Best Child Bike Seats of all Times

Best Child Bike Seats Reviews

Are you looking for the best child bike seat to help you carry your little one around? Or are you simply looking for a careful way to bond with your child and nature?

We acknowledge the responsibility that comes with having a new baby. We are confident that as a parent, you wish to spend on any product for your kids’ happiness' sake.

Child bike seats are increasingly becoming every cycling parent’s favorite. They simply make family bike rides and touring awesome. Besides, the regulations on biking with a baby carrier are strict.

What would be the best option apart from the sling, papoose, or a wrap? Definitely, either a front-mounted or rear-mounted child bike seat.

There are many brands in the market, and choosing the best bike seat for kids can be confusing. You can buy one only to realize it was not the best fit.

We listened to parents, researched, and compiled a carefully thought and comprehensive review of the top child bike seats.

Our test and research focused on cost, durability, comfort, safety, compatibility, and compliance with standards. We also read customer reviews of parents who made happy purchases of the same products.

You have all the reasons to trust our reviews: they are evidence-based. What we have here is a list of the best of the best. This review is in 2 parts:

Rear-Mounted Child Bike Seats

Front-mounted Child Bike Seats

Top Rear-Mounted Child Bike seats – Comparison Table

Let us remind you of what to look for when shopping for a rear-mounted bike seat for your child. Remember, only after your child can sit upright unaided can you purchase a child bike seat.

Other essential factors include compatibility with the adult bike, whether or not it reclines, locking quick release, and shoulder/safety straps. That said, here are some of the best front-mounted bike seats for children, babies, and toddlers.

Bike Seat Why We Love It Mount Type Suitable for children of age(s) Maximum Weight Limit Weight of the Bike Seat
Hamax Caress Super comfortable, safe, reclining, and reliable (Best overall) Rear rack.  9 months plus. 48.5 lbs. -
Thule RideAlong Mini Reclining ability, safety, comfort, and top quality design (Best reclining child bike seat) Rear frame. 9 months-6 years. 48.5 lbs. -
Thule Yepp Maxi Superior ventilation, quality material, and weather-resistant features (Best child bike seat for hot areas/climates) Rear frame. 9 months-6 years. 48.5 lbs. 11.4 lbs.
CyclingDeal  Highest standards and innovative design. Rear frame. 9 months- 4 years. 40 lbs. 9 lbs.
Bellelli Pepe Standard Adjusts to different heights. (Best child bike seat for older toddlers) Rear frame. 9 months-7 years. 50 lbs. 6.8 lbs.
Topeak BabySeat II The best budget and universal fit pick. Rear rack. 9 months plus. 40 lbs. 6.9 lbs.
Schwinn Deluxe Child Carrier Loved by many cycling households for affordable prices, safety, and comfort features (Best Seller child bike seat). Rear rack. 12 months plus. 40 lbs. 11.9 lbs.
Bellelli Pepe Clamp Best child bike seat. Rear rack. 9 months plus. 50 lbs. -
Bell Shell Second best budget. (Best bang for your buck). Rear frame 9 months plus. 40 lbs. -
Bellelli Lotus Child bike seat with the best design for the kids. Rear rack 9 months plus. 48 lbs. -

1. Hamax Caress, Frame Mount (Best Overall)

On top of our grand list, we consider the Hamax Caress, Frame Mount bike seat. Hamax never disappoints when it comes to designing innovative child bike seats.

One pain point for parents is replacing bike seats as children grow. Well, Hamax Caress, child bike seat saves you the worry!

 Hamax Cares comes with a unique back that adjusts. So, as your child grows, you can make the necessary adjustments.

Unique Features


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What makes Hamax Caress the Best?

If you want a frame-mounted seat that comes with ultimate comfort, try Hamax Caress. The carefully designed bike seat allows for adjustments, easy washing, and has a durable construction.

This rear-bike seat for kids has two-piece detachable padding that is both weather and bacteria-resistant, allowing it to be hand-washed.

The Hamax Caress Child bike seat can recline up to 20 degrees allowing the child to ride with a comfortable head position. It features a one-handed reclining dial that can adjust without dismounting your bike.

If you add the reclining capability and the suspension that ensures a smooth ride, your child can have an uninterrupted nap.

The Hamax Caress, Frame Mount, is designed around the concept of comfort for both the passenger and the rider.

It has a dual-bar steel suspension system to offer smoothness while cruising rough terrains. Its rack option also has a set of built-in-dual springs that do the same work.

With a carefully thought design, it also comes with a helmet recess where the child can rest their heads without being thrust forward.

Another ergonomic feature is the armrests that secures the child in place and maintain comfort. It also has footrests and straps are single-hand adjustable, allowing you to balance the bike on one hand as you make adjustments.

 It also comes with a set of shoulder straps that are canvassed between a soft foam to prevent sliding. The shoulder straps are rubber padded and non-slip, so once the child is in place, you need not worry.

Besides, the straps also adjust easily enabling the rider to adjust them for wiggle-free feelings. It also has a set of spoke-guard attachments that protects the kids from lurching their toes into the bike wheels.

Hamax Caress comes with anti-theft locks. Both versions, frame and rack-mounted bike seats, come with anti-theft locks and push-buttons that have keys. You can leave it with the bike and still find it intact.

