Best 18” Bikes for Kids aged 5-6 Years (Tested by Kids, loved by parents, and reviewed by Experts)

eric-awwy By Eric Awwy, 15 Dec 2021

Schwinn Elm Girls' Bike - Best for Girl's

NiceC BMX Bike - Best Unisex BMX Bike

Schwinn Koen - Best Boy's Bike

1 Schwinn Koen Best Boy's 18-inch Bike

From the blue, black and red color options, one can clearly tell that the Schwinn Koen is a bike that was designed with boys in minds.

This 18-inch boys’ bike is a BMX-style bike with unique number plates that not only make it stand out from the crowd but also appeal even further to young boys.

Akin to all Schwinn bikes, the Schwinn Koen incorporates the company’s patented SmartStart technology which entails a more child-optimized design. The child-optimized features include a lighter frame, smaller grips and narrower pedal positions which makes riding easier.

We also like that because the next level bike is a 20-inch bike, the Schwinn Koen prepares its riders for an easier transition by featuring both a rear coaster brake and a front caliper brake.  Once the young rider is ready to remove the bike’s training wheels, they can start relying on the front caliper brakes and basically have a mini-20inch bike.

More so because the Koen has adjustable handlebar and saddle which accommodates kids’ growth spurts with ease.

That said, our only reservation about this bike is that the assembly process; while easy for a person with any mechanical know-how, would be hard for a novice because the assembly instructions are not very detailed. It’s an easy-solve however as the bike can be taken to the local bike shop for assembly..

  • Incorporates child-optimized SmartStart technology.
  • Features kickstand and training wheels.
  • Handlebar and seat are adjustable to grow with child.
  • Caliper handbrakes and coaster brakes combination.
  • Poor assembly instructions

2 Schwinn Elm Best Girl's 18-inch Bike

Little girls certainly haven’t been left behind. The Schwinn Elm is the female version of the 18-inch Schwinn Koen! It has the same training wheels, chain guard and kickstand that the Koen features.

However, with the Elm, one of the features that will definitely appeal to young girls is a front basket where they can place their dolls and/or flowers for their fun riding trips.

Another cool aspect about the Elm is the colors that it comes in. The pink, purple and teal colors options are easy for young girls between the age of 5 and 9 years to match their outfits to.

This bike is however a great buy not just because of how it appeals to young female riders but also because of how well-constructed it is.

The patented SmartStart technology is also used in the construction of this bike. Indeed, the narrower q-factors that match the child’s hips, lighter frame, smaller grips and simpler gearing have a unified effect of making riding altogether easier for the little ones.

Additionally, we like that the adjustable saddle position allows the bike to ‘grow’ as does the child. And to keep them protected from any run-ins as they trail on, rear coaster brake and front caliper brakes are a reliable duo.

While the Elm hits all the right spots, we have to admit that front basket is a little flimsy. However, the rest of the construction is solid so we’d still highly recommend this bike! .

  • Patented child-oriented SmartStart technology.
  • Comes in vibrant colors.
  • Adjustable seat height will grow with kid.
  • Double protection with rear coaster and front caliper brakes
  • Front basket is a little flimsy.

3 Joystar Totem Kids' Bike

Joystar is another common brand name when it comes to kids’ bikes. Their 18-inch Totem model is a hit for various reasons.

Firstly, being available in blue, ivory, pink, green and silver color options allow the bike to satisfy a wide range of young riders of all genders.

Secondly, we like that the Totem’s 2.125-inch-wide pneumatic rubber tires offer ample traction on the road are seated on a sturdy high-tensile steel frame that only weighs 22 pounds. It’s the perfect mesh of light weight and sturdiness!

We also like the fact that the Totem bike comes with DIY decals which youngsters can use to add a personal touch to their bikes by sticking their names to the bike’s frame or chain guard!

Speaking of a chain guard, the Totem’s addition of a chain guard is a great way to protect the rider’s body and clothes as well as ensure durability for the bike.

Aside from the chain guard, the best safety feature on this bike is the coaster brake and hand brake combo. Of the entire Totem series (which also features 12,14 and 16-inch bikes), the 18-inch is the only one that features a handbrake as it is the ultimate way to transition to a bigger handbrake-only bike.

Aside from that, a saddle handle works as a great learning aid for kids once the bike’s training wheels are taken off for more ‘serious’ riding!

Save for its pretty generic manual, there’s not much we’d change about this bike.

  • Available in a variety of bright colors.
  • Features safety chain guard.
  • The saddle handle accurately helps parents train kids how to ride without training wheels.
  • Quick-release seat eases height adjustment.
  • Features fun decals.
  • Poor assembly instructions hence assembly is a bit more time consuming

4 Royal Baby Freestyle Boys’ Bike

Another really popular bike in the kids’ bike industry if the RoyalBaby freestyle boys’ bike.

