Reasons kids and parents love Guardian Bikes

eric-awwy By Eric Awwy, 19 Sep 2021

Guardian bikes is a Kids’ bike company that has been known for specializing in the production of children's bikes. It has an excellent reputation because of the quality of bikes they make. In addition, the bikes are safer, which is why both kids and parents love the bikes.

The bikes come with the SureStop braking system, which is instant, safe, and fun to use compared to the standard braking system on most kids’ bikes.

Guardian bikes have been in the spotlight since 2017 since they landed a deal in the Mark Cuban and Shark Tank. Since then, the models have been on the lineup of tests that prove excellent performers.

Top 8 Reasons why kids and parents love Guardian Kids’ Bikes

Kid on Guardian Bike

There are several reasons why kids and parents prefer to use guardian bikes. First, they have an outstanding performance which happens to be the primary reason. Second, they have various features that make them stand out as the best bikes: lightweight, quality components, ease of assembly, kid-specific design, and efficient sizing system. Here are the main reasons explored in-depth.

1. Safer Patented SureStop brakes and more fun

The first thing each child will admire about these bikes is that they have a safer braking system which is also fun. The innovative feature that has brought the landmark innovation is the SureStop braking system. It is best because it gives the kids the room to enjoy the various experiences in the biking environments.

The brake and other features prove that Guardian Bikes are designed and manufactured to make biking safer and enjoyable for kids by revolutionizing how the kids stop their bikes.

The central role is to ensure that the children do not go off the bike when stopping a bike. When the brake on the front wheel, they will not damage having to go through the handlebars.

The rider can gain confidence in riding and enjoy the best experience with high-quality riding. Moreover, the testers note that the bike is fun to ride. They reduce the anxiety of riding and enjoy because the braking and the safety give them more confidence.

Gaining more control over the functionality of the bike is one thing that the bike delivers. You have an assurance that the chances of experiencing any challenges are limited as you ride. The brakes are not as locking as that for a car. They provide for the safety of the bike and more control.

According to Guardian Bikes, the patented SureStop braking system prevents head-over-handlebar accidents. Further, it allows the kids to stop up to 44% faster than conventional independent dual brake systems. Indeed, the SureStop system is an innovative, creative, and thoughtful braking system that has revolutionized kids’ bike design. Furthermore, the braking system also makes braking fun. You should try this and see for yourself.

How does the SureStop brake system work?

It is vital to have some understanding about the working of the brakes.

When the kid activates the brake through one brake lever, the braking system allows the rear and the front brakes to work together within a single pull.

Upon the first application, all the wheels stop in succession -  beginning with the rear wheel, making the braking process effective, fun, and efficient.  It uses the standard calipers, just like those in dual handbrake bikes. However, in this case, the proprietary rear brake activates the front brakes.

When the child activates the single brake lever, the rear brake pad responds to the friction created between the rim and itself. In the process, the friction pushes the brake pad slightly forward. As the rear brake pad pulls forward, it pulls an attached wire that triggers the front brake to engage. With such a mechanism, there is safety, control, and confidence in stopping.

Is the brake suitable for a technical rider?

The SureStop brake is effective and the best for kid riders. For the technical rider, then it is not the best option. It is likely to cause more disappointments than fun for the aggressive, experienced, and confident riders. Technical riding needs that you use a single break at a time. Any average child rider will have good times with the bike.

The safety of the break is excellent as they work together. It means that when you brake and a brake fails, the other one is likely to work. Mainly, the front brake will work when the rear brake fails.

2. Simple braking on the guardian bike

Another reason that the children and parents will prefer the guardian bikes is the simple braking.  The greatest advantage of these bikes is that they have a single brake lever. In the case of dual brakes where the kid can fly over the handlebars when they accidentally engage the front brake, locking up the front tire. However, the one-brake-lever design does not confuse the little riders, especially the timid ones.

The SureStop technology ensures that the tire will lock when the child breaks the rear brake, and the effect may extend to the front wheel. Thus, you have an assurance that there is adequate safety when riding this bike. Applying the two brakes at once is excellent as you will be sure that the child will not fall. Furthermore, they will not overthink which of the two levers to engage,  which makes the SureStop brakes safe.

3. Pricing tiers

The guardian bikes have two pricing tiers: the Ethos and the Airos, formerly the Original Guardian Bike. The beauty of such is that they accommodate the various budgets. Ethos is the entry-level, and the Airos is the premium line called the originals.

The difference between the two is that the Ethos has the steel frames working against the aluminum. They also have the threaded headset, which is also against the threadless ones. You will also note that the positioning is also different, although they belong to the same lines.

The premium of the original line-Airos is designed to work more aggressively when you use it on rugged terrains. But, if you go to the hills, you will still have it working to the best. It features a lighter aluminum material, and the shifts are also easier to manage.

The Ethos, on the other hand, is the budget bikes. You will note that they have a price tag that is even less than $100 if you compare them to the originals of the same size. They have heavier steel that makes the management slightly a challenge. Getting one that has the upgraded version is an excellent thing as they will deliver the best service.

The sizes are either 16", 20" for the small bikes and then 20" and 24" for the large bikes. Each child will get one that is compatible with their size. First, you have to check on the child's size and then see the minimum and maximum height adjustments that you can make.

