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Best Kids' Biking Gloves

eric-awwy By Eric Awwy, 08 Mar 2020
Giro DND Gloves (Full-finger)

Giro DND Full-Finger Kids Gloves - Best for Experienced Kids

ZippyRooz Toddler and Kids full finger bike gloves

ZippyRooz Toddler/Kids Full Finger Gloves- Best Full-Finger Gloves

ZippyRooz Toddler & Little Kids Half finger Gloves

ZippyRooz Toddler & Little Kids - Best Quality Half-Finger Gloves

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Kids' bike gloves are essential gear that every kid on a bike needs. Biking gloves serve as protective gear and also play an aesthetic role.

Cycling gloves help protect the kids' hands in case they accidentally take a fall and defensively use their palms. Besides, they also help kids maintain a proper grip on the bikes' handlebars, which enhances the comfort necessary for control and coordination. As such, kids bicycle gloves contribute to the cycling experience of kids of different ages.

Sadly, most parents forget or overlook their necessity for cycling kids. The little hands need protection; otherwise, blisters, scrapes, road rash hands from long riding, or falls could negatively impact the little cyclists. Therefore, any kid riding a bike must have a well-fitting protective cycling glove.

Kids' cycling gloves come in different designs, colors, and styles. Choosing the best pair of gloves for a kid who cycles or is yet to cycle depends on what type of riding they will do, the weather, how your kids will be using the gloves, and a hoard of other factors that we will cover this review.

For instance, if your child is getting started with balance bikes, you wouldn't buy the same gloves suitable for kids riding BMX or Mountain bikes (generally all pedal bikes). Besides, you will also need to ensure that your kid's gloves match their size because kids' cycling gloves are not one-size-fits-all.

We've researched and tested gloves for different ride experiences, and here is an in-depth review of the best biking gloves for Kids. (we've included both full-finger and half-finger gloves for kids)

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1 ZippyRooz Toddler & little kids full long finger bike gloves- BEST FULL-FINGERED GLOVES

Zippyrooz Full-Finger Toddler Gloves
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  • Materials: 50% polyester, 40% nylon, 5% neoprene, 5% foam
  • Recommended age: 1 – 8 years
  • Colors/ prints: aliens, flowers, geometrics, robots

Formerly known as WeeRiderz, ZippyRooz is a brand that specializes in manufacturing sports accessories for little kids. 

And if our word is anything to go by, then you can trust that we are yet to dislike any product that this company has ever released.

What we love the most about the ZippyRooz full-fingered gloves is that their sizes start really small. This means that they can accommodate even the smallest of riders (one-year-olds).

If you are a biker parent, then you know how great of a factor this is.

Why? Because many companies usually have high-quality performance gloves but don’t avail them for the littlest riders. On the contrary, ZippyRooz gloves not only fit the tiniest hands but also have the abundance of comfort, convenience and protection that you would find in adult gloves.

These gloves are exceptionally easy to take off. So much so those little ones can do so on their own!

A common problem with full-fingered gloves is that they tend to be a bit cumbersome to put on. The case with these gloves is that while one can easily pinch the fingertips to pull them off, putting them on quickly requires some patience.

However, once they are on, they remain secured to the child’s hands through a hook and loop closure. And you can rest assured that they won’t come undone mid-ride.

As for comfort, these gloves have padding on the base of the palm, albeit not as much as the padding featured on their half-fingered gloves. The minimal padding is just enough to reduce impact without compromising on grip.

For extra convenience, they feature a soft, absorbent nose wipe pad on the thumb for those mischievously snotty and runny noses.

What’s more, little fingers remain warm in colder temperatures but the gloves are still breathable for warmer days due to a permeated top fabric.

Another great feature that ZippyRooz has nailed is the cute designs that they come in. Every child can have their pick!

  • Available in full-finger and half-finger options
  • Fits teeny tiny hands
  • Highly breathable
  • Great variety of cute and fun designs
  • Convenient nose wipe pad
  • Putting them on requires some getting used to


Giro DND Kids full finger glove
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  • Weighs 3.2 ounces
  • Recommended age: 4 – 12 years
  • Super Fit engineered with three-panel design and AX Suede synthetic leather
  • Silicone fingertip print and 2mm EVA crash pad

 Like the name implies, the Giro DND (Down and Dirty) Jr. II gloves will get down and dirty for action at all times, no matter the sport.

