Choose the Best Bike Basket for your Kid

eric-awwy By Eric Awwy, 21 Jul 2020
ProSource Wicker Front Handlebar Bike Basket Cargo

ProSource Wicker Front Handlebar Bike Basket Cargo

Nantucket Bicycle Basket

Nantucket Bicycle Basket Co. Lightship Collection

Schwinn Girls Bike Basket

Schwinn Girls Bike Basket

Are you looking for a way to add some pizzazz to your kid’s favorite bike?

Well, bike baskets are just the perfect way to accentuate kids’ bike without overdoing it. While talking about how to accessorize kids’ bikes, we mentioned the essence of bike baskets.

What is really special about this bike accessory is that they aren’t just there for the rad look, but they serve a very practical role.

For little riders, they are the perfect way to store extra items from their adventures or haul favorite toys from home. And there’s so much more to bike baskets that we’ll offload in just a few.

We understand that as a parent/guardian, you just want the perfect for your little nugget, but the chances are that you may not know where to start. That is why we’ve compiled this list of the best bike baskets for you.

So instead of swimming through the thousands of options, we’ve assembled the best bike baskets, each differently created from the next, so you will be sure to find your match.

But first things first; let's begin by demystifying the whole idea behind a bike basket. 

Why a Bike Basket?

There are many benefits to embellishing a kid’s bike with a bike basket. These include;

Bike baskets allow kids to bring a touch of home with them as they ride

As we’ve highlighted above, bike baskets are the perfect way to bring extra stuff with you from home. And with kids, it’s always their favorite toy, stuffed animal, or even a pet.

You always want to ensure that the ride is as comfortable and as fun as possible for the kid. And what other perfect way is there other than them being accompanied by their favorite toys or fuzzy friends to share the experience?

A bike basket can be used to store essential items

Although children often use bike baskets for play, they can also be used to hold essential riding items such as a picnic lunch or water so they can stay hydrated.

Giving a child a bike basket also works perfectly to teach them to be responsible by carrying their items.

If you’ve gone family riding and had to stop every few minutes to unpack the water, then you know how valuable this item is, especially if they are the type of kids that loath at carrying kids’ cycling backpacks or cycling hydration packs.

Just be careful with the items they load into the basket, so they don’t end up overloading and ruining it.

Bike baskets add a touch of style

Last but not least, baskets (especially those that feature striking designs or bright colors) can add a touch of style and color to the kid’s bike. 

Moreover, they allow them to personalize the bike, which in turn creates a bond between them and their bikes.

And if they already love their bikes, this is a cooler way to show off their bikes.

Just be sure to bring the child along with you as you shop so they have a say on the type of basket that they will end up with.

Now that you know why your little rider will enjoy having a bike basket let’s have a look at the best bike baskets for kids in the market today.

1 Nantucket Bicycle Basket Co. Lightship Collection

Nantucket Bicycle Basket
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COLOR- natural, stained

Weight 1.6 ounces

Nantucket baskets are the epitome of the old-fashioned look.  

They are the pioneers and inspiration behind the infamous vintage-style buckets woven today.

This old-school basket style has its origins traced back to the Nantucket whaling era of the 1800s, where baskets were hand-crafted from finely woven rattan cane (the outer skin of the natural rattan vines). Over time, the rattan weathers to create a vintage look.                          

During the whaling period, these style baskets were infamously designed for transporting freshly caught fish.

Today, many baskets are modeled after this style as durability and style are their hallmark features. The Nantucket Bicycle Basket Co. Lightship children’s basket is part of the lightship collection.

Why is this an excellent option for your kid’s bike? It’s simple; because the basket is made using thick weaving techniques which make it sturdy and highly durable

This strong-woven wicker basket is held in place using genuine leather straps, but a word of warning is that just because they are robust doesn’t mean that the basket should be overloaded.

As with other baskets, it is prone to sagging if overweighed by large items.

That aside, Nantucket baskets are a winner in our books as they is uniquely handcrafted.

The advantage to this is that being hand-woven, no one basket is similar to the next, and the uniqueness is added in that wicker materials they are profoundly different from other bike basket materials.

