The Best Kids’ Bike Tires for Upgrade or Replacement

eric-awwy By Eric Awwy, 14 Dec 2021

For performance and comfort freaks, bike tires are a constant discussion. Which is the best, lightest, best size, or has the best treads? Unfortunately, the discussion only goes as further as adult bike tires are concerned. In most cases, kids bike tires age with the bike, especially if well maintained.

We’ve seen good bikes abandoned because of the lack of knowledge that there are kids’ bike tires that parents can purchase and replace. Given this foregoing, we have taken it upon ourselves to test, evaluate, research on, and round up replacement tires for kids’ bikes. This is part of the bike maintenance strategy, a cycle that every parent whose kid owns a bike must go through.

In this article, we offer useful information that will help you comfortably purchase 12-inch, 14-inch, 16-inch, 20-inch, and 24-inch bike tire replacements. We already have an ultimate kids’ bike tire buyer’s guide that details the specifics you need to focus on when purchasing a replacement tire for your kids’ bikes.

When the day and time of buying a new set of tires for your kiddo’s bike, or if you want to romp or pimp up the ride and you need to do away with the stock tires, consider the good replacement tires for kids’ bikes that we have reviewed below. If your local bike shop does not stock it, here are options to consider.

 12-inch Bike Tires (for Replacement or Upgrade)

The 12-inch bike tires are a perfect fit for 12-inch balance bikes and 12-inch pedal bikes. Let’s see what’s on offer for the size 12 replacement tires for kids’ bikes.

KENDA K-50 12" Mountain Tire

If you are looking for a 12-inch BMX bike tire, look no further than this tire. Made by Kenda, the K-50 is one of the best replacement tires for BMX bikes.

The most amazing thing about it is that it has a special BMX tread design that makes it perfect for both dirt and paved surfaces. Two of these tires on your child’s BMX bike will make it perfect for training or fun recreational riding.

This Kenda tire is available in both gumwall and black. It also features a wire bead. You can use it to replace a rubber or even a plastic wheel of a similar size.

Bell BMX Tire

This tire is manufactured by Bell. It is best known for its advanced tread pattern that increases traction and safety. So, if you are looking for a BMX tire that will make your son’s bike safer to ride, it is the one to get.

In addition to having an advanced tread pattern, it is a very durable tire perfect for off-road riding. It will take a long time before it starts showing any signs of wear and tear.

One more thing worth mentioning about this tire is that it has a carbon steel bead which allows you to fold it for a long time without damaging it.

It is also puncture-resistant.

Kenda Black Street K124

This is the second 12-inch Kenda tire on this list. It is well-designed for child-stroller use. Most child strollers designed for street use have 12-inch rear wheels. If your child’s stroller is like most strollers, you can easily replace either of its rear wheels with this Kenda tire.

It is also well-designed for use as a basic replacement tire. You can use it to replace a 12-inch tire on a small bike. Those who use it as a replacement tire usually sing praises about how solid it feels and the thickness of its sidewalls.

Goodyear Folding Bead Bicycle Tire

This is a 12.5-inch bicycle tire for kids’ bikes. It is often regarded as one of the best quality 12-inch tires. This is because it is a lightweight folding tire. Once you install it, your kid will never complain again about a tire slowing them down. It is a slick tire, which is best for pavement rides.

Kenda Black Street K124

The Kenda model K124 is a black tire perfect for use as a repair tire for strollers with 12-inch tires. It is also used as a repair tire for bikes with 12-inch tires. Three things stand out about this tire. First, it is extremely durable. This means it can last for a long time. Second, it is relatively thick. This makes it somewhat puncture-resistant. Lastly, it is very well-designed. Its design is flexible for easy installation.

