essentials.

The front pocket also comes in handy when your kid has to separate smaller items for good organization.

The handle bag bike is easy to install, and it further comes with a strap that makes it convertible to a shoulder bag or a backpack. To install the bag, you only need to fasten the 3 quick fastening straps.

With its versatility, it can fit in most bikes. Its pocket features a cell phone touch screen, which comes in handy when holding a phone for directions or music during a ride. You can also store maps. It is also multipurpose, thanks to its storage capacity and unique design. This bike front storage bag can be used as a crossbody bag, thanks to the shoulder strap. When not cycling, kids can carry the bag around school, hiking and climbing expeditions, camping, and traveling, you name it.

To top it up, the bag is durable and waterproof thanks to the waterproof and soft PVC material which provides a clean and easy to wipe surface. The entire bag is also filled with foam that protects the internal items and maintains its cylindrical shape.

A lot can be said about this handlebar bag from Lixada, but above all, like other products from this brand, this front bike bag depicts how committed this company is to enable sports lovers to enjoy convenience, comfort, and style.

  • Practical design
  • Waterproof and highly durable material
  • Fits most bikes
  • Multipurpose use
  • Colorful colors
  • Limited storage space if you have more items

5 ZUKKA Bike Handlebar Bag

ZUKKA Bike Handlebar Bag review
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Material – oxford fabric + PVC

Dimensions – 8.67” L x 4.53” H

Weight – 0.4 pounds

Capacity - 3 L

Zukka is another winner when it comes to bikes and bike accessories.

As you know by now, a handlebar bag is the face of the bike, and this bag takes on this role with precision.

What is fascinating about the Zukka front bike bag is how light it is! Second, to the Bushwhacker, it is one of the most lightweight bike bags in this review. Now, usually, that may mean that the bag’s material is rather flimsy, but in this case, that is ultimately the contrary.

This bag is made of waterproof oxford fabric! That alone is enough to make this bag credible as it means that the bag will age well and grow with the kid.

The fabric has breathable and durable properties but having been finished with a water repellent elevates the material so that even in the rain, all content remains unaffected.

Weighing a mere 0.4 pounds not only makes this bag appropriate for a kid’s bike but is also convenient because even when the bag is packed to the fullest, it will not affect the balance of the bike.

That aside, three Velcro straps securely attach the Zukka bag to the handlebars. Like we’ve seen with most handlebar bags, a three-point mounting system is so stable that you can be assured the bag won’t experience wobbling even when the bike is ridden on bumpy surfaces.

A double zipper puller and large U-shaped bag opening enable easy access while on the go, making this bag convenient for daily commutes.

Lastly, an adjustable and detachable shoulder strap transforms the bike bag into a shoulder bag to take it with them when not riding.

Ultimately, the Zukka front bike bag is one of the best ways to add a touch of personality to your kid’s bike.

It looks just as elegant on the shoulders as it does on the bike!

  • Lightweight kid’s bike bag
  • Multi-purpose bike bag, phone holder, and shoulder bag
  • High-quality oxford material and stitching
  • Weatherproof
  • Transparent PVC phone pouch
  • Phone pouch is not UV tolerant; thus condenses with moisture

6 TINTON LIFE Bicycle Handlebar bag

TINTON LIFE Bike Hanedlebar bag
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Material – oxford fabric

Dimensions – L x W x H (9.84 x 4.92 x 4.92) inches

Weight – 0.4 pounds

Tinton life is a sub-brand of Tinton group- trusted with the development and production of home appliances for decades. The question is, “just how trustworthy is the Tinton Life Handlebar bag?”

From our review, this bag sure does have a lot to offer!

The bag is made of thick oxford material that is soft to the touch yet thick enough to withstand years of wear.

It easily hooks and unhooks off just about any bike type through three Velcro fasteners, but what we found to be captivating about this bag is that it can be mounted both in front and behind the handlebars! The choice is yours!

It is carefully designed with a clear pouch, so the fact that the bag also attaches to the front-facing the rider makes it exceptionally suited for phone or map navigation.

This bag is also portable with the use of the adjustable shoulder strap that it comes with. The strap feature a clasp design that makes for easy removal to swiftly convert the shoulder bag back into what it’s essentially made for- being a bike bag.

Moreover, it conveniently stores anything from sunglasses to keys to pocket tissues and is perfect for light-duty use.  So if your child is minimal with their riding companions, then they would be a great pair.

The Tinton bag further beats most bar bags in the market as it features inside padding, which helps the bag retain great shape and simultaneously protects items within from shock.

It also hosts one of the best-engineered zippers! The zipper enables easy retrieval of items, but it also remains undamaged despite the constant opening and closing of the bag.

The only thing that would make this bag even better is if it was entirely waterproof.

While the interior spaces remain unaffected by drizzles, unfortunately, they do succumb to heavy rains. Then again, that can be solved with a rain cover.

When all is said and done, the Tinton life handlebar bag ticks off all the boxes for a kid’s handlebar bag.