What we love the most about these gloves is that they are basically like shrunken-down versions of adult gloves. That means that your little one gets to enjoy all the benefits and performance you would typically get in an adult’s gloves.

What’s more, Giro DND Jr. is the full-fingered glove, but if you prefer a half-fingered glove, then Giro avails an equally capable glove known as the Giro Youth Bravo.

As for this full-fingered style, they are just perfect for aggressive riders who require additional gripping power as they change gears, hold onto the handlebars, and of course, the occasional braking.

Like the aforementioned ZippyRooz gloves, the half-fingered model has more padding as compared to this full-fingered version. That said, the padding on this glove is still ample enough to protect hands from injury and provide a much-needed grip.

To enhance this grip, the synthetic leather makes the palm area is so soft and pliable that fully wrapping one’s hands and fingers come naturally. The leather material truly hugs the kid’s hands and enhances flexibility.

Knowing how convenient it is for kids to put on gloves independently, these pairs feature a wide opening with Velcro straps. So automatic is the wearing process that even the youngest riders can quickly figure their way around it.

To top it all off, the gloves are moisture-wicking thanks to a heavily breathable mesh upper (4-way stretch) that enhances the comfort levels in warm and cold seasons. 

In fact, so little can be said negatively about these gloves that the only complaint we got was that the thick inner lining tends to be itchy for sensitive kids. Otherwise, these gloves are an excellent recommendation in our expert opinion.

  • Velcro closure enables easy and independent putting on and taking off
  • The synthetic leather palm is soft, supple, and highly durable
  • Moisture-wicking, 4-way stretch, breathable mesh upper enhances comfort in spite of the weather
  • Highly absorbent terry cloth wipe on the thumb for runny noses
  • Reinforces fingertips and flex zones at the knuckles
  • Some complained that the thicker inner seams tend to be itchy
  • Minimal padding compared to half-fingered version

3 Strider Full-fingered gloves

Strider Full Finger Kids' Gloves
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  • Sizes available- small (ages 1-3), Large (Ages 4-6)
  • Material: Made of SBR and PVC with leather palms and polyester backings
  • Machine washable

Strider is not a new name in the sports industry, so it comes as no surprise that these gloves give more of an experienced feel and professional look compared to others in our review.

These gloves are targeted at kids who seek that older “big-kid” look. How so? Well, rather than opting for the cute graphics and bright colors that most kids’ gloves usually have, these are available in black and white colors giving off a more athletic vibe.

Full-fingered gloves have the advantage of providing an all-around shield for the fingers, but for these particular Strider pair, they add to that by doing so in a stylish manner. 

Available in two different sizes and styles, these gloves are also proportioned to fit the tiniest of hands.

We tested the large size since the small is only available in the half-fingered style. These full-fingered pair has the advantage of offering full-hand protection as compared to their less-covered version.

Additionally, for this pair, the padding was ample enough to protect our little tester’s hands while riding. And although none of them fell off their bikes while riding, we are not sure that the padding would adequately cushion impacts from a fall.

Like most kids’ gloves, these secure through a hook and loop closure. A wide opening also allows kids to easily slip them on, although as they move towards the top, it might get tricky.

What we mean by that is that putting on these gloves might take some time, but again, this comes as no surprise as it is the case for most full-fingered gloves.

Aside from that, when it comes to enhanced grip, these Strider gloves was unmatchable. We can attest to the fact that their little hands remained on the handlebars throughout, which speaks highly of how these gloves will not slip off mid-ride.

So confident are we in the performance of these gloves that we assure you that once you go the Strider way, you can never go back!

  • Available in full-finger and half-finger options
  • Big-kid styling with black and white “athletic” color
  • Fits the smallest riders
  • Excellently hugs kids hands
  • Easy for kids to independently take them off
  • Limited color choices (only available in black/white)
  • White color easily attracts and shows dirt
  • Minimal padding on the palm area

4 Kids’ Junior II. Cycling gloves by Finger Ten

Kids' Junior Cycling Gloves
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  • Recommended ages- 2 - 10 years
  • Material- Lycra, and microfiber
  • Machine washable – N/A

Finger Ten is very familiar with sports accessories.

The Junior II. Cycling gloves are packed with great features that every top-tier glove should have. Every single part of the glove is designed with purpose and precision.

If you’ve ever had to deal with a loose glove that keeps slipping off, then you know how irritating that can get. Thanks to an anti-slip design, the palm side has such a fantastic grip that there are no chances of the child’s hands slipping off of the bike’s handles.

