The Best Bike Pumps for Schrader and Presta Valve Tubes

eric-awwy By Eric Awwy, 01 Nov 2021

As long as you or your kids own a bike, trailer, or trailer cycle, you will eventually need bike pumps. Although they are primarily an afterthought, they are a vital bike accessory. Pumps are the unrecognized heroes in the cycling world.

Whether tubeless or tube-full, you can ride a bike or pull a trailer or trail-a-bike on flat tires, can you? Well, that’s where having a good bike pump comes in handy. It pumps up the tires to make you enjoy the thrill of cruising trails on two wheels.

Every garage space deserves a hardworking floor pump, especially if you own bikes. There’s no going around it because every bike will need that air boost at one point in time. And being prepared with a bike pump will help you avoid unnecessary flats.

Because bike pumps are such an important maintenance tool for bikes, we’ve researched and compiled a list of the best floor bike pumps you’ll get in the market.

We’ve compared the working mechanism of these bike pumps on different bike sizes to come up with the ultimate top pumps.

There isn’t a perfect floor bike pump out there. But some come pretty close to the mark.

So, wasting no more time, here’s a quick breakdown of our favorite bike pumps and a reliable buying guide. You can also check the optimum tire pressure in PSI for kids' bikes (a separate guide)

List of 10 Best Floor Pumps for Cycling Families

Floor pumps are freestanding pumps that will inflate your tires faster compared to mini-pumps.

They have a sturdy design and wide bases that offer stability as you pump your tires full. In addition, floor pumps come with pressure gauges, either at the base or top) to help you estimate the amount of pressure in terms of psi.

Check out the ten best-performing floor bike pump that should be on your shopping list.

1 Topeak Joe Blow III

The Topeak Joe Blow Sport III beats its competitors by delivering a more precise fit with smaller wheels. This alone makes it a great all-around pump head that can work with large tires as well as the smallest of them all. It is best for families who have kids with bikes

Unique locking design

Rather than the locking lever being on the top of the pump head, the Joe Blow is designed on the side such that Presta valves lock on one side while Schrader locks on the other. This makes it easy to use the head on small wheels with different spoke construction.

Tall barrel

Owing to a 27-inch-tall barrel, we would recommend this bike pump for taller riders who don’t want to keep bending to pump into their tires.

And while the length of the barrel is accurate, we aren’t too impressed with the length of the hose.

Gauge with accurate psi reading

The Joe blow Sport III further features a gauge positioned high on the pump’s barrel for easy reading. It is also easy to dial in the desired psi (max psi of 160) but what makes it stand out is the sliding psi marker.

With it, one simply has to slide the yellow arrow to the desired psi, and the pump will stop pumping once the gauge hits the marker.

Two-footed base

Although the base is two-footed, it is wide enough to deliver a stable stand when in use. Expect no toppling over with this one.

Poor ball and bladder needle storage

The only other thing we would change about this pump is the ball and bladder needle storage. There are two slots next to the psi gauge onto which the needles rest for storage. However, because they do not lock into place, it is very easy for them to get misplaced.

  • The broad 2-footed base is stable
  • Pump head design fits smaller wheels more precisely.
  • Convenient sliding psi marker
  • No bending to pump owing to tall barrel
  • Poor needle storage
  • Short hose length compared to other pumps

2 BV Bicycle Ergonomic Pump

With a maximum psi of 160, the BV bike pump is a good quality buy for those keen on a comfortable and hassle-free pumping experience. Here’s what it has to offer:

Metal barrel with lengthy hose

The barrel of the BV pump boasts of a sturdy metallic build that promises long-term use.

And knowing how inconvenient working with a short hose is, the BV pump is designed with a long pump that easily connects to the bike and works without the hassle of finding the best angle.

Furthermore, the 360-degree pivot makes the pumping process seamless.

Stable base

In addition to an extra-long hose, the stability of the base of the BV pump is another factor that further makes for the hassle-free operation of this pump. No toppling over as you pump.

Smart valve head design

No need to worry about choosing the right pump head for your valves. The BV pump sports a twin-valve design making it compatible with both Schrader and Presta valves.

Accurate pressure gauge

The BV pressure gauge displays an accurate pressure reading. But beyond that, the large display makes it also very easy to read. For these reasons, younger riders can also operate the device on their own and get the desired pressure for their tires.

Oversized handle

It is effortless to pump with the oversized handles as they are roomy enough to do the pumping action comfortably.