The rattan cane construction makes the basket strong enough to withstand everyday tear in addition to adding elegance to your child’s bike. Plus, this specific one is specialized for a kid’s bike, and the unique shape and style make it the ideal accessory for beach cruisers.

So if you’re looking for that stylish classic/ retro look, the Nantucket lightship collection children’s basket should be your first stop.

  • Built to last
  • Two adjustable genuine leather straps attach the basket to the bike’s handlebars
  • Allows the kids independence of learning on their own
  • Unique and handcrafted
  • Tends to sag with heavier items

2 Schwinn Girls Bicycle Basket

Schwinn Girls Bike Basket
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Weight – 4 ounces

Schwinn is a bike brand that is synonymous with making some of the best bikes and bike accessories. And get this; they’ve done this since 1895 when the company first began!

So you can trust that you are in good hands when it comes to purchasing their products.

The Schwinn Girls bicycle basket is no exception. This cute carrier is everything that a little girl could want to be added to their bikes!

To start with, the basket spots a cute flowery design that will be sure to melt your little girl’s heart. It is available in a range of bright colors that will match the girl’s cheerful personality.

The basket also leans more towards the smaller side, which is perfect because it fits kids’ bikes with precision.

The little ones will enjoy having their lovely dolls or stuffed toys accompany their adventures. And if they spot cute rocks or other treasures along the way, they can easily carry them back home with them.

Of course, with caution not to overload the bike.

Our favorite feature by far Schwinn Girls’ basket is the flashing lights on the basket’s flower section.

The lights are triggered by upwards/ downwards movement such as bouncing or going over a bump

Not only that but they also enhance visibility when they are illuminated in low-lit areas

Just note that they are minimal enough to cheer the kid as they are right but not bright enough to light up a sidewalk - which quite honestly, isn’t a bother as the basket serves its purpose

The downside is that the lights are not built to last, and there is no way to change the battery when it dies

Technically, the basket comes with two adjustable straps to attach it to the bike. Attachment and removal is simple and pretty straightforward, and the basket accurately fit any bike within the 16 and 24-inch bike range.

The loops, however, tend to be a bit flimsy and might result in the basket being floppy, so you might have to add use zip ties for more stability.

Otherwise, this little carrier is a winner in our books! Little girls will love it so much; they’ll want to take it everywhere with them!

  • Recognizable brand name
  • Easy to attach and dismount
  • Fits well on most bike handlebars
  • Cute and bright design
  • Motion-activated lights
  • Fasteners could be better
  • The attached lights are not durable enough

3 RideAlong Dolly basket with light-ups

Ride Along Dolly Bicycle Basket
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Ride ALONG Dolly Basket takes toddlers’ baskets to a whole new level with a light-up feature that you won’t get from just any bike basket!

It features three motion-activated blinker lights in the flower section of the basket that is activated when the bike hits a bumpy surface. Shortly after, they turn off to conserve the battery.

Speaking of which, the batteries last for months on end depending on the type of terrain that the bike is regularly ridden on.

Although the lights are bounce activated rather than motion-activated, they are still the perfect way too light up the sidewalk, and as a bonus, they’ll land you that adorable smile from your little one.

They also serve a safety function as they can enhance visibility when riding on bumpy roads in the nighttime.  

Aside from that, the installation of this basket couldn’t be easier and more secure as the package comes with adjustable straps and two additional zip ties for extra security. And the basket itself fits just about any bike within a minute so you can get on and get going.

Made of plastic material, the Ride Along Dolly kid’s basket is just the perfect way for kids to have their favorite dollies and toys to ride along with them literally.

The materials adequately hold their stuff, and it is sturdy enough that it still holds up well even after exposure to rain. 

The icing on the cake? This bike basket is available in up to 12 differently vibrant designs and colors. With so many colors to choose from, it is doubtful that you won’t find one that matches your child’s bike!

By far, our favorite feature about this basket is that it’s one of the cheapest ways to add some pizzazz to your kid’s bike.

  • Fun motion-activated blinker lights for kids
  • Simple and fast installation
  • Equipped with adjustable straps and two zip ties for snug installation
  • Toddler-sized bike basket
  • Fits most kids bicycle handlebars
  • Bounce activated rather than motion activated
  • Some users complained that the plastic material is too thin

4 Bell Disney frozen basket & streamers

Bell Disney Frozen Bike Basket
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L x W x H (6.25 x 9.25 x 9.5 inches)

WEIGHT 5.6 ounces

If your little one is a fan of themed items, then they will definitely love the Bell Disney Frozen bike basket!