The design has also included reflectors that are adhered to the backseat for visibility. You might need this during foggy days or when riding late at night with your little one.

This review cannot be complete without us telling you that this is the best child bike seat that will grow with your child. True to that, the Hamax Caress comes with an adjustable, sliding backrest. The backrest allows you to slide it to different heights.

Therefore, if it is a family bike seat, go for Hamax. However, be aware that the bike seat can only accommodate children from 9 months to those weighing 48.5 lbs. It is simple mathematics; beyond this age, the children can comfortably support their heads upright for a while.

 If you do not understand how to mount, worry not. Hamax Caress comes with a safety indicator that shows how to mount it correctly.  In sum, it is by far a safety-oriented child bike seat that is worth every of your penny. We call it a premium product from a premium producer.


  • Safe, secure, and super comfortable.

  • Three-year warranty.

  • It offers excellent value for your money.

  • Easy to assemble and operate.

  • Innovative design and kids-friendly materials.


  • Relatively expensive.

  • Lacks handle-bar for gripping.

  • Requires an extra frame bracket for firm balance.


The Hamax Caress rear child bike seat is easy to install thanks to the universal quick-release system. It comes with the frame and rack options, be sure to check which one is compatible with your bike or which you prefer.

Customers have been going crazy over the seat. Specifically, the safety features and the one-handed adjustable features make it a darling to many parents. It sits firmly and secures on the bike.

The great suspension it comes with makes a ride memorable and comfortable. It is one that after your kids overgrow it, they will have tales.  

Hamax is designed and marketed by Hamax Company, which is an excellent brand in terms of quality. Its quality makes it the best child bike seat that offers you value for your money.

2. Thule RideAlong Mini Child Bike Seat

Unique Features

This bike seat comes with an assortment of top-notch features including:

What sets this Thule RideAlong Mini Child Bike Seat Apart?

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From our tests and family surveys as well as sampled customer reviews, we can confidently state that Thule RideAlong Mini is the best bike seat for many kids.

Thule RideAlong bike seat is a cantilevered bike seat, meaning that it mounts to the seat post. We call it the superb child bike seat.

It is innovatively designed, and the quick-release system makes it easy to mount and detach off an adult bike. You just need to place the base on the bike frame and click it into position. There is a key that secures the seat, and from where you make adjustments.

It is designed and tested for children from 9 months to 6 years. It can accommodate children weighing up to 48.5 lbs. If you are considering to purchase for a child below one year, please consult with your pediatrician.

The rear-mounted bike seat weighs 5kg/18 pounds and also comes with a washable and water repellent padding to protect your kid from butt sores. Yep! The padding is machine washable, comfortable, and reversible.

This bike seat is durable, premium quality, and has a user-oriented and innovative design. It is made of a polypropylene base that supports it and gives it flexibility. Besides, the five-year warranty from the manufacturer is a guarantee of its durability.

It also has five recline settings (up to 20 degrees), which lets your little prince or princess enjoy on-the-go naps. Its dual beam suspension system helps negate the shocks from the bumpy terrains and increases comfort.

The Thule RideAlong baby bike seat comes with easy to adjust footrests and straps. Rounding the safety features up, it also features an adjustable 3-point harness.

Thule RideAlong bike seat has a peculiar low-saddle adapter that makes it attachable to smaller bikes. If you have ever tried attaching a bike seat to a smaller bike, you agree that safely mounting the bike seat is always a turnoff. Happened to one of our child bike seat enthusiasts in a family bike ride, and it was the worst experience ever.

Well, Thule RideAlong saves you the worry and anger as it attaches to smaller bikes.


  • Super safe, comfortable, and reliable.

  • Attachable to most bikes, including small bikes.

  • Easy to mount and detach.

  • Hand and machine washable, detachable padding.


  • Pricier compared to other models.

  • Not friendly with bikes with rear derailleur or most women bike frames. So, you have to purchase a low saddle adapter.


The Thule RideAlong is cherished by children and parents for its versatility, design, durability, quality construction, and ease of use. The quick-release system and the 3-point harness makes it easy to operate. It ensures your child is safe back there.

Speaking of riding on bumpy trails, Thule RideAlong has a top-notch dual beam suspension system that ensures comfort by absorbing shock. With it, your baby rides like a pro.

While it costs a lot more compared to other bike seats, depending on your pocket and budget, the RideAlong baby bike seat is totally worth all that dime. Strength, durability, and quality are just but a few qualities that come with the purchase. You can ride and pass it down the family or bequeath to friends.

3. Thule Yepp Maxi (Best for Hot Climates)

Exceptional Features

Why Thule Yep Maxi?

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All biking enthusiasts would agree with us that Thule Yepp Maxi rear-bike seat is a cyclist darling.

Love for this bike seat for kids is all for a good reason. If the top two bike seats ran out of stock, purchasing the Thule Yepp Maxi child bike seat will be a plus move.

First off, Thule is a brand known for its innovative and fantastic kids-oriented products. Perfection is another name for Thule products. And when it comes to the Yep Maxi, it will never be a disappointing purchase.

Second, this bike seat for kids stands the test of weather. It can take one of the harshest treatments and will maintain its glow and performance.  It also comes with eye-popping colors, and your kids can make a choice based on their color preferences.