Bonus sport ball needle and inflatable device

It features a sports ball needle and inflation device to inflate other fun devices.

  • The large gauge is easy to read
  • Easy switch Schrader and Presta valves
  • The oversized handle offers a comfortable grip
  • Lengthy hose
  • Not any

3 TOOLITIN Floor Bicycle Pump

Like all bike pumps in our review, the Toolitin floor bicycle pump is compatible with both Presta and Schrader valves. And other than excellent functioning, the stand out feature of the Toolitin pump is its slim and sturdy barrel one-piece metal construction.

That said, this is what our research uncovered about it:

Thick and wide base

The Toolitin pump offers great stability when pumping, thanks to a thick and wide one-piece base. We find carrying it even easier for these reasons.

Great comfort features

A wide variety of comfort features makes the use of the Toolitin pump very convenient. These include an ergonomic handle with a comfortable grip which make the pumping action seamless.

Accurate pressure gauge

Highly important but not always a hit with many pump manufacturers, the Toolitin’s pressure gauge accurately displays air pressure. With a max of 160 psi, the pressure gauge secures your tires from accidental blowouts as one can see the pressure as they pump.

However, we found that it’s hard to pump the tires to higher pressures.

Convenient storage

Not only does it feature a sports ball needle and inflatable device, but it also cleverly stores them in the pump’s handle, where chances of them getting lost are slim to none.

Multi-purpose use

It can be used to inflate all types of bike tires, be they Mountain, BMX bikes or kids’ wide tires.

  • Slim and sturdy barrel design
  • Presta and Schrader compatible
  • Accurate pressure gauge
  • Thick and wide base
  • Versatile use
  • Somewhat hard pumping to higher pressures

4 Schwinn Bicycles Air Center plus

Coming from such a renowned bike and bike products company, the Schwinn Air Center Plus delivered highly when put to the test.

Here’s what it had to offer:

Red and green lock indicators

One of the outstanding features of the Air center is the lock indicators on the pump head which particularly caters to kids. In essence, red indicates that the pump head is not locked, while green shows that it is accurately locked.

As a result, you can rest assured that you or your child will always have a proper lock on the tire valves.

Accurate pressure gauge

The Schwinn Air Center Plus also comes with a pressure gauge.

We found that unlike other bike pumps in the market, the pressure reading on this one is very trustworthy as it has a very small give when compared to a standalone pressure gauge.

Moreover, its maximum pressure rating is 120 psi.

Tube length

In comparison to other pumps, the tube of the Schwinn Air center plus is relatively short. This, in turn, means that pumping with is a bit more challenging, albeit not too difficult.

Fit on 12” tires.

While this pump easily fits larger tires, it was a bit more complicated with 12” tires.

Bladder and ball needle

Additionally, the extra addition of a ball and bladder needle is excellent. Finally, we found the storage on the pump’s cylinder a safe choice. The high-risk tool is stored in a box which is then kept safely on the pump’s cylinder.

  • The color-coded mechanism ensures proper valve locking
  • Highly accurate pressure gauge
  • Safe ball and bladder needle storage
  • Pumping tires to higher pressure is difficult
  • Short hose

5 Aergun X-1000 bike Pump

The Aergun x-1000 bike pump stands out from the crowd due to its simplicity. It’s one of the most basic floor bike pumps which just does the job without extra embellishments.

Ease of use.

It is equally easy to snap the valve attachment onto tire valves as it is to take it off. After sliding the attachment onto the valve and locking it, you can get to pumping!

This makes it easy for children and beginners to use. 

Ball and bladder needle

If you participate actively in a wide variety of sports, the Aergun x-1000 comes with a ball and bladder needle for inflation of other sports balls.

Short hose length

Although not too short, the hose length is short enough to warrant some type of maneuvering in order to get pump head onto some tire valves.

Not easy to replace spare parts

In the event that this pump breaks, it is hard to find spare parts for replacement. Otherwise, when intact and you just need it for a top off once in a while, this is a great go-to bike pump.

  • Great for beginners
  • Very easy to use
  • Very affordable
  • Comes with ball and bladder needle
  • Hard to find spare parts
  • Short hose length

6 Beto Bike Pump Portable

There’s no denying that the Beto bike pump is a high-quality floor bike pump that wins over the rest of its competitors due to its trusted and reliable build. Beto (standing for ‘Be the Original’) was founded in 1988 and the company still maintains reliable bicycle accessory many decades down the line.