Schwalbe Black Jack (12 x 1.9”)

The Schwalbe Black Jack does well both on and off-road. The tire embodies the Schwalbe tire design philosophy that ensures that all Schwalbe tires are lightweight and performance-oriented. On its sides, it features reflective sidewall that helps with visibility. To top off the fun, it also comes loaded with KevlarGuard (KG) flat protection, which means that it is guaranteed not to get punctures when your kid is on the trails. With the wire bead design, you can be sure that the tire will last long enough to make a name as a worthy tire replacement. It also comes in other sizes from 18 inches to 29 inches, which gives you a range of choice depending on the type and size of bike your child rides.


If you are after slick tires, consider the Kenda Black Street K124, Kenda K125, Kenda Kontact, and Goodyear 12. These are better options for kids that mostly ride their bikes on the pavements. The Schwalbe black jack,

14-inch Tires (for Replacement or Upgrade)

Kenda 14X1.75 Tire Bicycle Street K103

Kenda has been making biking tires for a long time. The company has, over the years, improved the design of its bike tires to make them the best. This 14-inch tire from the company is very good evidence of this. It is a brilliant repair tire from Kenda.

It is great for use as a bike repair tire. In fact, if you replace any bike tire with this tire, it is unlikely you will ever need to replace it again. That’s just how good it is.

Kenda K50 14 x 1.25" Tire Black

Like most Kenda tires, the Kenda K50 is a high-quality tire. It is 14 inches in size, relatively wide, and relatively light. Replacing one or both tires on your kid’s bike with this tire will not affect the bike’s speed or braking.

In fact, it will most likely make the bike better. This is because it will provide it with well-designed to be the perfect tire for both easy cycling and aggressive cycling on dirt pump up tracks.

Goodyear Folding Bead Bicycle Tire

Goodyear is one of the top makers of car tires and bike tires. This particular tire is made of rubber and a folding bead design. The folding bead design ensures the tire can stay folded for a long time without getting damaged. The bike comes in two sizes: 14 x 1.5 and 14 x 2.25, which makes it versatile for most kids’ bikes, depending on the rims. It is, however, a sleek tire that is only great for street and pavement riding. Many parents purchase this bicycle tire for use as a replacement tire. You too can buy it and keep it for use if you have one or more kids’ bikes in your home. It is an excellent upgrade that will make your kid comfortable on their bikes, never again to complain about discomfort due to tires.


Under the size 14-inch bike tire replacements, you can also consider Schwalbe Little Joe (14 x 1.40), Kenda Small Block 8 (K1047) 14 x 1.5, and Innova 14 x 2.1. They are equally good kids’ bike replacement tires or for upgrades. The Kenda Small Block 8, Kenda K50, Schwalbe Little Joe, are all-terrain tires while Innova is good for off-road MTBs given its treads, knobbiness, and design. If you want slick tires, consider the Kenda Street K103 and the Goodyear Bead bike tires.

16-inch Tires for Kids’ Bikes (for Replacement or Upgrade)

If you need to purchase 16-inch bike tires for replacement, either for your kid’s bike or trailers, consider these options.

Spawn Cycles Loam Star 16” x 1.90”

We are ourselves quality freaks and when we see a good kids’ tire bike with the deserved quality, we never hesitate to point any parent to it. Having tested bikes that come with the Spawn Loam Star 16 tires, we are satisfied that it lives up to its name as the world’s best 16” offroad tire for kids. It has an aggressive tread pattern that helps the kids to shred through the dirt trails while maintaining crazy speeds. At the same time, it has a fast-running center tread that makes it a good choice for street/pavement riding. Again, its thin sidewalls and the soft rubber compound makes it light enough for the kids not to complain. It has a puncture protection design, which is a plus if your little shredder loves the trails. So, if you are after a good all-terrain kids’ bike tire, go for the Spawn Loam Star 16”.

Bell Kids Bike Tire

According to those who have bought and installed this kids’ bike tire, it is a brilliant 16-inch bike tire. Three things make it stand out.

First, it has an optimized tread, which gives it superior traction and ensures total control. It comes in various width sizes from 1.75 to 2.25 inches, which makes it versatile for most 16-inch kids’ bikes.