As for the gloves’ back material, it is not only waterproof but also windproof. This is thanks to a polyester coating that makes it 100% water and windproof so hands stay warmer and protected from outside elements.

*(Note that this wind and the waterproof feature is exclusive to the backside and not the palm side)*

To show you just how intentional the creation of this glove was, it features a touchscreen compatible feature on the thumb and forefinger tips of the glove.

With this feature, you can say goodbye to numbness of the fingers from exposing them to the cold to use devices and hello hassle-free smartphone, IPad, and general device operation. Talk about convenience!

This touchscreen feature alone gives it an edge over other gloves in the market today.

 Here’s what we don’t like about these gloves; while the insulation that the thermal fleece lining provides is great, their performance for winter sports is quite average.

Otherwise, these gloves will genuinely do wonders no matter what sport your child is partaking in. Whether they are cycling, hiking, jogging, running Finger ten will keep all ten fingers protected.

  • 100% wind and water-resistant
  • Non-slip palm enhances grip
  • Touch screen compatible
  • Some complained that the touch screen function wears out after a few weeks
  • Perfect for sporting in cold weather but not sub-zero degrees

5 FIRELION Full finger Cycling gloves

FIRELION Kids Mountain bike Gloves
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  • Material: 65% nylon + 14%polyurethane + 9% elastane +6% chloroprene +5% spandex +1% polyester
  • Colors - green, red, black

FIRELION gloves are quite popular among many sports enthusiasts, not just for the awesome price that their products come in but for the even more awesome performance that they give.   

The sleek look of these gloves is a winner in the books of many fashion-forward riders.

Although they are highly fashionable, the most award-worthy feature of these gloves is the palm padding. The comfort offered by these gloves is second to none when compared with other gloves we’ve tested.

A soft and supple gel padding runs across the pressure zones of the palm. By doing this, it relieves the pressure of the ulnar nerve and results in reduced hand fatigue and numbness

It also works to reduce the effect of road vibration due effective to shock-absorption when riding on bumpy roads.

The reinforced micro matrix synthetic leather material further allows flexibility of the hands, and its high quality surely adds to the durability of the gloves.

Moreover, the gloves’ breathability is exceptional thanks to the mesh and terry cloth material that allows it to wick moisture away on a hot day.

Lycra and spandex material enables a snug fit, and should the gloves be too loose or too tight; then its straps can be adjusted for a more secure fit.  

To wipe dripping sweat away from the face is a soft, absorbent microfiber that conveniently absorbs sweat when riding in the sun.  

Another winner in our books is that these gloves have a touch screen function that conveniently allows the use of mobile devices without having to remove the gloves.

What’s more, they are machine washable so you can rest assured that no matter the number of hours they are used for, they can remain fresh and clean thereafter.

What else can we say? These gloves are indeed one of a kind!

  • The highly breathable and comfortable gel pad
  • Advanced grip
  • Touch recognition for convenient mobile use
  • Effectively absorbs shock during bumpy rides
  • Some reported trouble using the touch screen function
  • Touch screen functions further down the finger and not at its tip

6 Finger Ten kids Mountain Bike Gloves

Fingerten Biking Gloves
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Salient features

  • Recommended ages 2 – 11 years
  • Size: small (2 - 4), medium (5 - 7), large (7 - 9), XL (9 - 11)
  • Color: blue, orange, green

Finger Ten makes yet another appearance in our review with a specialized glove for mountain biking.

Finger Ten has made itself known for being royalties at making first-class sports accessories and tells you what; these mountain bike style gloves are as remarkable as the Junior II.

Stick around, and we’ll tell you why these gloves can only be described as “extraordinary.”

For starters, the protection, comfort, and grip they advance towards riders is exceptional!

Mountain biking gloves need to provide enhanced grip on the handlebars as compared to the type of clasp you’d expect from gloves used with road bikes. If they look good but don’t function as well, we’d say they are not worth a broken collar.

To protect the child in those escapades, these pair feature anti-slip gel padding that ensures that the rider’s hands are not prone to slipping. This is in addition to silicon finger strips that enhance fingertip control such that the rider’s hands and handlebars remain attached like a second skin.

The padding further ensures a high level of hand comfort. Although we couldn’t fit our hands within the gloves, the lack of complaints from our testers only affirmed that the gloves are incredibly comfortable.