Here’s how this pump performed:

Multiple compatibility.

Not being left behind, the Beto pump fits Presta, Schrader and Dunlop valves. All one has to do is choose the right hole for their tire valve.

This is thanks to a AH4 pump head, which is a patented auto-head design that allows automatic installation of the pump head onto the accurate valve type.

Large accurate gauge

No matter the size or age of the user, it is very easy to get a clear reading out of the Beto pump’s 2.5-inch top-mounted gauge.

Moreover, the reading is very accurate so as to ensure correct filling. However, in the event of overfilling one’s tires, this pump also caters to such mistakes by coming with a red air bleed button located on the pump head.

Wide base

Not only does this pump spot a super cute design but it also won’t knock over every time as it is designed with a wide and super stable base.

The sturdy construction further extends to the steel barrel and anti-skid handle of the pump.

Extra-long hose length

Measuring 47.2 inches in length, it is very easy to attach the pump head onto tire valves even if the tire is oddly positioned.

Proper ball needle storage

The pump comes with a ball needle whose storage in the pump’s handle is a guarantee that it will not fall off and disappear.

  • Easy to make adjustments through red air bleed button
  • Max 160 psi
  • Stable wide base
  • Proper ball and bladder needle storage
  • None so far

7 LEZYNE classic pump

The LENZYNE classic floor pump is packed with a great range of impressive features. Its selling factor is how accurately it caters to riders with Presta valves.

Here’s what we found out about it:

Built-in Presta core remover

Unlike the rest of the pumps in our review, this pump features a screw-on head to protect the cores of Presta valves from potential damage as well as an in-built Presta core remover for tubeless setups.

The consideration with this however, as with any screw-on pump head is that it takes a longer time to attach the head to the valve. Moreover, it is more difficult to fit the pump onto 12” tires.

Pressure-release button

The Lezyne features a pressure release button to aid in case one overfills their tires.

Generous hose length

While it takes much longer to attach the pump head, this pump compensates for it with a generous hose length (4-foot) which eases the attachment process.

Sturdy 3-footed base

Stability of the pump is an important aid to the user-friendliness of a bike pump. That said, the 3-footed aluminum base of the Lezyne pump is extremely stable when placed on the ground for pumping larger tires.

Large air pressure gauge

This bike pump further stands out as it has one of the largest and easiest-to-read pressure gauges.

Not only that, but it also has a maximum pressure of 220 psi! This makes it great for road bikes.

Improper ball needle storage

While the pump comes with a ball needle, its placement on a simple clip and storage on the pump’s hose makes it very likely to fall off and get lost with time. A more secure storage mechanism would suffice.

  • Generous hose length
  • High max pressure of 220 psi
  • 3-footed base is super steady
  • Ball needle storage on hose is not secure
  • Head does not fit 12” tires with ease
  • Screwing head onto valve is a bit more time-consuming

8 Bell Air Glide 550

Bell’s Air Glide 550 Bicycle floor pump is a part of a series of floor pumps aimed at delivering the best pump performance.

Its combination of a thin barrel and high psi makes for very easy inflation.

This model offered the following:

Dual pump head

As we’ve already highlighted above, all the bike pumps in our review have dual pump heads. The Bell Air Glide 550 is no different as it accommodates both Schrader and Presta heads.

Tall and thin barrel design

The pump is designed with a tall and thin barrel design which offers less resistance thereby making it easy to inflate all types of bike tires.

The easy inflation is as a result of a combination of a thin barrel and high psi (120 psi). In comparison, the Air Attack from the same company combines high volume and wide barrel to deliver fast inflation.

Side mount gauge

In addition to a solid steel barrel, it further features a side-mounted pressure gauge that is easy to read.

Comfortable handle

To enable comfortable pumping, Bell floor pumps entails a co-molded handle which provides a soft-touch grip texture.

Small base

Although the Air glide 550 is well-designed, we find the smaller base prone to toppling over as you pump. It thus results in an awkward pumping experience.

Clever storage area

Apart from inflating bikes, this pump also includes a ball and bladder needle to inflate sport balls and other toys. The ball needle is cleverly stored on the pump’s hose.