Disney-themed items are always a winner when it comes to girls, and this bike basket just adds to the high reputation.

What we love the most about this basket is that it’s so fun and colorful, and the perfect way to brighten up the little girl’s day.

Undoubtedly, this bike basket is the most exciting way to customize a kid’s bike as it comes with paired with matching streamers, which make for a rad look.

The basket is compact enough that it will not affect the bike’s balance.

Other than that, it is a universal fit for all kids’ bikes, plus it’s so easy to install that regular four-year-olds can do for themselves!

The plastic material is impressively sturdy and lightweight, but its most pleasing feature is that it can withstand the elements. In case the basket gets caught up in the rain, you don’t have to worry about looking for shelter.

That said, the only drawback to this bike basket is that the plastic is quite thin and the attachment isn’t as secure on some bike

Otherwise, it makes for a great addition to any little rider’s ‘frozen' or Disney collection.

  • Fun and colorful frozen themed basket
  • Comes with matching streamers
  • Super easy to install
  • Decently priced
  • The attachment could be better

5 Nantucket Bicycle Basket Co. Children’s Surfside Wire Basket

Nantucket Bicycle Basket Co Childrens Surfside Wire Basket
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9.75” L x 6.75” W x 6.25” H

Another contender from Nantucket children’s surfside basket; this time made from wire material.

There’s no doubt that Nantucket has expertise in making the most durable bike baskets, and this one is no exception.

Metal construction has many advantages that any kid would enjoy. For starters, the mesh material allows them to quickly spot all the items they’ve stored in the basket- even the smallest ones that have reached the bottom of the ‘barrel.’

This, in turn, eases access to the items as the child doesn’t have to dig deep to trace the small items by hand.

Additionally, being metallic adds to the durability of the basket as it holds up to all weather exceptionally well.

Designed specifically to fit a kid’s bike and with an 8-pound storage capacity makes it ideal for hauling kids’ small personal items.

The basket attaches easily via two simple hooks that are slipped over the bike’s handlebars. And to enable easy removal, they feature a handle.

In our opinion, the hooks hold the basket securely in place, although some may find that they aren’t secure enough. Nothing that a few additional ties won’t fix.

Available in multiple bright and fun colors, namely charcoal gray, pink, purple, royal blue, turquoise, white, the child can pick their favorite color and have fun with it as it matches their bike.

  • Built to last
  • The handle enables easy removal
  • Wire materials enable easy access to stored items
  • Weight limit of eight pounds
  • Some complained that the hooks aren’t secure enough

6 ProSource Wicker Front Handlebar Bike Basket

ProSource Wicker Front Handlebar Bike Basket Cargo
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13 by 9 by 10.5 inches (W x H x D)

The Prosource front handlebar bike basket is a Nantucket style wicker basket that comfortably fits the vintage description.

This bike basket is the perfect gift for kids who have their identity/ style and would love an old-school touch to their bike.

It features a tightly woven wicker material with a vintage stained finish.

The basket is perfectly flat at the back so that it is correctly leaning towards the bike's front side, and only protrudes towards the front.

With such a perfect structure, it is the best and most stable way to carry items securely on a bike.

And unlike most bike baskets we’ve reviewed, this one is large enough to carry heavier loads such as school supplies or even picnic lunches. But as usual, you need to be careful not to overload it just because it lies on the larger side.

It easily and snugly attaches to any handlebar style via the leather straps that it comes with. The leather straps adjust easily for a correct fit.

This wicker basket is coated with water-resistant treatment such that it holds up well even after exposure to rain and water.

Plus, being entirely detachable, the basket can be used for non-bike-related purposes such as carrying flowers from the garden.

The prosouce wicker bicycle basket is a truly stylish and functional way to add charm to any bike. So if you’re looking for a way to complement your kid’s bike, especially cruiser bikes, look no further.