This is the bike that we wished for as we grew up and the bike that kids nowadays still wish for.

Its BMX style design is a definite eye-turner in the neighborhood! And the bold blue, green, red, white, pink and orange colors also make it impossible to ignore this bike!

This bike comes embellished with a bell to alert passers-by of the kiddo’s presence on the road as well as a water bottle to ensure the young rider stays hydrated on the go.

Of all its accessories, we sure like that they included a kickstand. Boys within the 5-to-9-year age range are known to be rather rough with their bikes once their done riding them. And this feature adds to the bike’s shelf-life by keeping it from damage.

But even without a kickstand for safe storage, it would be pretty hard to destroy the sturdy steel frame of the RoyalBaby bike. And with a huge assembly of safety features; inclusive of front caliper and rear coaster brakes, a chain guard, a non-slip resin pedal and sealed bearings, it would be even harder for the actual rider to get hurt.

In our expert opinion, this bike is definitely worth the buy!

  • Wide selection of bright colors.</li
  • Packed with safety features.</li
  • Comes with a saddle handle for easy teaching</li
  • Cool accessories such as a water bottle and bell</li
  • Wide 2.4-inch pneumatic tires enhance stability
  • Lacks training wheels hence not appropriate for late beginners.

5 Joystar Pluto Kids' 18-inch Bike

Joystar makes another appearance in our exclusive list with the Joystar Pluto.

It’s a single-speed, steel-made bike that comes in six alluring colors.

The Joystar Pluto does come with training wheels and like the aforementioned bikes, it features a saddle handle which parents can hold onto as they teach their young ones to balance the bike later on.

This bike easily accommodates the change in height in kids thanks to an easily adjustable seat. To make the riders safer and more confident on the road, it features a bike bell as well as coaster brakes for kids who don’t have the energy or coordination to compress handbrakes.

While we like a lot of features about this bike, it is not without fault. One of the faults we found is that the Pluto bike comes with assembly instructions which we found to be rather vague and therefore not really helpful to the inexperienced parent.

Additionally, the bike’s seat isn’t as comfortable as some of the other contenders in our review. But that notwithstanding, the Joystar Pluto still is a great beginner bike.

  • Comes in 6 appealing colors.
  • Bell enhances rider safety.
  • Features fun stickers that make the bike more customizable.
  • Affordably priced.
  • Assembly instructions are vague.
  • Reports that seat isn’t the most comfortable.

6 Royal Baby Girls Stargirl bike

The RoyalBaby Stargirl bike is just cuteness galore!

With a front basket, a cute ribbon accessory and DIY decals, this bike’s appearance is just perfect for those stinking cute little girls who have a knack for riding.

Its pink, purple and blue color selection tells how diverse this bike’s color scheme is. However, the real zinger with this bike how safety-oriented it is.

With a dual brake system, the Stargirl bike is equipped to accurately deliver stopping power when needed. Furthermore, the grip diameters of the brake lever are shortened to fit children’s strength.

One of our favorite features is how the wide 2.125-inch pneumatic tires work in conjunction with safety training wheels to offer stability and support to early riders.

We also like that a full chainguard works to keep the bike’s chains from trapping the rider’s trousers or legs. The bike’s non-slip resin pedals keep feet on the bike at all times while a kickstand keeps the bike from damage.

Lastly, parents will love that this bike comes 95% assembled (the front wheel and brake are already attached) so not much time or effort is spent in preparing the bike for road use.

Needless to say, we highly recommend the RoyalBaby Stargirl.

  • Easy to put together
  • Double safety from the front caliper and rear coaster brakes.
  • Wide pneumatic tires offer great stability.
  • Loaded with fun accessories.
  • The soft seat is height-adjustable.
  • Lacks training wheels hence not the best choice for late beginners.
  • A little on the heavier side.

7 Dripex Eagle Kids Bike

What we love the most about the Dripex eagle 18-inch bike is that it’s basically a simplified kids’ version of an adult mountain bike. That’s because unlike most of the 18-inch bikes we’ve mentioned here, it actually doesn’t come with training wheels.

This mid-sized bike uniquely features a handlebar plate, an appealing classic white paintwork and super cool eagle graphics; perfect for kids between 7 and 10 years old.

It is solidly built with a highly durable steel frame and supportive tires whose wheels are backed by alloy spokes.

We like that while the Dripex Eagle is designed to give young riders an adult riding experience, it still maintains a child-optimized design. For instance, the narrower pedal positioning matches a child’s hips.

As we have seen so far, this bike also spots a front handbrake and rear coaster brake combination.

