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Gift Guide for Families that Cycle

eric-awwy By Eric Awwy, 12 Feb 2021

Are you looking for cool cycling presents for kids and parents that cycle a lot?  We have carefully selected and presented many gift ideas that would make you a darling to cycling kids and families.

We are passionately presenting potential holiday gift items that you can use to surprise your spouse, your kids, or parents with kids who ride.

So, whether you are shopping for a birthday gift or looking to get a special holiday gift, our comprehensive review highlights some of the fun and useful gifts that can stoke kids’ love for cycling.

The best part yet, these presents that we recommend do not cost an arm and a leg. So let cycling kids and families get the most out of what you get them.

We’ve covered everything from kid-specific helmets to fancy clothing and accessories, as well as technologies and flair to make you select the best. But, it does not end there; we inform you why a bike or bike accessory gift could be the best idea compared to others that everyone else thinks.

Why gifting families with bikes and bike accessories is a good idea

When it comes to giving gifts, there are so many options out there, and one quickly has their minds swimming in the sea of ideas.

Take it from us (*self-proclaimed bike-nerds*), a bike is definitely the type of gift you will be remembered for, for the longest time memories can allow.

They are big enough to always stay noticed, last longer, and are a utilitarian gift as far as healthy living is concerned!

Bikes are fun! And the great thing is that no matter a person’s skill level, there is always something for a person of any age.

Now, if there’s something else a biking family will appreciate, it’s a good bike accessory to go with their bikes. You can never have too much of that as the options are far too many.

Let’s look at the best way to determine which gift a cycling family desires or needs.

How to determine the best gifts to give a cycling family or Kid

Gifting people isn’t as hard as people pen it out to be. And the same logic applies when it comes to gifting a cycling family. You want to use either of these options:

1. Ask them

What are some of the things that they have on their wish list?

You’d be surprised by how intuitive people are with their wants. So, go for it!

2. Listen Keenly

People say many things without really saying it, and you have to have a keen ear to read between the lines and determine what things a person longs for or would benefit from.

As parents who want to gift their kids, you can jog their minds by initiating a conversation about bikes and cleverly taking in information from their stories.

3. Be on the lookout

Next to a keen ear, a keen eye will definitely come in handy when it comes to determining what a person could need. There a key must-haves for cycling families, such as protective gear. If you notice that the person you want to gift lacks a necessity, then there’s your opportunity to surprise them.

4. Get ideas from movies and books

There’s a lot of digital and physical material where you can borrow ideas. For instance, movies highlight certain bike accessories, while books on cycling have a pretty straightforward approach to its accompaniments.

Is it good to get a hint from a family one intends to gift?

Well, we already jumped the gun and said that there’s no harm in asking openly or subtly for what kind of gift a person would like. There’s nothing wrong with this approach to gifting. If anything, you’re better safe than sorry.

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A Comprehensive Gift Guide for Kids and Parents who Love Cycling

Read this guide on the best gift ideas for families and kids that love cycling with all that in mind. In addition, we have sampled some of the best products for cycling kids and parents.

In place of training wheels, Balance bikes are changing the world of riding. Children instantly learn how to balance a bike, which is the fundamental skill of riding. A few of our favorites include:

Balance Bikes

Schwinn Koen Balance Bike

The Schwinn Koen balance bike is the first of many boys’ bikes from the same line. This 12-inch balance bike is everything that a little boy needs to get introduced to the world of cycling. Throughout the sequence (12, 14, 16, 18, and 20-inch bikes), the same SmartStart design is utilized to ensure the bike has the perfect proportions to fit kids' size, rather than just having an adult bike design with smaller measurements to fit young riders. This model also comes with an extended seat post to elongate when the little shredder stays with the bike..

Strider-12 Sport Balance Bike

This balance bike’s 12’s sturdy frame, extended seat post, narrow padded seat, and mini grips are the reason why it is loved by many.

The Strider Sport is one of the three bike models (the others being the Strider Classic and the Pro). While the other two feature a few advanced features, the Strider Sport is unanimously the most popular choice in the streets as it is the most budget-friendly option.