As if that isn’t enough, a perforated palm enhances airflow while a thermal fleece lining enables hands to remain warm throughout the ride

When the rider comes to a rest, there is no need to take the gloves off to make phone calls or play games. Through a very conductive fabric on the glove’s thumb and index finger area, one can easily use devices with touch screens.

As you can see, the comfort, protection, and grip provided by these gloves is exceptional. So if your child is keen on treading mountain paths, then these gloves will get them through those adventures rides like a pro.

  • Gel padding and silicon finger strips advance grip for mountain biking
  • Equipped for both warm and cold weather through the insulated lining
  • Touch screen compatible
  • Sizing is off for some gloves

7 Cool change Full finger cycling gloves

Cool Change Cycling Gloves for Kids
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The performance of your child on biking trails will never be the same once they put on this cool pair of gloves, un-ironically from CoolChange.

The company is not only great at making cool gloves but also ensuring that the gloves are lightweight and comfortable.

We can assure you that no matter their choice of poison, these CoolChange pairs will be ready to offer full protection; be they cycling, climbing, hiking or camping!

The leather material, for instance, enhances palm grip for the little rider to maintain control of the brake levers and handlebars even when it gets rainy

CoolChange gear goes the extra mile to ensure comfort. With anti-slip gel padding, riding over bumpy terrain won’t be a hassle as the padding absorbs shocks and reduces hand vibrations.

There’s no need to avoid those lazy afternoon rides as the child can easily wipe the sweat away through the terry cloth section featured on the thumb. The highly breathable portion of the gloves will also leave their hands cool, fresh, and clean.   

That aside here’s what we mean when we say that CoolChange goes the extra mile at providing the best for their customers; the gloves feature a reflective logo running across its back.

The reflective feature enhances the rider’s visibility by other road users when riding in the dark and thereby leads to avoided run-ins and collisions.

Lastly, the gloves also feature a touch screen compatible with thumb and index finger. You won’t have to deal with the thrilling cold to access your phone.

Being the highly economical type, we were pleased that CoolChange avails all these features at such an affordable price!

  • Versatile and protective
  • Touch screen compatible thumb and index
  • Shock-proof and anti-slip
  • Reflective logo enhances visibility at night
  • Run small, so you need to size up
  • Not true for winter riding as they lack sufficient insulation

8 Anser full-finger riding gloves

Anser Kids' Cycling Gloves
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  • Material: mesh, microfiber, Lycra, neoprene, silicone
  • Palm width: S (2.95” - 3.14”), M (3.14” – 3.34”), L (3.34” – 3.74”), XL (3.74” – 4.13”), XXL (4.13’ – 4.52”)

Comfortable, kid-sized, breathable, and protective are all features that you would like to see in a kid’s sports glove. And that is exactly what this pair from Anser offers.

One of our testers’ favorite features is that the gloves are available in ten vibrant colors for your child to choose their favorite from.

Other than that, these gloves are specially equipped with highly elastic Lycra. So light and soft is this material that these gloves give off such a natural feel that your kid will forget they have gloves on- which is great because they won’t feel burdened by the glove.

In the very likely event that they fall off with their palms first, the gloves will act as a protective buffer between the child’s palm and the ground.

Wondering how? That’s because other than conforming to the hand’s shape; these gloves are endowed with an 8mm foam padding that effectively absorbs shock and thereby cushions impact.

The padding also has the advantage of being non-slip and anti-vibration, so it also reduces the effect of road vibration on the hands and relieves hand fatigue while simultaneously keeping the child’s hand secured to the handlebars.

Besides, the gloves feature a breathable layer that enables the absorption of cool air and repelling of warmth and moisture from within.

Like most gloves listed in our review, this pair is also equipped with a conductive touchscreen feature to add to its effectiveness. 

  • Gloves conform to the natural contours of the hand
  • Anti-slip shock-absorbing foam padding
  • Touch screen compatible
  • Average ventilation hence might get hot within

10 Best Cycling Half-Fingered Kids' Biking Gloves

In the past, so many kids have ruined their full-fingered gloves in an attempt to make their half-fingered gloves. This speaks of how much kids love half-fingered gloves.

On a child level, half-fingered gloves enhance their “cool” look, but on an expert level, half-fingered gloves have the advantage of being more comfortable and entirely free as they allow fingers to roam without being compressed within.

Listen, there’s no need for your kid to ruin full-fingered gloves when they can just get a half-fingered glove that looks cool and functions just as well.

