Kids Friendly Bike Trails in Bay Area

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Are you looking for somewhere to cycle with kids in the USA? Would you love some combination of kids’ friendly bike parks and trails? Oh My! America has exceptional family biking trails and parks. In this article, we drill you through the kids’ friendly bike trails in the Bay Area. Our aim is to whet your adventure appetite and force you to tweak your bucket list.

We all have heard the myth that bike parks and pump tracks are exclusively for BMXers and mountain bike riders. Well, as it may, we have seen a total revolution lately.

From our expeditions and adventure stories from our friends, kids’-friendly bike parks are mushrooming faster than you can imagine. Notably, they all come with different features including artistic impressions, all sorts of pump trucks, bike parks, and different terrains of trails.

List of Kids Friendly Bike Trails - Bay Area

Our love for bike parks made us do research on the bike parks that you and your kids would love. Even so, we can only do the much you see on our own. Therefore, we would appreciate it if you have something to add.

 In this case, just contact us through our contact form. Brag about that bike track, trail, or park in your neighborhood, or one you recently visited in Bay Area. Ours will then be simple; we will add it to our list and spread the thrill. You would have saved parents a hassle and made sure a kid is out there smiling and staying active.

Whether you want your kids to scoot using their balance bikes or enjoy nature, getting the best bike trail counts. Bay Area has scenic and safest bike trails albeit being populated by big streets and cities. You will find a lot of paved paths and killer bike parks in the east and south Bay Area. We have done a comprehensive coverage, in this article, and all you need to do is gear up yourself and your kids and get rolling!

South Bay Bike Trails for Kids

Getting bike trails for kids is a game-changer. In the South Bay Area, there are different kids’ friendly bike trails.

Lake Cunningham Bike Park

Sitting on an 8.5-acre piece of land, the park is one of the largest in California. It presents seven different riding zones including:

  • Drop zone;
  • Skills trail;
  • Slopestyle zone;
  • Dirt jump zone;
  • Advanced pump track zone;
  • Beginner pump track zone;
  • Dual track.

The bike park prides itself of 45 distinct features to challenge young riders. These features are fabricated by experts in fabrications and are safe.

Even though you have to part with some parking fee, the excitement in your kids’ faces after the experience will cover up for every penny.

You can get a year-long parking pass of $30.  It has an admission fee. You can choose to rent helmets, pads, bikes, and scooters at a price.

Los Alamitos Creek Trail 

This is a trail used for multisport including biking, skating, and walking.  It is located in Santa Clara, California, and is 5.2 miles long.  It runs from the West dead-end of Chynoweth Avenue in San Jose to the Almaden Lake Park and McKean Road. It also runs on both sides of the creek from its southern endpoint to Camden Avenue, where it meets the Calero Creek Trail.

The trail's surface is made of both concrete and asphalt, and it is well maintained. While on the trail, if you are lucky, you will see hawks, quails, snakes, vultures, Canadian geese, and ducks.

It is also an excellent choice for a hotter day because of the paved and shaded straightaway. It connects to the Almaden Creek Trail and should be a good choice for everyone.  This then is a bucket list idea of the year. 

Half Moon Bay Coastal Trail

Friends visiting the trail confirm that it is the most scenic and calm trail located along the Pacific coast. The ten-mile round trip coastal trail can be the best beginner mountain bike trails in the bay area. If you are craving for some killer climb and ocean breeze, this is the best you can have. When the kids are tired, you can hop off the bikes and hike down to the beach. Fun, isn’t it? Then try it out.

Crystal Springs Trail 

If you want a comfortable ride with the family, this trail is the best. The Crystal Springs Trail runs alongside Highway 280. If you are determined enough to start off from the trailhead of the San Andres Trail and end at the Cañada Road, you would have covered a clean 13 miles.

It is an excellent choice to spend time with the family. As you cruise through the trail, you will have a chance to enjoy the view of the Crystal Springs Reservoir. Well, the sparkling lake makes the trail the best as it features breathtaking scenes.