Schwinn Elm Girls Bike

Paragraphs and descriptions here.

Designed for little girls, the Schwinn Elm’s purple, pink and teal colors perfectly match girls’ bubbly personalities. This balance bike features an adjustable padded seat, durable steel frame, cushioned grips, EVA foam tires as well as a steering limiter, so kids are comfortable and safe as they stride along.

Going up to 20-inch size, this line of girls’ bikes will serve girls as they start their biking journey and as they grow older.

GOMO Balance Bike

The GOMO balance bike is all about comfort. Seeing as it features a footrest where little feet can rest instead of hanging awkwardly as kids glide along makes it one of our favorite balance bikes.

This push bike’s slim and light design is so easy for kids to drag around. We love that it is lightweight yet strong enough to withstand any harsh treatment.

Retrospec Cub Kids' Balance Bike

With a high-quality kid-friendly design featuring a low step-through frame, adjustable seat tube, and handlebars, this push bike is designed to outlast rough handing and the young ones' growth spurts.

And if you care about looks, then Retrospec Cub’s cool raspy design will definitely excite you.

Bike Storage Solutions

Sure, bikes are great. But they can take up so much space if not put in order. So to help cycling families reclaim their garage space, you can gift them with these garage and house bike storage racks and a detailed guide on the dos and don’ts of bike storage.

Coleman ComfortSmart Portable Camping Cot

This wall-mounted bike rack is one of the best ways to make the most out of your storage space. The cool thing about this Classic rack is that it stores vertically to save floor space, swivels 180 degrees to either the left or right and saves on more space.

There’s no need to lift the bike; stand it on its back wheel and slide it onto the rack. Easy peasy, even for kids!

Rubbermaid FastTrack Garage Bike Storage System

The Rubbermaid FastTrack garage storage system ups any garage storage game. Its 5-in-1 system comprising of a rail and hook kit ensures bikes remain secure.

We love the versatility of this storage system; you can literally attach the multi-purpose hook onto the rail and store any item. From bags to wires to bikes, you name it!

StoreYourBoard Bike Storage Rack

This bike rack is an excellent alternative for families who love to ride! The StoreYourBoard mounts onto the wall and holds up to 5 bicycles. Because the placement is done vertically, this rack ranks as a great bike storage solution for those who are low on garage space.

As for fear of collapsing from the weight of the bikes, well, this is a heavy-duty rack made to hold up to 200 pounds!

Simple Houseware 5 Bike Bicycle Floor Parking

This Simple Houseware 5 bike stand is all about indoor organization! It’s a floor-mounted bike parking rack that adjusts by extending the compartments and, in turn, accommodating one to five bikes as needed.

Racor - PBS-2R Garage Bike Stand

The Racor PBS-2R floor rack holds two bikes.

This rack stands in place to avoid floor damage and hold the bikes firmly in place by securing the front, bottom, and sides of the wheel.

The great thing about it is that it is entirely customizable to store the bikes facing opposite directions or the same direction.

Bike Car Racks

Bikes are made for the outdoors. So it goes without saying that there’s a need for a system that can quickly and safely transport bikes from one place/ state or trail to the next one.

Allen Sports 4-Bike Hitch Racks

Allen Sports offer pocket-friendly bike racks for people looking to transport their bikes for outdoor adventures. The best aspect of this solution is how securely it holds bikes. With the use of a hitch, the rack is attached to the car’s rear end. The hitch installation is tool-free and automatic. Just lock the rack in place on the car, secure the bike(s) with the rubber straps, and you’ll be good to go.

Hollywood Racks Express Trunk Mounted Bike Rack

The Hollywood Racks Express Truck-mounted bike rack is another game-changer. This bike rack can hold up to 3 bikes. It attaches to the car's trunk, and the bikes remain in place thanks to the rack’s rubber cradles and straps. We especially love that it folds flat for easy storage when not in use.

Premier Trunk Mounted Bike Rack

This rack from Allen Sports is designed with top, bottom, and side straps that hook onto the car’s trunk in place of a hitch. In addition, it features a dual-compound cradle and rubber straps that hold the bikes in place to safely transport bikes.