Truth be told, the biggest selling point of this Dripex bike is how comfortable and well-padded its seat is.

Additionally, a seat release and handlebar adjustment feature are in place to make height adjustments easy so the bike keeps up with the child’s increase in size throughout the years. That way, if they want to share their bike with their siblings or friends, the bike being a suitable fit will not be an issue!

  • The bike is embedded with super cool graphics.
  • The seat and handlebar height are adjustable.
  • Highly comfortable soft saddle.
  • Lightweight.
  • Comes with a water bottle holder.
  • Lacks training wheels.
  • Limited to one color choice.

8 Joystar Starry Girls' 18-inch Bike

Joystar starry is another bike exclusively designed for young girls.

Our favorite feature about this bike is just how light it is! Its light weight is easy for kids to navigate on their own and even store on their own once they are done riding.

Truly stamping this as a girls’ bike, the Starry features a front basket which; as you can imagine, will be thoroughly put to use by the bike owners.

The Starry is not just designed for fun riding but also for clean riding! A full chain guard works together with front and rear fenders to keep oil, dirt and mud off the rider’s clothes.

And for safe braking, it features front caliper and rear coaster brakes which work together to keep the child in full control of the bike. As for early riders, they are insured from accidents during their initial learning stages as the Starry does come with training wheels.

That said, the reflectors included are another great safety feature that can’t go unnoticed.

The only drawback to the Joystar Starry is that while its seat and handlebar height can be adjusted, the adjustment window is very narrow so chances are that this bike will be outgrown faster than some of its competitors.

Otherwise, the Joystar Starry is clearly one safety-oriented, child-optimized and fun bike for little princesses.

  • Sturdy but lightweight construction.
  • Reflectors enhance safety in dimly lit environments.
  • Accessorized with front basket.
  • Fenders and chainguard keep it dirt-free.
  • Seat and handlebar height have little room for adjustment.

9 Petimini Kids 18-inch bike

Having studied this bike, it is safe to say that the Petimini kids’ bike is a little vintage bike as far as aesthetics go. What certainly steals the shine is this bike’s retro seat and handlebar as they give a unique look.

The great thing is that this vintage-style kids’ bike is not limited to one color. On the contrary, it is available in multiple colors so every child’s taste is satisfied.

Made of premium hi-ten steel, the Petimini bike is sturdy enough to take up abuse without falling apart yet still lightweight (20.9 pounds) enough to be easily handled by kids.

The Petimini features removable training wheels as well as coaster and caliper brakes which are supported with a bell for safety purposes. Its brake lever is short-reach and easy to engage and the parent or guardian can bank on an easy time teaching the child how to ride as the seat comes with a grab bar/ holder for them to hold onto.

Built to suit kids between 5 and 9 years of age, the Petimini bike is able to do so as its seat’s height can be modified to accommodate different height changes in kids.

If you’re going for that old style and unique look, this is exactly the bike that you want for your child.

  • Retro design.
  • Durable hi-ten steel construction.
  • Adjustable to suit different heights.
  • Simple single-speed drivetrain.
  • Fully enclosed chain guards.
  • Slightly heavy.

10 Huffy MotoX Kids 18-inch bike

For parents whose kids are above 5 years of age and haven’t had bike training before, the Huffy Moto X is the sweet spot that is perfect for late learners who can’t fit smaller beginner bikes.

This bike’s selling point is how quick it is to assemble. Within minutes of arrival, the young rider can hop onto it and get riding. All you have to do is to connect the bike parts and it’s ready for use.

You will also notice right away that the Huffy Moto X is a wide variety of bright-colored frames. The conspicuous colors are a subtle safety feature as it is hard to not spot them even in dark environments.

On a side note, the gray wheel rims and black handlebars also make for a rad look; so, if that’s what you’re going for, this is it!

Away from the looks, this bike is simply designed with a single-speed drivetrain hence it is extremely easy for young riders between 5 and 7 years of age to handle it.

It also comes with training wheels which can be removed and once they can ride without them, the bike will still serve them for years as its seat height is adjustable.

To protect the child from accidental collisions, the Huffy Moto X’s front hand brake is paired with rear coaster brakes.

Our only qualm with this bike is that we find its 33.3 pounds weight a bit on the heavier side. It might be hard for some riders to navigate the bike for this reason. Additionally, without a kickstand it’ll probably have to be laid down when not in use.

That notwithstanding, this bike still ranks higher than most in the market.

  • Quick connect assembly.
  • The seat height is adjustable.
  • Available in a variety of colors.
  • Heavier than most bikes in its category.

11 Joystar Whizz Kids 18-inch bike

Made of a sturdy hi-ten steel frame and fork, this bike will survive lots of bumps and collisions as it has great impact resistance.

