Fun, Bright, and Attractive Bike Lights for Kids' Bikes

eric-awwy By Eric Awwy, 07 Nov 2021

Are you shopping for a perfect bike light for your kids’ bike? If so, you came to the right place.

Kids need to be safe on their bikes, whether they are cruising around the neighborhood, riding around the bike pack or bike trails, or accompanying their parents on bike tours and bike camping activities. Bike lights help kids to be seen, stay seen, and ride safely in low-light conditions.

It is therefore vital that they remain visible when pedaling in dark or low light conditions.

Bike lights solve this problem by attaching to the bicycle and illuminating either the bike's front or rear. This, in turn, makes riders more noticeable and therefore safer. The long and short of the working mechanism of bike lights is that headlights emit white light while rear lights emit a more subtle 'red' light.

However, high-quality child-oriented bike lights aren't the easiest to come by. 

In this article, we have assembled a holistic review of 13 of the best bike lights for young riders. These fun bike lights promise powerful illumination, extended hours of use, and overall increased safety for riders. We have another post that entirely comprises reviews of bike spoke lights or bike wheel lights that you can also consider buying to bolster safety and visibility of your kid when they are on their bikes.

Take a look…

1 Ascher USB rechargeable bike light set

The Ascher rechargeable bike lights (Headlight and taillight) are popular among cyclists for various reasons.

Firstly, these lights are easy to attach. So even if you are not the mechanical type, you shouldn't have a hard time attaching them. And because they are equally easy to detach, they are great for emergency situations where one requires a light source.

Secondly, these lights deliver powerful illumination so that the rider can quickly note street signs or obstacles along their path.

Thirdly, they are rechargeable as they are powered by a 650mAh lithium battery charged by a USB cable. So if you dislike carrying batteries around and replacing them from time to time, all you need is a power source for these lights to work, and you'll be good to go.

Not to mention, they also hold a charge insanely! To be specific, the front light delivers up to 10 hours at half brightness and 3-5 hours at full brightness.

Additionally, both the headlight and taillight feature 3 LEDS and offer four light settings: full brightness, half brightness, fast flashing, and slow flashing.

Lastly, another great feature about them is their high-water resistance. All parts of this light set are protected from corrosion even through heavy downpours!

Suppose you are keen on protecting your child. In that case, this is a high-ranking headlight and taillight combination that we highly recommend.


  • Rechargeable
  • Great charge retention
  • Extremely easy to attach and detach
  • Highly water-resistant
  • The taillight isn't as intense as the front light

2 BV Bicycle Light Set

The BV bicycle light set is a battery-powered light set that is great for nocturnal and/ or multi-day riding.

The lights come with mounting brackets which allow removal of the lights such that you can take the lights with you when they are not in use on the bike. Mind you, installing them is just as easy as the process requires no tools.

Another great feature about the mounting brackets is that they allow multiple fittings to be adjusted to suit a wide variety of bike frames.

This bike light set is designed for those who dislike the idea of having to wait for hours for charging to be complete. With it, you can secure yourself from interruptions as all you have to do on long trips is load up batteries, and you'll be good to go. Furthermore, the replacement process only takes seconds!

The BV headlight further has 5 LED lights and runs on 4 AAA batteries, while the tail light has 3 LED lights which run on 2 AAA batteries. Plus, the battery promises up to 80 hours! 

When it comes to lighting, the efficiency is superb for instances where you are keen on your child being noticeable on the road. In low-light settings, you can trust them to keep your child safe.

That said, they aren't the best for illuminating the road ahead or behind you. While the child is easily visible even as far as 1500 feet away, a 30 - 40-foot range of illumination is all these lights have to offer.

Ultimately, for enhancing visibility on the road, this pair is a reliable buy!

  • Super bright for visibility
  • Battery-powered
  • Quick-release mounts allow it to be detached and used as a flashlight
  • It can fit a wide variety of bike frames
  • Great for being spotted but not the best for illuminating the road ahead

3 Vont 'Scope' Bike Lights

With 120 lumens, the Vont' Scope' bike lights' brightness is just enough to allow easy conspicuity in low light areas.