  • Vintage-stained finish
  • Weather-resistant coating
  • Larger than most
  • Attaches to all handlebar styles
  • Multi-purpose
  • Leather straps are flimsy, so you might need zip ties for extra stability
  • Not recommended for heavy loads

7 Colorbasket Kids Front Handlebar Basket

Colorbasket 01549 Kids Front Handlebar Wicker Bike Basket
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L 9.4” x W 6.2” X H7.”

Treat your lovely child to the Colorbasket kids’ front basket so they can carry snacks, water, and any other goodies, and you won’t regret it!

This is the ideal basket for mini-bikes and their mini-riders as it is specifically sized for them.

It features double woven wicker and willow cord materials, which makes for an elegant and classical look.

In addition to resembling the Nantucket-style wicker material, this material is incredibly soft to the touch and has the advantage of not being susceptible to cracking or splintering. This means that at no event will the child poke themselves with the basket

Each basket is different and unique as compared to the next one as is the nature of hand-crafted products

Moreover, being water-resistant makes it safe for use in extreme weather conditions. And as far as withstanding weather, it will not fade even when exposed to the sun for long periods

The material is thick and sturdy, too, so you can expect it to last and handle anything from light foods to personal school supplies.

The basket perfectly sits between the handlebar and front tire with the help of two genuine leather straps. The straps fasten securely and are adjustable for a custom fit and maximum load capacity.

Another pro is that you can easily mount it to most handlebars, which makes it a versatile choice for families with more than one kid.

Ultimately, when paired with beach cruisers or other classic-style bicycles, this stylish basket has just the perfect colors for a picnic or outdoorsy adventure.

  • Huge basket is quite spacious than most
  • The hand-woven structure makes each basket unique
  • Water-resistant
  • Soft, thick, and sturdy material
  • The basket is finished with stylish and adjustable genuine leather straps
  • Difficult to hang straight
  • Susceptible to sinking with heaver objects
  • Leather straps can stretch from overloading

8 ANZOME Girl’s Bike Basket

ANZOME Girls Bike Basket
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Are you looking for a fun yet functional way to add some pizzazz to your kid’s bike?

The Anzome girls’ bike basket is another bike accessory that comes in a set that includes streamers, bells, and the actual basket

This combo is just the perfect way to add a dash of style to your bike!

What we love the most about this bike basket is that it indicates a weight limit number, so users are careful about loading and overloading as opposed to just pacing a mere estimate.

With a clear guideline of a maximum load limit of 10 pounds- it is improbable that the basket will come undone from overloading.

Made of high-quality woven PVC, the basket is durable and waterproof.

This means that you don’t need to break a sweat in case the basket gets caught up in the rain, but more importantly, it means that you can also easily clean the basket without worrying about damage

This is very convenient in the event of dirtying the basket as you just need to rinse it with water and it will dry soon after

As you can see, this is one of the most practical ones of the bunch

Comes with two adjustable straps for easy installation. The straps are sturdy and hold tight for light items but can prove to be flimsy, so a more secure form of an attachment may be needed.

This, however, wasn’t a deal-breaker for us.

Above all, the Anzome bike basket is a sure head-turner that makes bike commuting fun.

  • Decently sized /compatible with most bikes in the 12 to 16 inches wheel range
  • Waterproof and highly durable
  • Reinstates a maximum load limit
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy, straightforward installation
  • Requires more anchors for extra stability

9 Bikes on Hikes Girls’ bike set

Bikes on Hikes Girl’s Bicycle Decorations Set
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What’s not to love about a kid’s bike accessory that comes in a set?

The bikes on Hikes basket come in a set containing a bike basket, handlebar streamers, spoke beads, a water bottle, and a rearview mirror.

The woven basket is available in pink, fuchsia, and purple, all of which are beautifully adorned with a cute bow that just adds to the overall charm.

Removable straps for a secure connection, although like most bike baskets in our review, they needed the additional help of zip ties.

The woven basket is perfectly sized for the storage of small necessities the little rider might need on their trip.

It boasts of excellent quality as it is sturdily built but is also incredibly easy to install with the use of the straps it comes with.

At the end of the day, he/ she will also be incredibly pumped about their fully decorated bike that you might force them to even get off the bike!

This is a must-have kit for young riders, but of all the accessories within, it is the basket that genuinely holds up its end of the bargain.

