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eric-awwy By Eric Awwy, 20 Sep 2021

Woom bikes is an award winner and a kids’ bike brand that has sustained its performance through the years. As a bike company founded by two dads, there is no doubt that they will likely succeed in the market and dominate it for so long.

Woom is a leading specialty brand focusing on meeting the unique cycling needs of kids, with 90% of the parts being designed in-house. The designers and engineers concentrate more on bike-fit, ergonomics, and diverse needs that match kids' anatomy.

What makes it even more interesting is that the woom bikes come in different sizes and are 45% lighter than other kids' bikes. And when your child outgrows a specific woom bike, they can trade it in for a new model at a whopping 40% discount when leveling up to their size. It is a story of a company on one mission to get as many children as possible on bikes by making it possible for them to love to ride their bikes.

No wonder most parents will ask for the woom bikes whenever they want a good bike for their kids. The woom bikes are good models that have existed for quite some time. Children can use the 12-inch bike or the 26" bike. 

The discouraging part of the woom bikes is that they are not cheap, but that’s a fact that most parents are willing to sacrifice for and live with, considering the high quality. The reviews of the woom bikes are excellent as they have more advantages than shortcomings.

9 Reasons why Kids and Parents Love the WOOM Bicycles

Many reasons are available as to why kids enjoy the woom bikes. Some are regarding the performance, and some are because of the looks. Here are some reasons why parents love bikes.

They are the lightest bikes

Woom bikes have a lightweight design that makes them adaptable and easy to use. Comparing them with the other bikes in the same categories has the ideal size.

Some of the things that parents look for when buying bikes are ease of use and durability. The budget and the weight of the bikes are the primary determinants. When the child gets a light bike, they can guarantee that they will master the skill and the art faster.

The reason why weight is an essential factor is that children will have an easy time handling the bikes. Chances of having fun are also lighter with these bikes. The woom bike weighs 12.3 pounds which is excellent.

Child-specific geometry

The geometry of the woom bike is excellent. It makes the learning process and the riding continuity more accessible. It features a short wheelbase, and the center of gravity is in the middle. The geometry promotes the child to use the bike without having to struggle. Furthermore, an upright geometry is a thing that makes the usability of the motorcycle excellent as it promotes stability.

The chances of having the child messing up during the balancing are limited. The distance between the pedal and the seat and then to the handlebars is perfectly balanced, making it easier to use the bike. Pedaling becomes more accessible as there is also the swooped top tube.

It is a feature that allows the child to stand while riding. You have an assurance that they will maneuver the corners without struggling. It makes an excellent choice because the child will also do the adventures and creativity they like.

High-quality components

The making of woom bikes also boasts of high-quality components. The material composition is excellent because they make the models have a lightweight design. Durability and ease of maintenance are some things that you will have good times with.

You will also notice that the children have the brakes as their favorites. The woom one and the woom 1 plus bike models have one thing in common they have a dual colors. The handbrakes make the operation by young kids possible.

Other bikes employ the coaster wheel, but it is not the case with the woom bikes. First, they are dangerous, which makes the woom bikes use the freewheel. It means that the rear wheel does not have coaster brakes.

Moreover, you will notice that there are sealed bearings on the headset. In-house rims are also on the wheels and have the aluminum make that guarantees safety and simplicity. More quality parts that you will find on the brakes are the SRAM DRIVETRAIN, Chewable tires, and the jag wire cables. These ensure that the bike serves for a long and you can easily maintain it.

Awesome Resale value

The biggest question that most people ask is about the resale value. Everyone wants a machine that has some good resale value. The woom bikes have a good resale value, and you can get a reasonable price while selling them to others.

The demand for the woom bikes on the market is very high. You must ensure you have worked on the maintenance and the quality to sell it reasonably. You will notice that some sites offer the service of realizing the woom, bikes. The chances of the bike's parts getting thoroughly spoilt are limited.

If you want to make an order in advance, there is a chance to purchase the original bikes because there are resale options. However, due to the demand, you will have to place an order and then wait for the availability of the bike. The beauty of the waiting period is that you get notifications about the bike's status.

Too much waiting, but that’s a signal of love!

We have seen that bikes are really in demand. However, most buyers experience a challenge because they have to wait long before getting their bikes. The biggest problem is that they have to queue for a bike that sometimes the manufacturer has not made.

However, at the end of the tunnel, there is light. Finally, after waiting for that long, they get the exact bike they had requested for.

Colorful Accessories

Moreover, the bikes also have colorful accessories. These are good because they make the bikes look nice. They also promote the long-term usage of these bikes as they make them durable. The lights, the locks, and other features make the bikes easier to handle.