  • Accommodates both Schrader and Presta valves
  • Tall And thin barrel design offers less resistance
  • Ball and bladder needle conveniently stores in the pump’s hose
  • Easy-to-read side-mounted pressure gauge
  • Ball needle storage on hose is not secure
  • Head does not fit 12” tires with ease
  • Screwing head onto valve is a bit more time-consuming

9 BV Bicycle Ergonomic Floor Pump with Gauge & Clever Air Valve

BV makes another appearance in our review, with a bike pump that is suitable for all types of bike tires. Here’s what it has to offer:

Long steel barrel

The BV pump is designed with a long steel barrel which ranks high in terms of sturdiness and durability as well as simultaneously being easy to use without having to lean over thanks to the appropriate length.

Maximum pressure

The lengthy barrel means more air gets pushed out per pump so that it is faster to get to the desired pressure. Additionally, the oversized grip makes for comfortable pumping to higher pressures.

And with a maximum pressure of 160 psi, both road and mountain bikes can get a fine-tuned fit.

Lengthy hose

In addition to a long barrel, the hose itself is also extra-long. The lengthy hose further features a 360 pivot which makes pumping all the easier.

Twin valve design

This bike pump’s head conveniently caters to both Presta and Schrader valves.

That said, it is difficult to connect the T-shaped head to some tire valves for pumping. This means that more often than not one has to let out some or all of the air out of the tire in order for the head to fit between the spokes.

Large and accurate gauge

To aid with getting the desired ire pressure, the BV features a large gauge whose measurement is very correct.

  • Fits both Presta and Schrader valves
  • Maximum pressure 160 psi
  • Pumps fast
  • Sport ball and needle inflatable device
  • Difficult to connect T-shaped pump head onto some tire valves

10 Planet Bike Comp Floor Pump

The Planet Bike Comp bike pump is one of the best budget pumps out there!  We truly believe that for the price, there’s hardly any better bike pump that compares to its performance.

 It delivers very smooth operation and works well at higher psi as we’ve highlighted below:

Dual valve type

For starters, this bike pump fits both valve types with no need for adjustment. One just fits the head onto the matching valve, locks the lever in place and gets to pumping!

200 psi rating

Being able to inflate tires up to 200 psi, this bike pump beats its competitors by having about double the psi rating than standard budget pumps.

And although inflating road bike to higher psi’s is a bit harder than higher-end options in the market, the Planet bike pump did a great job than most pumps within its price range.


The pump connected to both 12” pedal and balance bikes, albeit with a tight fit.

Tube length

Our reservation about this bike pump is that its tube length is much shorter than that of other pumps in the market.

Secure ball and bladder needle storage

In addition to coming with a ball and bladder needle, the manufacturers provide a reliable storage for it on a plastic case that it secured on the pump’s hose.

Replaceable bike parts.

Another thing that we really liked about this bike pumps is that it is re-buildable. In case of any breakage, Planet Bike offers replacement parts for you to easily put together the pump and restore its functioning.

This is in addition to a limited lifetime warranty .

  • Twin Valve
  • 200 psi rating
  • Readily available replacement parts
  • Enclosed ball and needle storage
  • Hose is shorter than most floor pumps in the same category

Bike Pump Buyer’s Guide

Bike pumps come in different designs and sizes. Let’s now delve into how to choose the best bike pump.

In order to come up with our comprehensive list, we used the following criteria. For those who are looking for an accurate guide to purchase their own bike pumps, here’s a reliable buying guide.

Valve type

Bikes usually have either Schrader or Presta valves.

Schrader valves are short and sturdy and are the more common of the two. On the other hand, Presta valves are rarer. They are often found on road and high-end mountain bike tires which require high air pressure.

It is imperative that your pump head matches your valve style.

There are a number of pumps which are compatible with both valve types (like the ones we have listed above!). The major difference in all these pumps is in the shape of the pump heads as well as how they attach to valves.

Let’s have a deeper look…

Head design

Generally, the pumps either have pressure-fit heads or metal screw heads. Pressure-fit heads feature a lever that locks the head to the tire valve while metal screw heads do not require a lever as they screw onto the valve.

Pressure-fit's heads are usually the larger of the two as they feature the locking lever right on the cap. Although both pumps report a certain level of difficulty fitting small tires, larger-sized heads typically have more difficulty fitting smaller tires.

One of the factors that contribute to this is the positioning of the locking lever. Engaging the locking lever in small spaces can be challenging. As a result, one may have to dispel all the air out of the tire in order to have enough space to fit the pump head.