  • Full set of bike décor
  • Fun design for kids
  • Super easy to install
  • Some reviewers complained that other than the basket, the other accessories are rather flimsy

10 MINI-FACTORY Kid’s Bike Basket

Mini Factory Kids Bike Basket
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Weight-6.4 ounces

Coming in strong next is the Mini-factory’s kid’s bike basket.

This basket holder has a nice balance of cute and straightforward. For the most part, it spots a plain blue color and is accentuated with a small sticker.

The sticker is available in different print variations; a blue shark, dinosaur, puppy, or train so the little one can choose their favorite! 

The compact basket holder is appropriately sized to fit kids’ bikes, although some may find that the 7.5” X 4.5” X 5” size is too small. 

Well built with sturdy and highly durable plastic, the mini-factory basket is the best way to carry personal items such as toys, a kid’s water bottle or snacks when going on bike rides.

The sturdy material won’t break easily, so you can be sure that the basket will last.

The basket’s exterior is covered with small breathable holes all around the sides; however, the bottom is completely sealed. That way, the child can rest assured that nothing will slip off or get lost, nor will the basket be stuffy. 

As for attachment, the basket fits easily and automatically with no chance of it interfering with the bike’s brake lines or hanging low enough to come into contact with the front wheel.

Depending on the rider, the size of the hoops could use a little shortening.

  • Cute blue design with stickers
  • Sturdy and durable plastic material
  • Easy to install and detach with no tools
  • Fits most bicycle handlebars
  • Too small for some bikes

Honorable Mention

11 BIRIA Kids Bicycle Basket

BARIA KIds Bike Basket
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Measurement L x W x H (10.5” x 7 x 6.5”)

Weight - 1 pound

If we had to use one word to describe the Biria Kids’ bike basket, it would be ‘functional.’

This bike basket perfectly fits this description as it is super sturdy with its finely woven plastic-coated material.

Its sizing is Convenient as the basket can be switched between a child’s and an adult’s bike- in case you need a carrier for small items such as a phone or wallet but don’t want to cover the extra cost.

But back to the kids- for whom the bike is made- spotting a wire mesh steel makes it the ideal way to show off collections from the little one’s escapades.

Another handy feature is the mesh bottom is made in such a way that even the smallest of items won’t fall through the cracks, plus you can easily pick them out from the bunch of items inserted into the basket.

Buyers appreciate that it is water-resistant and the fact that the bucket-style basket makes it roomy. They will also love how the basket is easy to attach; it stays on and is just as easy to take off.

And thanks to the mesh style, you won’t have to worry about the basket denting in case of impact.

In the end, the thing that makes this Biria basket stand out the most is its carrying handle. It features a swing-up handle that makes it extremely easy to mount onto a bike.

Your little one will appreciate the carrying handle as it makes the bike basket double as a shopping basket- and basically anywhere else basket- be it grocery shopping or gardening.  

The basket holds on to the bike via little hooks spaced 3 1/8 inches apart.

The lift-off hook has a mixed reception. While some don’t mind them, it may be bothersome to them in that they do not ‘truly secure’ the basket to the bike.

In our opinion, although Velcro straps are usually more secure, the hooks of the Biria basket are actually/ adequately long enough to secure a snug attachment to the bike

With a very high-quality gloss, the Biria basket is also a winner in the looks department.

  • Super sturdy wire mesh material
  • Carrier makes it ideal for shopping trips
  • Mesh construction is durable
  • Exceptionally durable
  • Easy to clean
  • Most users complained that the red basket color is teal rather than a true red color

What to consider when buying a bike basket

There are various factors that you might want to look into before settling on your kid’s ideal bike basket.

These include;

Compatibility with bike

The best way to determine if the bike basket will be the right fit for the young one’s bike is to consider the dimensions of their bike.

Most baskets usually indicate their measurements so you can easily determine if the two will match.  Stick to those recommendations.

Type of mounting

Another big factor to consider when choosing a bike basket is whether it should be front-mounted mounted.

Front-mounted baskets are usually mounted over the bike’s handlebars and often use straps or metal stabilizers to keep them in place.

They have the advantage of the rider being able to keep an eye on their items, provide easy access to the stuff, and also quickly notice if and when anything falls off.