Second, it has a carbon steel bead which allows it to stay folded for an extended period without being damaged.

Lastly, it has an ultra-durable design that ensures it will last long whether used on a paved or rough surface. The fact that ot has an aggressive and knobby tread for excellent traction, makes it a great replacement or upgrade tire for kids’ MTB.

Calpalmy Premium Tire

This is a top-quality 16-inch tire that is made of special latex and BPA-free rubber. It is designed as a replacement tire for size sixteen bike tires that are between 1.75 and 2.15 inches wide. It is a common replacement tire for bikes such as Titan, Dynacraft Magna, Schwinn, RoyalBaby, Retrospec Koda, and JOYSTAR.

The thing you will love the most about this tire is how much more comfortable it will make your baby’s ride. It will do this because it is made of a material that absorbs shock better than the rubber material that is often used.

You will also love the fact that this tire is made to last for a long while. The reason is that it is built using heavy-duty materials. And with the safety-first design that focuses on the inner tube being explosion proof, your kiddo is safer when using these pair of tires. Upon puncturing, the tire creates an airtight seal that prevents further damage, injury, or destruction to the bike.

Schwinn All-Terrain Replacement tires (16 x 1.95”)

This Schwinn tire is an all-terrain 16-inch replacement tire. It is the perfect tire to get for your child’s BMX bike. This is because it is an all-terrain tire. It is perfect for BMX cycling on both paved and dirt surfaces.

Get this replacement tire or a set of them especially if your child likes riding aggressively on pump tracks. This is because it will never show signs of wear even when exposed to aggressive use.

Bell BMX Tire

The Bell BMX Tire is a super tire. It is good enough to replace any pneumatic 16-inch bike tire. While it is not made in the USA as it was previously made, it is still a very good tire that meets American standards. First 1.75 - 2.125-inch rims.

It is a tire that will go a long distance without experiencing a flat. This is because it is thick and well-built to protect it from punctures.

Your child will get plenty of miles out of this tire before it becomes unusable.

EVO Splash Kids Bike Tire

This is an advanced 16-inch tire that you can use as a basic replacement to a mountain bike tire. So, if you have a mountain bike tire that needs replacing, you can take this one.

The tire is available in black and white.

If you decide to purchase this tire, you will get three things. You will get a smooth-riding tire, a great gripping tire, and a tire that is perfect for on-road and off-road adventures.

Kenda MX K50  (16''X2.125)

The Kenda MX K50 is a 16-inch repair tire from the legendary Kenda company. It is one of the best sixteen-inch tires for the price. It is a clincher type of tire.

Because of its price, you might expect this Kenda tire to last for only a couple of months, especially if your child likes to cycle fast and brake hard. If this is your expectation, you will be pleasantly surprised.

The tire will last for a long time before it becomes unusable.

Kenda K909A (16x1.75”)

This cheap sixteen-inch road bike rubber tire is absolutely perfect for toddler bikes. So, if you are looking for a sixteen-inch tire to replace a cheap or worn-out manufacturer tire on a toddler bike, this is what you should consider.

This bike tire has very little rolling resistance and also good traction.

Furthermore, it is extremely durable. It can last for a long time even if your kid likes riding his bicycle.

Continental Ride Tour

Continental is known for making brilliant tires for urban bikes. Its tires are famous for three things - good traction, puncture-resistance, and durability. The Continental Ride Tour, like most Continental bike tires, has good traction, puncture-resistance, and durability.

Its special center tread is what gives it good traction for safe cornering and slippery roads. It is also what allows easy rolling.

Its puncture resistance is thanks to its extra puncture belt.

Lastly, the tire’s special build guarantees its durability.


The Continental Ride Tour, Kenda K909A, and Calpalmy premium tires, are good slick tires. If you want something for the offroad, consider the Bell Kids’ Bike Tire, Bell BMX tire, Schwinn replacement tire, and Spawn Loam Star. You can as well go for Innova MTB 16 inches, sold by Prevelo Bikes.  Schwalbe Little Joe also makes for a good kids’ bike tire for all-terrain.

