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Best Kids' Full Face Helmets (BMX, MTB)

eric-awwy By Eric Awwy, 26 Jul 2021

Unlike past generations, kids today are getting bolder and bolder in their approach towards riding. If we’re being honest, conservative riding is no longer as appealing as aggressive riding. That can only mean one thing; kids are in need of protective gear more than ever.

Whether you want to believe it or not, the chances of facing injuries to the head when cruising through steeper terrains and technical trails are high.

And unfortunately, many bike companies aren’t prepared to meet the need for full-face helmets that have arisen as they are prepared to meet the need for standard helmets.

But few companies have been able to identify and fill the gap that is in the industry. The helmets they’ve created are lightweight yet sturdy, well-ventilated, and more importantly, they are fully equipped to reduce the risk of injury to the head in the event of an accident.

So, take a breather from worrying about your mountain biking or BMX racing kid; we’ve reviewed some of the best full-face helmets for kids to keep them covered.

1 Bell Sanction – Best for Younger Children

If your kid is keen on riding aggressively (dirt jump or BMX in this case) and you want to protect them without breaking the bank, then the Bell Sanction is definitely your best bet.

Variety of sizes

We love the broad range of sizes that the Sanction is availed of. It is available in 4 sizes; the XS (48-51cm), S (52-54cm), M (55-57 cm) and L (58-60cm). The smallest size has a minimum head circumference of 48cm, which will likely fit the smallest head on the tracks.

However, our only reservation is that the sizing runs small. Many people commented that they felt squished within the cheek portion of the helmet. As such, you’d get a perfect fit by ordering one size up, especially if the kiddo is between sizes.

ABS shell construction

Constructed with hard ABS shell material, the helmet is sturdy enough to counter forces of impact. Additionally, the small size which we tested weighs 1.8pounds which is quite impressive considering the helmet’s material. Similar weights are often found in carbon fibers helmets offered at a more expensive price tag. 


We love that this helmet adjusts with the use of an easy clip neck strap. Nothing too complicated or time-consuming!


As you probably know, the key to an ideal dirt jumps or BMX rider’s helmet is the ability to offer complete face protection without the heat. With 15 evenly spaced vents, the Sanction lets the child’s head breathe, all while offering the added protection you’d expect in a full-face helmet.

Adjustable visor

Keeping the sun’s glare out of the rider’s eye is an adjustable visor which we found to be particularly appealing because the adjustability allows the kid to block the sun from different angles rather than one rigid integrated angle.

  • Full-face protection
  • Lightweight yet sturdy
  • Cool paint scheme
  • Highly breathable 
  • Size runs small

2 7IDP M1 Youth Tactic Helmet

There’s a lot to love about the 7IDP youth tactic helmet aside from its sleek, slim look. Rated for Downhill and BMX, this helmet alleviates any worries of damage to the rider’s noggin in the unfortunate event of a fall or crash.


The quality of the M1 is auspicious as it is constructed with high-grade polycarbonate and EPS material. If the CE, CPSC, and AS certifications are anything to go by, you can trust that your child is safe with this helmet on.


Available in the following sizes, the Youth 48-50cm, Youth L 50-52cm, XS 52-54cm, and S 54 – 56 cm; the Youth Tactic is not only available for different head sizes but also lighter than most with the medium size weighing 1.1 pounds.

Comfortable interior

The foam-padded interior maximizes comfort and protection.


Seventeen vents work to keep the helmet’s interior cool during those warm summer rides.

The great thing about the Youth Tactic’s vents is that they are mesh-covered so that the mouth area remains clear of any debris.

Although the helmet is vented, few complaints could use more vents as it tends to get a little warm when the temperatures rise.

Wide field of view

The field of view is excellent owing to a wide face opening which also accommodates goggles.

Available in 5 colors/ graphics

Girls and boys will love choosing their favorite from the five color and graphic options of the Youth Tactic helmet.


  • Great field of view
  • Extremely lightweight
  • CE, CPSC, and AS certified
  • Few complaints that it could use more vents

3 SUNRIMOON Kids Full Face Helmet

Something would be amiss if we didn’t mention the glossy graffiti design of the SUNRIMOON kid’s full-face helmet. Definitely bound to catch the eye of your child as well as that of onlookers, this helmet ranks high in terms of both looks and performance.

