Woom OFF AIR Bike Review

eric-awwy By Eric Awwy, 19 Sep 2021

What shocked us the most about the woom OFF AIR is its historic selling out a few hours after its release. That alone is good enough a signal that it is the best performing kids’ mountain bike in the market. We can tell you this early that the woom OFF AIR is a great buy for kids who aggressively devour the trails.

Here is the thing, after Woom released the Woom OFF kid’s mountain bike series, many parents raised concerns about the carbon fork and requested something to be done. Woom decided to follow up with the Woom OFF AIR, which came with a suspension fork. The Woom OFF and Woom OFF AIR share all aspects such as frame sizes, wheel sizes, and pedals, and the only difference is the suspension and rigid fork.

The suspension fork is designed for kids who are willing to face the most challenging trails. This can be in a bike pack or a more inclined terrain. The Woom OFF AIR provides so much traction and curves through the scariest maneuvers, allowing maximum control and enlivening riding experience.

Let’s find out more about the Woom OFF AIR.

Features of the Woom OFF AIR

  • It is best for kids who are ready to take mountain biking trails.
  • Lightweight bike for smooth climbs.
  • Available in 20, 24, and 26-inch wheel sizes weighing 19.8 lb., 22.4 lb., and 24.3 lb., respectively.
  • Aluminum alloy frame material with butted and hydroformed tubes.
  • Custom Air Suspension fork with a hydraulic rebound.
  • Promax Hydraulic Disc brakes.
  • SRAM Trigger shifter.
  • Suspension lockout for easy uphill riding.
  • Durable Schwalbe Rocket Ron 2.35” tires with unique rubber to reduce rolling resistance, optimum grip, and maximum shock absorption.
  • Available with a sticker selection to allow for bike customization.

Like the Woom OFF, the Woom OFF AIR also retails in three size variations. The size frames are alike, and the only notable difference is each bike's wheel size.

Pros And Cons of The Woom OFF AIR


  • Extremely lightweight for easy riding
  • Wide tires give enough grip and traction
  • Hydraulic disc brakes for maximum stopping power
  • Front and rear thru-axles for more stability
  • Suspension fork for smooth rides on rugged terrains
  • A kid’s bike worth every penny


  • The wheels are not compatible with tubeless riding
  • Cables are externally routed—looks out of place
  • Absence of quick-release seat post collar
  • Hard saddle.

Woom OFF AIR Full Review

Like the woom OFF we hold the strong belief that the woom OFF AIR is a cross-country kids’ mountain bike. It is a great buy for both intermediate and advanced riders who want to take on technical terrains. The frame, air fork, tires, and a hoard of other components make it nimble and comfortable and in both smooth and challenging terrains. Compared to other 24-inch kids’ mountain bikes, you will realize that the price tag on the woom OFF AIR is worthy.

The Frame

The Woom OFF AIR has its frame built from the most advanced build technology. The frame is of high quality, compact and stable. The tubes are hydroformed and butted to distribute weight adequately and give the bike a rider-friendly shape. This is different from the Woom OFF, which had a carbon fork that reduced a few pounds. The frame allows the suspension to be adjusted to meet the rider's needs, and it will lock to allow you to have more control when going uphill.

The geometry is also commendable since it has a longer wheelbase of about 2 inches. With a long wheelbase, you are confident that your kid will have more stability and reduced handling. The frame is efficient for speed riding.

The bike's frame is very light and weighs 19.8 pounds, roughly 2.6 pounds heavier than the Woom OFF. This is in contrast with a wide range of kids’ mountain bikes which have always been heavy. They end up making kids struggle when going on challenging climbs. A lighter bike is a better bike.


The high-volume tires by Schwalbe Rocket Ron are essential to absorb all the vibration on the trails and maintain a plush ride that feels better than riding thinner tires. The wide tires are also crucial for sliding and rolling over obstacles while maintaining the bikes’ traction. The only improvement that would have served the bike better was allowing tubeless wheels to give them a lowered pressure ride. But if you had plans to fit tubeless wheels, you could add up to 2.5' wide, slightly thicker than the 2.25-inches installed.