With this one, the versatility is what sells it. The rack can be attached to a great many more cars in comparison to other car racks.

Retrospec Lenox Hitch Mount Car Bike Rack

The Retrospec Lenox car hitch mount bike rack comes in 2-bike, 3-bike, 4-bike, and 5-bike choices. This easy-to-assemble rack uses a sturdy steel hitch to load the bikes and secures them with individual tie-down straps. With the included adapter, the bike wobble during the transportation is done away with.

It also conveniently folds down for easy storage.

Bike Merchandise

Bike Chain Bottle Opener

Does it get any better than a bike-themed bottle opener to go with other bike-specific items for people who love to ride? This opener uses recycled bike chains and a sturdy aluminum top that looks great and functions even better!  Great to show off at parties and biking trips.

Woom Personalized Name Sticker

Is your kid cycling to school? If so, the chances are that they might lose it or confuse it for another. In the world of professional cycling, engraved names of sponsors and respective cyclists are a big deal. When you get your kid a personalized feel of their bike, you make them own it and yearn to ride it every time. It also helps distinguish your kids’ bikes from other kids’ bikes, making it easy to spot the bike in the park.

4. Kids' Pedal Bikes

Once kids are off their balance bikes, it’s automatic that they’ll want to jump on a pedal bike for more of the thrill. For a more in-depth insight into the best Kids’ pedal bikes for kids of different ages and sizes, we’ve reviewed the best of the best pedal bikes out there. But for now, consider top-choices:

RoyalBaby Kids Bike

This kid’s bike brand hits all the right spots as it purely designs bikes for kids.

This RoyalBaby kids’ bike is a 14-inch bike that features pneumatic 2.4-inch wide rubber tires with customized RoyalBaby tread for ultimate traction and style.

Our favorite aspect is that it has both a front caliper brake and a rear coaster brake to deliver accurate stopping power and train kids for v-brake-only pedal bikes as they get older.

Schwinn Koen Boys Bike

The Schwinn Koen is a beast when it comes to boys' bikes. This BMX-style bike’s sturdy steel frame can withstand any type of abuse.  It also features the combination of v-brakes and coaster brakes to protect young riders from a collision in case they end up riding at high speeds.

Designed with the SmartStart design that entails smaller grips, lighter frames, and narrower q-factors to fit the proportions of young riders more accurately, it’s a winner in our books.

Bike Accessories

Other than accidental collisions, the biggest risk to riding is the probability of dehydration from extended periods of riding without water. And that is why a water bottle is a brilliant, even fundamental, bike accessory.

Water Bottles

Ensuring that kids are hydrated on a ride is essential. Getting them water bottles makes them independent and strategic. It also limits disturbances when on family bike rides or tours

Contigo Autoseal Chill water bottle

This stainless steel water bottle from Contigo will help quench thirst during those hot summer rides.

We love that it’s insulated, so the liquid/ water remains cold, protects the water from debris with an Autoseal button, and comes with its open carrying handle.

Riders will love the wide variety of fun and bright colors that they can choose from.

CamelBak Podium Chill Bike Water Bottle

Cyclists love the CamelBak podium chill water bottle for its ease of use. It’s easy to squeeze, has a high flow rate of fluids, and seals automatically between sips to keep dirt out.

The graphics on this one are extraordinary! It’s easy to attach it to the bike based on one’s personal style.

Polar Bottle Sport Insulated Water Bottle

There is nothing like the soothing quench of a cold drink after a long ride that the Polar Bottle insulated water bottle offers. The best feature of this water bottle is its innovative cap design, which allows the nozzle to be taken off for easy cleaning.

The bottle also squeezes easily to refresh cyclists and carries handles for easy carriage.


When it comes to bike safety measures, bike helmets are a must-have. Of course, a lot goes into play when looking for the most suitable, but the best kids’ helmets should have the right padding, adjustment system, and appropriate material to withstand crashes.  