In-mold construction

Made with a polycarbonate shell and EPS foam liner, the SUNRIMOON full-face kids’ helmets are lightweight and highly equipped for impact resistance.


Like most helmets we’ve reviewed, it offers complete protection and quickly transitions to half-face, thanks to the detachable chin guard.

Camera mount

The mount area serves to stand both cameras and flashlights to light the way and capture cool tricks accordingly.

Padded chin guard

Featuring a soft chin pad and thick (30mm) cheek pads, this helmet takes the rider's comfort into great consideration. The pads resist impact accurately and are removable for a fresh interior when aired out.


A dial fit system allows a wide range of adjustability for head sizes between 48-58cm and ideally for kids between 3 and 15 years.

The helmet’s adjustment straps not only aid with fitting but are also reflective for enhanced visibility.

USB charging taillight

Here’s the exciting bit. The SUNRIMOON features a built-in USB rechargeable LED rear light for enhanced night vision. This feature enables the rider to remain safe from accidents as they are visible at all times


With big vent openings around the head and the chin area, the child is protected from overheating.

Extended coverage

The helmet’s top is extended to protect the child from the sun’s glare as well as from low-hanging branches.

  • Multi-functional mount
  • Extended brim
  • USB charging taillight
  • N/A

4 Rock Bros Kids/ Toddler Full Face Helmet

Great for kids’ outdoor sports, the Rock Bros Full face helmet is engineered to protect children who love their mountain bikes, BMX bikes, skateboards, and scooters.

It is available in black, orange, Black titanium, pink-purple, making it the perfect stylish full-face helmet for kids.

PC & EPS shell

All about the safety, a PC shockproof shell makes the helmet’s exterior while the interior comprises soft EPS foam. Together, the two help combat any extreme injury to the child’s head while still keeping the helmet’s weight at a minimal 0.84 pounds, so it doesn’t pose a risk to their neck muscles when the helmet is on.

Two in one

With the press of a button, the detachable chin bar easily converts between a full-face and half-face helmet, killing two birds with one stone for parents’ pockets!

Thick padding

We love how comfortable the interior of the helmet is.

Because the liner is also removable, it is possible for the helmet to remain cool and fresh at all times.


The Rock Bros helmet is easy on, easy off, thanks to quick-release straps.

And to get that perfect fit (size – M 54-58 cm, S 50-54cm), it features a 360° adjustment back wheel, which only requires one hand operation to hold the helmet in place.  


Twelve large vents keep the helmet aerated at all times.

  • One-step disassembly and installation
  • Freely converts from full-face to half-face
  • A decent supply of vents
  • It lacks a visor

5 Natuway Kids Bike Helmet

The first thing you will notice about the Natuway full-face kid's bike helmet is how cool it looks! The 3fun D graphics give it such an edge befitting trail riding; we are sure that rad kids will rage over it.

Not just for the cool looks, this helmet is all about safety too!

In-mold construction

The in-mold construction entails compressing the outer shell with the inner foam making this helmet light yet sturdy. The full helmet weighs approximately 14 oz. while the half helmet weighs 10 oz. 

Furthermore, you are assured that there are no chances of the interior foam and shell falling apart, as some flimsy hard-shell helmets usually do with time.

Detachable helmet

It features a lock between the helmet and chin bar, allowing it to switch from a full-face to a half-face bike helmet. In addition, the bar is easy to fix when you want to transition it back to a full-face helmet. So, whether the child is riding their scooter or out blazing tougher trails, they are well-protected with one helmet. Talk about multi-functionality!

Highly adjustable

With the help of a fit dial and adjustable straps, the helmet can accurately fit kids’ head circumference of 52-56 cm and aged between 3 and 10 years old.

  • Cool 3D graphics
  • Two-in-one helmet
  • Easy to adjust with push-lock button
  • It could be more breathable

6 Lixada Full Face Kids’ Helmet

The Lixada full-face helmet has various features geared towards the complete protection of the child’s noggin. With confidence, we’d say that one invests in it with no worries about your child’s security. Here’s why

Durable hard PC shell

One of the main reasons why we rate the Lixada full-face helmet as a cutting-edge full-face helmet is because it’s made with impact-resistant PC, shock-absorbing EPS foam, removable inner padding, and a chin sponge pad; all of which accurately absorb pressure from hard impacts.


