Best Wooden Balance Bikes for Toddlers and Kids

eric-awwy By Eric Awwy, 18 Jan 2020
Radio Flyer

Radio Flyer Classic Glide & Go - Best Wooden Balance Bike

Wishbone balance bike

Wishbone 3-in-1 Design - Best for Toddlers & Older Kids


ZÜM CX Wooden Balance Bike - Best Bang for your Buck

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1 Radio Flyer Classic Glide & Go Balance Bike

Classic glide & Go balance bike
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Get to boost your child’s confidence by giving him/her a chance to ride a balance bike with a bang. If you are looking for a perfect gift for a child, Radio Flyer Classic Glide & Go wooden balance bike should be in your plan.

The Radio Flyer Classic Glide & Go balance bike is our best pick as the best pedal-free beginner bike that allows your child to train on balancing a bike. It is made from a premium wood frame that is durable.

It also comes with a 12-inch pneumatic (Air) tires for a smooth ride for your child. There is also a foam-tired version. However, the pneumatic tires have the advantage of more traction and a smoother ride.

It also comes with a cushioned seat that gives comfortability to your budding cyclist. The good thing with the seat is that it is adjustable and can grow with your child. The seat comes with a quick-release system for height adjustments.

Have we mentioned the soft touch hand grips yet? Well, you do not have to worry about blisters on your child’s hands as it comes with a pair of smooth hand grips.

It is a lot cheaper than its competition yet offers the same services as the pricey wooden balance bikes. It is the best selection for parents between the ages of 2-4 years and short five-year-olds. It is also easy to assemble.

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2 Wishbone Design Studio Original 3-in-1 Bike

Wishbone 3-in-1 balance bike
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The Wishbone 3-in-1 offers you value for your money. If you are looking for something your child can grow with between ages 1 and five years, the Wishbone 3-in-1 is your classic and perfect choice. Like other kids’ wooden balance bikes, the Wishbone 3-in-1 is made of Birchwood. However, the salient difference is that it is sustainably harvested.

The Birchwood is blended with eucalyptus wood, non-toxic glues, organic cotton, recycled packaging, and careful finishes. The design team and the company come out as one that is carefully eco-conscious.

The Wishbone balance bike also converts from a baby walker, a small balance bike, and then into a big balance bike. Thus, it is a perfect choice for parents who want their kids to grow with a balance bike. With it in your equation, prepare to save more on toys until your child can comfortably transition into a pedal bike.

In terms of safety, the Wishbone wooden balance bike exceeds the Australian, U.S., and European safety standards. Wishbone is a household name. No doubt, your neighbors will turn their necks and ask questions for it is a beauty.

True to its high regard, the bike has received multiple recognitions and awards. It has been recognized as a best-in-category: winner or the 2009 Time Magazine Design 100. It has also clinched the Dutch Best Baby Toy Award and the JPMA Innovation Award in 2009. Still, the bike has been Best Kids’ bike 2011 as per Babble.com.

When purchasing the Wishbone, be ready to be around the kids to avoid any accidents and ingestion of hazardous materials.

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3 Hape Scoot Around Ride On Wood Bike

Hape Scoot Around Bike
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In terms of ratings, the Hape Scoot Around Ride On Wood Bike is highly ranked. The Hape Scoot Around Ride On Wood Bike is an award-winning four-wheeled wooden balance bike for toddlers.

The bike comes with two pairs of rubberized and smooth wheels that protect the kids from scratching the floors and for durability. This wooden balance bike is praised for its child-friendly materials.

It is made of non-toxic finishes and water-based paint. Its height from the floor is 8.98”. For this, it is regarded as one of the smallest bikes in the market. It fits petite 16-month-old babies with inseams of 10” and above. In our research, some parents indicated that 12 month-old-babies rode on it with ease.

It also has a higher pair of handlebars for the comfortability of the child as they scoot around. The handlebars also help in maintaining an upright posture for the kids. Besides, it quickly and smoothly steers with little force and is a safer option for kids who have a fear of riding.  

If you want something not so big yet not so small and sluggish, the Hape Scoot Around is your perfect choice. It is best suited for 15months, two-year-olds, and 3-year olds and larger children can just fit on it perfectly.

In our opinion, this bike is best for children just beginning to make their steps, between ages 12 months and 24 months. However, parents with kids not yet walking have responded positively to its efficiency.

For durability, we recommend limiting its use to indoors and selective riding outdoors.

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4 Prince Lionheart Balance Bike

Prince Lion Heart balance bike
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Quite princely as its name! Made for both girls and boys, Prince Lionheart is another award-winning wooden balance bike made purely from 100% Birchwood. Like any other balance bike, it is good at its function-to help the child balance a bike.

The kids' balance bike also has the additional advantage of helping your child steer and coordinate movements while on a bike. Hopefully, as your kid transitions into learning, they need these important skills in school during physical education.

The Prince Lionheart Wooden balance bike is made for greatness. It is most suited for children between the ages of 2-5 years with a maximum weight of 65 pounds.