With the numerous ventilation spaces, Thule Yepp Maxi is suitable for families living in hot areas. The airflow guarantees you that your child will not sweat on their back.

Talk of comfort, Thule Yepp Maxi will make your prince or princes ride like a boss. If they are the sweaty type, the ventilations guarantee comfort-free rides. Not a drop of sweat will make them uncomfortable.   

The back is made of plastic and easy to clean.  If it catches dust or mud, you can comfortably clean the surface with water or wipe it out, your choice.

It would help if you had an easy fit child bike seat adapter to install this child car seat on a rack. The adapter plate is available for purchase.

However, both the plate and the seat are easy to install and detach. Any parent would assemble the bike seat without prior knowledge. 

Even though we recommend the rack version of the bike seat, its frame version is also available and is also quite something.

The rack-mounted version has the advantage of offering a smooth ride, good enough as you gallivant around the estate, the rough trails, or corrugated paths. The rack-mounted and frame-mounted versions can comfortably accommodate 8.4 pounds and 10.1 pounds, respectively.

However, it is a little heavier. An awful note though, it comes with a pair of simple nylon shoulder straps, which are hard to adjust and can slip down.

Unlike other premier bike seats, it has only two adjustable height positions that can be adjusted for riders between 1 and five years.  If it had a childproof buckle, it could have topped our list because it attaches to most bikes.

Climate is the guiding factor when purchasing Thule Yepp Maxi. Our testers recommend going for the Thule RideAlong for superior straps. Safety would come first then comfort. All the same, the choice rests with you!


  • Attaches to most adult bikes.

  • Adjusts as your child grows (from 9 months to 6 years).

  • Sleek and modern design.

  • Amazing quality.

  • Safe, relatively comfortable, and durable.

  • Super ventilated back.


  • It does not recline and lacks a handlebar.

  • It does not have non-slip shoulder straps.

  • Pricier compared to other options (but consider the age range of 9 months to 6 years).


We can assure you that the design, functionality, and style of this kid’s bike seat is on its lane. Do not have second thoughts when you get this one in stock because the customer next to you is likely to buy it while it lasts.

With a 5-point harness, the suspension, and a hoard of other features, your child’s safety is a guarantee.

With the adjustability functions, Thule Yepp Maxi is carefully and innovatively designed to grow with your child. And when the child is done, you can always use it for other children or pass it as a gift to someone else.

4. CyclingDeal Kids USA Standard


What makes the CyclinDeal Bike Seat among the best?

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CyclingDeal Kids USA Standard is a rear bicycle carrier baby seat that fits on a frame.

Living up to its name, it is a good deal for cycling aficionados. The seat’s pricing, comfort, and protection are just the real deal.

The child bike seat is compatible with most of the bike frames provided they have rounded seat tubes. It includes adjustable metal rails that firmly attach it to the bike seat post.

When you purchase the CyclingDeal Standard kid’s bike seat, you get a kids’ helmet for your little one. It is designed and tested for children from 9 months to age 4 or those weighing up to 40 lbs.

Our testers agreed that it is a fancy and unique child carrier to take your child out for bike packing or just long or short regular rides.


  • Meets the USA safety standards.

  • Sturdy, durable, and lightweight.

  • Allows the baby to see forward.

  • Affordable price.

  • Plenty of room between the rider and the baby.

  • Has a handlebar for grip.


  • Incompatible with dual suspension and most women bikes.

  • Only compatible with seat tubes of size 28mm-40mm.


CyclingDeal Kids USA Standard is an excellent choice for budget-tight parents. While testing it, we were amazed at how comfortable and safe it is. You can easily cross it off the list. But wait a minute, even at the low price, no feature is sacrificed.

If you are an adventure enthusiast and would like to tag your little one along, this is the best pick for your kid. Although it appears like a basic child bike seat, it attaches firmly to the frame and has incredible safety features.

Talk of the handlebar, the foot straps, and the 3-point harness, what more would you look for when considering safety?

Even though it takes some time and effort to install, but once you know how to, you will be a guru for the next installation. Its comfort will entice your child to go for rides with you daily.

5. Bellelli Pepe Standard (Best for older Toddlers)

If you are tight on budget but want a standard rear-mounted bike seat, the Bellelli Pepe should be top of your list. This toddler bike seat is an affordable option that comes with durability and comfort. It is designed to carry children aged nine months to those who weigh 50.0 lbs. up to 7 years, so it fits bigger kids.

Unique Features

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Why Purchase Bellelli Pepe Child Bike Seat?

The price of Bellelli Pepe is decent enough for a parent who seeks to have a bike seat but has a strained budget. The high-quality seat offers comfort rides to kids and has ventilation. Besides, it has sideboards that help contain and protect the kid on board.

The variable and broad footrest allows for height adjustment. Bellelli Pepe comes with 3-point shoulder safety belt slots. Still, the two depth settings in the seat allow the adjustment of the child-proof buckle closer to the crotch to secure even petit children.

Safety-check, comfort-check, and durability-check.

For a fun-loaded family bike ride or tour, this product will give you reasons to praise bike seats.


  • Perfect for quickly growing toddlers and bigger children (up to 7 years).

  • Lightweight and sturdy.

  • Safe, comfortable, and durable.

  • Easy to attach and detach.

  • Stylish color scheme and aerodynamic construction.

  • Easily washable.


