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Hamax Kiss Review

eric-awwy By Eric Awwy, 21 Dec 2020

Before we delve into the Hamax Kiss bike seat review, let us understand its source. Hamax AS is a renowned brand in the bikes and bike accessory industry. From producing excellent child bike seats to bike trailers and helmets as well as sleds, you can always distinguish its products at first sight. Their seat bikes are known for durability, high-quality, kids-friendliness, comfort and safety, and high costs. However, the Hamax Kiss child bike seat, even with a soft and caring design, is moderately priced.

The Hamax Kiss is a basic and simple frame-mounted bike seat that allows you to haul your kids both on short rides around the neighborhood and on long family bike camping or bike tours. We consider the Kiss as a budget rear-mounted child bike seat. It is a worthwhile purchase if you have a child who is too young to ride on two wheels independently.

For a child bike seat its kind, it is well-priced, easy to assemble, safe, and gives you all the services you would get by purchasing the higher-end rear bike seats. The only feature we lacked on the Kiss was the lack of reclining capability, which means that they will have to enjoy the other good features but strain their necks when they sleep. 

Hamax Kiss Rear Child Bike Seat

The Hamax Kiss Child Bike seat
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Here is what makes the Hamax Kiss a worthwhile purchase amongst the many child bike seats in the market.

Affordably Priced

Compared to the likes of Thule RideAlong Lite, Schwinn deluxe, CyclingDeal, and the Thule Yepp Maxi rear child bike seats, the Hamax Kiss is affordably priced. Given the features and design, you can almost say that you will save yet enjoy some of the high-end features except for the reclining function.

High-Quality Construction

Hamax never sacrifices quality. The bike seat has a steady construction framework. Being that it is designed and engineered in Norway, it unquestionably meets the highest standards. It features carefully thought kid-friendly features such as a three-point harness system, wheel guards, helmet recess, removable padding, reflector, and dual-bar steel suspension, making it one of the safest rear child bike seats. It also comes in different colors.

Ease of Assembly

The Hamax Kiss fits round tubes with 24-40 mm dimensions, which is a good range if you asked us. The range means that it can fit on most bikes, including hybrid bikes or mountain bikes.

Besides, it can also fit on bikes with or without the luggage carriers. It comes with assembly instructions that are simple to understand and follow.

To attach it, you only need an Allen Key to get every part secured to an adult bike frame. You will only need to fasten four screws, and that is it. Once you have mounted the bars correctly, green indicators will appear.

Once the bracket is safely locked, you will hear a clicking sound thanks to the spring-loaded design. It has a quick-release system that allows you to press the bracket's front to disconnect the bar.

Good Age and Weight Range

By default, the Hamax Kiss child bike seat is designed to haul babies from nine months and above. It has a maximum weight tag of 22 kg, which is a pretty good range. It has the same range as the Hamax Caress.

Excellent Comfort and Safety Features

The Hamax Kiss qualifies as an ergonomic rear-mounted child bike seat, given that it comes with a three-point harness fitting. The straps are childproof as a kid cannot open the buckles, which gives you the parent some peace of mind without worrying that your kiddo will open the straps and fall off; they always try nasty things when out of sight!

Once you have tightened the bolts, which we recommend that you tighten before any ride, they secure the child bike seat in place. The freely suspended fastening bracket not only holds the bike seat in place but also cushions the kid’s spine from the shocks of the surfaces you are riding. It is safe to say that the Hamax Kiss is designed for optimal comfort for the co-passenger – your kiddo. The durable-bar steel suspension system enables shock absorption that makes rides smooth and seamless for the little passengers on the back of your bike.

It also comes with reflectors for increased visibility, especially if you are those parents that ride till darkness. The reflector that adheres to the back of the reflector might be considered insignificant, but it counts when you ride in areas with low visibility or at night.

Another safety feature is the wheel guard attachments that offer protection for the kiddo’s toes from the spokes. Again, kids could throw their toes into the spokes, which can be disastrous. However, thanks to the creative design, such accidents are history with the Hamax Kiss and most of the child bike seats designed by Hamax. 

The bike seat also has a helmet recess that allows the little kids to rest their heads comfortably without a constant forward thrust as you ride.

Although the bike seat does not recline like the high-end Hamax Caress, the other basic safety features make it a steal.

  • Affordably priced
  • Excellent ergonomic, safety, and comfort features
  • High-quality design
  • Easy to assemble and use
  • Does not disturb the adult when pedaling
  • Does not recline


While some would argue against the reclining feature, the Hamax Kiss has an outstanding design. Combined with the ease of assembly, guarantee optimal safety and comfort of the co-passenger (kid), quality design, and affordable pricing, the Kiss is one of the safest affordable rear child bike seats. Further, it comes in different colors that appeal to the kids. It can carry up to 22kg, with the minimum age being nine-month babies. As one of the best-selling Hamax child bike seats, there is no doubt that it will be a great addition to your family cycling arsenal.  

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