For young riders, consider the following;

LERUJIFL Kids Helmet for Toddlers and Youth

Whether the kids love to bike, skate or play with their scooters, this helmet keeps them protected. It features shock-absorbing EPS foam construction, vents holes for air circulation as well as an adjustment system that makes this helmet sizeable for three-year-olds all the way up to 8-years-olds.

Schwinn Thrasher Bike Helmet

Coming from a company that has ruled the bike industry for decades, you can trust that this Schwinn product is of solid quality. 

If there’s anything that the Schwinn Thrasher promises, it’s that it is very lightweight. It weighs and an outstanding 0.6 pounds, which is great as the heaviest helmets are the most uncomfortable and the most likely to distract riders and cause accidents.

Besides, it has a visor to reduce the sun’s glare and 20 vents to keep the rider’s head cool.

Razor V-17 Child Multi-Sport Helmet

As we said, there’s something for everyone.

For older kids aged between 8 and 14 years old, the Razor V-17 helmet is just what they need for protection. Its hard shell construction and heavy padding guarantee proper shock absorbency. For comfort, the helmet’s 17 vents and an extra set of pads allow a personalized fit and sufficient ventilation.

BELL Captain America Helmet

Young and edgy boys will love this Marvel Avengers-themed helmet. They’ll love the attention they’ll get from the superhero graphics as they pedal ahead, and they’ll also have the protection that superheroes always have to go with it.

Aerodynamic cooling vents keep the steam off, and in case of any collisions, the shock-absorbing EPS inner shell will save the day!

Joovy Noodle Helmet - Best Budget Baby/Toddler Helmet

For the youngest kids, between 1 and 4 years old, the Joovy noodle’s hardshell construction protects them from any force of impact.

We love how light this helmet is and the fact that it also features a bug mesh and visor to protect the noggin from the elements.

To make things fun, it’s available in many bright colors!

KAMUGO Kids Multisport Helmet

If your kids love action, then they will love this multi-sport helmet.

With an adjustable dial system, it’s easy to adjust the fit of this helmet, so it isn’t too tight or too loose on the rider’s head. 

The impact resistance of this helmet is unlike most that we’ve come across in the market. And that is what sells it. Again, it’s simply designed but appropriately functional.

Raskullz Super Unicorn Kids' Helmet

Spotting a 3D unicorn design, kids love this helmet so much they actually forget they are wearing it for protective services.

Honestly, the 3-D design is the selling factor for this helmet, but it isn’t just about aesthetics. The Raskullz unicorn helmet features an EPS shell that absorbs shock accurately, aerodynamic cooling vents, and an adjustable chin strap for a perfect and secure fit.

Cycling Backpacks

You can gift any cycling kids, especially those that commute to school on bikes or cycle a lot, with a kids' cycling backpack. You can do that by getting the cycling backpacks suggested below:

Earth Pak Waterproof BackPack

The Earth Pak Waterproof backpack has adult features in a kid-optimized size, such as ample storage compartments and secure zippers.

But what sells this backpack is the fact that it’s entirely waterproof. No fear of getting caught up in the rain!

No horror stories of important stuff getting damaged by water! And all that compiled in a shoulder-contoured, low-profile design to keep riders comfortable!.

Bike Baskets

Nothing gets kids excited like a good bike basket, so they don’t have to leave their favorite toys at home. We’ve reviewed the bike baskets in the market today for a broader look into the options you have out there. Some of them include;

RideAlong Dolly Bike Basket

Accentuating kids’ bikes with this plastic bike basket benefit them as the material faces no chance of damage from rain exposure.

This bike basket is all about fun for little girls!

Not only can their dollies ride along with them, but the basket features bump-activated blinker lights in each of its three flowers for that cool effect that you won’t find with just any bike basket.

Nantucket Bicycle Basket Co. Lightship Collection Bike Basket

These vintage-looking baskets are for the stylish lot.

 Nantucket baskets are sturdily made with thick inter-woven designs that are handcrafted such that each basket has a unique look. As a result, the Lightship collection has an antiqued feel to it, and for the best experience, it only warns that it shouldn’t be overloaded.