  • Not suitable for kids under 1 year.

  • Might not fit well for the smaller bikes.

  • Low-quality shoulder straps.


The Bellelli Pepe Standard is lightweight yet at the same time sturdy. Its construction centers on the comfort and safety of the baby on board. The rear rack-mounted child bike seat comes with a 3-point harness that is easy to assemble and adjust to your child’s size. The harness is both childproof and secure.

The shoulder support prevents the child from sliding while you ride around. It also allows ventilation, which is perfect for those living in places with warm climates. 

This is one of those rear child bike seats that you will use for a while and pass it on to someone. It gives you value for your money right from the onset. Also, it makes riding easy as there is enough space between you and your child.

6. Topeak BabySeat II (Budget Pick)

Topeak Bike Baby Seat II is a premier rack mounted child bike seat. It comes with a rear rack made of aluminum.

Unique Features

Why Buy the Topeak BabySeat II?

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Mounting a child bike seat on a rack is arduous. Thanks to the design, the Topeak BabySeat II comes with a T6 Aluminum rack.  The solution to the compatibility issues, huh! It also has an option for the bikes that have disc brakes (Topeak BabySeat II Rack, Disc), the modern bikes. This is undoubtedly a super cute pick for a bike adventure with your toddler.

The wraparound design (thanks to the cocoon style framework) assures you that your child will be secure and safe during the ride. It naturally hugs your child to safety on all three sides, and thus minimizing the chances of awful road crashes in case of emergency braking or accidents.

One thing though, the standard nylon straps on the buckling systems slide, and there are only two adjustment points. Another disadvantage is that since the seat feats close to the saddle, it cannot be a great choice for older or plump kids.

Even a novice can attach the bike seat.

This toddler bike seat also comes with a back reflector for safety and visibility on the roads.

However, it will take some effort to do so. However, it beats most of the parsimonious bike seats we tested and polled. Given the attachment strength, our testers fell in love with the bike eyelets that are used to attach it to bikes. It does not require an adapter.

It is also attachable to most bikes, unlike the mean high-end rear rack-mounted bike seats we tested.

If you are a careful parent, go for the Topeak BabySeat II Rack (Disc). The disc brakes come with the advantage of the excellent grip and accurate braking. However, if you are using bikes with no discs, the Topeak BabySeat II version without racks compatible with the disc brake system would do you good.

However, even the former works well with most of the bikes with conventional brake systems. Its affordability, safety, and durability make it our budget pick. With it, you will get quality at an affordable rate.

And for the flashy design, you are lucky to have it in blue, yellow, green, or pink colors.


  • Durable, comfortable, and reliable.

  • Multiple color choices.

  • Meets the strict European Safety Standards.

  • Washable seat pad.


  • Pricier compared to other baby bike seat models.

  • Might not fit smaller bikes.


Topeak Baby Seat II scores highly in its unique, innovative, and ergonomic design. Besides, its safety features are also top-notch. With this seat, your child rides with the comfort comparable to that of the presidential Beast.

The recessed area creates space for the child’s helmet and prevents kids from slumping forward. The cocoon design wraps around the child, and together with the suspension, you can handle the roughest terrain with your kid unaffected by the bump shocks.

It also has a removable pad that makes it easy to clean. Ask our team of testers, and they will tell you that the rear rack-mounted Topeak Baby Seat II is a great investment for those after safety, comfort, and durability.

7. Schwinn Deluxe Child Carrier (Best Seller)

Unique Features

Why Buy the Schwinn Deluxe?

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Are you looking for a rear-mounted child bike seat from a trustable brand? Schwinn Child Carrier can come in handy. The rear-mounted toddler bike seat can be assembled, installed, used, and dismantled easily.

Made from polypropylene, this baby bike sear has the advantage of being lightweight but robust.

This bike seat for kids comes with a variety of safety and protective features to prevent your kid when you are sharing a bike.

It has leg restraints and three-point quick-release chest harnesses that keep the child in one place. It also comes with a padded crossbar that offers extra protection to your child. Schwinn Baby Carrier also comes with a seat spring guard, and a spoke guard to prevent your kid from accidentally hauling their legs into the spokes. Besides, its molded structure makes it safe for children.

It has its rack for a secure and snug fit. It also comes with a custom made steel cargo rack for mounting the seat. The detachable foot and headrests allow it to grow with your child. It also has customized padding that has air cushioning for extra comfort. It is fit for children from 1 year to 40 pounds. 


  • Safe, secure, and super comfortable.

  • Lightweight but sturdy.

  • Made from child-friendly materials.

  • Easy to assemble and detach.

  • Universally loved by parents.

  • Superior ventilation.


  • It has a maximum weight capping of 40 pounds.

  • Not compatible with most adult bikes.

  • Relatively heavy compared to brands in its band.


Always use the provided rack when mounting the baby/infant bike carrier or else it won’t mount. If you are after versatility and weight, we recommend that you try this bike seat.

Even though it is not the cheapest option in the list of the best baby bike seats, the premium and unique features justify the higher pricing. It is a universal performer in terms of sales and news has it many parents use it.

If you make a choice, you will be joining the club of Schwinn Deluxe Bike seat users.