It comes with a padded seat, which is also highly adjustable. The lower setting of the seat is 14.8” and the highest 17”. Therefore, your child can grow with this wooden balance bike. Also, it can accommodate children of various heights.

Its handle grips are made from smooth solid rubber, which when coupled with the 12” air-filled tires bring comfortability into the cycling equation.

5 ZÜM CX Wooden Balance Bike

Zum CX balance bike
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The ZÜM CX Wooden Balance Bike is another balance bike that gives your child service without breaking a bank. The ZÜM CX Wooden Balance Bike is exclusively made from 100% Birchwood just like its counterparts. It is, thus, made to last for years.

If you are an eco-conscious parent, this should feature in your list of preferences for a balance bike. The fact that it does not come with training wheels makes children gain independence, balance, and coordination sooner. Children using the ZÜM CX Wooden Balance Bike find it easy when transitioning to pedaled bikes. It is a bike suited for children between ages 2 and six years old.

It comes with patented steering when that is designed to reduce topping over and other silly accidents. Therefore, it also has an assurance of safety. The wooden balance bike also has rubber handgrips that protect your little ones from getting blisters on their hands.

Talk of silence, the sealed cartridge bearings reduce noise and make the ride smoother. In terms of seat adjustability, the company did great. The ZÜM CX Wooden Balance Bike has an easily adjustable seat. The lower setting of the seat is 12” while the highest is 17”. Besides, the seat is padded using vinyl, which ensures comfort for your kids as they scoot around. Its frame can also be reversed to accommodate the smaller riders. 

For color lovers, it comes in a white and flashy red design topped with a non-toxic lacquer finish, which is pure bliss. When you purchase the ZÜM CX Wooden Balance Bike, you get tools used to assemble it. However, it has a weight limit of 50 pounds.

6 Kinderfeets Classic Chalkboard

Kinderfeet classic Chalkboard balance bike
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Kinderfeets Classic Chalkboard Wooden Balance Bike, Kids Training No-Pedal Balance Bike is a pricey but worthy wooden balance bike. However, before you flip the page, it is worth the price considering the high quality. Besides, it also comes with customizable options.

Handcrafted from 100% Birchwood, Kinderfeets Classic Chalkboard Wooden Balance Bike stands out as one of the most beautiful balance bikes you can ever imagine. No doubt, the bike is eco-friendly and designed with ergonomics in mind. For this, your kid is assured of a good posture as they cruise. Talk of comfort, its set is comfortable enough to entice the kids for daily rides.

Its design is such that it has a pair of EVA airless tires and a washable and adjustable cushioned seat. Its engineers topped up the design by adding a pair of footpegs. These pair helps the kid gain balancing, coordination, and control skills while preparing for pedals. As the name suggests, it is made of a chalkboard finish. This is good news for children developing artistic skills. You can coordinate drawing of designs or even their names on the bikes. It even comes with a box of chalk. Tell me where else you would get a 2-in-1 bike. Think of it this way: every new ride comes with a new chalk-designed and drawn design or art.

It is the best wooden balance bike for children of age two years and above. Trustworthy stories have it that it was designed by a Dutch designer, who could not get his child’s preference in the balance bike stores. Therefore, it is at the heart of parental love and understanding of the unique needs of the children.

The Kinderfeets Classic Chalkboard Wooden Balance Bike is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. Also, it is a patented and multi-award-winning balance bike and a fast-rising household name for riding families. Imagine this by just buying the bike; you will be contributing to additional forest cover.

How you may ask? Well, every purchase made means that the company plants a tree. For lovers of different colors, Kinderfeets Classic Chalkboard Wooden Balance Bike has you covered. It comes in white and black, orange, green, pink, blue, and black.

7 BIKESTAR Original Safety Wooden Lightweight Kids

Bikestar Wooden balance bike
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Unlike the wooden balance bike variants, we have so far reviewed, the BIKESTAR Original Safety Wooden Lightweight Kids is made of lightweight yet high quality and durable Beech wooden frame. One of the salient features of this bike is its extra-large handle on the frame that allows you to transport it with ease.

The love for the environment is evident in its design. The balance bike is made of special impact-resistant and solvent-free as well as water-based paint. It is also fitted with unique and certified as non-toxic safety handgrips that offer protection to your child. 

The BIKESTAR Original Safety Wooden Lightweight Kids balance bike has broad base 12” tires that are air-filled for comfort and traction. The manufacturer was keen to details as the bike can last decades. Its design woos not only children but also adults who have great taste for good things. Compared to the features and quality, its price is the best you can get.

Get this serious bike for your budding cyclist. Note that it is best for three-year-old boys and girls. It is among our list of the most affordable best wooden balance bikes for kids.

8 Kinderfeets Cargobike Kids Wooden Balance Bike

Kinderfeets kids' cargo bike
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Everybody loves trying out a new design and idea. From the outlook, the Kinderfeets Cargobike Kids Wooden Balance Bike draws its design from the Dutch. It is best for children aged 12-24 months. However, parents have reported even ten-month-olds. The European design is synonymous with what you will always see on the streets of Amsterdam.