BIRIA Kids’ bike Basket

With a wire mesh steel construction, kids love this Biria bike basket as it allows them to peek into the goodies they’ve stored in the bag.

The carrier’s construction also prevents anything from falling off, so the child’s items remain secure, visible, and easy to reach even as they ride.

An easy-to-mount carrying handle amplifies the convenience of this bike basket for kids.

Colorbasket Front Handle Bar Junior Bike Basket

Looks like your traditional and functions even better! This hand-woven basket is a favorite because it is designed to withstand the elements.

No chance of the cords cracking from exposure to rain or the sun! Plus, the leather straps fasten securely to keep the basket from falling off the bike!


ANZOME Girl's Bike Basket

Another treasure for girl riders is this ANZOME basket that’s designed to fit over the handlebars. It’s the right fit for any necessities they might want to carry along, and it cleans easily. The whole package features the see-through basket, adjustment ties, handlebar streamers, and bike bells. Just the perfect combination for girlies to show off their bikes and their riding skills.

Kid’s Bike Bells

MOFAST Bike Bell

Ring! Ring! The MOFAST bike bell will alert people that there’s a rider coming their way and keep any accidental collisions at bay. Sturdily built of aluminum, this bike bell is to riders what a car honk is to drivers.

It comes in a variety of fun colors to choose from too!

KSdeal Bike Bell for Kids

KSdeal gets it right with this Spiderman-themed bike bell that’s made of aluminum and has a crisp, clear ring to it. Not only is it super cute, but it also installs easily and responds conveniently without the need for much compression from their little fingers.

Kids between one and six will enjoy playing around with this one.

Electra Unicorn Ding Dong Bike Bicycle Bell

Continuing with the theme trend is this unicorn-themed bike bell. This bell clamps onto the standard bike handlebar easily and is just the final touch of accessory to complete any bike.

The craftsmanship on this one is stellar. Good paintwork, solid metal construction, and excellent ding sound.

LYCAON Bicycle Bell

There’s a level of elegance and class that the LYCAON bicycle bell has that is simply unmatchable. It’s made of high-quality, antirust, highly durable aluminum that comes in a very affordable price package. 

Even the ring sounds clear and sophisticated! Not too loud, but loud enough to get people’s attention in emergencies. For those who love subtlety, this is just the bike bell they need.

Kiddimoto - Steel Bicycle Bell

This bike bell from Kiddimoto is all about the cool graphics.

There’s a bell theme to match just about any personality out there. Not to mention, the bike’s steel material is sturdy, the ring is clear, and its installation is straightforward.

We love the diversity of products that this brand offers, and this bike bell is one of many in the sea of their near-perfect bikes and accessories.

Kids' Cycling Gloves

You can also choose to get the kids some gloves used when cycling. It helps prevent blisters on their hands and can contribute to better bike handling skills. Here are some of the recommendations. You can also check our list of the 18 best gloves for cycling kids. You can also check our article guide on choosing cycling gloves for kids

ZippyRooz Toddler & Little Kids Full Long Finger Bike Gloves

Get the little hands protected with these cool gloves from ZippyRooz.

We love that they are full coverage, so hands remain intact and secured from the elements. The graphics are just as cool, and putting them is simple and automatic for little riders.

No hassle, thanks to the gloves’ wide opening and its simple hook and loop closure system.

VBIGER Kids Winter Gloves

"Winter is here" doesn’t have to be a scary statement for bike lovers. These gloves will keep their small hands from the cold when riding in the winter.

They are appropriately padded and fleece-lined to ensure warmth and comfort. Besides, the anti-slip palm construction keeps the gloves anchored to the handlebars, so there’s no chance of slippage.

These gloves stand out because it also has a touch screen design that allows riders to use their phones without taking the gloves out.

ZippyRooz Toddler & Little Kids Bike Gloves

These half-finger gloves are a dream come true!

They come in the cutest graphics, are true to size for little hands, are adequately padded for comfort and grip, and feature a wide opening for toddlers.

Best part? They come with pull loops so the child can easily take them off on their own.