8. Bellelli Pepe Clamp

Salient Features

Reasons to Buy Bellelli Pepe Clamp Bike Seat

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Eighth on our list is the Bellelli Pepe Clamp. This rear-mounted bike seat mounts on a rack. It is similar in features with the Bellelli Pepe Standard only that it attaches to the rack.

Notably, since it attaches to the rack, it does not have the luxury of a suspension system for comfort. It does not, however, come with a rear rack. So, technically you’d have to budget for a rear rack too.

If you prefer the rack version, this would be your best bet! You can take your child along with you on the next ride with this wonderful child bike seat. 



  • Extra safe, secure, and comfortable.

  • Lightweight but sturdy.

  • Suitable for children 7 and under.

  • Quick Mounting for Rear Carriers.

  • Made from non-toxic and child-friendly material.

  • Carries up to 50 lbs.


  • Low-quality harness.

  • You have to purchase a rear rack.

  • A bit pricey compared to other models.


We advise that you consider the rack and frame-mounted versions before committing your hard-earned cash. The design of the Bellelli child bike seat is sleek, comfortable, interesting, and it comes with a handful of extra safety and comfort features.

However, the list excludes some features which make other choices tick. So, if you try it out and feel it appeals to you, make a move and spend that penny, for a happy child, remember!

9. Bell Shell Rear Child Carrier

Unique Features

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Why you should buy Bell Shell Rear Child Carrier?

If you are after a minimalist and simple design for a child bike seat, Bell Shell Rear Child Carrier would do you good. It might even surprise you with its many features. A parent’s favorite, the Bell Shell Rear Child Carrier is easy to install and dismount.

Besides, the bike seat fits in most of the adult bikes.
While it is a darling for most children, parents love it for its lightweight. It is fit for children weighing up to 40 lbs.

It also features a five-point harness system for safety. The footrests help secure the child’s feet in place and away from the spokes or the wheel. It also has a crossbar that can be held by children.
Besides affordability, the model of child bike seat has a molded spoke guard. It also has a rear reflector to signal cyclist and motorist. It fits most of the 27 and 26-inch bikes without necessarily attaching a rear suspension. The wrap-around bucket design also assures you that as you pedal on, your child is safe.


  • Simple design, safe, super comfortable, and reliable.

  • Affordable price, given the features.

  • Easy to install.


  • Little room between the seat and the rider.

  • Not comfortable for taller children.


When you want your kiddo to have memorable and quality time at an affordable rate, Bell Shell rear child bike seat offers more than that. This seat is for families that are not that much into cycling. It can serve you well if rarely used. However, the installation takes quite some time to master. But once it is on, your kid will roll around like a king.

10. Bellelli Lotus Rear Bicycle Carrier Seat

Salient Features

Bellelli Lotus
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  • Lightweight.

  • Easy to install and dismantle from the frame.

  • Special curve and webbed design for extra comfort.

  • It has nice size adjustments and the kids can grow with it.

  • It has the features that make the top of the range kids bike seat.


  • The bike seat comes at a price. It is pricey compared to others in our list.

  • It lacks a crossbar or a handlebar.

Why choose and Buy the Bellelli Lotus Rear Toddler Bike Seat?

Designed to be the best rear-mounted bike seat for kids, the Bellelli Lotus comes with an ergonomic design to ensure comfort and safety. The seat can comfortably accommodate children from nine months up to those weighing 48 lbs. It also grows with the baby.

Bellelli Lotus is designed with high quality and non-toxic child-friendly materials. As such, it conforms to the highest quality standards.

Its design is based on a parametric approach that defines the high-performance design. When you get this bike, even at the cost, you are buying a high-performance child bike seat. It has a reinforcement curve that together with the unique functional webbing gives it rigidity and ensures the comfort of the baby on board.


The Bellelli Lotus rear toddler bike seat is for a parent who wants a top of the range products. Careful and innovatively designed, Bellelli Lotus offers both comfort and safety to the kids. It has a shoulder strap that secures the kid into position. It is also easy to install and detach. Its lightweight and material is a plus too. You can easily clean its surface by light wiping.

Best Front Mounted Child Bike Seat

That child bike seats allow the parents and kids to bond is not new. Front-mounted bike seats are a sure and lovely way to not only cycle but also bond with your child. As you ride, you can point out everything and educate the child on some traffic rules. Also, as children are very cunning, the front bike seats allow you to keep an eye on the child, unlike the rear child bike seats.

Parents are slowly adopting the Holland and Denmark lifestyle of transporting children using front bike seats. Family cycling is also a growing culture in most families, intending to make an ecological impact.

Just a reminder, only children above nine months can use the bike seats as they can support their heads. You should always consult with a health professional before buying a front-mounted child bike seat.

In this section, we review the best front bike seats. You should be extra careful when purchasing. Specifically, check on installation, compatibility, suspension, safety, and weight limit. Also, remember that carbon fiber bikes are not a preference when installing front-mounted bike seats.

For those with heavier children who are above three years and want to use the front-mounted bike seat, check out our article on the best front-mounted bike seats for older kids.

1. Thule RideAlong Mini (Best Overall Front-Safest)

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Our research and testing reveal the Thule RideAlong Mini as a versatile front seat for kids under three years. It is a top pick and a bestseller in Thule’s line of bike seat products. We found it to fit most of the bikes we tested.