  • Anti-shock pads protect the bag from impact
  • Portable with the use of adjustable shoulder straps
  • Highly durable
  • Doubles as a handlebar bag and shoulder bag
  • Available in a variety of vibrant colors
  • Water-resistant but not fully waterproof

7 Po Campo Kinga Handlebar Bike bag

Po Campo Kinga Handlebar Bike Bag review
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Materials - water-resistant vegan fabrics and faux leather

Dimensions – 9” W x 5.25” H x 3.5” D

Weight - 0.5 pounds

The Po Campo Kinga handlebar bag is all about the organization!

It features three interior pockets and two exterior pockets- one of which is ingeniously made to store the shoulder strap.

This strap allows the bag to be still used away from riding as it transitions into a crossbody bag with an adjustable and detachable strap that extends up to 56 inches to fine-tune to each rider’s size.

However, Kinga’s main selling point is that it is entirely waterproof. The bag promises that the weather stays outside and the rider’s valuables remain dry as a bone- regardless of weather changes.

The bag’s water-resistant fabric is quite bulky, so you can be sure that other than being a weather protectant, the bag is also bound to last.

Not only is the bag well-thought-out, but it is also appropriately sized for kids and enhanced with safety features such as a reflective strip that runs across the bag to improve visibility when night riding.

The Kinga is a universal fit as it tucks in perfectly under all handlebar styles- be they drop bars, flat bars, or riser bars. It further holds securely in place, so you don’t have to worry about it falling off.

This bag has just the perfect balance of rugged and cute with multiple vibrant colors and designs for kids to choose from.

That said, getting it on and off the bike can be somewhat tricky, and if the bike has a lot going on in the center of the bars, this makes it even more difficult. Arguably, this is the only drawback to the Kinga, in our opinion.

  • Made of weather-resistant vegan fabrics
  • It comes in multiple striking colors to grab kids' attention
  • Ultra-functional as it converts from a bike bag into a shoulder bag or crossbody bag
  • Ingenious storage pocket for shoulder strap
  • More difficult to attach as compared to other handlebar bags in our review

8 UrLite Bicycle Handlebar bag

UrLite Bike Handlebar Bag raview
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Material - Oxford cloth and transparent PVC

Dimensions - 8.66 x 5 x 5 inches

Weight – 0.4 pounds

 “Lightweight, durable and waterproof” is the ultimate handlebar bag combination- and that is exactly what you get with the UrLite.

This bag is available in two sizes (small and large) and made of both PVC and oxford material that is so tough and durable- you can be sure that the bag will stay with you for years on end.

It spots a unique sleek design that allows easy accessibility, keeps the bag off the bike gears, and generally isn’t a nuisance as you may experience with many other front bags.

The bag’s overall size is incredibly functional for all young riders’ necessities, including a phone, as it features a transparent pouch measuring 5.9 x 2.87 inches for phone storage

If you’re fond of long family rides, you need not worry about the weather as this bag is highly waterproof. You can be sure that you will not register any damage to the bag or its contents in spite of harsh weather conditions

And other than being shielded from the elements, it is protected from impact as it is fully padded to facilitate shock absorption.

This front pack from UrLite is a sure bet for your kid’s bike as it can also be converted into a shoulder bag with its removable and adjustable shoulder strap!

The bar bag is equipped with three Velcro fasteners for attachment and detachment from the bike. However, like the Po Campo Kinga, the real letdown was how much harder it was to attach the bag to the bike.

Although challenging, once it is intact, the straps secure the bag firmly to the bike. So if you are less likely to take the bag off the bike or don’t mind the hassle, then nothing should stop you from getting this perfectly capable front bike bag.

  • Entirely waterproof
  • Spacious interior
  • Padded for shock absorbency
  • Converts to shoulder bag
  • Features transparent smartphone pouch
  • Velcro straps are difficult to attach and detach

9 SHINYEVER Bike handlebar bag

SHINYEVER Bike Handlebar Bag review
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Material - polyester cloth

Dimensions - 7.87”H x 7.08 W x 4.72 H

Weight – 1.2 pounds

Capacity - 4L

Another choice of kids' bicycle handlebar bags to consider is the Shiny Ever bike handlebar bag.

The key selling point and what sold this bike bag to us is its insulated lining. Like the Huffy cooler bag, beverages remain unaffected for hours on end!

Qualified nylon fabric makes both the interior and exterior of the bag. Paired with a zipper closure, you can be sure that all the kid’s items will be locked safely within.

The bag’s 4L capacity is super convenient for all on-the-go riding essentials such as a cellphone, keys, wallet, and drinks. There’s no need to debate whether or not the child should leave some of their favorite cycling companions.

Plus, being compartmentalized by one main compartment and smaller side pockets is very handy as you can separate small items from the larger ones- making it easier to spot everything at a go.