Knee and Elbow Pads

Simply Kids Elbow and Knee Pads

Safety is crucial. These elbow and knee pads from Simply kids are generously padded for soft yet sufficient protection from scrapes and falls. We especially love the extended length of these pads. The extra coverage they provide means additional protection.

Plus, they come in the cutest designs for kids to fall in love with them. Check here for an in-depth review of this set of pads from Simply Kids.

Fenders/Mudguards for Kids' Bikes

Ass Savers Bicycle Mudguard

Is a bike ever complete without a mudguard to keep the mud off?

The name implies these Ass Savers will literally protect the rider’s bum area from getting wet when riding in wet conditions. Just hook them on, and you and your clothes will be good to go.

The simplicity of the design and ease of installation is a sure win in our bike books!

Kids' Cycling T-shirts

ZippyRooz Boys & Girls Toddler Tees

ZippyRooz also designs tee shirts with cute bike-oriented graphics for little girls and boys who love to ride, not just known for their protective bike accessories.

The size is just right for young riders, and the graphics that match their bikes will motivate them to ride.

Cycling Hydration Packs

For the ideal hydration pack, it goes beyond just finding a water filler. Every rider needs to stay hydrated, and what better way than with a hydration pack.

Cycling hydration packs are just like your regular backpack, or are they? Let’s see…

CamelBak Mini MULE

The CamelBak Mini M.U.L.E is a miniature hydration pack whose 1.5-liter reservoir; storage compartments high-flow system ranks it as one of the cycling backpacks in the industry today.  

Camelback prides itself in itself because it delivers more water per sip for ultimate hydration, and we are here for the umped level of hydration for aspiring cyclists.

CamelBak – HydroBak

For quick trips where you don’t need to carry many supplies, this sleek Camelbak HydroBak is just the solution.

It’s compact and very lightweight, and it just serves the purpose. Fit water into the 1.5Lreservoir, and with a front zip pocket that can fit keys and other small essentials, the rider doesn’t need much else.

Outdoor Products Tadpole Hydration Day

The Tadpole hydration pack is for the cyclist who’s big on storage space. It’s got tons of extra storage pockets compared to other hydration packs and combines it with a 1.5-liter reservoir.

Breathable mesh keeps backs dry while shoulder straps keep the pack in place on the rider’s back, making this pack the perfect companion on the bike.

Vibrelli Hydration Pack

Available in four bright color options, the Vibrelli hydration pack resembles your regular backpack, except it has a twist.

Everything that you would expect in a high-quality backpack- from the main storage compartment to a smaller (quick-access) pocket, a sturdy carrying handle,

OPLIY Hydration Pack

For those who want to store more water for your ride, this 2L hydration backpack is just what they need. Although stored in the same compartment, the water reservoir is separated from other items in the pack.

This low-profile pack is ergonomically designed to reduce wind resistance for the rider and is the perfect partner for road biking, camping, or going to a festival. For more cycling hydration packs.

Balance Bike Decorations

Bike decorations are the epitome of bike personalization. They just distinguish one rider’s bike from the next one in a unique way. Whether it’s a name tag, graphics, or even numbers the owners choose to make.

Bike Wheel spokes

These spokes come in the cutest girly designs ever! Plus, they clip on tightly, so the fun stays on longer. These will make young girls scream with joy!

Parents will love the conspicuity that they offer too!

Chroma Graphics 8633 Flames Stick Onz Decal

Light up their bikes with cool fiery spokes that denote an extra level of rad-ness. For aspiring motorbike riders, these 4-piece decals show off bikes like no other decals can! And they’re so easy to attach!

Cool Bike Stickers for Kids

A bunch of bike-themed stickers to embellish bikes, laptops, scrapbooks, or even mirrors? Sign us up! There is no limit to the number of areas where these cool stickers can be attached! Bike lovers will love getting creative with where they can stick these high-quality waterproof stickers!

Cycling Hoods

Fox Racing Youth Legacy Hoody

Who wouldn’t appreciate a hoodie to ride with during the winter season?

