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eric-awwy By Eric Awwy, 04 Jan 2020

If there is a brand of child bike seats that has evolved and stood the test of time, it is the Hamax brand. Synonymous with safety and comfort, the company has been on the forefront in producing some of the innovatively designed child bike seats. The Hamax Caress rear Bike seat is simply elegant, robust, and easy to set up. It can make a whole difference in your child life and can be the beginning of them begging for frequent rides. Let’s find out what stands out about this rear child bike seat.

The Hamax Caress (Frame Mount)

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The best way to find out if Hamax Caress is the best child bike seat on the market is to read this review as though there is a test after that. To spoil the surprise, if safe and comfy was a name, it would befit the Hamax Caress. But you need to hold onto your seat because we are going wild about the Hamax Caress, and you probably will as you read through. Get a cold drink, at least because this is a hot review!

Amidst the myriad of choices parents have for a bike seat, it is easy to get confused. We have covered elsewhere on what to look for when shopping for a child bike seat, and would not tear your focus repeating the same. All the same, every parent wants a versatile, durable, and efficient child bike seat, and that is what Hamax Caress is all about.

For our case, our little testers were mesmerized by the style and comfort of the Hamax Caress. If there was a reverse button to childhood, we would not hesitate pressing it to have an experience of what it feels to ride on the safest and comfortable child bike seat in the market. And for that, it ticked all our assessment points.

What best gift to a cycling parent would it be if not the Hamax Caress?

Full Specs

Mount type: Rear Frame-Mount

Harness system: 3-point harness with shoulder padding

Dimensions: 94cm x 28cm x 36.5cm

Weight: 4.4 kg/9.7 lbs.

Best Age Range: From age 9 months to children weighing 48.5 lb. (22 kg).

Color options: black, red, white, blue, and purple

Extra Features

  • Footrest system – adjustable by one hand
  • Lockable fastening bracket
  • Adjustable seat back system (grows with your kid)
  • Reclines sleeping position (20°)
  • Integrated padding
  • Quick-release system
  • Mounts 1.1-1.6-inches diameter (28-40 mm) seat tubes clear of wires
  • Reflective back for visibility
  • Reclines at 20 degrees for extra comfort.
  • Adjustable shoulder straps.
  • Kid-proof safety buckle.
  • Easy to mount, unmount, and use.
  • The flexible mounting bar absorbs the shock on the seat.
  • Sleek appearance.
  • It can be accessorized (neck cushions, rain poncho, and seat covers).
  • t is not compatible with most bike frames due to frame design and saddle placement.
  • Pricier compared to other available models, but for a justified reason.

Why every cycling parent needs the Hamax Caress bike seat?

The award-winning child bike seat – Hamax Caress- is specially designed by the Hamax AS Company, a company based in the Netherlands.

Apart from designing the best child bike seats, Hamax is also a leading global producer as well as a pioneer in bike trailers, helmets, toboggan, and snow sled.

Its vision is “supply products which promote healthy leisure activities for children and their families.”

So, you get a child bike straight out of the Netherlands. Hamax is a company known for its wide range of safe child bike seats, including the front-mounted bike seat.

Top of the Range Safety and Comfort Features

Starting us off in the safety dimensions is easy to adjust and secure the three-point harness system that loops over the head of the child and clips to a buckle extending to between their legs. The straps are child-proof, so you need not worry that your child might unstrap them as you pedal your joy out.

Adding to the safety dimension, the seat has two armrests that the child can hold on to when the ride gets bumpy. Besides, the Hamax Cares boasts of a unique recess pocket, which accommodates the child’s helmet. The back is also reflective in case darkness catches up with you.

As for comfort, parents were happy with the reclining capability of the Caress. The seat encompasses an ergonomic resting position thanks to the reclining capacity up to 20 degrees. It even made some kids fall asleep in the seat while enjoying being a passive cyclist.

The seat also has an adjustable footrest where the kids’ feet can rest as they enjoy the ride. In equal measure, for the adult, all the adjustments can be made by one hand while the other hand steers the bike for stability. Also, the hanging steel bars offer a natural suspension system that extends the comfort of a child riding on the Hamax Caress.

Compared to other models in the market, the footrest rubber straps and the height were easily adjustable.

Attachment Style of the Caress

There are two types of children’s bike seats: those that permanently stay on the adult bike, and those where only the bracket stays permanently while the seat is removable. The innovative design of the Hamax Caress allows for the latter, which is why we immediately fell in love with it.

Hamax Caress is a rear-attach bike seat or a rear-mounting bike seat that attaches to the frame of the adult bike through an adapter.

For the frame-mounted type, you will need a mount that wraps around the seat tube, which is clamped together using two pairs of hex bolts. Thanks to the thin back mounting bracket, it is even possible to mount it behind the wires on the seat tube.

Ease of Installation and Use

So, are you wondering how easy it is to install and use the Hamax Caress? Well, the next bunch of lines will deconstruct that. Mounting the seat is as simple as it sounds. You will place the end of the mounting arms into the top of the brackets. The protrusion of two green safety tabs through the bracket confirms the safe and proper installation of the bracket. Then to release the bracket, you need only to push the group of eight circles on the mount.

 You should check the seat height to ensure it is approximately 10-12 cm above the rear tire when mounted to avoid mishaps. It is as simple as adhering the seat on the mounting bracket and shifting the mount either up or down to the right height, then tighten the nuts. Another thing, ensure that the seat is well-centered for the best weight distribution and total comfort.

Most of the parents we sought feedback from affirmed that the seat was very easy to install, and there was no need for tools to do the job. Well, except for an Allen wrench to tighten the bolts. However, those using bikes such as Priority and Specialized Ariel expressed concerns that due to the close saddle, preventing the seat from reclining. So check that seat is not more than 10 cm from the rear axle for exemplary performance of the Hamax Caress.

In case of installation issues, the responsive customer service from Hamax will sort you out in a jiffy. For the first few rides, you will most likely struggle with adjusting the height of the footrests and recline dial, but as you familiarize, it becomes easy peasy!

You have the option of accessorizing your kid’s bike seat by purchasing the rain poncho, rain cover, neck cushion, and an extra fastening bracket.

Our Verdict on the Hamax Caress

The Hamax Caress is a real winner in terms of durability, safety, comfort, and sleekness. Since it has little fabric on it, it is easy to maintain through simple cleaning. It also comes in many colors, which can be a choice depending on what your kid loves. The seat is also high with a sculpted back that has a reflector to improve your visibility on the road. For all these great features, Hamax Caress comes out as a premium child bike seat good for parents and families willing to throw in extra bucks to ensure safety and comfort when riding their kids in bike seats. It simply is a bang for your buck!

In simple terms, the Hamax Cares enables you to transport your babies and toddlers elegantly, comfortably, and safely!

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