As for mounting, a three-point Velcro strap design eases installation and fastens detachment of the bag as you pedal ahead or when you reach your destination

Like most, this bar bag is not limited to cycling. It features a detachable shoulder strap that, once strapped in; allows it to double as a shoulder bag, crossbody bag, or lunch bag- all within a matter of minutes

Another winner is the TPU screen allowing hand operation over the cover without taking the phone out of the bag. This applies to all smartphones below 8 inches in size.

Easily see all notifications and scroll through your phone. All functions can be accessed in this way, save for touch ID.

These appealing features adorn this bag, but the ShinyEver handlebar bag is not without its limitations. The bag’s material is only water-resistant (although it does come with a rain cover for protection). 

Nonetheless, with all factors taken into account, this front storage bag is a must-have for parents whose kids love traveling with their foods as an insulated body boosts it.

  • Insulated lining keeps drinks cols
  • Switches from bike bag to shoulder bag in minutes
  • Transparent/ TPU screen allows smartphone operation
  • Quick-release mounting straps fasten attachment and detachment
  • Not waterproof, although it does come with a rain cover

10 Allnice Bike Handlebar Bag

Allnice Bike Handlebar Bag review
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Material- waterproof fabric

Weight - 0.41 Pounds

Capacity - 3L

Young cyclists will surely enjoy having this bag as it is the perfect companion for one-day riding trips

The All-nice handlebar bag is light, well-thought-out, thoroughly sturdy, and stylish- and most of all, it performs exceptionally well at its intended purpose- hauling goods.

The All-nice bag sure looks nice, all puns intended, but aside from that, it is immensely practical for cycling excursions.

This bag is perfectly sized for kids, and although it has a small outward appearance, it is made to hold a good amount of gear with the main compartment and side pockets for tools.

Not just a tool or drink carrier, this bag is also specially designed with a clear and waterproof phone pouch that fits all kinds of cell phones measuring less than 7 inches

The super large transparent TPU screen allows the kid to see all notifications as they ride.

The bag fits just about all handlebars, and on arrival at their destination, it easily detaches so the rider can take the bag with them. This easy detachment also enables the bag to be easily switched from bike to bike, perfect for families with more than one kid.

We loved that this bag stays well in place with the use of three adjustable straps, but we weren’t too pleased with the fact that the straps are flimsy compared to most. This puts the bag at risk of falling off if heavily loaded.

That is the only reservation we have about this bag. It is packed with other advantageous features such as Reflective strips to enhance conspicuity when riding in the dark.

As for combating the weather, water-resistant PVC and super waterproof zippers ensure no water entry into the bag.

Although you can find more expensive and better-made options in the market, we can assure you that you will definitely be pleased with the Allnice bar bag for its price.

  • Compact yet as much room for storage
  • Highly waterproof
  • Great value for money
  • Straps are flimsy

Honorable Mention

11 Bushwhacker Waco Black- Bicycle Handlebar & seat bag

Bushwhacker Waco Bike Handlebar bag review
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Material – Ripstop polyester

Dimensions - 8.5 inches long, 4 inches diameter

Weight – 0.15 pounds

We’re here for this versatile bike bag, which can be used as both a handlebar bag and a saddlebag- and that’s what makes this bag special.

The little rider can attach this bag under the seat or right upfront to easily access their personal items.

Made of Ripstop polyester material-the Bushwacker racks up many advantages.

The material is light yet sturdy and highly durable. It has a compact size but still manages to hold everything a child would need to haul with them.

If you don’t know by now, this is just what kids need in a bike bag as the bag's weight won’t overwhelm the front section of the bike and the kid can also easily navigate the bike with it attached there.

A two-point mounting system firmly attaches the bag to the handlebars or seat. As you’ve noticed, most of the bags in this review have three anchor points- which means that a drawback to this bag is that it continually swings, making any metallic items rattle inside when riding on rough terrain.

The straps are simple and straightforward, although you will have to re-thread them with each removal.

Additionally, the bag lacks a supporting structure, so the bag is entirely flaccid and doesn’t retain its shape

Another thing that we love about Bushwhacker is that it has a simple design. And this stretches to the color scheme too!

The plain colors will blend in with any bike colors in such an elegant way.

  • Extremely lightweight
  • Compact size for the youngest riders
  • The bag firmly attaches to the bike
  • The bag material is light yet strong
  • Two-point buckle attachment swings constantly
  • It does not have any support/ rigidity

Bottom Line

For families that love to ride, especially for lengthy periods, bike bags are pretty indispensable. Manufacturers avail them in different sizes and styles but most of all, with a wide variety of competitive features all aimed at meeting your needs.

In the bike luggage world, handlebar bags are the most recommended ways to store and haul kids’ items. That said, these bags differ in size, materials, attachment systems, and some even feature convenient elements such as insulation to suit them to each rider’s needs. With a plethora of bags to choose from, you can only expect an inexperienced parent to be confused with the many choices. 

Our assembled bike handlebar review and guide promise to help narrow down the choices for you. But above all, always remember that a good set of handlebar bags is a worthy investment that will set you off for many years of safe and happy hauling!

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