This helmet further weighs 12.7 oz. which is manageable for kids’ heads such that it effectively protects them without straining them.

Detachable inner pad

Its inner pad not only adds to the impact resistance but is also detachable, washable, and moisture-wicking. This, in turn, allows the helmet to remain clean, fresh, and free of odor.

Detachable design

Like most full-face helmets, this one is also conveniently designed to allow easy transitioning from full-face to half-face within seconds, allowing the perfect cross between two worlds.

Our only complaint about this helmet is that compared to others we’ve reviewed, the chin bar is flimsier and, therefore, more prone to falling off with time.


The Lixada helmet is further endowed with an aerodynamic design entailing 13 vents and a vented mouth guard. Thanks to the multiple ventilation holes, the helmet is very breathable and fresh.


With the rear regulator dial, fine-tuning the helmet to the kids' fit (within the 52-56cm range) is easy and only requires a one-hand operation. An adjustable webbing strap with a quick-release buckle is also conveniently included to fix it in place and take it off when needed.

Extended sun visor

Shielding the kid’s eyes from harmful UV rays is an extended sun visor.

  • Two-in-one helmet
  • Maximum protection from impact-resistant PC shell and EPS foam
  • Visor offers sunshade
  • Flimsy chin bar

7 WestGirl Kids Full-Face Helmet

A full-face kids’ helmet should offer the highest level of protection while still remaining comfortable for the child, and we can tell you with full confidence that the WestGirl full-face helmet delivers on both counts.  


Unlike some helmets, which only fit a small age range of kids, this helmet is available in two sizes to fits kids between 3 and 15 years.  

There’s one sized for head circumferences of 52-54 cm designed for toddlers between 3 and 5 years, while the other fits head circumferences of 54-56cm for children 6 – 15 years.

Wide color scope

Another appealing factor is the WestGirls’ wide range of color options. No matter the kid’s taste, they are sure to find something that will please them. And because the colors are bright, your child will be motivated to take their helmet (and bike too!) outside.

4-layer protection

Like the Lixada helmet, the WestGirl has a security upgrade that is quite revolutionary. It entails a durable PC shell, impact-absorbing EPS foam, detachable inner padding, and a chin sponge pad to keep the helmet safe and comfortable.

This is further verified with the helmet’s CE safety certification.


We were won over by how light this helmet is.

With one size weighing 0.88 pounds and the other weighing 0.97 pounds, the rider’s cervical spine is protected as the helmet does not pose a threat to the rider’s head and neck muscles.

Two in one helmet

A push-button, located at both inner sides of the helmet, switches the helmet from full-face to half-face with a single click allowing the rider to get the best of both worlds.


Another great thing about this cute helmet is that it serves its protective role across multiple platforms, from toddler cycling to rollerblading to skateboarding and riding scooters.


Thirteen vent holes offer excellent airflow and keep the helmet breathable even when the child is riding hard.

Detachable sponge inner liner

The helmet’s liner is soft for comfort and washable, and changeable to keep the interior clean, cool, and fresh.

Hand adjustable

The helmet uses chin strings with retaining clips to hold the helmet in place.

It features a dual-fit adjustable design, quick release, and a one-hand adjustment back wheel for a customized fit. In addition, the three locks enhance the stability of the helmet on the rider’s head.

Extended hat design

Rather than featuring a visor, the helmet has an extended hat design that protects the rider’s eyes from the sun.

  • Convenient one-step disassembly and installation
  • Wide range of applications (multisport)
  • CE Certified
  • Very affordable
  • N/A

8 Kali Zoka – Best Budget Full Face Helmet

Coming in two youth sizes, the medium being 50-51cm while the large being 52-53cm, the Kali Protective Zoka full-face helmet is an excellent helmet for those who want to charge hard at trails without breaking the bank.

ABS and EPS material

The Zoka is a solid choice for BMX tracks and parks as it is made of absorbent ABS outer shell material and EPS foam interior. In addition, its great build takes full-face protection to a whole new level.


We love that the Kali Zoka weighs 1.35 pounds, which is quite manageable by the riders for whom it is intended.