If you’re thinking of gifting an all-season biker, it doesn’t get better than a layer than they add on as they embark on those demanding winter rides. The best thing about this hoody is that it has a soft-feel interior for absolute comfort, as well as kangaroo pockets for storage of small items or tossing their hands when they’re not riding.

Bike Ramps

Ten Eighty Micro Flybox Launch Ramp Set

The Ten Eighty Micro Flybox Launch Ramp Set is a great tool to practice their stunts on for the adventurous type. However, this is a great choice for beginners.

It’s easy to assemble, solidly built to withstand thrashing and its height is just tall enough for them to get on without being intimidated.

As for safety? Its non-slip construction covers that!

Landwave Skateboard Starter Kit (with 2 Ramps)

For older riders who’ve mastered confidence in performing tricks on wheels, this rubber-made, slip-resistant ramp is the best way to expand the borders of fun.

This Landwave ramps offer a platform for cool tricks with BMX bikes, inline skate, and scooters. We especially love how versatile it is, as it can be stacked with however any other ramps to build a ramp where even bigger tricks can be performed.

Graw Jump Ramps G20

Paragraphs and descriptions here.

Bike Trailer and Accessories

There are many bike trailers in the market, but for the best bike trailers, there are many factors to consider. Some of our best include:

Burley D'Lite Bike Trailer

The Burley D’lite is a beast among bike trailers.

The spacious interior, adjustable suspension system, large storage compartments, padded seats that recline, and excellent tire traction; are just a few of this bike trailers penny-worthy accolades!

And it doubles as a stroller and is available in both the single and double-sitter versions.

Thule Chariot Cross

The Thule Chariot cross is an all-time favorite for its variety of high-end features.

An adjustable suspension system to cushion those uncomfortable bumps, a cushioned and reclinable seat, and great internal and storage space; are a few of its key aspects.

When it isn’t attached to your bike, it is an equally excellent stroller, jogger, and skiing companion (although the jogging and skiing kits are sold separately).

Its price is definitely on the higher end, but it is worth the investment considering its high-quality construction and versatility of use.

Burley Bee Child Trailer

The Burley bee child trailer is a lightweight trailer that is available in both single and double-seat versions.

Its tinted sides offer protection from the elements. Its hammock-style seat provides comfort. In our opinion, if nothing else gives it an edge over other bike trailers, its bright yellow design that’s great for protective purposes on trails surely will

Instep Bike Trailer

We love this instep bike trailer for its simple yet intuitive design.

The Instep Take two folds easily for storage, protects children from the elements with its bug shield and weather shield. With a hitch that is compatible with a vast majority of bikes, parents will love how easily it tows behind their bikes.

Allen Sports Deluxe

The large window view provided by this child trailer from Allen Sports is every bit worth the money. Kids are assured of that airy feel when riding, and they get a huge view of nature around them instead of being bored at the back as their parents cycle ahead.

The large front and side windows greatly hint at the tributes that this collapsible bike trailer has.

Child Bike Seats

Who said cycling parents couldn’t have fun with their young ones? Mom or dad can ride with their child thanks to these child bike seats.

WeeRide Kangaroo Child Bike Seat

This front-mounted child bike seat is one of the most fun ways to ride with kids, simply because both parents and children can interact while on the go. The child gets a full view of nature passing by while the parents take charge of the bike behind them.

The Weeride Kangaroo’s five-point harness keeps children locked safely, while its padded seat keeps them comfortable for hours on end.

CyclingDeal Kids USA

The comfort features make this bike seat a rather UNIQUE one.

This CyclingDeal bike seat is a lightweight, rear-mounted seat with a cushioned form and a recessed area for the headrest. Its cocooned design supports the child’s shoulders while the footrest area allows them to rest their feet, making it one of the best comfort-oriented bike seats.

Schwinn Deluxe Bike Seat

This rear-mounted bike seat has a weight limit of 40 pounds to accommodate a wider age and size range from an industry-known brand.

Its lightweight polypropylene construction leaves no room for the bike to tip over from the combined weight. And this is further guaranteed by the fact that it mounts to the frame rather than the rack.