You can also get a bike mount or bag as the bikes are compatible with most in the market. If your children want to ride for adventures, you will conveniently carry the bikes from one place to another. They are pretty adaptable and easy to use.

Diverse kid-specific bike sizes

There are many bikes of different sizes that you will get from the woom brand. Each bike comes with its specification in terms of size and price. Below are the models that come from woom and their prices.

  • Woom 1 is a bike that costs $199 and offers a 12" and is a balance bike
  • Woom 1 plus is the model that follows closely and has 14 inches, costs $269 and is also a balance bike
  • Woom 2 is a pedal bike, and it costs $359 and is 14."
  • Woom 3 16" pedal bike costs $389
  • Woom 4 is a 20" pedal bike, and it costs $499
  • We also have woom 4 off, which is a mountain bike of 20" costing $799
  • Woom 5 is 24" and is a pedal bike costing $529. it also has a neighbor who happens to be a mountain bike. Woom 5 off and costs $849
  • Woom 6 and woom 6 off are both 26," and woom 6 is a pedal bike, while woom 6 OFF is a mountain bike. Woom 6 costs $569, and woom 6 off costs $899

Woom Bikes Size Chart 

You can use the table below to quickly judge what woom bike is best for your child based on the length of their inseam for the best fit. See our Kids' bike-sizing chart to get insights on how to find a perfect bike-fit for your child.

Woom Bicycle Wheel Size (inches) Height Range (Inches) Minimum Seat Height Best for
Woom 1 12 31-40 10.1 Kids entering the cycling scene
Woom 1 plus 14 37-43 14.8 Toddlers practicing to balance and control bikes
Woom 2 bicycle 14 37-43 15.9 Kids' transitioning from balance bikes to pedal bikes
Woom 3 bicycle 16 41-47 19.1 Preschoolers who are getting their pedal bikes or transitioning from smaller bikes
Woom 4 bicycle 20 45-51 22.1 School kids who are cycling aficionados: those who want to explore different terrains and the neighborhood.
Woom 5 bike 24 49-57 26.4 For school kids who want to explore rugged terrain and the neighborhood.
Woom 6 bike 26 55-65 29.5 Kids who ride on asphalt, gravel, and different terrains.
WOOM OFF 4 20 46-51 22.3 6-8 year-olds who want to enjoy offroad trails.
Woom OFF 5 24 50-57 27.8 Kids who want to enjoy new trails and roads alike.
Woom OFF 6 26 55-65 30.3 For teenagers and parents who want to face moderately demanding trails
Woom OFF Air 4 20 46-51 22.8 6-8-year-old kids who want to conquer terrains that are challenging and rugged.
Woom OFF Air 5 24 50-57 28.3 7- 11 year-olds with mastery of mountain biking skills
Woom OFF Air 6 26 55-65 30.7 Pre-adolescent kids who aggressively ride offroad and onroad.

Woom’s upcycling program

If you want your child to get the facts faster, consider the woom's upcycling program. This is a program where kids get a chance to begin enjoying riding sessions in advance. They get ample time to meet the bikes that help their urge to take riding to the next level.

Woom offers the program as a way of testing the quality and performance of their bikes. In addition, the kids can learn and express their expertise and let the makers know where to improve the bikes.

Learning to use the various products of woom is another thing that kids enjoy. First, they will use the pedal bike, then do the mountain bike. It boosts their confidence which then makes many users love the woom brand.

The users who use the Upcycle program purchase the $59 membership and receive the 40% purchase price for the bikes. After using the bikes, they can return the bikes and get the best resale value after using them.

There is no limit to the number of bikes that you can sell. However, you must ensure that you return a bike in good condition. You will get the bikes cheaper when you use this program. However, buying an original and brand-new bike from woom is costly.

Woom’s Excellent safety features

The beginner's bikes from woom have proper safety measures that come from the safety features. You will notice that each feature has a color and arrangement that makes it a safer model. The chain guard is enclosed. It has the freewheel kit and the rear right brake lever.


In a nutshell, woom bikes produce lightweight, durable, reliable, and practical kids’ bikes designed to appeal to children who love cycling and parents alike. As a result, it easily made it to our list of the best kids’ bike brands that perform.

The woom brand is one of the best for kids' bikes. It has the best quality bikes that also deliver the best service. They are durable and will make the users have good times. The resale value is perfect as the effectiveness is also great.

They have excellent and same quality that makes them adaptable for use. The beauty of these bikes is that they serve excellently when getting up the trails and managing the downhill motion. Combining the geometry and the lightweight design makes the bikes adaptable and the best for use. Learning to ride while having fun riding is what the users of these bikes have created the most love for.

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