Removable liner

The inner pads add to the helmet's stability and comfort and its freshness as they are removable and washable. No accumulated funk here!

Adjustable visor

The Zoka’s visor blocks the rider from the sun, low-hanging branches, and other gravity obstacles. Because it is adjustable, one can easily find the best angle to block these obstacles from.


It also features six helmet vents and six chin bar vents to extend the level of freshness within. The 12 vents keep the rider cool when running lift laps; however, on the hottest of summer days, riders complain that they do feel the sun’s scorch to a greater extent in comparison to some of our other helmets.

For cooler days, the Zoka is an excellent choice.

Available in a variety of colors

The broad color choice makes the helmet appealing to a vast number of riders. And because the colors are fun and bright, they increase the love for the rider’s love for the sport.

  • Great protection against impact
  • The super affordable price point
  • Adjustable visor
  • Wide range of color choices
  • Although vented, the interior can get hot

9 Fox Youth Rampage – Value for your Money

Fox Racing’s Youth Rampage is another beast that offers full-face protection for the more aggressive kids at a cheaper-than-most price.

Truth be told, it is one of the most affordable DH-certified helmets that doesn’t sacrifice protection.

Two sizes

We love that the Youth Rampage comes in two sizes; the small 49-50cm and the large 51-52cm for kids to get their ideal fit.

Lightweight ABS shell

It offers great protection thanks to a lightweight yet injection-molded solid ABS shell and EPS foam liner, which accurately absorb impact.


Through the use of a D-ring buckle closure, the helmet easily adjusts for the right fit.


The airflow is stellar as the Rampage features mesh vents. In turn, the screened design keeps debris and dirt away from the rider’s form.

  • Injection-molded ABS shell
  • Mesh vent
  • Highly affordable
  • DH certified
  • Fewer color selections

10 SixSixOne Reset Helmet (MIPS)

The SixSixOne Reset would make fr a great Christmas or birthday gift for kids who are new to aggressive riding. However, because it does not have ASTM certification, we’d rate it as a great entry-level helmet.

Lightweight ABS shell

The helmet is constructed with a lightweight and highly absorbent ABS shell, which accurately ensures that the rider’s noggin is safe while they push the limits.

As a bonus, being DH certified is an excellent reflection of how sturdy and safe it is.


The Reset doesn’t compromise on safety as it further features Multi-directional Impact Protection System (MIPS). The MIPS “E2” brain protection system works to reduce rotational forces of impact transmitted in a crash, keeping the rider at less risk of injury in the event of a hard fall.


This helmet is available in XXS-XXL (49 -64CM), the smallest size being the XXS 49-51cm to fit the tiniest riders.

Despite the ABS material, this helmet still manages to remain lightweight. For instance, the 1100 grams of the medium size feels fine on the head of riders.


Ten large air vents intake and exhaust air at all times, keeping the helmet airy, although not as airy as other helmets we’ve reviewed.


It utilizes double-D closures rather than a standard buckle. As a result, the D ring closure system is not only a breeze to work with but is also highly secure in comparison.

Ergonomic padding

Additionally, the padding is firm yet comfortable. The firmness of the padding means less of that distracting bobbing around of the helmet and more comfort to concentrate on the road ahead.

The sizeable sculpted eye port

For great vision and goggle fitment, the helmet’s eye port is wide.

  • MIPS technology for total protection
  • Lightweight
  • DH Certified
  • Large eye port
  • Ventilation could be better

11 Coleman ComfortSmart Portable Camping Cot

The 100% Status full-face helmet is a nice Youth specific helmet available in Youth S, M, and L sizes and designed for BMX and MTB riders.

Lightweight shell design

Engineered EPS shell material that is highly shock-absorbent, the Status youth helmet is equipped to protect riders who love riding BMX and MTB at full speeds.

Padded PU chin bar

The helmet’s interior is also engineered for enhanced impact protection with a padded PU chin bar. That way, the child acquires full-head protection.

Washable liner

The liner of the helmet is soft, giving it a cozy feel within. But that’s not all. The comfort liner, cheek pads, and chin strap covers are also washable. So, you can be sure of a clean and fresh interior.

In addition, it is compatible with inflatable emergency helmet-release systems so that the helmet can be released with swiftness in case of a crash.