SHOTGUN Kids Bike Seat

Children love tagging along in the SHOTGUN kids' bike seat.

It easily and securely attaches to the bike’s frame and has a footpeg for the young one to rest their feet on. Designed for mountain bikers with kids between 2 and 5, it’s one of the best ways to balance fun on the trails and quality family time.

iBert Child Bicycle Safe-T-Seat

The bright red, green, and pink options of the iBert Safe-T seat make this bike seat a great gift for the youngest of kids.

It safely positions the child behind the bike’s handlebars but what we love the most about this seat is that, unlike most front-mounted bike carriers, it actually allows sufficient pedal room for the parent to pedal freely.

Trailer Cycles and Accessories

Weehoo 2016 iGo

When it comes to trailer cycles, the Weehoo iGo is a must-have.

Sized for kids between two and six-year-olds and with less than 80 pounds in weight, this tag-along seat banks on comfort for both parent and child.

It comes with a footrest for idle feet for the child, so toddlers fully enjoy taking their place at the back.

As for the parent, its single-wheel design ensures that the bike won't wobble to the side but instead follows the trail of the fore-wheels.

Burley Design Piccolo

A 7-gear trailer cycle to lend mom or dad some riding power when climbing inclines. How’s that for creative and useful inventions?

And as for the leaning factor that most parents complain about when it comes to trailer cycles, this trailer cycle’s double rack attachment system eliminates the uncomfortable and sometimes unsafe wobbling by giving the parent at the front full power to control its movement.

Trail-A-Bike Back Rest

The Trail-a-bike backrest is by far the best way to upgrade any trail-a-bike. This innovative product offers padded back support and extended security with its buckle system.

For those who are hesitant about using trail-a-bike with their young ones, this tool will ease their minds of any case of accidental falls.

Kazam WeeRide Co-Pilot

The Weeride co-pilot is one of the most affordable ways to tow kids on long adventurous rides or shorter and fun neighborhood rides. It has all the essentials of a trailer cycle; and packages it at a pocket-friendly price.

Fat Tire Bikes

Hiland 20 Inch Kids Fat Tire Mountain Bike

Fat bikes are the craze right now! Aside from their unique looks, their rising popularity is owing to the fact that with them, winter riding is no longer the elusive sport it used to be.

This fat tire mountain bike from Hiland features 20 x 4-inch-wide tires that have spectacular traction for beaches and snowy areas.

These bikes are a show-stopper with a 7-speed gear shifter, knobby tires, sturdy steel frame, and mechanical disc brakes!

Kids' Cycling Books

Cycling books have the advantage of getting riders more engaged in cycling using a different format. And the great thing about them is that they do so while enhancing their reading and thinking skills.

Kids' Cycling Handbook

The Kids’ Cycling handbook is the perfect gift to introduce kids to the world of cycling.

It entails everything about the road, mountain, and hybrid bikes, with illustrations to back up the facts. It even advises riders on what to wear as well as the safety measures to take while cycling. Moreover, it comes with cool stickers for customization once they finally get their bikes.

Gritty Ninja

The Gritty Ninja will keep aspiring riders entertained by giving them valuable and practical life lessons that can be applied both on and off the cycling trails.

If you’re looking for something that will boost their confidence and persistence, not just in riding but in life in general, this is it.

My First BMX Race (Volume 1)

Another confidence booster for early riders is this 24-page book that is based on the true story of a child’s first BMX race. The honesty and flow of this book is just stellar. It will inspire kids to stay on their bikes, practice healthy competition and have fun while at it.

Mountain Biking for Kids: Mindset Development Guide

Got a kid who likes to tread on more aggressive trails? This book is just the right fit for them to dig into a rather important feature that is seldom talked about; that is the mental aspect of sports.

This book has good physical tips such as gear shifting, balance, and speed control and then balances it out with mental tips such as how the right attitude is key to becoming a successful mountain biker.

BMX Coloring Book for Kids

Upgrade their skills with this fun 30-page coloring book that promises to familiarize them with mountain bike cycling and award them with a few motivational pages to steer them in the right direction.

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