We recommend this bike as its 18-inch wheels are enclosed in 2.125-inch off-road tires that deliver the best grip for all-weather riding!

Another thing we like about the Whizz is that the single speed drivetrain is also very simplistic and entirely easy for kids to pick up their speed.

For safety on the road, the variety of both a coaster brake and handbrake make the rider equipped to stop the bike with precision.

The Joystar Whizz is similar to some of the Joystar bikes we have already enlisted. However, the major difference between the Joystar Whizz and the rest of the Joystar bikes is that the Whizz doesn’t feature a kickstand. Unfortunately, this is one of the bummers to this bike as it means that the bike’s survival is dependent on how gentle the rider is with them as they pack it.

All in all, this is a sturdily-built bike that is just right for those who aren’t ready for 20-inch bikes.

  • Sturdy steel frame.
  • Coaster and handbrake combination.
  • Wide tires offer great stability.
  • Lacks a kickstand.

12 NiceC BMX Kids 18-inch bike

If you are looking for a super fun BMX-style bike for your kid, then look no further as the Nice BMX bike is just it. With fun stickers which the child can use to customize their bike, it is the ultimate definition of fun.

This BMX style bike comprises a single piece frame made from high quality magnesium alloy metals. The great thing about this is that the material is super strong while still remaining lightweight. That way, the child can easily maneuver the bike and is guaranteed a long shelf life as this bike will most definitely withstand impact without falling apart easily.

One great factor about the Nice BMX bike is that its thick rubber-layered tires provide great traction and are highly durable. Working with removable training wheels and having dual suspension, it also offers great stability.

Another great factor is the dual brake system which features a traditional v-brake at the front and a rear disc brake. This system has an advantage over a single disc brake in that the rider can stop the bike at a shorter distance and prevent run-ins more effectively.

To ensure that you make the most use out of the bike and keep up with the fast growth rate of kids, both the seat and the handlebar height settings can be adjusted. However, we found the plastic seat highly susceptible to breaking.

Nonetheless, this highly durable, lightweight and fun BMX bike is a great way to introduce young riders into the adrenaline pumped sport of BMX racing.

  • BMX style
  • Super lightweight.
  • A single-piece frame is less prone to falling apart.
  • Smoother and more efficient dual brake system.
  • Adjustable handlebar and seat height.
  • The plastic seat is prone to breaking.

13 Chipmunk RoyalBaby MK Sports Kids 18-inch bike

Royalbaby makes another worthwhile appearance in this review with the Chipmunk Royalbaby MK Sports bike from the Chipmunk Summer series.

Constructed with a steel frame and fork, it comes 95% assembled so really there isn’t much to put together before the bike is ready to hit the road.

Once assembled, there’s lots of things to rave over this bike.

While this model is available in smaller sizes, only the 16-inch and 18-inch sizes have a kickstand. However, all the sizes from the 12-inch to the 18-inch have training wheels to offer support to beginners.

It also features a bell as a safety additive and basket to carry their favorite toys.

We like how its wide 2.125-inch are perfectly stable and comfortable on the road. Additionally, a front caliper brake and rear band brake work to give the young rider options for bringing the bike to a stop.

You can trust that your child will definitely max out on this bike and even pass it on to younger siblings as its seat height adjusts with a quick release clamp.

We will however warn that it does take some effort for some riders to work the somewhat stiff pedals.

But above all else, this Chipmunk bike is a dream come true for many kids! 

  • Easy to put together.
  • Adjustable seat height.
  • Accessorized with a bell and basket.
  • Features a kickstand.
  • Comes with training wheels.
  • Few complaints that the stiff pedals are hard to pedal.

14 Segway Ninebot Bike Kids 18-inch bike

Being an aluminum-made bike, the Segway Ninebot is a bike that benefits from being lightweight and thereby more portable than a lot of other bikes which have a much heavier frame.

Among the top reasons why we enlisted this bike is that its streamlined design gives a better riding experience. Additionally, the suspension on the front wheel offers stability together with the non-slip inflatable tires which work for all kinds of terrain. 

Kids between 5 and 10 will definitely love that this bike’s saddle height is also adjustable.  To protect them from potential harm on and off the road, the Ninebot is armed with a fully enclosed chain guard, coaster and hand brakes for safe stopping as well as a kickstand for safe packing.

Like the aforementioned Chipmunk, what would make this bike better is if the pedals were easier to push. Some effort needs to be exerted by some riders. However, this isn’t a deal-breaker for us.

  • Lightweight aluminum frame.
  • Available in pink, red and blue for all genders.
  • Double protection with rear coaster brake and hand brake
  • Wear-resistant tires
  • Soft and adjustable saddle
  • Difficult to pedal for some kids.
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