As you can keep an eye on the items, you are carrying, and front baskets are the best options for carrying pets.

They, however, aren’t suitable for heavy loads as they can imbalance the bike.

Rear-mounted baskets, on the other hand, offer better stability to the bike and are better designed for carrying larger or heavier loads. They also will not hinder vision when riding

They are usually mounted onto a rear rack or the seat/seat post with stabilizers attached to the frame to keep them in place.

Rear baskets are, however, disadvantaged in that you can’t quickly notice if something slips off or even notice any default in the basket in time- such as looseness.  

As you can see, both styles have their advantages and disadvantages, but with the youngest riders, we’d recommend a front-mounted basket.

Construction/ Material

The build of a basket is vital in determining not only how it will look but, more importantly, how long it will last.

Bike basket materials vary from the more popular plastic, rattan and metal to canvas and natural materials such as wood.

i. Plastic baskets

These are usually the cheapest options but are often very durable as they can withstand rains without rusting or being damaged in any other way.

They also have the advantage of being lightweight and easy to clean.

Although durable, they aren’t as withstanding as metal as they tend to bend with heavier or larger loads.

ii. Wicker

This material is quite popular with females and with bike baskets generally as they provide a cool and old-fashioned look.

The traditional look of rattan baskets is stylish, but the material is beloved as it is robust enough to carry pretty much anything you desire.

Wicker baskets are also usually coated with a bright lacquered finish to make them resistant to the elements and also highly durable.

iii. Metal baskets

Metal baskets are usually made from steel and are by far the most reliable bike basket material.

They tend to feature a wire mesh to enclose stuff and are the best wearing materials, although they are still susceptible to rust if not correctly taken care of.

They are also great for clipping stuff within and are generally way easier to clean than other materials.

On the flip side, they are not suitable for the tiniest of items as they may fall off through the cracks without the rider noticing.

iv. Fabric baskets

These are made from canvas-like materials and are usually great options for transporting items on a bike.

They have the advantage of being ultra-lightweight and incredibly easy to store as they fold up compactly.

These materials offer extra storage capacity as they usually feature compartments such as pockets for smaller items and bigger ones for bigger items.

Besides, they are durable and often coated to make them water-resistant; and they may feature closing tops such as zips or buttons for added security.

Fabric style baskets, however, lack in the shape department and may feature a plate-like metal to give them a frame.

v. Natural material

Natural materials are quickly becoming popular of late. They are usually used for styling purposes and are often dyed in many colors to add that extra pop of style

Baskets made of natural materials often feature recycled wood whose major benefit is they are very sturdy.


This has to do with how well the material holds up to the elements and whether or not it can withstand regular use

This is the ultimate test of strength and value- as this is an investment, you don’t want it to come undone or stop being functional shortly after purchase.

Metal and wicker baskets are usually the most durable with plastic baskets following closely behind.

Open or closed/covered tops

You may use the type of content you will be carrying to determine whether a closed or open top is better.

A wholly sealed basket fully encloses its contents such that they won’t fall off and get lost as you ride. They may feature a lock to secure items within and are great for riding in the rain.

An open/ topless basket, on the other hand, is ideal for carrying longer items or delicate items whereby the rider needs easy and fast accessibility

The other option is a meshed basket or wire cage which stands the risk of losing small items depending on the size of the cracks

Ease of mounting

This has to do with how the basket installs onto the bike.

Bike baskets often feature attachment straps, ranging from leather straps to lift-off hooks.

In our experience, hooks are easier to install, but straps are usually more secure.

However, baskets with stabilizers to attach to the bike’s frame offer the best stability. 

Parting Shot!

We can all agree that bike baskets are the best ways to carry one’s belongings while riding.  

They vary in aesthetics, material, sturdiness, size, and durability.

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So what does the ideal kid’s bike basket look like to us? Well, it ticks off all the above boxes, but seeing as we are on the subject of a kid-specific basket, those that feature fun and bright colors and themes or extra enticing features such as blinking lights are always adored by kids.

For instance, the Bell frozen bike basket was a top scorer with our testers.

So if you don’t know where to start, go ahead and pick either of our recommendations, and we promise you will not be disappointed.

 Happy riding!

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