20-inch tires (for Replacement or Upgrade)

Vee Crown Gem

The Vee Crown Gem is a one-of-a-kind tire. The tire is 20 inches in size making it absolutely perfect for bikes designed with 20-inch tires. The best thing about Vee Crown Gem tires is that they provide great traction for almost all types of terrain. So whether you are buying it for someone who likes riding on a flat surface or someone who likes riding on a dirt surface, this tire is absolutely perfect for them.

The center tread of this tire has a low design that ensures easy rolling.

Kenda Small Block 8

This Kenda tire is a mountain bike tire perfect for racing, downhill cycling, aggressive cycling, and MTB events. This is because it is one of the fastest rolling tires built by Kenda. It is also because it has a unique design that makes it super durable.

So, when you purchase this bike, you can confidently expect speed and durability.

The only issue with this tire is that it is a bit difficult to install. However, once you install it or get someone to install it for you, it is all fun from there.

Moheiga Bike Tires (20 x 2.125”)

With 80 PSI tensile strength, Moheiga MTB bike tires are clearly tough and perfect for mountain bikes. They are made of rubber and have such a wonderful tread design that increases traction and control. The tread design also is in such a manner that it minimizes dirt and mud adhesion.

Moheiga tires are optimized for difficult terrain. Because of this, they can go for many miles without experiencing any issue or damage.

As is the case with most premium bike tires, Moheiga MTB tires can be folded and carried without damaging them.

Maxxis Hookworm Wire Clincher Tire (20 x 1.95”)

This is one of the top-rated 20-inch BMX bike tires on Amazon. It is made by the famous Maxxis brand and it is absolutely brilliant for anyone looking for a 20-inch wire clincher BMX bike tire.

Despite being relatively cheap, this tire is designed to handle abuse. It is the sort of tire perfect for an aggressive street rider.

The tread pattern on this tire ensures traction and control. Of course, these qualities are perfect when one is in the zone at the skatepark.

Each Maxxis tire comes with a limited warranty.

Bell MTB Tire (20 x 1.75–2.125”)

We all know Bell makes quality tires. We all know that Bell tires are quite durable. So, what is different with this Bell MTB tire? Well, for starters, it has a new optimized tread. This tread ensures greater traction and greater control. Who wouldn’t want greater traction and greater control on the skatepark? Nobody!

Moreover, this BELL MTB tire also comes with knobby tread for superior control on both technical tracks and paved trails.

Lastly, compared to other Bell tires and similar tires, this Bell MTB tire is cheaper.

Maxxis Grifter (20 x 1.85”)

The Maxxis Grifter is a wonderful bike tire. It is brilliant in several ways.

First, it is lightweight. Being that it is lightweight, it perfect for toddler bikes because it does not add any excess weight. Second, it rolls fast. This plus its low rolling resistance makes it brilliant for concrete and pavement cycling.

Third, it has great traction. The great traction makes it ideal for cornering on paved surfaces.

Lastly, it is 110 psi rated.

Sunlite MX3 BMX tire (20 x 1.75 – 2.125”)

This BMX tire has what it takes for a great urban riding experience at any well-designed skatepark. This is because of its tough and easy rolling design. Its toughness ensures it can handle the abuse that comes with aggressive urban cycling.

While it's easy rolling design ensures it can move fast to ensure your kid experiences maximum fun.

In addition to being used as a BMX tire, this tire can be used on a compatible stroller e.g., the Peg Perego stroller that can take 20-inch tires.

Maxxis Holy Roller (20 x 1.95 – 2.20”)

This is Maxxis’ best BMX tire. This is because of how fast and easy rolling it is and at the same time the level of traction and control it offers.  According to the Maxxis, the manufacturer of this bike tire, the company worked with engineers to make it faster. They also tried to make sure the tire can do well on a variety of surfaces including soft soils, rocky grounds, smooth trails, and paved surfaces.

