Kids' Cycling Knee & Elbow Pads

Best Knee and Elbow Pads for Kids - A 2019 Review

If for nothing else, kids are known to be very lively and energetic, especially when participating in sports.

However, because their concentration is either lost in fun or trying to master the art of riding, they are more prone to accidents.

In fact, in 2017, Safe Kids Worldwide released a report which stated that every hour, nearly 50 children visit emergency departments with an injury related to bikes, scooters, skates or skateboards.

Astonishing, right? That’s where helmets, wrist guards, knee and elbow pads come in. Without these protective gear, your child’s risk and exposure to accidents increase tremendously.

 You’re probably asking yourself, “How can I convince my child to wear these protective gear, and what exactly should I look out for before purchasing?”

Wonder no more because we have found the most comfortable and breathable pads out there. From well-known brands to the lesser-known, you’ll definitely find something for you.

Let’s unravel them together, shall we?

1. STRIDER- Knee and Elbow Pad Set

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Throughout the years, the company has thoroughly researched kids’ ergonomics, wants, and needs. As a result, they have successfully devised more enhanced bike accessories that are better suited for them.

For this reason, it is no surprise that their knee and elbow pads ranked high in our review. 

The expertly assembled set includes two similar-designed knee pads and elbow pads whose coverage and shock resistance is remarkable. 

This is thanks to the fact that their outer shells are made from premium hard plastic which maximizes on impact resistance. That way, in the event that your child hit the ground, they will experience minimal pain

As for coverage, this black-embellished set is skillfully designed for bike riding as it is long enough to shield the whole knee area. 

Most protective gears don’t usually fit petite riders.

However, this set stands out from the rest in that it is optimized to fit the smallest two to five-year-old riders comfortably.

You can bet that this Strider pair will keep your child protected from harm as it boasts of Velcro straps that are not prone to slipping from your child’s frame.

Additionally, the well-cushioned pads that act as a great barrier from injury.

This, added to the pads’ solid exterior makes for excellent defense from the impact of falling.

Most kids avoid wearing protective gear as they are usually uncomfortable. However, this gear features extra cushioning which give a soft and protective feel.

Kids can ride confidently without having to worry about increasing moisture around their elbows and knees as these pads are layered with material that encourages airflow.

The hook and loop closure system ensures maximum security of your child’s joints when fastened and adjusts to accommodate different aged and sized kids even as they grow.

Thanks to the Velcro straps you can easily attach and detach this gear.

These pads are conveniently washable. Just stick to the manufacturer’s instructions as you clean up after a muddy day.

As compared to other protective gear from local stores, this set is well-done and definitely better quality. The tough exterior increases the shelf life of the pads.

For just a paltry amount of money, this set is the safest and most fun way to introduce safety gear to your child.

2. eNilecor Kid’s Knee and Elbow Pads

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Investing in eNilecor safety gear is probably the best decision a parent can make for their sports-enthusiastic kid.

It comes in a 6-pack comprising of a pair of knee pads, elbow pads and addition of wrist guards for each side and is available in black/orange, black, hot pink/ black, purple, purple/pink colors to suit your child’s taste.     

Let’s see how it is suited for child protection.

Whether skateboarding, cycling, inline skating or rollerblading, your kid will remain injury-free in this gear.

This is because both pads are made of durable and sturdy PE shell which adequately cushions wearers from impact in the event of an accident.

Furthermore, they sufficiently coat the knee and elbow joints, so children do not experience discomfort when wearing them.

This pad set is expertly designed with a simple and effective construct to best suit the knee and elbow structures of 3-7-year-old kids.

What stands out about these pads is that not only is the PE shell make tough, but they have a unique thickening design that offers exemplary protection during sporting activities.

Young users will definitely appreciate the comfort experienced when riding with this protective gear as the padded inner rubs softly against their skin.       

These pads offer enough ventilation during sports as the Soft EVA padded make with plastic plates encourages streaming of air within and outside.

Not only does eNilecor endorse elastic straps but they stand from the crowd of competitors due to the fact that the Velcro straps are lengthened.

These updated lengthier straps are convenient as they adjust easily to accommodate a broader range of kids’ sizes.