Its most outstanding feature is that the focus lens can be adjusted by either pushing forward or pulling back for better vision.

The Vont scope lights also come with different light settings. Essentially, the front light features high, low, and strobe modes, while the rear light features constant, fast strobe, and slow strobe.

Additionally, it utilizes 3 AAA batteries whose life lasts up to 6 hours of continuous use. The lights can even be removed from the bicycle to work as a flashlight!

One difference to be noted here is that the main light (the headlight) is all metal. In contrast, the rear light features plastic and rubber material. As a result, the main light is more solid in comparison to the seat post light.

We also like that it is water-resistant as it stands up to rain with no signs of rusting or other damage

Not a perfect product, the defect with these lights is their holder is relatively large. This means that the light does not stay firmly in place in most instances and would require an additional piece of foam tape for a rigid fit.

That notwithstanding, it's an excellent set for commuters who are keen on being seen on the streets but wouldn't work sufficiently as the primary source of light in the woods.

  • Multiple lighting modes
  • Water-resistant
  • Easily detaches for use as a flashlight
  • The mounting ring is big hence prone to wobbling
  • The plastic casing on the rear light is prone to breakage if pressure is applied

4 Ascher Ultrabright Bike Light

The Ascher powerful headlight stands out for its power.

With a maximum brightness of 300 lumens, it produces a cool and bright white beam that accurately illuminates paths as you would want.

The pair features a USB rechargeable headlight built with a 2000mAh lithium battery and a 330mAh rechargeable lithium battery.

In addition, it features four lighting modes (full brightness, half brightness, fast flashing, and slow flashing) operated through a one-touch switch.

Though effective, the only thing we would change about it is that one has to go through all the light modes to land on the last light mode. In addition, there is no setting to allow the user to switch from one light setting to the next automatically.

With 6 hours of battery life on a high setting, the battery life for these lights is top-notch. And it is not just limited to cycling, as it's a versatile set that can be used when hiking or camping thanks to the reliable battery lasting hours.

Another feature that allows usage on and off the bike is the quick fastening and loosening of the lights. In addition, it uses rubber straps to attach to the bike.

Lastly, we also like that it is waterproof, so there's no need to worry about usage on rainy days.

  • Powerful beam
  • Four light mode options
  • Waterproof
  • Quick-release mount
  • Waterproof
  • The switch is operated through one-touch throughout all the functions

5 Malker Bicycle Light

The Malker bicycle front and rear silicone LED light set is a highly affordable, lightweight, and versatile bike light set. However, what stands out is how well they make the rider visible to other road users.

This set features white ultra-bright LEDs for the front and red ultra-bright LEDs for the rear of the bike with three lighting modes - high, low, and strobe. So whether the user is riding, camping, or participating in any other outdoor adventure, you can trust that your child is much safer with this light set. 

Because they are battery-powered, you're better off packing extra batteries if you plan on extended hours of riding like tours. Generally, the batteries last 45 to 70 hours.

That said, the only fault we found with the Malker lights is that they do not put out the best experience in wet areas. They just aren't waterproof enough for use in wet or highly humid areas.

Additionally, the bright lights are great for identification by other road users, but they just don't work as the primary source of light where one wants to light up dark areas. 

  • Battery-powered with an extensive battery life
  • Lightweight
  • Features different light modes
  • Versatile
  • Not waterproof enough; hence best for dry areas and conditions
  • Not ideal for trails and dark areas

6 TeamObsidian bike light set

The TeamObsidian bike light set entails a headlight and taillight that is covered by a water-resistant case that makes it safe for use in extreme weather conditions.

The high-efficiency bulbs are operated by 5 AAA batteries, 3 in the headlamp and 2 in the rear light. Similar to all battery-powered light sets, it boasts of outstanding battery life.

The lights are really bright for both urban, and mountain cycling as the headlight features powerful 200 lumens while the red rear light has a reflector.