Here is a list of the best half-fingered gloves in the market today.

1 ZippyRooz Toddler & Little Kids Bike Gloves

Zippyrooz fingerless kids gloves
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  • Recommended ages 1 - 8 years
  • Materials: nylon and polyester

Cute prints, absorbent cloth on the thumb for running nose, extra padding, and finger hoops for easy removal. What more could a person want from a kids’ gloves? Nothing. And that’s what makes ZippyRooz gloves some of the best gloves you will ever find in the market today.

If you are anything like us, you want to get the most wear out of any product. That said, these gloves can fit from a young age and with adequate room to grow so they can stay with the child throughout their growth spurts

The best feature of these gloves is their padding. The thing that most parents worry about when it comes to fingerless gloves is their ability to accurately cover/protect kids’ hands and especially the knuckles. 

Not only do these gloves wholly cover the knuckles but they also have more padding than the full-fingered gloves.

As such, when their hands hit the pavement after a fast ride, they’ll be protected from scrapes and scuffs. This makes them great for kids who are in the learning process and tend to fall hand first.

While these gloves are amply padded, they are not advisable for use on the monkey as their soft nature makes them incompetent to protect in such cases.

Nevertheless, they perform exceedingly when riding as the padding is generous enough to reduce impact without compromising on grip.

Additionally, the sturdy hook and loop closures that secure these gloves are like those you’d find in an adult’s glove, if not better.

Getting them off is a breeze thanks to the sewn-in pull loops that ensure quick independent removal. And as for getting them on, the majority of or testers revealed that it was quite easy while others complained that it took longer than it should have 

Cool Lycra material is also featured on its backs while a soft absorbent material covers the thumb area for constant runny noses. The material is conveniently soft, so it doesn’t hurt the little one’s nose.

No wonder these gloves come with a fair warning that your kid might get superhero powers from wearing them!

  • Cute designs and funky colors for young boys and girls
  • Highly padded for ultimate performance in the event of an impact
  • Sewn-in finger loops enable easy removal
  • Soft and absorbent thumb material
  • Sizes run large, so you might need to size down
  • Not advisable for use on monkey bars as they are a little slippery

2 NATURE Ann half finger glove- BEST URBAN WEAR

Nature Ann boys' and Girl's kids' biking gloves
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  • Material: spandex & microfiber
  • Size: Suitable for palm width between 1.96 inches and 2.75 inches
  • For cycling, MTB exercise skateboard, roller skating
  • 4 camouflage colors

Are you tired of the blisters from monkey bars and scrapes from a fall?

All those can be fixed by these lightweight pair of children’s fingerless glove by NATURE Ann

Sporting a camouflage pattern for highly fashionable urban kids, these are just the ideal gloves for anyone who is biased towards looks and functionality.

When it comes to functionality, these gloves offer professional protection.

Its palm area entails a thick shock-absorbing material that acts as a buffer layer in the event of a fall or hard impact.  With stretchy spandex and microfiber make, the gloves give you a hand-hugging feel as they conform to the hug the hand’s natural contours.

For obstacles such as riding that require a secure grip, the non-slip feature of the gloves is a huge bonus!  

The only downside to these gloves is that they have a “one-size-fits-all” approach in that they are only available in one size (for palms measuring 1.97 inches to 2.78 inches), which limits the number of kids who can fit them.

As for comfort and convenience, the NATURE Ann half-fingered pair performed just as outstandingly. A fully breathable mesh material ensures that the little rider’s hands remain sweat-free.

Velcro straps secure the wrist and ensure a customized fit. Not to mention just how simple the wearing and removal process is.

The best part? These gloves will stay with the kid throughout the years, not only because they can be adjusted for a tailored fit as they grow but also because they are not susceptible to shrinkage after wash.

As you can see, a lot can be said about the NATURE Ann cycling gloves, but trust us,  a great majority of what will be said will be positive. That is why these gloves are worthy of praise and a high ranking on our list.

  • Cool camouflage designs
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Shock-absorbing material cushion impact
  • Ergonomically designed to fit the natural contours of the hand
  • Hand washable and quick drying
  • Limited to one size
  • Some complained that the rubber on the palms is a bit stiff

3 Giro Youth Bravo Junior Gloves

Giro Youth Bravo Kids Biking Gloves
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Salient features

  • Recommended ages 4 – 12 years
  • Super Fit engineered with three-panel design with AX Suede synthetic leather

The Giro Youth Bravo half-fingered gloves are a force to be reckoned with when it comes to kids’ gloves; they may look small at first glance, but they stretch to fit accurately.