Notably, on Sundays, when you are free for the family, you can enjoy the 5-mile stretch. It extends from Cañada Road to Filoli Road. However, since there are pedestrians, other cyclists, and runners, be sure to keep your eyes on your kids. All the same, it is a family and kids-friendly bike trail in the Bay Area.

Calabazas BMX Park

If you are looking for someplace your kids can improve their BMX skills, Calabazas BMX park should be it.  The kids’ friendly bike park is designed for both mountain bike and BMX riders. Again, it is the best beginner mountain bike trails in the Bay area.

The park also accommodates other levels of cyclists. While at the park, the kids get to acquire new bike handling skills and improve their BMX and mountain bike abilities.

You can consider taking your kid to the Calabazas BMX summer Camp for them to experience the full thrill of the park. For this, you will part with some amount.

Overall, it is a safe and fun-filled zone that your kid will fall in love with.

East Bay Bike Trails

If you are a resident or visiting the East Bay Area, these kids’ friendly bike trails can do your family good.

Richmond Bay Trail Landfill Loop

Another excellent must-visit kids’ friendly bike trail in Easy Bay is this one. It is by far the best bike trail in Bay area city. In our expeditions, we loved the Wildcat March and the Landfill Loop. It is scenic, smooth, and flat. We could also make frequent stops to satisfy our eyes with beautiful birds.

This trail features a series of breathtaking tidal marshes. Besides, we had a chance to marvel at the vistas peppered with wildflowers. We felt as if we were in another land. You need good bikes, trailers, and safety gear to experience the fun.

Miller-Knox Regional Shoreline

Based in Richmond, this short and fund trail is good for kids between 6 and 10 years. It is preferably a good trail for sunny days. The trail runs through the Miller-Knox area shoreline out towards the bay. We loved it for its picturesque view and breathtaking scenes. Ensure you find time to take the Ferry Point Loop Trail and ride through the tunnel towards the bay.

Lafayette-Moraga Regional Trail

Consider this paved trail, especially for the foggy and cold days. If you are in Berkeley and Oakland, it is the best for those cold days. 

The trails begin near the Lafayette BART. It starts as a flat trail and runs through a forest section. In this sense, it is the best trail for kids and families.

You will crisscross through homes and neighborhoods toward Moraga.

Be sure to have a trailer bike for your six-year-old as when it gets steeper they will or might need it.

Just past St. Mary’s College, the steepness becomes a bit cumbersome for kids. Not on the trailer bike, though!

For an extended adventure, you can pack some swimsuits for the kids during summer. They can then cool off past the Moraga Commons Park in the water sprinkler before coasting down the tough hill they encountered earlier. Ensure you drive there by 11 a.m., as after that the parking lots become filled.

Contra Costa Canal Regional Trail

While in East Bay, this is also a kids’ friendly bike trail in the Bay Area that your kids must experience.

It is a great choice for cool days. To have the most of it, you can decide to pick it from Oak Road, near the Pleasant Hill BART. This is advantageous as you will enjoy the street parking in Oak.

The trail is relatively flat and a good pick for kids with balance bikes or scooters. It runs along the canal and through the wooded terrains to the sunny savannah. Try it for the best experience with your kids.

Bay Trail in Alameda

Kids’ friendly bike trails and the park should allow family rides. This trail is a families’ favorite for its accessibility, great paths, flat trails, and scenic views of the Bay.

You can begin your adventures at the Crab Cove Visitor Center on McKay Avenue and head out to Crown Beach then back.

At the start point, your kids will experience the aquarium life, what an excellent way to have fun on the bike?

Alternatively, you can extend past Crown Beach via the bicycle bridge to Bay farm Island.

Cycle the perimeter of the island as many times as your kids can and then head to your starting point.  See, the Bay Area presents many opportunities for kids and families who love cycling.