The beam can also be adjusted to fit one's preferences. And with three lighting modes, the great thing is that not only does it alert cars about the rider's presence on the road, but it also illuminates the way.

Additionally, unlike other competitors in the market with a plastic cover, the TeamObsidian light set boasts of a sturdy metallic built. Other than the ABS plastic rear light, the torch is made of high-quality aluminum that will last for years.

It is also very easy to mount the lights via the rubber straps to adjust to different handlebar sizes. Plus, a quick-release feature makes it possible to detach the lights with haste and use them as a flashlight or store them safely when they are not in use.

However, the mounting attachments have some give to them, which, although not noticeable on flat terrain, is noticeable on uneven terrain. 

  • Runs with standard batteries
  • Highly durable aluminum build
  • Quick-release allows use as a flashlight
  • Adjustable beam with 200 lumens headlight
  • Water-resistant cover
  • Mounting attachments are slightly flexible on uneven terrain

7 BLITZU Gator 390 bike light set

The Blitzu Gator 390 is another bike light set that is sure to increase the awareness of your child's presence on the road.

The illumination offered by 390 lumens (front lights) and 110 lumens (rear light) is an excellent addition to the sturdy build of the lights.

Plus, the front and taillight combination is excellent for all-around visibility, which can be modified as both lights have three levels of intensity.

The Blitzu Gator 390 is an excellent choice as it is a rechargeable option that comes with 2 USB cables for each bike light. In addition, the 6 hours battery life for the front light and 24 hours for the rear light is excellent compared to other USB-rechargeable lights in the market.

Another great feature is its versatility, as it can alternatively be installed in the emergency kit for use as a flashlight. In addition, it is an ipx4 rated bike light set so that you can use it in damp weather.

The downside to these bike lights is that because the rubber straps can only attach to one part of the bike's frame, they do not move around unless you release them and reattach them elsewhere.

  • Rechargeable
  • Incredibly bright
  • Water-resistant cover
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Splendid run time on a single charge
  • The mounting system is relatively rigid in terms of directing light

8 Cycle Torch Night Owl rechargeable bike light

The Cycle Torch Night Owl bike light is one that you will like for several reasons.

The overall beam is just right, and we like that it is especially easy to switch through the different lighting modes via the on/off switch.

While the lower settings can be used to make other road users aware of the rider's presence, the highest setting accurately illuminates the road.

Additionally, the headlight fits any handlebar as it connects easily to the bike through rubber straps. However, the system doesn't allow the restructuring of the direction of the lights. While the mounting system secures to the bike's frame, it is susceptible to moving on bumps and rugged terrain.

Another downside is that the tail light isn't as great as the headlight, whose durability we are more confident in. But that isn't a deal-breaker for us.

Generally, the long-lasting battery life and the brightness of these lights make it worth the investment.

  • Bright light
  • Multiple light settings
  • Easy to use or switch the different lighting modes
  • Easy to attach and detach
  • The tail light isn't as effective as the headlight
  • The rubber strap isn't well-anchored from bumps and uneven trails

9 Meilan X5 Smart Bike tail light

Spotting a sleek design and cool design of light and laser is the Meilan X5 bike light.

This USB rechargeable set entails an integrated 2000mAh battery that charges within a few hours and lasts for several hours (5 – 8 hours on flashing light mode).

It also comes with a wireless remote control featuring a CR2032 replaceable coil cell battery that works all year round. In addition, the remote control allows you to control the SIX lighting modes that the lights allow.

The lights feature a plastic structure that runs all the way through to the mounting kits.

One can easily spot the headlight and taillight from quite a distance. Moreover, its featured laser lane guides are visible even through the day but are incredibly bright at night. 

One outstanding feature about these lights is that they have an auto brake light & ground warning line that warns oncoming vehicles when you are braking.

The user can also ride with confidence thanks to the fact that it delivers a decent light radius from the brightness that the 85 lumens taillight.

As usual, we advise you to take them down after use, especially if you reside in low-security areas, as they are pretty easy to steal.