Like we’ve mentioned above, these are the half-fingered version of the Giro DND Junior.

Like the full-fingered version, they are effortless to wear thanks to a wide opening upper and simple Velcro closure that secures the hands.

If you are a parent to a bustling little rider, then you know how padding can save quite some tearful sessions when the kid falls off the bike. You also know how often those falls can be, especially in the beginning stages of riding.

These gloves have extra padding at the base of the fingers and palm area, while a durable AX suede palm enables reduced impact without sacrificing much-needed grip when riding.

Mind you; the leather shows no signs of wear even after months of use. This happens to be one of our most favorite features of these gloves.

 With them, young riders can say goodbye road rash hands and hello to safer, more comfortable hands as not only do these generously padded gloves cushion impact from falls, but they are also quite comfortable.

This thus makes them an excellent fit for older balance bike riders.

Aside from these protective features, the gloves further enhance comfort through a moisture-wicking, 4-way stretch breathable mesh material that enables sufficient air circulation within the gloves.

Last but not least, Giro Youth Bravo gloves boast a highly absorbent microfiber wiping surface for runny noses.

If protection, comfort, and value are things that you expect out of a child’s sports gloves, then this pair is well worth the consideration.

  • Generous padding for shock absorbency
  • The highly durable leather material
  • Easy-to-wear
  • Moisture-wicking, 4-way stretch, breathable mesh
  • Highly absorbent microfiber wiping surface
  • Some complained that the inner stitching is itchy at the back of the hand

4 Finger Ten half finger cycling gloves – best half finger gloves for active kids

Fingerten Half-finger Kids cycling gloves
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  • Recommended ages 2 – 10 years
  • Weight 3.52 ounces
  • 3 colors - green. Red. Blue

Another solid pick is the Finger Ten fingerless gloves.

These gloves boast of the best performance in terms of grip as they deliver tremendous and steady grasp for active kids who like to indulge in mountain biking or BMX riding.

Such tough sports require a death grip on the handlebars, and that is precisely what the anti-slip gripper foam pads around the fingers deliver. Not only that but they also offer high levels of shock absorption. So much so that we had no doubts about how much of an impact they can tolerate in case of a hard fall.

The gel padding offers enough grip while still allowing a tactile feel of the handlebars underneath. That way, the child remains in full control of the handlebars.

Another great feature of these gloves is that they were instantly comfortable, and we can only accredit this to the soft Lycra material.

And the comfort is maintained even during summer when the temperatures are at an all-time high; the gloves remain ventilated. Air circulates freely such that cool air gets in while hot air and moisture escape preventing the discomfort of sweaty hands while riding

A large microfiber patch around the thumb helps with runny noses or wiping away tears in the case of a fall while the silicon pull tab eases removal of the gloves.

The best feature about the Finger Ten fingerless gloves is that they are made such that the can fit even the smallest of hands. That said, our only complaint is that the sizes tend to run small, so you need to size up, and they might not fit bigger kids.

 As far as functionality goes, these gloves are unbeatable and thus the best match for lovers of outdoorsy sports.

  • Ultra-soft and flexible due to Lycra material
  • Perforated palm material allows ventilation
  • Includes anti-slip foam pads
  • Durability is top-notch
  • Microfiber patch assists with drying noses and tears
  • Sizes tend to run small

5 LuxoBike half finger cycling gloves

LuxoBike Cycling Gloves for Kids
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Once a glove ticks off every box in our checklist then we have no choice but to give it its accolades.

The LuxoBike half-finger gloves are one such example but not for nothing.

For starters, they are incredibly well-made.

You know the tingling sensation infamously known as “pins and needles” that many complain about after long periods of holding onto the handlebars? Especially so after a long bumpy ride?

Well, you can say goodbye to those as these gloves offer relief from numbness, cramping, and overall fatigue due to ample padding on the palm area.

The padding, strategically located in all the right areas, effectively distributes the force of the handlebar across the surface of the palm hence the reduced strain on the hands. 

Additionally, these gloves offer one of the best handlebar contacts. This is thanks to the fact that the palm is well-designed with material that gives a soft suede-like feel. Not only is the material supple but it also offers maximum grip and stability.

Besides, the gloves’ stretch-ability extends to the back area, whose Lycra allows a full stretch.