This helmet further features cooling vents that actively boost airflow throughout the head on hot summer rides.

Adjustable visor

The helmet’s adjustable visor protects the child’s eyes from the danger posed at any angle.  

Wide range of colors

Although not a protective feature, we also love that the helmet is availed in different color codes so the child can choose their favorite and hopefully get inspired to put their helmet on.

  • Great impact protection
  • Wide color/design scope
  • Compatible with inflatable emergency helmet-release systems
  • DH certified
  • Does not convert to half-face

12 IXS Xact Evo Full Face Helmet

The IXS XACT is the cheaper version of the renowned IXS XULT full-face helmet. Although affordably priced, this helmet is not cheaply made as it boasts a seamless blend of security, great ventilation, comfort, and an affordable price tag.

Safety rating

First things first, this helmet is certified for downhill riding as it meets both the European EN1078 and the more stringent American ASTM DH and CPSC standards

In-mold construction

Its injected molded ABS shell is highly absorbent, making it the perfect candidate to shield downhill and enduro riders from impact.

Two sizes

The IXS XACT is available in two sizes for a variety of riders. The youth version fits heads in the 49-52cm range, while the small version fits heads 53-56cm.

Removable liner

The helmet features thick padding, which is very comfortable. In addition, the thick liner and cheek pads can be removed for washing, maintaining the overall cleanliness of the helmet.

Additionally, the Emergency Release Pad (EPR) System allows quick removal of the helmet in the event of an emergency.

Wide face opening

Of particular importance is that the Evo’s face opening is wide enough, so there’s no condensed view of the trail ahead. It is also compatible with goggles so that even with them on, the rider still gets a comfortable and uninterrupted view.

Vortex venting

Furthermore, the child’s head is served with consistent airflow even as the temperatures rise. Although not as great as other helmets we’ve reviewed, it is great enough to leave the head cool even on summer days.


A double-D ring closure allows quick adjustment and removal of this helmet.

Stubby visor

The manufacturer claims that the Evo’s visor increases the visual field and decreases leverage in a crash, but in our opinion, there wasn’t much of a difference when compared to the average helmet visor. Some claimed that the shorter peak of the visor gave them a polarized view.

We will say that while the visor has a great field of view, we especially love that it is adjustable for better angle protection from the sun and other obstacles.

  • EN1078, ASTM DH, and C.P.S.C safety rating
  • Compact and comfortable
  • Five color options
  • Emergency release pad system
  • The shorter peak of the visor can give a polarized view

13 Bell Super 3R (MIPS) – Best for Aggressive Riders

Although intended for adults, the Bell Super 3R is small enough and light enough to fit younger riders as young as elementary age who love aggressive trail riding. With it, you can relax as you watch your kid's nail jumps at full speed. Here’s why;

In-mold construction

The Super 3R banks on durability as its outer shell is bonded to an EPS foam liner resulting in a solid yet lightweight helmet immune to falling apart.


It is available in the following sizes; small (52-56cm), medium (55-59cm), and large (58-62cm). Thanks to the in-mold construction, our scales tip to 1.73 pounds for the small size.

Moisture-wicking padding

The helmet’s interior remains cool and fresh as the padding is quick-drying and actively inhibits material growth.


This helmet features Multi-directional Impact Protection System (MIPS), which reduces the rotational forces from specific impacts. We don’t know about you, but this feature alone gives us peace of mind when it comes to child protection.

Two in one

Parents save costs on two helmets as the Super 3R’s detachable chin bar allows it to transition to a half-face helmet and adapt to each trail that the child is on.

The chin bar not only serves its protective role with efficiency, but it does so conveniently too! In 3 simple steps, the chin bar can be removed and attached back.


The Super 3R’s strength is in the high level of ventilation it offers.

Twenty-three vents, four brow ports, and six chin bar vents unify to make this helmet extremely breathable.


It features fasteners to keep the helmet fit as accurately as possible.

Adjustable visor

Another reason why the Super 3R is a popular choice in the market is that it features an adjustable visor that easily accommodates glasses and goggles.

Breakaway camera mount

Lastly, it features an integrated camera mount that holds the camera for great snaps and is designed to break away and protect the camera in the event of a fall.