Putting them on and off as well as securing these pads is a breeze for little kids thanks to the straight-forward hook and loop system that secures them. 

Furthermore, the elastic band of the pads is produced with high-quality acrylic material which is tough and easy to stretch.

Kids can say bye-bye for good to bruised knees and elbows thanks to these highly functional eNilecor protective pads set.

3. JBM International BMX Bike Knee Pads and Elbow Pads

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Any bike rider with safety gear savvy can attest that this protective gear set is one of the best ways to upgrade your kid’s sports regimen. It includes a pair of knee pads, elbow pads and wrist guards for maximum armor when cycling.

The pads are constructed with soft EVA padded material coated by hardened plastic plates. These plastic plates do a great job at protecting and covering the entirety of your child’s joints while still offering custom flexibility.

3 to 6-year-old bike riders can enjoy this jet black set that is packaged in a cool, fashionable and unique design.

What is more appealing is the fact that features of these pads are perfectly customized for kids within this age range.  

This high-quality knee pads from JBM offer one of the best impact resistance out there. This is because the tough material of the pads works effectively against external pressure from a fall.

The cushioned pads enhance the comfort experienced when wearing this set as they are gentle on the skin and do not slip easily.       

These pads further offer sufficient air permeability thanks to the breathable polyester sleeves that line them.

Another impressive feature of JBM International knee and elbow pads is that the elastic straps adjust very easily to fit a wide range of riders.

Your child will experience no qualms wearing these shields as they entail elastic straps with Velcro closure that are conveniently easy to instill and detach.


Retailing at below 30 dollars, JBM protective pads safeguard multi-sports kids from bruises and scrapes when they hit their respective trails.

4. FOX Kids Titan Knee/ Shin Guard

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FOX Kids’ Knee and Shin Guards ranks best in terms of coverage as not only do they coat and protect the knee cap area but also the upper shin.

Not to mention that they are also aesthetically pleasing.

Just shy of twenty dollars, these shields ooze coolness yet still manage to be very functional in their protective role.

This protective gear boasts of extended coverage as the knee pads also double as shin guards. The knee coverage shields knee caps from injury and is tough enough to stand up to falls with minimal wearing.

The extended coverage, however, tends to be a little stiff and is thus best recommended for aggressive riders.

Active little tykes between 5-9 years old will love this appropriately sized gear set.

The good news is that other than succeeding at shielding them from harm, these pads come in a vibrant black/silver color scheme that lasts even after wash.  

As mentioned, the tough exterior of these pads offers very solid protection.  

Another advantage is that the plastic shields are shaped in such a way that they correctly protect knees when riding.

You will not get any complaints from kid your about how these pads feel on as they are appropriately padded within and always remain secure.

These pads allow air circulation although their breathability is not as high as compared to other protective gear in our list.

That, however, should not discourage purchase as these pads are great at shielding knees from harm and can easily be washed for cleanliness.

The hold of the Velcro closures of these pads is excellent. In fact, the Velcro straps have an appropriate length to ensure coverage without cutting off circulation.

In addition to these shields being very comfortable, they are also effortless to put on. Within seconds, your child will be ready to hit the trails!

 Another significant factor is that the elbow and knee pads sold separately, so you get to pay for what you want, with a promise that your child remains safe from injury.

5. Wemfg Kids Protective Gear Set

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First-time riders will appreciate this set of protective gear, mainly because they are bound to fall during their attempts while parents will appreciate their minimal price.

This ten-dollar three-in-one set includes a pair of knee pads, elbow pads and wrist guards for protection when biking, skiing, skating, and skateboarding or on an inline roller.

Little legs and arms always remain protected from harm as the exterior of these shells are made of durable and tough PE material that highly absorbs external pressure.

These knee and elbow pads are a perfect fit for 2-8-year-olds with a bodyweight of 33-80 pounds.

The pair will fit and protect them while the blue, black, green, pink, and red they come in to allow a more personalized choice.

This gear is an upgraded version of the previous model. The protective shells feature high-hardness curved ABS plastic that is designed to reduce impact.

The thickened layer further adds to how well the pads can absorb impact. In case of any troubles, they have a one-year warranty which is exceedingly convenient.