Handlebar Width

The handlebars feel like they would use a slight adjustment, but it is not entirely necessary. At 680 mm, the Woom OFF AIR handlebars are perfect for kids between 7 and 14. This ensures your kid is more stable, most notably in downhill rides. A shorter bar can make a kid nervous and fidgety. If you can upgrade your handlebars, you can easily do that, but you would have to pay more for the comfort.

Hydraulic Disc Brakes

Before the introduction of hydraulic disc brake bikes, kids would ride bikes with V-brakes. Purchasing the Woom OFF AIR for your child will be a life-changing step in their bike riding adventures. Kids can now make instant stops, control their braking and minimize skidding. Woom also put some thought into building brake levers that can easily be handled with smaller hands. Kids will barely experience exhaustion. The positioning and build of the levels make them reachable and very operational. Most kids will love how these brakes operate.

SRAM 1X9 Drivetrain

Every parent who has been riding mountain bikes for a long time knows how effective SRAM is when comparing bike Gears. The SRAM trigger shifter on the bike is superior to those in the original Woom OFF bike. Most parents would agree that the shifter is the best selection for a kids’ bike. The only improvement that would be added to the trigger shifter is a display screen. This way, it would be easy for kids who are not adept at shifting to change gears. If you are upgrading a bike for a kid who has used gears before, do not mind how it works.

The SRAM X5 derailleur has been intuitively fitted to complement the performance of the SRAM drivetrain. Even without a clutch system, the dropped chain does not have any issues. The 9-speed drivetrain allows your kid to have more gear options without any complications.


Parents and kids will be delighted to see the rear and front thru-axles on the Woom OFF AIR. This offers a different bike experience than the old-school quick-release skewers. The through axles have so much stability and are much safer. This way, you are excused of loose skewers which rattle and back out.

Value Of The Bike

Woom OFF AIR is a nimble bike that indicates Woom’s extravagance in building their bikes. They put out a cost-friendly bike for many and fairly competes against other bikes in the market. The frame is high quality, and the design team put so much effort into coming up with a kid’s bike that easily attracts them. Even with a few dollars above the average price for such mountain bikes, the company did not compromise on the value.

If you are a parent who wants a bike for your kid to take on their family trail adventures, the Woom OFF AIR is the best option. The Woom bikes are considered faster than their competitors, and they still maintain the safety standards and performance requirements.

What You Will Like About The Suspension Fork

  • Your kid is provided with more stability and comfort when riding on challenging terrains. It quickly absorbs all the impact from uneven terrain. This offers more control when your child is riding.
  • The air suspension is effective in reducing vibrations caused by the technical terrains in cross-country riding. The result is that your kid faces less fatigue, especially for longer bike rides.
  • The front-wheel stays firmly grounded on the road, which allows for better traction on bumpy trails, corners, and smooth climbs. This allows for better braking, which keeps your child confident.

What Not To Like About Suspension Shocks

  • The Woom OFF AIR has suspension forks that add more weight to the bike. The elements used to build the suspension elements add a few pounds to the bike's overall weight. This makes it hard for kids since they will have more weight to deal with, especially when going uphill. This makes it only favorable for light-bodied kids. But for a little shredder, the extra weight can be overlooked.
  • A good suspension fork bike is not cheap despite being responsive and suitable for lightweight riders—with adjustable features. The bike is more expensive than the Woom OFF. If you are willing to pay the price, your kid will also get a lock-out function which can be switched on and off when they need it for climbing and downhill riding. This avoids bumpiness that drains outriders.
  • It takes a lot to maintain a suspension fork. Depending on the conditions your kid takes the bike, a few individual parts of the suspension fork could need some replacement. You will have to frequently change your oil, service the air chamber, and tighten the nuts. You can only have these done by professional services who know how to handle the delicate parts.