If you are after a lighter front bike seat, the Thule RideAlong Mini is just all you need. With its universal quick release bracket, which fits with both ahead (threadless) and normal (threaded) stems, you can easily mount and dismount easily with no energy input.

The Thule RideAlong Mini front child bike seat also accommodates taller children better than any other bike seat. It passed our test of not jabbing the kid to the chest of forcing the rider to spread out their knees as they pedal.

Your kids can also grow with the Thule RideAlong Mini. For one, it comes with a pair of footrests that are adjustable to different heights. For safety, it also has foot straps that are adjustable by one hand for flexibility and convenience as the children add some height.

It also comes with a one-hand adjustable padded 5-point harness for both comfort and safety. The seat has a weight capacity of 33 pounds.

Read the Full Review of Thule RideAlong Mini (coming soon)

2. Thule Yepp Nexxt Mini (Best Universal Fit)

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Thule never disappoints when it comes to the best design. This best universal fit front child bike seat comes with some excellent features. First off, if you are looking for a front-mounted seat that will attach easily to any bike including yours, then the Thule Yepp Nexxt Mini is your type of seat.

Kids love it because of the large vents on the backrest that keep the babies cool. It also has a set of effective foot straps to hold the feet of your child securely for an uninterrupted pedaling. Still, it has variable height footrest, which your kid can grow with.

If your child is taller, Thule Yepp Nexxt Mini got them covered already. This unique child bike seat also comes with a handlebar that keeps the babies’ or toddlers’ hands occupied to avoid them touching the deck and interfering with gears or brakes.

It also has a separate Thule Yepp Mini Handlebar Padding, which attaches to the handlebar. The padding has a cuddly toy where your child can rest their head as you ride. You can also purchase the Thule Yepp Mini Windscreen, which fits in the Thule Yepp Mini Slim fit adapter to shield the child from debris, insects, and headwinds.

For safety, Thule Yepp Nexxt Mini has a 5-point harness that is adjustable and padded to ensure your child is safely secured. It is also one of those bike seats that mounts and dismounts quickly. Its universal quick-release bracket that fits in both ahead and normal stems (threaded and threadless headsets) makes that possible. You do not need an adapter for the Thule Yepp Nexxt Mini to attach to the stems. You need a space of 21 mm to mount the seat.

Thule Yepp Nexxt Mini Child Bike Seat is lighter yet very sturdy. The outer shell is harder, and it also has a premium soft padding that ensures your little one is comfortable. It is designed and tested for children from 9 months to 3 years with a weight of up to 33 lbs/ 15 kg.

Even though it features shoulder straps, they are not as versatile as those of the Thule RideAlong Mini as they limit the height setting and take some time to set up. However, that is that, you can never get 100% in a bike seat. Overall, it is a good front child bike seat for a serious parent.

Read the Full Review of Thule Yepp Nexxt Mini (coming soon)

3. Thule Yepp Mini Child Bike Seat

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The Thule Yepp Mini child bike seat has top of the range ventilation and an ideal choice for those cycling in hot climates. It is also ideal for families that do a lot of tours and bike parking during summer.

It is easy to mount and is compatible with most of the best adult bike brands. It attaches to both threaded and threadless headsets. You require a threadless adapter, which is purchased separately. Its quick-release bracket makes it easy to mount and dismount.

Like other Thule bike seats, the Thule Yepp Mini also ensures that your child grows with it due to the footrests and the foot straps included in the unique design.

It is also easy to clean and maintain as it is made of water-resistant/repellent material.

The Thule Yepp Mini ensures maximum comfort and safety of your child. It has an easily adjustable 5-point harness system, with non-slip shoulder straps that hold the weight and height of the child.

It also has a handlebar where the child can rest their hands as they enjoy the front view. It is designed for kids between 9 months and three years of up to 33 pounds or 15 kg.

4. iBert Safe-T Seat Front Mounted Bicycle Seat (The Most Attractive)

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When you talk of iBert, safety and high-quality come to mind. It is designed and produced in the USA. Even though most parents are wary about the iBert Safe-T Seat front-mounted bicycle seat is a safe option and a way to keep children within your view when riding.

It has a harness that securely holds the baby into one position. Besides, it comes with leg restraints that inhibit the kids from reaching the wheels with their legs, which can cause an accident. For these features and more, it is also the best all-around seat.

It is designed for children between the ages one year and four years with a maximum weight of 38 pounds. It comes with a UV inhibitor that protects the seat from sunrays and thus an assurance of it lasting longer.

iBert bike seat installs in a flash and can easily be removed without struggle or much thinking. The good news is that it installs in most of the bikes we tested, including MTBs. Even though it appears costlier than its appearance, it is worth all your dime. It is all about quality and feels good rides with your little one.

Just like any other front bike seat, iBert makes it possible to communicate with the kids while riding. Its construction is made of stainless steel and sturdy aluminum, and thus offers reliable structural support. It brings the child close to the parent for proper bonding. It comes in green, red, and pink colors.

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5. WeeRide Kangaroo Child Bike Seat (Best Seller)

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The WeeRide Kangaroo Child Bike Seat is a center-mounted front child bike seat that offers safety, comfort, and explicit front-row view for the child on board.

You can purchase the WeeRide Kangaroo Child Bike Seat for your 1-year-old and above, but the maximum tested weight is 33 pounds.