While the outsides are hard and solid enough to absorb impact from a fall, the insides of these pads are nicely cushioned to ensure maximum comfort of the little rider.

Wemfg knee and elbow pads are made of CoolMax breathable liner that ensures kids’ joints remain, cool and fresh while riding in hot weather.

As aforementioned, these pads have Velcro closures which are highly adjustable.

This updated version is lengthened hence can fit smaller riders without slipping off. The hook and loop system can further be modified easily so it will stay with your kid throughout the growth spurts.

The most impressive feature of these protective pads is that even toddlers can easily slide them on.

Additionally, they are easily portable as the mesh package doubles as a storage pouch when not in use.

You are bound to have peace of mind as your child ventures into aggressive sports if you pair them with Wemfg protective guards.


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CRZKO protective gear comes in a six-in-one set with two knee pads, two elbow pads, two wrist guards and a carrying mesh bag for storage when rollerblading, skateboard cycling, skating, and riding a bike scooter.

If your kid is a fan of colors, then they will appreciate the ability to choose whichever color they like best as this set is available in nine vibrant colors.

The protective layers of these pads entail an extra hard PVS shell and soft EVA padded material that appropriately endures strong impact and in turn, protects kids from scratching and bleeding.

These pads further adequately cover the knee and elbow circumference, although, in comparison, the coverage is not as great as the other contenders in this category.

The 4.5 by 3.9-inch elbow pads and 4.7 by 4.5-inch knee pads are specifically designed to suit children above the age of three.

One of the most exceptional features of this pads is that they are labeled so kids don’t confuse the right pads from the left — this aids by eliminating the confusion known all too well by many kids when wearing such protective gear.

This pads set boasts of an anti-scratch extra hard exterior that offers one of the best protection we have seen so far while the soft pads do a great job at impact buffering.     

There is little chance of experiencing discomfort while wearing these pads as the shell interior is padded with soft EVA material.

CRZKO pads are further made of breathable fabric that is greatly ventilated and has excellent sweat absorbency. The poly-porous design enables air circulation throughout to keep the little rider’s skin cool and clean.

These pads can accommodate different sized kids with a custom fit due to the elastic straps with Velcro closures that can easily be extended.

Portability will be the last of your worries thanks to the accompanying mesh bag that can be used for storage when the pads are not in use.

Other than the easy-carry bag, these pads are also awfully easy to put on and off.

7. PHZ Kids Protective Gear

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PHZ is a brand that prides itself in prides itself in going above and beyond to allow young users to explore their extreme talent without any compromise to their safety.

This 8 in 1 set of protective equipment consists of a pair of knee pads, elbow pads, wrist guards, and gloves that are suited for high impact sports. 

The pads are covered with a tough thickened ABS layer that is highly absorbent to shock and impact. Additionally, they wholesomely wrap around the knee cap and elbows when bending and standing upright. That way, all kids’ joints always remain protected.

This protective set perfectly fits 3 to 8-year-olds and is available in a stylish design and fun color choices ranging from black, blue, green, orange and pink for kids to choose from. 

These elbow and knee pads score highly on impact resistance thanks to the thickened PE shell that covers them.

Additionally, they do not shift mid-exercise, thereby increasing the safety insurance in case of an accidental fall.   

These pads are incredibly lightweight and comfortable owing to the fact that they are made of thickened durable PE shell with soft 1800 times high foaming sponge pad.   

This means that not only are they light to wear but also gentle to the skin.

This set is sun-friendly because it is constructed with ventilated EVA foam sponge pad and a highly breathable sandwich mesh which promote air permeability, thereby limiting perspiration.

The upgraded Velcro design of these pads is more stable and has a more adjustable range.

Thanks to the Velcro strap closure system, the pads can be lengthened or shortened for a better fit regardless of kids’ size.

These pads are very easy to install and hold securely as the Velcro is powerful.  In addition, they are extremely portable as they are light and can be easily stored in the mesh bag they come with.

At less than 20 dollars and with a one-year warranty, very few protective gears come close to the safety level guaranteed by this pair.

8. Simply Kids

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If there’s anything, you can trust it’s that Simply Kids always has kids’ best interests in mind. This protective gear comes in an eight pack set comprising of 2 x soft padded knee pads, 2 x elbow pads, 2 x Bonus bike gloves, a mesh bag, and cute stickers.