Many are usually reserved about the finger loops meant to aid with the removal of the gloves. In fact, at first glance, you might think that the finger loops are just a gimmick that will get in the way or get caught in something but that is very much not the case.

Worst case scenario, they get caught on in the brake lever. Otherwise, you won’t even notice that they are there till you want to get the gloves off as they are strategically placed between your fingers.

 Simple Velcro closure secures the child’s hands while their adjustability enables them to adjust to the child’s wrist size without affecting blood flow.  They primarily allow sufficient thumb rotation and movement.

Further, the gloves feature mesh in the back and front. This characteristic makes these pairs stand out from the rest as most gloves tend to limit breathability on one side.  

With a soft absorbent towel on the back of both thumbs to conveniently wipe the sweat away, the LuxoBike half finger gloves are bound to make a dramatic difference in your riding

  • Fits snuggly and secures without affecting blood flow
  • Anti-slip padding
  • Finger loops enable a more comfortable and quicker removal
  • Breathability extends to the back and front of the gloves
  • Machine washable and wears well
  • Some complained that the terry cloth covering the thumb is too small

6 Kiddimoto Kids Fingerless cycling gloves

Kiddimoto Cycling Gloves Kids
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Salient features

  • Available sizes: small (3 1/8” – 80mm), Medium (3 ½” – 90mm)        
  • Recommended ages: small (2 – 5 years), medium (5 - 10 years)

These half-finger Kiddimoto gloves are just what your child needs while they are out and about on those Sunday afternoon cycles.

For starters, gloves with fingerless tips allow easy maneuverability for kids, but these gloves go a step further to ensure comfort and functionality is also great for the youngsters.

They are available in a wide range of striking colors and what do you know, the gloves also have matching bikes, helmets, bells, and horns. So if your kid is a lover for that professional matching gear look, then you might want to purchase from this brand.

Like many gloves in this review, these also secure over the wrist through Velcro hook & loop fasteners. What stands out about the Velcro closure is that it is thick and very secure. 

Not only is this closure mechanism easy for kids to master, but they also enable the gloves to grow with the kid as they can fit them continually.

All avid riders can agree that nothing speaks of great comfort and design like a glove that has good looks, highly flexible, highly breathable. That said, we were pleased that the gloves’ mesh is super breathable and ensures the child’s finger remains cool on hot summer days.

The elasticity of these gloves is another feature whose purpose cannot be undermined. While the gloves are highly flexible, they remain like so without getting in the way of handlebar grip for the rider

Our favorite feature is the glove’s padding on the wrist and palm. In the event of those inevitable tumbles for little riders, the gloves work well to ensure that there are no cases of grazed palms or scraped knuckles, no matter how hard one falls.

A breathable fabric, secure straps, and great padding all mean enhanced grip on the handlebars even for the youngest riders, be they on balance bikes, scooters or skateboards, which is what this fingerless pair from Kiddimoto delivers.

  • Great fun graphics to choose from
  • Hook and loop strap for easy and quick fitting
  • Breathable elastic mesh fabric
  • Highly affordable
  • Not as durable as most gloves we’ve reviewed

7 Anser 2130042 cycling gloves

Anser 2130042 Biking Glove for Kids
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Salient features

  • Material- mesh, microfiber, Lycra, neoprene, silicone
  • Purpose- riding, running, hiking, outdoor sports

The Anser short finger gloves are another pair of protective accessories that profoundly impressed us.

Available in size small for palm widths of 2.95 – 3.14 inches to the largest size XXL for palm widths of 4.13 to 4.52 inches, you won’t miss a perfect fit for your kid within that range.

And if they are the likes, which are very particular with their choices, then ten great color choices and prints are available for them to choose their favorite from.

The comfort features are also in surplus. The Anser pair is lightweight and thereby extremely comfortable to ride with.

Add that to a soft and natural feel thanks to the Lycra material, so you don’t have to fight with your kid to put them on

They are enhanced with a breathable mesh material to prevent excessive sweating within and simultaneously prevent the gloves from slipping off of the handlebars.

The breathability is more biased to the palm side, so they tend to get hot within the upper hand, thus we’d advise using them in cooler temperatures

Further, they are polished with an elastic and shock-absorbing 8mm foam padding around the palm area to relieve hand fatigue and altogether increase hand comfort

We don’t like those super hard-shell pads as they tend to be uncomfortable, but as for these gloves, the padding is in all the right areas so the child remains immune to numbness  

To top it off, hoop and loop closures with strings placed around the fingers allow easy removal by merely hooking one’s fingers under them and quickly pulling the gloves off

This is a feature that you won’t just find in any pair of gloves no matter how “high-end” they are; thus, they were quite a nice and useful touch to the gloves that we appreciated.