Compared to other bike seats, we consider this seat as the best center-mounted baby bike seat. It also has a unique adjustable pair of foot cups to close the feet of your toddler or baby for safety and comfort. Our testers had the best time riding with their passengers, thanks to the novel and unique design.

For safety, the WeeRide Kangaroo Child Bike Seat has a 5-point harness to support the height and weight of the kids.

It has a steel support bar that is designed not to interfere with the bike gears and brake cables. The shell is made of sturdy steel and plastic housing that installs in all adult bikes brands.

It has a removable padded center bumper that prevents the baby from accidental hits. It also comes with a support bar and does not need a mounting bar to install.

The latest and upgraded version of the WeeRide Kangaroo Child Bike Seat is the Safefront WeeRide Child Bike Seat, which includes Deluxe and Standard versions. The latter comes with a guarantee of fitting in 99% of the tested bikes. It also has a strap padding, a pair of movement buckles, and an added strap beneath the bar for stability.

6. Peg Perego Orion Front Mount Child Seat (Best budget child bike seat)

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The Peg Perego Orion Front Mount Child Seat fits in the tubing of bike frames from 1.3-2 inches (32-52 mm).

Its peculiar one-click installation makes it easy to attach and detach from the bike frame of an adult bike. The one-click is a unique innovation that most parents love, especially those who like alternating family and solo rides.

Like most of the bike seats we have reviewed before, its footrest grows with your kid and has three adjustment positions for a perfect fit for different heights.

Unlike the others with a 5-point harness system, the Peg Perego Orion Front Mount Child Seat comes with an adjustable three-point harness system for safety. The bike seat is designed for children from one year onwards to 33 pounds. It has the following dimensions Height 24.3″ Length 17.7″ Width 13″ Weight 4.85 lbs.

The Peg Perego Orion Front Mount Child Seat has an inbuilt suspension system that offers support, fun, and comfort for your little one and you can take on any terrain.

For color lovers, the bike seat comes in both aqua/grey, blue/red, light green/ grey, and grey/red options.

If you are on a tight budget and want to get the best front-mounted child bike seat, the Peg Perego Orion Front Mount Child Seat will sort you out.

7. BoBike Mini City Front Child Seat

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Like the Yepp bike seat, the design of BoBike Mini City Front child Seat borrows its design from the Netherlands. It stands out for its ability to offer safety and comfort in one basket. Its adjustable harness is of premium quality and superior compared to any of the bike seats we have so far tested and reviewed. It also has a water-repellent cushion that offers comfort to the little one as you ride. The child bike seat is made for little children up to the age of 33 pounds.

It comes with a universal mount that fits in both threadless and threaded headsets. It also has an optional sleep pad, windscreen, handlebars, and storage boxes, which can be customized as per your needs.

It has two harness adjustment points and has a high seat back for comfort. It also has adjustable footrests and foot straps for the safety of the kids.

As a front-mounted seat, the BoBike Mini City front, the child seat can be cumbersome for the rider. It makes one, especially if you are tall, to splay your legs on the sideways as you pedal. It can also make getting off the bike troublesome. However, you can make modifications and kick the pedal hard.

For its price, it is among the best front-mounted child bike seats with a guarantee of high-quality and satisfaction.

8. TYKE-TOTER - Front-Mount Child Bike Seat for Toddlers

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Get this toddler front-mounted bike seat if you want your child to be at the center of the action. The Tyke-Toter front-mount child bike seat is on a class of its own. It is constructed from aircraft-grade aluminum, which means it is light.

Unlike the designs, you have so far encountered, the Tyke-Toter is somehow unconventional.

It follows the same design concept as the iBert bike seat. Trust the Tyke-Toter for the safety of your child. It attaches to the seat post of the adult bike using a universal quick release system that is easy to attach and detach.

It does not require any installation tools and does not leave any hardware after dismounting. It also has a footpeg attached to the downtube of the adult bike using rubber shims for friction and Velcro straps for tightening.

They are the place where the child rests their foot as you cycle with them onboard. It only needs 2 inches of room on your seat, and you are good to go.

Tyke Toter is conceived as a no-frills front-mounted child bike seat for growing children. It offers proximity and ability for you as a parent to protect the kid in case of unforeseeable accidents.

It has a handlebar that the kids hold for their safety. Even though it has footrests, they sometimes get slippery for kids, especially the young ones. Its simplicity and performance are on another level.

It is suitable for cyclists who are ever alert and can protect their kids in case of something. Since the parents and the child are closer, the weight of the child is well distributed and increases the stability.

9. CyclingDeal Bicycle Kids Child Front Baby Seat bike Carrier USA Standard with Handrail

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The CyclingDeal Bicycle Kids Child Front Baby Seat bike is another budget seat that meets the USA safety standards. Like the iBert, it also mounts on the bike seat tube, and you do not have to worry about the front space.

It is accompanied by the necessary accessories used on fitting it on a bike, which is included in the price. It also comes with a frame mount bracket that has a quick release system for easy installation and detaching.

Like other safety-oriented bike seats, it also has a 5-point harness system that has plenty of room for adjustment. Its straps are also lighter and the buckle tight enough for the little one to unclip it.

It also has adjustable footrests and an inbuilt leg shield that further keeps the kids safe. It also has a bolt, on the handhold like the pricier child bike seat versions.