The protective role offered by tis gear comes at a 23-dollar price tag.

The soft-pad design of this gear allows pads to cover the entire intended skin area but still manage to fit well. Regardless of whether they are bending or squatting, the young rider’s knee caps and elbows remain protected.

Additionally, these pads do not impede your child’s movement as the revolutionary soft-pad technology is entirely compatible with kids’ bodies all while simultaneously increasing their range of motion.

This set is a sure bet for kids between 4 and 8 years of age as the pads mimic a child’s contours.

Simply Kids pads enroll a three layout of heavy-duty buffer materials which work together to offer the best protection against shock and impact.

The 3 layers entail a 0.8cm EVA and 2x 0.6 cm neoprene. This cushy padded layout is a much safer way to guarantee that your kids’ knees and hands remain injury-free.

Your child can comfortably wear these pads for hours at a time thanks to the innovative soft pads. The instilled neoprene is very skin-friendly and lightweight.

This lightweight construction ensures that little riders don’t feel much different than when they are not wearing the pads.        

These pads are super breathable due to the fact that the neoprene material has air float holes which reinforce airflow.

Thanks to the Velcro strap system, these pads can easily be fastened or loosened to offer a custom fit for different users.

Although pull-on pads are usually more comfortable to put on as compared to Velcro straps, our little testers had no complaints about putting these pads on and off.

Additionally, while on, they held their joints very carefully and securely such that there is no chance of them falling off during sports.

This set is not only washer-friendly but also smell resistant so kids can confidently wear them outside.

Available in 23 different and equally intriguing colors, Simply Kids knee and elbow pads are well-designed, extremely breathable and comfortable and

With CPSIA compliance and a one-year warranty, the safety of your child could not be guaranteed better!

9. Nickelodeon Paw Patrol Toddler Knee and Elbow Pad

Nickelodeon Paw Patrol Toddler Knee & Elbow Pad
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If your kid is a paw patrol fanatic, then they will go wild for this little paw patrol knee and elbow guards. 

This 16 dollar set includes two knee pads, two elbow pads as well as protective gloves in red and pink colors.  They are the ideal illustration of safety and fun!

These pads feature a hard plastic cap that provides maximum protection from scrapes and bruises. The gloves are a great fit and do a great job at protecting kids’ palms in the event of an unexpected fall.

They are well-sized for toddlers within three to six years age range.

A great thing about these knee and elbow pads is that they are interchangeable; hence, the smallest riders experience a precise fit.

However, this may be a disadvantage for older riders as the Velcro straps of the knee pads may not be long enough to cover the entirety of their knees.

The tough exterior of these pads does a great job at reducing impact and in turn protecting little one from grazes and cuts in case of a fall.

Additionally, they are built to withstand wear and tear, therefore, will stay with them through the years.

As compared to other protective shields, the padding of this gear is minimal. However, they are still quite comfortable when worn.

These pads are not as breathable as the aforementioned ones. However, this factor is made up for by the fact that they can be washed, so your little riders remain clean and fresh.

Thanks to the adjustable strap system of these pads, they can be modified for a custom fit for different sized kids.

These Nickelodeon pads do not just scream fun, but they are also very easy to put on and wrap nicely around toddlers’ arms.


There you have it folks; the most breathable and comfortable protective gear for toddlers’ knees and elbows.

A question parents often ask is whether or not their child needs elbow or knee pads for biking. Well, whether you are just beginning your child with a bike or they are already aggressive on bicycles, it is always non-negotiable to have them put on protective biking gear for kids. Although neglected, these gears can be a lifesaver and can avert the possible huge hospital bills.

With knee and elbow pads on kids naturally gain confidence and the aggressive ones develop only their instincts. And for the best thrill out in the terrains, kids will do some moves and stunts thanks to the confidence-inspiring knee pads. Knee and elbow pads are just best for any kid who gets on the bike. In this list of the best knee and elbow pads for kids, we have left no stone unturned.

After the helmets, kids’ knee and elbow pads are the next important accessory. When you need to have a maximum mountain biking or balance biking experience for the kids get them this, the gloves, and then the helmets.

Take a pick!

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