Nevertheless, the Meilan x5 is an excellent buy for those who don't want to toy with their child's safety by risking them riding in the dark.

  • Bright rear light and unique lasers
  • Sturdy construction
  • Allows six lighting modes
  • Waterproof
  • Not theft-proof

10 AKALE Rechargeable Bike Lights

Next up is the AKALE bike lights which is a USB rechargeable bike light set.

Only requiring a micro-cable USB, we found it particularly impressive that the charging time for these lights takes less than half an hour.

To accurately alert cars and other pedestrians, the front light has four light modes: full brightness, half brightness, fast flashing, and slow flashing. In addition, the tail light supports 2 light modes, that is, constant and flicker modes.

One gripe with this set is that they are just good for being seen. So we wouldn't necessarily relate them to headlights in terms of illumination. 

That aside, this set secures the bike through a thick rubber strap that you hook and loop onto the bike's handlebars. And the great thing about these fasteners is that they stay in place.

However, they are somewhat prone to being stolen as they can easily be detached. This means that it is advisable to take them off when they are not in use, especially when used in low-security areas.

In addition, both light sets are water-resistant with a rating of IPx4 which means they are protected from splashes and drizzles.

So, for rainy and/ or dark nights, the AKALE light set is a great bicycle accessory.

  • USB rechargeable
  • Fasteners stay steady and do not wiggle on handlebars
  • Detachable for use as a flashlight
  • Water-resistant
  • Great for visibility but not bright enough to illuminate roads ahead
  • Quick-release makes them prone to theft

11 Teshudi bicycle light set

Right out of the box, the most distinctive feature you will notice about the Teshudi bicycle set is the square design. It is definitely an aesthetic design that will delight those who are keen on looks.

Aside from an appealing look, this light set installs in seconds with easy-to-use straps.

If you find carrying extra batteries a hassle, you will definitely like that these are rechargeable sets.

The Teshudi lights come with 2 USB cables for each light - they charge fast and retain the brightness for hours thereafter.  

More importantly, this light set is an attention grabber in low light areas and as they deliver a well-concentrated beam.

When it comes to brightness, the headlight's maximum brightness is 100 lumens, which can be modified via 4 light modes: full brightness, half brightness, fast flashing, and slow flashing modes.

Another great feature about the charging system is that it has an indicator for when the light is fully charged, so you don't have to make an estimate or guess. The light turns red when plugged in and green once fully charged.

In addition, it is fully enclosed in a waterproof design, making it safe in all weather conditions. Because of this, it can also be used for multiple occasions, such as on wheelchairs, mowers, and snow blowers.

  • Four light modes
  • Waterproof design
  • Fast charging
  • Quick-release makes them prone to theft

12 BLITZU Gator 450 rechargeable bicycle headlight

If you just don't like dealing with batteries, then the BLITZU Gator 450 bike light is exactly what you need.

This is a small rechargeable bike light whose biggest selling factor is that the package features a bonus rechargeable LED tail light which enhances visibility through a 360-degree rotation capability. Because it swivels, it allows you to see clearly in every direction.

Another feature that you will definitely love is that it puts out a wide and bright beam. The amount of light put out is really great for immediate surroundings. This makes it a highly effective and multi-functional tool, especially if used in a cave where an all-around vision would be imperative.

Additionally, at 450 lumens, the Blitzu Gator 450 headlights beat its competitors in terms of the level of brightness it offers.

However, while it casts a wide beam, it just doesn't project as well in terms of depth. As a result, the light put out is widespread but not 'lengthy' enough to produce good illumination ahead.

Aside from the depth of the beam, the only other issue with these bike lights is that the straps are unlikely to stay in place on uneven terrain.

Nonetheless, this bike light set is built to perform. It uses USB-rechargeable batteries that charge fast and are rated at ipx5 in terms of water resistance.