One more thing about this tire is that it is pretty silent. It is perfect for peaceful and silent rides.

Schwalbe Black Jack (20 x 1.9”)

With a 4.4 out of five rating, the Schwalbe Black Jack tire is a highly rated bike tire. It is available as a 20-inch tire and in a variety of other sizes including size 24, size 27 and size 29.

The biggest thing worth noting about this Schwalbe tire is the fact that it has a special flat protection made using Kevlar. This flat protection makes flats highly unlikely.

Other things worth noting about this tire include its great traction, its low rolling resistance, and its low weight.

Kenda K-Rad MTB/BMX (20 x 1.95 – 2.125”)

The Kenda K-Rad tire is a special tire that you can use to replace a front or rear 20-inch tire on a mountain, BMX, or commuting bike.

The highlight feature of this bike tire is its tread pattern. The pattern is cleverly made to simultaneously enable fast rolling and superior traction. This means the tire is made to be fast and to be safe.

One more thing worth mentioning about this tire is that it is good on all terrains including down trails and paved surfaces.


Other options for 20-inch replacement of upgrade bike tires include the Schwalbe Marathon, Continental ride tours, and Schwable Little Joe, which together with the Maxxis Hookworm, Schwinn Replacement tires (20 x 2.12”), Maxxis Grifter, and Maxxis Holy Roller make a great choice for slick tires. If you are after MTB or offroad tires consider Maxxis Torch folding (20 x 1.75”), Maxxis Maxx Daddy (20 x 2.0), Maxxis Creepy Crawler (20 x 2.0 – 2.5), Kenda K-Rad, Kenda Small Block 8, Schwalbe Rocket Ron, Brood Maxtion, and Vee Crown Gem. Otherwise, for exclusive road replacement tires for bikes, go for Schwalbe Durano, Continental Contact II, and Schwable Kojak.

24-inch Tires (for Replacement or Upgrade)

Kujo Mr. Rampo MTB tire (24 x 1.95”)

This tire is sometimes referred to as the ultimate MTB tire. The reason why is that it has excellent traction in different conditions and terrains. Moreover, it has got great cornering grip. This makes it perfect for riding fast on down trails. It also makes it ideal for riding on paved surfaces.

The tire is sold as a pair and it is very durable.

Schwinn 24-inch MTB Tire  (24 x 1.95”)

Schwinn is a famous bike company in North America. This is because it has been making bikes for quite a long time. The company nowadays is also involved in making bike replacement parts.

One of its most popular bike replacement parts is this tire. It is cheap and at the same time features an advanced design for off-road mountain bike adventures.

The tire has excellent knobs to provide greater traction and control, especially over loose terrain.

While this tire is only half as expensive as premier MTB tires, it is known to be tougher and more durable especially over treacherous terrain.

Maxxis Minion Dhf (24 X 2.4”)

If you are looking for a mountain bike tire that is very flexible and relatively easy to install, you should get this one. This Maxxis tire is specially made for mountain bikes. It is made in such a way that it is perfect for dirt surfaces including loose ones.

Like most Maxxis tires, this tire has thick walls. The walls provide good shock absorption and also enhance durability.

One last thing about this tire is that it looks really good despite its robust design.

Bell Traction MTB tires (24 x 1.75 – 2.125’)

This 24-inch Bell Mountain tire is made of Kevlar to ensure it has great strength and puncture resistance. So if you are planning to ride on trails known for producing many flats, it is the type of tire to have installed on your bike or your kid’s bike.

The tire features a special steel bead that ensures it can be folded for a long time without getting damaged.

It also features a prominent knobby tread that is meant to enhance its performance. The tread enhances performance by improving traction and control.

Bell Air Guard MTB tire  (24" x 1.75-2.125")

This tire is a one-of-a-kind MTB tire ideal for anyone looking for an MTB bike tire. There are several things that make this tire unique.