Woom OFF Vs. Woom OFF AIR

Despite being similar in geometry, sizes, and components, the Woom OFF AIR turns out to be a performer than the Woom OFF. First, the Woom OFF has a rigid carbon fork that effectively absorbs vibration while on the trails. But when taken for a ride in rough technical terrain, the Woom OFF is much slower than the Woom OFF AIR. If not well planned, this can be challenging to a rider and reduce their confidence.

The Woom OFF AIR has a suspension fork of high quality, and it pushes through terrains quickly, giving so much riding confidence on all kinds of trails or tracks. The fork's pressure can be adjusted, which allows you to set up the bike to fit your kid's weight purposes. Fixing this is very easy even without the shock pump, which does not exist.

The Woom OFF AIR can go uphill for more extended periods, maintaining the same tempo and posture. This is made possible by the lockout switch and the adjustable rebound. When your kid wants to ride downhill, you can open the lockout for easy and seamless operation. This gives them so much more control than if it were a rigid fork bike.

Suspension forks on the Woom OFF AIR have a wide range of travel, 60mm, 80mm, and 90mm, which serve the respective bike sizes. This allows for more control on rocky and obstacle-filled trails. More bike travel is appropriate if you have a kid ready for big jumps and more downhill rolling rides. Considering such factors would mean that the Woom OFF is not the best choice for more aggressive trails.

The addition of a suspension fork comes at a price that most parents would find non-befitting for their kids. It makes the bike heavier and expensive. Saying that the Woom OFF is a better bike for light riding is a no-brainer. This leaves the Woom OFF AIR a heavier bike that would not be fit for most kids. The appropriate market for this bike is kids who have already tested the waters in mountaineering and want to try out something more challenging.

Woom OFF AIR vs. Prevelo Zulu

The Woom OFF AIR and Prevelo Zulu are both suspension fork bikes, only that they have a few factors that set them apart. Both brands have 20-inch bikes with 80mm of travel of the front fork. This travel size is suitable for kids, but the Woom OFF AIR falls behind in this category. The Prevelo Zulu has carbon lowers, which we are yet to witness on the Woom OFF AIR. The only difference is that Woom off, despite, offers a higher quality fork.

However, these defining features mostly matter to the type of kid who is going to ride. The previous, therefore, are suitable for parents who are after an aggressive geometry that feels very solid. This is because they are heavier than the Woom OFF AIR. The geo building of the Woom OFF AIR gives it more advantages.

Woom OFF AIR vs. Cleary Scott

Compared to the Woom OFF AIR, the Cleary Scott bike is bulkier with huge features. Its general appearance clearly states that the bike is excellent for the most challenging terrains. The handlebars are set low, which is somehow not appropriate for riding on flat and smooth trails. The brake levers are easy to reach with much shorter cranks. The overall build material is high-tensile steel which is heavier than the Woom OFF. Therefore, the Woom OFF AIR is an appropriate bike for kids since it is an all-rounder, which serves the purpose of trail and commuting purposes. It is lighter, and the geometry is child-friendly across various ages.

Wrapping Up

Although the Woom OFF AIR is not the cheapest kids’ mountain bike, it is the kind that automatically inspires confidence and love for exploring trails. It is constructed for kids by parents who know what kids need and has quality parts to make it have a higher resale value than most kid’s bikes.


The Woom OFF AIR is a worthwhile addition to your kids’ bike selection. You will get to spend quality time with your family going for nature rides on the local trails.

Even if your kid is not ready for mountaineering, the bike still serves a good purpose on the single tracks and downhill bike park rides—the bike is very versatile and serves a wide range of purposes.

With its light structuring, the geometry is rider-friendly and can be used for daily commuting purposes within the town and anywhere you want to take it. But considering all factors, this bike deserves to be for mountaineers. The hydraulic disc brakes, the SRAM gears, and derailleurs give more simplicity when riding uphill.

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