  • Rechargeable
  • Easily removable for storage and charging
  • Fast charging
  • Very bright
  • 360° visibility is safe and eye-catching
  • The beam cast isn't 'lengthy' enough to light up roads ahead
  • Installation strap is prone to moving on uneven roads

13 SAMLITE Bike Light Set

Fit for 25-35mm handlebars, SAMLITE offers safety insurance for young cyclists through a slim and compact bike light set.

We commend that it's really simple to install, the process taking only a few seconds. And also, being easily detachable, they can be removed from the bike and used elsewhere.

The super bright lights are great for riding on local roads and streets as they do a great job of warning others about the presence of the bicycle. However, they are not an excellent pair for mountain biking.

The headlight features three different lighting modes; high, flash, and strobe, while the tail light features two lighting modes; high and flash.

The SAMLITE lights are battery-powered, and the AAA batteries they use are time-saving as they are easy to replace when touring or riding for long periods.

The water-resistant feature is just what it claims. Unfortunately, after exposure to rain, the lights are rather defective. Because they are water-resistant and not entirely waterproof, it is best to use these lights in dry areas/ seasons or store them in the garage during rainy days.

Our qualm with these lights is that while the plastic grips that attach to the bike's frame do a great job at keeping the lights on the bike, they just aren't the sturdiest out there. We wouldn't promise longevity as they are somewhat susceptible to breaking.

On the other hand, our favorite feature is that not only do they alert other road users of your presence, but they further ensure safety by illuminating the road and showcasing potential hazards so you can avoid them.

  • Three different light modes
  • High illumination at close range
  • Uses batteries that are easy to replace
  • Easy and quick attachment and detachment
  • 100% money-back guarantee
  • Water-resistant but not waterproof
  • Plastic grips aren't as durable

A Guide for Buying Children's Bike Lights

If you are on the hunt for a high-quality children's bike light, you need to read this guide to determine what to look for so that you can select the best.

Access to a light source is vital for any riding, be it short hours of riding, long tours, and multi-day rides. And that's because, at one point or another, a rider may find themselves in a low-light environment.

Remember, passive and active lighting when on a bike is mandatory but not regulated by law. Although there is no federal use of front and rear bike rights, most states require that cyclists use bright white headlights when riding in the dark.  Additionally, even though the law does not mandate the use of taillights on bikes, it is good to use one for the safety of kids.

Law or no law, attaching a bike light, which is not expensive an investment to make, increases the visibility of your child and keeps them safe while on their bikes.

With that in mind, here are six key factors that we consider when looking for a bike light for your kid's bike.

1. Type of bike lights

There are different types of kids' bike lights that you can consider if you intend to improve their visibility on the bike.

  • Helmet-mounted lights–these type of children's bike lights upgrades a helmet. They help capture the attention of other road users, signaling that "hey am a cyclist, and I mind about my safety!" They are mounted on helmets, which helps them gain extra height that is important for young riders.
  • Bike spoke lights–the bike spoke lights are designed to click on the wheel spokes of children's bikes and reflect any light that comes to their surface. These types of children's bike lights do not rely on batteries and are valuable in offering round-the-clock visibility regardless of the weather.
  • Battery-free rechargeable bike lights–if you want to do away with the constant replacement of dead batteries, you should purchase a set (front and rear) of rechargeable children's bike lights. These bike lights come with more than one mode, making it easier for the kids to stay visible during the day, low visibility, and night. In addition, these bike lights come with mounting straps and platforms so that they are easily attached to a bike.
  • Wearable bike lights–wearable bike lights are a particular type of bike light that can be suitable for forgetful kids. They are well-designed to enhance visibility on roads, pavements, trails, and on the streets. Kids wear them on their wrists, arms, legs and sometimes can be attached to helmets. They are featherlight and easy to maintain.

2. Brightness/Performance

The first thing you need to know is that the measurement unit for the brightness of bike lights is lumens. So the higher the lumens, the brighter the lights are.

Lumens refers to a unit of measurement that quantifies the amount of light falling on an object once illuminated and the light intensity of each light unit.

That said, bike headlights lie anywhere between 10 and 1000 lumens while tail lights are usually dimmer and therefore lie between 5 and 100 lumens.