  • Two-in-one
  • MIPS
  • Extremely well ventilated
  • Adjustable visor
  • Breakaway camera mount
  • More expensive than most
  • Not DH certified

14 Bell Super DH (MIPS)

Available in small (52-56cm), medium (55-59cm), and large (58-62cm) sizes, your child can uncover a whole new level of protection with the Bell Super DH MIPS Mountain bike helmet.  

One of the things that won us over is the wide range of color options, but there’s a lot more than the Super DH has to offer.

In-mold construction

This helmet comprises a thin polycarbonate shell fused with two layers of form to create a sturdy and lightweight (850g) helmet.


Like the fan-favorite Super 3R, the Bell Super DH’s breakaway chin bar allows it to also double as both a full-face helmet and a regular helmet.

We’ll warn that fitting the chin bar is awkward, meaning that the child might have to confirm that the small front hooks are correctly positioned. Otherwise, it works well when in place.

Integrated MIPS spherical design

The child is better equipped to beat high-speed, low-speed, and rotational impacts thanks to an integrated MIPS spherical design that redirects impact energy.

High ventilation

With 19 vents accurately spaced throughout this helmet, the level of ventilation is stellar, for lack of a better way to describe it. In addition, it features two brow ports and four chin bar vents, so the child experiences no discomfort from overheating within both the head and chin area.

Camera mount

Yes, yes; the Super DH also features a camera mount to capture those unforgettable turns!

The camera mount does require the correct positioning of the spring-loaded catch snaps. However, once in place, it stands securely.

Moreover, it is also designed to break away upon impact to reduce the risk of damage to the camera.

Adjustable visor

The helmet’s goggle guide visor accommodates goggles and glasses while simultaneously blocking the sun.


Lastly, the Super DH helmet utilizes a Fidlock Buckle to dial in that customized fit that resembles the kid’s head size.

  • Two-in-one helmet with breakaway feature
  • Integrated MIPS spherical design
  • Over brow and chin bar ventilation
  • ASTM 1952 safety rating
  • Fitting the chin bar is a bit awkward

15 Razor Full Face Youth Helmet

The Razor Full-face Youth helmet is the last full-face helmet in our review but not in performance.

Available in a sleek black cherry color and armed with a slew of protective features, there’s plenty of reasons to trust the Razor Youth helmet with your child's noggin. The only disclaimer we have is that it does run large; many people found it bigger than expected.


Indeed, bountiful in its functionality, this helmet is designed for 8- to 14-year-old riders with a head circumference of 21.5 to 23 inches and who are all about pushing the limits of riding.  

Field of view

The eye port is spacious enough to accommodate goggles.


Featuring screened ventilation in its chin bar shows that the manufacturer put much thought into creating this helmet. This feature provides airflow in the mouth area, which tends to feel cocooned and sweaty after extended periods of riding while also keeping debris out.

And to take things a notch higher, this helmet further features 17 vents to keep the child’s head cool at all times!

Full circumference headband padding

The trick rider is guaranteed ultimate comfort as the helmet features extra pads for a perfect fit.


To adjust the helmet's fit further, it spots side-release buckles that fasten easily and instantly.

Adjustable visor

Another great feature that we love is the guaranteed uninterrupted field of view and sun protection, thanks to an adjustable visor.

  • Vented mouth protection
  • Spacious eye port
  • Versatile for protection when biking, skateboarding, and skating
  • Ergonomic interior padding
  • Complies with CPSC standards
  • Size runs large

Wrap Up

If you have a rider who loves to perform tricks and stunts on their bike, it goes without saying that a full-face helmet is of utmost importance.

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That’s because full-face helmets offer higher protection to the head and chin area than standard helmets. So, to take your worry off the danger of aggressive riding, why not choose one of our tested and highly recommended full-face helmets for your little ripper?

You do not have to worry about weight; advancement in research and technology has enabled helmet manufacturers to produce lighter yet durable full-face helmets for kids. There are also many new manufacturers entering kid’s full-face helmets. You will discover great features.

Depending on your kid’s needs (toddlers/preschoolers, entry-level MTBers/accident-prone riders, or BMXers and Downhillers), choose a full-face helmet that will give your kid total protection but not at the expense of some factors such as ventilation, color, safety certifications, and weight. 

Be sure to choose wisely!

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