Some bikes also feature angled valves to ease the attachment and inflation process.

Another option is to consider the use of an adapter. Adapters promote a bend at the end of Schrader valves so that the pump head fits with ease.

Generally, small pump heads fit 12” easily in comparison to big pump heads. So, note the size of the head of the pump if you are buying it for a kid’s 12” bike.

With bikes that have Presta valves, it is important to exercise care with the center core in order to prevent it from bending.

Pressure-fit heads usually have the risk of damaging the valve’s center core as a person attaches or detaches it.

As such, a pump with a screw-on metal head is more effective for Presta valves as they offer an exact fit that doesn’t pose as much damage to the center core. Aside from taking longer to attach, these pump heads are the best bet for Presta valves.


Another thing you definitely need to consider is how stable the pump is when placed on the ground for pumping. Trying to fix the pump head onto the tire valve or even trying to pump with a shaky base can be challenging.

The process is smoother with a solid base.

Additionally, pumps with stable bases are generally easier to store.

The ideal pump in terms of stability is one with a 3-footed base which is wider and bottom-heavy. As such, the likelihood of the pump tipping over when trying to attach the valve is scarce.

Tube length

The length of the tube also plays a vital role in how easy it is going to be to use the pump. Generally, the longer the tube the easier it is to use.

That’s because they enable easy attachment of the pump head to the valve while standing.

Shorter tube lengths force you to spin the wheel in order to find the perfect angle for pumping. Because longer tubes are more flexible, there’s no need to struggle to find the perfect inserting angle.

Ease of pumping

The ease of pumping has to do with how much effort you need to exert in order for the pump to get to release air.

It shouldn’t be hard for the pump to execute the pumping action.

Some bike pumps will use up more effort in order to reach a higher pressure.

Low-budget pumps are more demanding in terms of energy enforcement as compared to high-end ones.

The Accuracy of the Pressure Gauge

When looking for a choice bike pump, it is also important to take into consideration, how accurate its pressure gauge is.

Some pumps come with pressure gauges, to enable you to know track the air pressure inserted into the pump.

As such, another important factor to consider is the recommended tire pressure for the tire. Filling the tire with the right amount of pressure will prevent flats and/or riding with discomfort.

The recommended psi is elaborated on the tire’s sidewall so consider it when choosing the appropriate pump for your bike tires.

Road bike tires, for instance, require a much higher psi than standard ones. Mountain and kids’ bikes, for instance, will need a maximum of 80 psi while road bikes need a psi of at least 120.

To determine how precise the pressure gauge is, you can compare its reading to that of a standalone digital psi reader. There is little to no discrepancies when the reading of our bike pumps is compared to that of standalone pressure gauges.

Ball and bladder needle storage

As a convenient bonus, some bike pumps (mostly, full-size ones) usually come accompanied by ball and bladder needles. These can be used to pump up beach balls, foot balls, pool toys, etc.

When considering which type is best, go for the one that has an accurate storage area.

As we’ve shown in our bike pumps above, the type of storage pouch and storage location on the pump differs from pump to pump.

It is very easy to lose the needles. Therefore, to us, the most convenient storage space is the enclosed one.

A great example of a very functional ball needle storage area is the Crankbrothers Gem pump which stores the needle in the handle of the pump.

Value for your money

 You don’t just pick any bike pump for the sake of it. Instead, select a bike pump that would serve you longer than you need it. When buying, purchase from popular brands instead of going for the cheapest options. When researching, we came across a hoard of cheap knockoffs in the market. If you purchase those, sooner or later you will be in the market shopping for durable floor pumps. Go for established brands like Topeak, Lezyne, Bontrager, Specialized, Btwin, Blackburn, Silca, Bell, or whichever tickles your excitement.


Although most floor bike pumps are made of metallic material, a few are constructed with plastic. Go for the ones whose tubes are metallic, as they are durable and can be fixed easily compared to plastic ones.

As you Exit the Page!

Thinking of getting a bike pump for your cycling family? Any avid cyclist will tell you that all bike pumps do their work effectively. Although usually a last-minute purchase, it goes without saying that bike pumps are an indispensable tool for bike owners.

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Bike pumps help you inflate a tire to the right level and fix flat tires. Bike pumps are, therefore, an essential accessory in bike maintenance and during emergencies.

Our recommendations will meet your needs if you have bikes with Presta and Schrader valves.


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