The standard for most cyclists is usually 100 to 500 lumens depending on how well-lit or dark the area they are cycling in is.

When buying a bike light, also check for its beam pattern: wide beam patterns are great for darker roads, while narrow beam pattern lights are great for the road with street/floodlights.

If you are an eco-conscious parent, think of investing in lights with LEDs, which are durable for all riding conditions and safer for the environment.

3. Battery and battery life

When it comes to selecting the best children's bike lights, battery life is a big deal because you want something that will last long. So it is a no-brainer that rechargeable lithium-ion batteries can last for a while compared to disposable batteries.

Bike lights are either usually USB-rechargeable or battery-powered. Battery-powered bike lights entail single-use batteries, while USB-rechargeable batteries are for continuous use through recharging.

Generally, single-use batteries last longer in terms of battery life than USB-rechargeable batteries on a single charge. This means that you will need to recharge the battery sooner than you would have to replace a single-use battery for long commutes.

While the shelf-life of a single-use battery is between 40 and 100 hours, the shelf life of a rechargeable battery can lie anywhere between 2 and 15 hours of use.

4. Mounting type

 Another vital factor to consider is how easy or complicated the mounting is and, more importantly, how durable the mounting attachment is.

Generally, most bike lights are easy to install. Still, the difference usually comes in terms of how sturdy the mounting brackets usually are.

Metal mounting clamps are usually sturdier than rubber hook and loop straps. They are also less susceptible to wobbling on uneven surfaces.

Lastly, you also need to ensure that the mounting attachment fits your child's bike. Although most attachments nowadays are universal, it is also good to countercheck.

5. Waterproof

Weather is always an important consideration when it comes to cycling. However, you are better off choosing a product that can withstand the elements.

Some bike lights are more water-resistant than others, so you definitely should look for the water resistance rating.

6. Type of riding

Different settings will require different light settings. For example, for daytime riding, some bike lights are more visible than others. So, if you will be riding on overcast or foggy days, this should be one of the top considerations.

FAQs about Kids' bike lights

Getting reliable bike lights for kids' bikes makes them safe and smart. In addition, they become visible to drivers, motorists, and pedestrians. Outfitting kids' bike with head and taillight is, therefore, a mandatory move for any parent that cares about their kid's passion for cycling. Here are some common questions parents ask about children's bike lights.

Can adult bike lights fit kids' bike lights?

Absolutely, you can fit a kids' bike with an adult bike light. However, you should check whether you will need some modifications to do so.

Can kids use their bike lights during the day?

Yes, it improves their visibility, which keeps them safe when on their bikes. Try to teach your child the importance of having their bike lights on any time they are riding their bikes, whether at night or during the day.

Are there waterproof kids' bike lights?

Yes, as you can see in our review, many bike lights are waterproof to allow for their use in wet weather conditions.

When should children use bike lights on their bikes?

We recommend that you mount a bike light on your kid's bike anytime they are setting out to ride on the outdoor spaces such as roads, neighborhoods, streets, trains, tracks, and bike parks. Children can use their bike lights at any time of the day when they set out to cycle. However, they must use it from 4:30 PM when cycling home from school or a friend's place. It does not cost anything to use a light on a kid's bike.

Parting Shot!

With the increasing number of road users, one can never be too safe. So, bike lights are more than a fantastic piece of accessories – they are a safety measure that all bike riders should look into.

When riding on roads and streets, the taillights come in handy. In some states, it is mandatory to have lights on bikes being ridden during the hours of darkness.

By default, cyclists are endangered on the roads due to their small frames. Most bike users are usually at risk of either running into an obstacle or being hit by other road users, especially when riding in the dark.

For avid riders, bike lights are the best way to conquer those dark winter mornings and evenings.

In essence, it is advisable to use bike lights to increase the visibility of both adult and younger cyclists on the road. That is why our reviewed bike lights cater to children of all ages and different types of riding conditions.

So, if nothing else, be sure to arm your child with a pair of bike lights and stay safe!

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