First, it has a special technology known as Air Guard. This technology enhances its strength and puncture resistance. Second, it comes with a carbon steel bead. This bead enhances its safety and durability and ensures it can be folded for storage without damage.

Third, it has a thick structure that enhances its tensile strength and makes it perfect for aggressive riding.

Lastly, it is a long-lasting tire.

Maxxis Snyper Folding MTB tire  (24 x 2.0")

The Maxxis Snyper tire is everything you would expect an MTB tire to be. It has low rolling resistance for speedy down trail rides or racing on flat paved trails. It has puncture protection to ensure your bike doesn’t frequently experience flats.

It can also be folded meaning you can carry it in your car without having to leave anything behind.

One more thing about this Maxxis tire is that it is lightweight but durable.

Maxxis Holy Roller (24 x 1.85)

This Maxxis tire is worth every cent in its price. The reason why is that it is designed for speed and safety. In terms of speed, it moves very fast. How? Because it has a knob pattern that is tightly spaced to ensure easy rolling. It can roll easily on hardpack trails and pavements.

The next thing about this Maxxis tire is the fact that it is tested for durability. It is so well designed to be durable that once it is installed on a bike, it is very rare for it to need a change.

Last but not least, in terms of safety, this tire is very safe. This is because of its high level of traction that prevents sliding when one is cornering especially at high speed.

Kenda K831 Wire Bead Bicycle Tire (24-inch x 1.95)

Whether you are a professional or amateur BMX rider, you will love having a pair of the Kenda K831 on your bike. This is because it is very well designed for both easy riding and aggressive riding on pump tracks, skateparks.

The tire looks very attractive because it has some color on the sides.

The only issue about this tire is that you need to be careful when installing it to avoid damaging it.

Sunlite Alpha bite (24 x 1.75 – 1.95”)

This Sunlite is a classic mountain tire. The reason why is that it has a classic or old school design. The tire is black and the design is such that the tire has good traction despite its normal-looking tread pattern.

This 24-inch bike tire is made by Sunlite Alpha Bite to work well on all types of surfaces including very rough unpaved mountain trails.

Sunlight Cruiser Sun (24" x 2.125")

This 24-inch bike is the perfect replacement for any similar size cruiser bike tire. It is a balloon tire (fat tire) with a large air volume for maximum comfort for the rider. Its size also makes it roll better and faster with minimum effort.

The only issue with this tire is that it might be a bit bigger than your U-shape brake which means you may have to adjust your U-brake. Other than this, it is a pretty good cruiser bike tire.


The Vee Crown Gem, Brood Maxtion, Maxxis Minion, Maxxis Snyper, Kenda small block 8, Schwalbe Smart Sam, and Schwalbe Rocket Ron make for good MTB tires either for upgrade or replacement. If you are on the hunt for 24-inch all-terrain kids’ bike tires consider the Kenda K-Rad wire clincher (24''X2.30”), Kenda K52 (24x1.75”), Maxxis Holy Roller, Kenda K50, and Schwalbe Blackjack (20 x 1.9 – 2.1”). The Kenda K40 and Continental Ride Tour would be better options for slick bike tires.

26-inch Tires (for Replacement or Upgrade)

If you are on the market for replacement or upgrade 26-inch kids’ bike tires, below are some options to consider.

CyclingDeal MTB Slick tires

These tires are great for less aggressive cycling such as around the streets, on pavements, and bike parks. They are patterned after motorcycle tires, which means they have low rolling resistance and traction. They are good at handling and hug the roads without the risk of slipping. They feature wire beads that increase their durability. They also have Blackwall sides that add to their lightweight profile. The tires also have great water clearing capacity thanks to the directional tire grooves, which makes them even great for kids who commute. They can take on asphalt, concrete, and hard packed trails.