Lastly, even after a couple of washes, we’ve not noticed any color fading or stretch in the material

This set of gloves fit well, looks good, conforming to the elements outside, but they are especially so if you are on the market for lightweight kids’ fingerless gloves, then they are worth the try.

  • Extremely lightweight
  • Easy on easy off with finger pull tabs
  • Available in a plethora of cute, bright, and cool designs
  • Padding effectively protects palms
  • Highly durable as they don’t overstretch or fade after wash
  • Not as breathable on the upper side

8 IPENNY half finger cycling gloves

Ipenny biking gloves
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  • Recommended features: ages 4-9
  • Material: Lycra and silicone
  • Weight 3.5 ounces

Although not as popular or as high-end as some of the brands mentioned in this review, these mitts from IPENNY are worth the try.

Our little testers were particularly thrilled about the camouflage design of the gloves that we can only describe as; trendy yet functional.

You can tell that the manufacturers took their time to craft them. From heavy-duty double stitching to leather patchwork on the endings of the fingers, every bit of the gear is detailed to enhance durability.

The comfort level of these mitts impressed us.

With a back made of high-quality Lycra, the result is that these gloves are incredibly soft, stretchy, and comfortable.

To add to the comfort level, the gloves entail a quick-dry, anti-slip palm with permeable meshes.  The highly breathable material makes for a super cool feel even during hot summer rides. This is in addition to a sweat-wicking terry cloth featured in the thumb area that conveniently absorbs sweat

The palm area features non-slip padding, which we loved because of the enhanced grip and reduced friction.  The padding works to protect the kid’s palms from shocks and hurts through blisters and calluses.

Not to mention, it generally reduces hand fatigue, so there won’t be any complaints of sore hands even after long rides.

Another stronghold about these gloves is that they are incredibly lightweight which works perfectly for kids within the four years and nine years old age bracket. Furthermore, they fit thanks to adjustable string closures snugly. 

We all know how short-fingered gloves are generally easier for kids to put on but here are gloves that are even easier to pull off owing to finger pull tabs for easy removal. Talk about ultimate convenience!

Best part? They are hand-washable. So dirt build-up will be the least of your worries.

  • Ultra-soft, stretchy and comfortable
  • Easy removal owing to finger-pull tabs
  • Optimal breathability hands remain dry and comfortable
  • Extremely lightweight
  • They tend to run small

9 Freehawk kids half-finger cycling gloves

Freehawk Fingerless Gloves
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  • Size- suitable for palm width of 1.97 – 2.76 inches
  • Material- spandex and microfiber

If you are running tight on a budget, then the Freehawk Kids’ half-finger cycling gloves are just the gloves you need.

Etched on the top side of the gloves is a cool tiger design that is sure to excite kids who love the style and looking cool.

On the palm side is a highly breathable make that allows sweat to be swept away

To finish off the look are adjustable Velcro straps that fully enclose the rider’s wrist. Not only are they easy for kids to put on and take off independently, but their adjustability further enhances a tailored fit that suits each rider’s ergonomics.

Made of spandex and microfiber materials, these gloves fit snugly. This is thanks to the elasticity and flexibility provided by these materials.

Their ultra-thinness works both to their advantage and disadvantage. For one, the thin nature enhances suppleness and makes them extra light on the kid’s hand but on the other hand; it does nothing to its grip.

 As such, these gloves deliver average grip, which honestly works well for cycling but we’d highly discourage use on swinging on monkey bars. As we’ve said, there isn’t much padding on the palm side, thus, as they are likely to result in bruising the kid’s fingers by not providing enough protection.

These gloves don’t necessarily classify as “high-performance,” but they work well for a majority of sports.

For its price, it does an excellent job of gripping. After all, the rule of the market goes that you get what you pay for

There are better gloves out there, but there are also way worse ones but for their price, you won’t get gloves that are as comfortable or as lightweight as these Freehawk gloves.

  • Unique fashionable design
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Supple thanks to spandex and microfiber materials
  • Easy to put on and take off with hook and loop closure
  • Average grip performance
  • Minimal padding

10 MOREOK half finger cycling gloves

MOREOK cycling gloves kids
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