It is uniquely designed for toddlers who want to get comfortable on the wheels as they weight to graduate to the next level. With the Cargotrike, your tot can pack all their toys and dolls and get going. The feeling is like that of a tradesman ferrying their cargo around.

The front box is made of two wheels for stability and can teach your child how to coordinate, balance, and control a bike. It also comes with a steering stop (as rubber around the steering pin) to ensure the kids steer with moderation and avoid tripping. For that, it has a top-of-the-range safety mechanism. It also comes in multiple colors, including pink and blue. You can also easily assemble it as it comes with assembly tools.

Also, the bike comes with an adjustable seat. Its wheels are also hard and thus allowing the kids to ride outdoors. This is one of those balance bikes that older kids become nostalgic thinking about even though they have outgrown it. Also, for every purchase made a tree is planted, which is like making a significant environmental impact.

9 Kinderfeets TinyTot Bamboo Balance Bike and Tricycle in 1

Tinytot Bamboo balance bike
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As a second entry in our list from Kinderfeets, we must admit that besides the cute name the Kinderfeets TinyTot Bamboo Balance Bike and Tricycle in 1 come with safety assurance even for 1-year-olds. Its three wheels provide a wide base and a lower center of gravity to enable the kids to confidently glide with it.

It is an ideal choice for kids, who for one reason or the other, still struggle to overcome their fears on the bike. When the kids gain confidence, the Kinderfeets TinyTot Bamboo Balance Bike and Tricycle in 1 allows you to convert it into two wheels. You do not have to think of a second balance bike once the kid is confident.

Its safety makes it among our best wooden balance bikes for toddlers. It is designed for use by kids aged between 12 and 24 months. As a 2-in-1 bike, it boasts of being the smallest in the market. Its Dutch design allows the kids to place their legs near the ground, which is yet another safety feature that allows braking on foot.

The balance bike has three airless tires and an adjustable seat. The seat height is 9-11.5 inches tall. The seat is cushioned and washable. It also features a pair of non-toxic hand grips. The paints used are of the highest standards and non-toxic too. Uniquely, it has a carefully placed pair of footpegs that prepares children for the pedal bike thrill.

It is also an award-winning wooden balance bike that is also patented. As the name suggests, it is made of lacquered bamboo wood, which is architecturally confirmed to be resilient. As a Kiderfeets’ custom, each purchase made means a tree planted. The company collaborates with the Trees for the Future to realize the dream. A great way to make an ecological impact on the heavily polluted world.

The Kinderfeets TinyTot Bamboo Balance Bike and Tricycle in 1 come in a myriad of colors. The colors include the normal appealing bamboo color, pink, red, white, blue, and green. What a beauty for the price we must say!

10 Kinderfeets Retro Wooden Balance Bike

Retro wooden balance bike
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You can never wind up the discussion on the best wooden balance bikes without several mentions of Kinderfeets products. Well, last on our list-we promise, is the Kinderfeets Retro Wooden Balance Bike.  Wait a minute, have you checked its spokes yet? They are on an entirely new level!

Definitely, good things come at a price, and the Kinderfeets Retro Wooden Balance Bike is one of those. It is pricey, but worth all your money. First, as an eco-conscious parent, you and your kid get to enjoy a natural design with a sophisticated feel.

It also comes with a pair of EVA airless tires. The packaging materials are also made from recycled paper and water-based inks. This is just the type of bike for your two years plus kids.

 Like most of the wooden balance bikes, the Kinderfeets Retro Wooden Balance Bike also comes with an adjustable, cushioned, and washable seat. It also features footpegs for confident transitioning to pedaled bikes.

It has an ergonomically designed handlebar positioning and set that works on your kid’s posture and establishes comfort. Like most of the Kinderfeets brand balance bikes, the Kinderfeets Retro Wooden Balance Bike is patented and a multiple award winner. Its beauty is also to behold.

Trust us there are brown, pink, and polka dot options the same way there are superhero and rocket designs. You can never get enough of it. Considering the consideration of both girls and boys, its price is just the best for the best wooden balance bikes. Remember, every purchase leaves an environmental footprint as the company plants a tree per bike sold.


Wooden balance bikes are the new trendy fitness gear for babies and toddlers. They are quite something, and no one dares turn their eyes away at first glance. Some of the best wooden balance bikes on our top ten list are 2-in-1 balance bikes and have the convertibility option.

So a simple purchase can solve all your kids’ balance bike needs. There is just something unique and appealing about wood. Wood, we believe, in the hands of a craftsman is gold but useless in the hands of a rookie.

All these top 10 best wooden balance bikes are carefully crafted, an indication of time investment and excellent workmanship. Although some appear much pricey compared to steel balance bikes, a choice is a choice at the end of the day.

Also, we have different preferences. As your kids hone their skills in balancing, coordinating, and controlling bikes before transitioning into pedal bikes, a good balance bike is all you need.

If you feel there is a sweet wooden balance bike, in your experience, that we have left out just let us know through the comments. Our list is flexible as long as we help parents make a confident purchase.

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