4. User-friendly design

The bikers have something to appreciate about the Kid-friendly designs. They will enjoy using their bikes because of the lightweight frames and the high-end components which boost the functionality. The child-specific bike brands are good as they will make the performance better and enhanced. Most kids’ bike manufacturers will not have these high-end features, especially not at the price that Guardian Bikes offers.

The quality of the guardian bikes is at per with the other high-quality brands in the same range. They will have a matching price which is also prominent in the performance. Assessing the amount of competition makes the guardian bikes face less competition which makes them have enhanced performance.

Moreover, the color schemes of the bikes are those that the kids will love. They have an excellent combination that varies in parts, making them quite adaptable. Moreover, some designs make them look nice.

You will find the bikes simple to assemble and coach the children with. Geometric designs and contrasting rims make the bikes attractive. Most people love associating the performance of the bikes with colors. You will find assembly easy to assemble because the mechanics from Guardian re-package, tune, and check the bikes before shipment. Even a kid can use the manual to assemble their bike – it’s that easy!

They have a feeling that the colorful bikes are generally poor performers. However, it is not the case with the guardian bike. It is an excellent performer. Improvements that the bike has are favorable as they meet the needs of the child hence the best performances.

5. Many Sizing Options 14-24 inches

Finally, the other important thing that the buyers of these bikes enjoy is the sizing options. They have five different sizes and variations that you can easily choose from. A good example Is that the wheels vary from 14" to 24". So you can get one that is 14, 16, 20, or 24 inches.

The main difference is that the size 14” - small 20” sizes are the smallest, and the large 20” - 24” are bigger bikes. You will also see that there are 20-inch small and 20-inch large Guardian Ethos and Airos. If your child is two years old, they will use the 14-inch bike. 4 years will work best with the 16-inch bike, while five years will work with the small 20-inch bike.

If the child gets to 6 years, then the 20 large bikes will serve them best. And when the child gets to 8 years and above, they will use the large 24-inch bike. This one will not in any way disappoint them.

You will note that the prices also keep improving as the size of the bike increases. This is because the smaller bikes are cheaper than the larger bikes. The Ethos is also cheaper than the Airos, although the dimensions are the same.

6. Large and Small Bike Options

The Guardian Bikes R&D perfectly understands that different kids fit different bikes and that bikes are not one-size-fits-all. Therefore, to offer the best fit for every child, the size 20-inch Guardian Bikes come in two sizes: small and large.

The large bikes are similar to the standard size 20-inch bikes, while the small size Guardian Bikes are in-between the standard 16-inch and 20-inch bikes.

The smaller design allows an easy transition from 16” to 20” bikes, which is a challenge experienced with lightweight, petite, and timid riders who are sometimes tall for their age.

You will note that even though the tires are 4” larger than the standard 16” bikes,  the weight being a bit high, and the frames being longer, some young cyclists find standard 20-inch bikes bigger, especially for those who have outgrown their 16” bikes.

In this case, the small 20” inch Guardian Bikes create smaller and manageable geometry for such riders. You can get the 20” small bikes for five years and above kids and 20” large bikes for 6-year and above kids.

7. Single Speed and Geared Bike Options

The Guardian Bike brand has the option of gear, and single-speed bikes, which is an excellent provision if you asked us. However, single-speed bikes work better for inexperienced kids with gears or those who ride around the neighborhood.

We’d recommend getting a single-speed 20-inch Guardian bike for kids aged 5-8 years. These single-speed bikes have one advantage because they are simple to use and easy to maintain compared to geared bikes.

However, if your child often rides over elevated grounds, trails or travels long distances on their bikes, you can get them the 20-inch geared bike that comes with a low-hanging derailleur. In this case, you will need to maintain the cassette and the deralullier regularly.

You can go for the Ethos 6-speed and the Airos 6-speed if the latter is the preference for your child. The bikes use the Shimano grip shifters for easier use.

The grips are also narrow to accommodate the little hands and make it easy to reach the brake lever.

8. Guardian’s Virtual Bike Sizer

If you find it hard to know which size of a bike is suitable for your kid, Guardian Bikes have your back. With the recent avatar-based sizing guide, Guardian ensures that you can visualize and accurately determine which bike frame suits your child.

The innovative RideSizer technology allows you to actually see how your child will grow with the bike, including a prediction of how long it will take before they outgrow the bike. Talk of an evidence-based sure purchase.

You also have recommendations of the bike sizes in real-time. The tool also sends you an email with estimations presented in a chart. Most parents are happy with this feature. Nevertheless, if your child has shorter legs and a long torso, check their inseams against the minimum seat of the bike to ensure a good bike fit. You can use our Kids’-specific bike sizing chart to solve the dilemma when your child is in between two sizes.


Guardian bikes are some of the best models that the kids and parents love using. They have the best quality, which complements the best performance. They will also love them for having a price that matches their budgets if you compare them to the quality. Finally, they are safe models that you will have an easy time using and enjoy.

Parents and kids alike love the performance of the guardian bikes. The kids love the bike that will allow them to have some adventure and enjoy their rides. The parents also love the bikes that will make the learning process easier.

Growing with the bikes is one thing that each parent would want their children to have. The bikes are safe, worth the price, and allow room for growth with kids – a good investment every parent should consider. The premium quality components also assure you of long-term service. So why would anyone hate a kids’ bike designed with such kid-friendly features? Indeed, no one. 

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