San Francisco Bike Trails

These safe and scenic family bike paths in San Francisco can be a good place for you and your kids.

Presidio Promenade 

Our list of kids’ friendly bike trails in the Bay Area cannot be complete without mentioning the Presidio Promenade bike trail. This is a 2.1-mile multi-use trail.

It is stable and wide, relatively flat, and lets you quench your adventure thirst with the full view of the Golden Gate Park. Besides, you will have a view of the city skyline as a bonus.  

The trail is paved and has one 55-foot wooden bridge. It begins at Lombard Gate. Along the way, you will pass the San Francisco National Cemetery, Letterman Digital Arts Center, and the Crissy Field Overlook.

The magical and picturesque waterfront is a motivation to ride even further. The trail ends at the Golden Gate Bridge.

Embarcadero Bike Path

This trail is paved and runs alongside the Caltrain tracks from the Palo Alto High School campus. It has lighting, trees, and good landscaping, making it safer for kids and families.

When experiencing the trail, visit El Camino Park, the city’s oldest. They have bike lockers and a paid parking space.

It leads to the Golden Gate Bridge’s foot and has exciting stops.

Peninsula Area Bike Trails

San Mateo’s Sawyer Camp Trail

The Sawyer Camp Trail is a favorite recreational space in the Bay area. It is also a multiuse bike trail. It is a chance for your kids to interact with other kids and families. It features a 6-mile paved trail that begins from the shores of Crystal Springs Reservoir and ends at San Andreas Lake.

While you take on the trail with family or kids, you will pass through the San Francisco Watershed lands. The place is also breathtaking, oh my! It is the best you can ever wish to explore.

Half Moon Bay’s Coastside Trail

Also known as California Coastal Trail, this trail runs parallel to the Pacific Coast and the railroad. It is also a good trail destination as it allows you to enjoy the scenic view of the ocean. If you are an ardent bird watcher, do not forget to pack your camera and binoculars. You and yours will enjoy the diversity of the bird species.

While touring the trail, you can pack at the Half-moon Bay State Beach Visitor Center. You will have to pay for packing.

Los Gatos Creek Trail

The Los Gatos Creek Trail is also a recognized kid’s friendly bike trail in Bay Area. The trail passes through Campbell, Los Gatos, and San Jose. It is 11-mile long.  

It is also a multi-use trail that accommodates hikers, cyclists, skaters, nature admirers, and pedestrians. Some of the trails and paths are under construction, so be wary of the signs.

It is a trail that meanders through several cities. The San Jose section is 1.9 miles, and the most extended Campbell section covers 9.3 miles. As it is wrapped in a riparian reservoir, it is a lovely scene for kids and families.

However, it has a rough terrain on its northward incline. 

Marin County Bike Trails

Samuel P. Taylor State Park

This bike park boasts of campsites located beneath the majestic redwoods. There are also cabins that one can reserve.

Samuel P. Taylor State Park has a three-mile bike trail just adjacent to the campgrounds. It is also relatively flat. Along the way, if you are lucky enough, you can spot some wildlife.

Las Gallinas Valley Sanitary District Wildlife Trail

This trail has a wide variety of bird species. It has a 2.1 bike path that is perfect for cycling with kids. It is one place to experience the outdoors. Be sure to pack the binoculars for birdwatching stops. The kids will also enjoy the fresh and saltwater mashes as well as wildflowers. You will also be lucky enough to experience the San Pablo Bay view unobstructed. There are picnic benches where you can enjoy your packed lunch. 

List of the best Mountain Biking Trails for Kids in Marin County

  • Indian Valley Open Preserve
  • China Camp state park
  • Tennessee Valley
  • Bear Valley Trail
  • Rush Creek Open Space Reserve
  • Stafford Lake Bike Trail
  • Samuel P. Taylor State Park

If you need more information about the best kid’s friendly mountain biking trails in the Bay Area, this article by Marin Mommies can help. 

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