Bell MTB in standard/Flat Defense

Coming in sizes 26 x 1.75 to 2.25 inches, the Bell replacement tires are a good upgrade or replacement for kids’ 26-inch bikes. The tires come either in standard or with a flat defense technology, which ensures that the tires are puncture-resistant to some extent. It also has optimized treads that offer super traction, which the kids need for ultimate comfort, feel, and control when on the trails. It also has knobby treads which make the kids comfortable as they partake the trails. It has a carbon steel bead that makes it foldable without the risk of damaging it, especially when storing it. These tires are ultra-durable and meant for kids who love adventure. At an affordable price, the Bell MTB 26-inch tires would be a perfect choice for any parent who wants a lasting kids’ bike tire that is great for the trails.

Schwinn Replacement Tires 26-inches

Schwinn is synonymous with quality in the bike industry. The 26 x 1.95” MTB tires are also a great choice for kids and youths who often do offroad cycling. It features wide and blocky knobs that offer enough traction for rocky and loose terrains. The kids can enjoy their rides on almost every trail. The outer knobs on these tires extend over the edge to offer adequate protection to the sidewalls. It also features a puncture guard that ensures that flats stay at bay when enjoying the ride. The tire can comfortably take PSI range of 40-65.

Elecony Foldable MTB tire

This is a popular replacement bike tire. So, what makes it popular? Well, several things do. First, it is foldable. This means you can easily carry it in your car even if you do not have much space.  Second, it is a high-performance mountain bike and cruiser bike tire. It is ideal for riding on city streets, in jungle trails, and even downhill.  Lastly, it is extremely durable. It can handle a bit of rough treatment.

Maxxis Ardent MTB Tires (26 x 2.24 – 2.40”)

This Maxxis tire is an all-condition and all-terrain mountain bike tire. It can do well on paved bikeways, hardpack dirt tracks, and loose dirt tracks. What we love the most about this 26-inch tire is its EXO puncture protection feature that makes flats, punctures, and sidewall cuts highly unlikely. We also love the arrangement of knobs on this tire as it ensures excellent cornering.

The easy rolling nature of this Maxxis tire is also something we like. The fact that this Maxxis tire is a folding tire is also quite nice because this means you can easily carry it if you want to use it as a replacement tire.

MEGHNA MTB Foldable Tires

For less than $30, you will land yourself a good deal of the MEGHNA MTB foldable 26-inch tires. The 26x1.95inch tires can take a PSI range of 40-65 and are designed from high-quality material. They are durable and have excellent puncture resistance. And to top it all up, the bike tires are excellent for all-terrain riding. Kids can commute, ride the trails, and enjoy some pavement cycling, and these tires will stand the test of time.

Schwable Rocket Ron

If you are after a flat resistant tire, one that is tubeless ready and can be converted into tubeless tire, go for the Schwable Rocket Ron 2.25. The Schwable Rocket Ron is super lightweight and offers incredible grip - it hugs the trails and lets your little one to enjoy all the fun they can imagine. It is also self-cleaning and has low resistance, which makes it a perfect choice for a replacement tire for 26-inch bikes that are often ridden on trails and back country roads. Constructed from Evo-carcass, PaceStar triple compound, and U-blocks, the tire offers adequate traction and is still so lightweight, especially when tubeless.  

Continental Shieldwall MTB tires ( 26 x 2.0 – 2.3 “)

The Continental Shieldwall MTB tires are among the best tires ever made for mountain bikes. They are among the best because they have all the popular features people look for in mountain bikes.

They are tough, durable, well-treaded, and easy-rolling. They also happen to be relatively cheap compared to the more expensive Maxxis tires and similar tires.

Parting Shot!

There you go; we have sampled, tested, researched, and reviewed some of the best kids’ bicycle tires in the market. We have a separate definitive guide to kids’ bike tires, which has all the necessary and relevant information you need to know as you hunt for the next replacement or upgrade bike tire for your kids’ bike.

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We have another guide on how to make kids’ bike tires tubeless, but that will depend on many factors. It could help you in your decision as well. And, as you buy the tires, you might be interested in purchasing a bike pump for your family as well, we have reviewed the best floor bike pumps to make the process even easier than you can imagine.

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