Customers who have bought the seat praise it for being low cost yet efficient. It has amassed several positive reviews as well.

However, when buying the CyclingDeal Bicycle Kids Child Front Baby Seat bike, it is imperative to check the bike seat tube for a front derailleur guide as it might affect the clamping of the bracket.

It is compatible with most bike frames with 27.2 to 38 mm diameter round seat tubes. It does not work with dual suspension bikes and the small size 29er bike frames.

It is limited to children between 9 months and three years old weight up to a maximum of 33 lbs.

10. Mac Ride Front Mounted Child Bike Seat

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Exclusively designed for mountain biking parents, the Mac Ride Front Mounted Child Bike Seat is a different front-mounted bike seat. The child seats on a small integrated seat and holds onto the handlebar for the thrill as you do the pedaling. Their position makes it possible to feel the turning bars from side to side.

It is suited for 2-5 year-olds even though petite children older than five years can fit well into the Mac Ride Front Mounted Child Bike Seat.

The seat lacks shoulder straps or safety belts as the seat is designed for mountain biking and commuting. In this case, such add-ons become a danger in case of an accident.

The child is separated from the bike and can come off it when an accident occurs in an off-road situation. The Mac Ride bike seat allows the child to move around freely, shift their weight, and standoff the saddle as they enjoy the ride.

Like most child bike seats, it also grows with your child and is travel-friendly. It can comfortably fold up with an Allen key. It takes less than a minute to assemble and dismount the Mac Ride Child seat.

The Mac Ride bike seat uses a minimal spacer and a telescopic strut that slips and replaces the existing spacers in the threadless headsets.

If you intend to take the fun off-road, Mac Ride bike seat what you need to purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions on Child Bike Seats

Which is the safest child bike seat?

The Hamax Caress ticked our list of safety features for a child bike seat. It comes with a five-point harness system, recliner, sliding backrest, spoke guards, helmet recess, childproof safety buckle, and ergonomic armrest.

Even though it fetches at a premium price you will only feel a tad pinch for spending on a child bike seat. Some of the runners up in terms of safety include the Thule RideAlong Mini, Thule Yepp Maxi, Schwinn Deluxe, and Bellelli Pepe.

When looking for safety, consider the minute details such as construction, material, and safety additions, all these were ticked by the Hamax Caress.  Ultimately, we advise you not to leave a child untended on a child bike seat, it becomes a safety hazard even when it is loaded with all these safety features.

Which child bike seat is the best?

Our answer to what is the best child seat for a bike is hugely dependent on some of the factors we considered when compiling this best child bike seat review.

The Thule Yepp Maxi ticked all our boxes and gracefully made it to top of our list. It is our top pick as the best rear-mounted child bike seat.

The Yepp Maxi is light, easy to mount, easily adjustable, comfortable, and versatile, which makes it best among the rear child bike seats.

What is the best budget child bike seat?

Well, we very well understand that as a parent, financing your kids’ hobby can be costly. Times are also hard.

This is why we specifically reviewed, after testing, the best budget baby seat for a bike.

If you are on a budget and need to hit the trails with your kid, you can opt for the Topeak BabySeat.

It comes with a combination of safety, comfort, and utility features that are comparable to some of the middle-range and high-end bike seats such as the Hamax Caress.

In our opinion, the Topeak is an inexpensive bike seat in the market, given its features. You will find some below $100, but the fact remains that the Topeak gives you value for your money.

Which is safer between a bike-mounted seat and a bike trailer?

While there has been a debate on what makes what, this is like comparing a Yacht and a cruise. Well, both bike seats and trailers have their safety concerns.

Now, your choice of either will hugely depend on where you want to ride with your tyke.

If your kids are adrenaline junkies you can consider both, but be sure to check our MTB front-mounted seats for a great off-road experience.

We can conclude that both options are safe but depend on where you are riding.

Do children have to wear helmets when riding in a child's bike seat?

Yes! Safety is not substitutable even when there is fun involved. Even though they are passive cyclists, they are prone to injuries in case of accidents.

You know how bikes are if you are a cycling daddy or cycling mommy – they mess you up when you least expect.

So, to cushion against any mishaps, helmets act as a protection against. We do not want a fun family ride to turn to an event that impacts the future of the child negatively.

Can I attach both front-and rear-mounted bike seats?

Yes! That is, of course, possible, but be sure to check the weight, your comfort when pedaling, terrain, and the weight of the kids.

If you have more than one kid and would wish to ride with both of them, you can alternatively get a bike trailer; it would be safe, efficient, and cost-effective.


Do you plan to hit the trails with your kids aboard, although they cannot ride? Or are you simply looking for the safest and best way to commute with your kids?

Well, you can consider buying a child bike seat either rear- or front-mounted and get to enjoy biking with kids. In the sea of child bike seats in the market, getting the best one can be confusing. There are various factors that you need to look.

The good news is that we tested, listened to parents, and researched and compiled this wonderful review, just for you. In this child bike seat review, you can find the best child carrier bike seats and infant and toddler bike seats. It pleases us when you make the best decision when acquiring child bicycle seats.  

If you feel there is anything omitted or have any questions, shoot it up in the comments section, and we will respond promptly. As for now, all we can say is have a happy time riding with your little one (s).

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