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eric-awwy By Eric Awwy, 18 Jan 2020

The Woom 5 24” bike is among the Woom series of child bicycles that puts happiness to kids’ faces. Woom 5 takes home the title and crown of the best all-round 24” bike as per the tests we have so far conducted. Give it a rough terrain, the smooth bike paths, streets or even the paves, the Woom 5 comfortably proves its worthiness. Forget anything they have told you about the pricing and focus on the Woom experience.

The Woom 5 is a top of the class kids’ bike that combines functionality and beauty carefully knit together to hide its behemoth capacity. The bike best fits for smooth riders who ride on paved roads and can also take some dirt terrains thanks to its versatility, vitality, and combination of top-class components.

For many kids between ages 7 to 11 years, Woom 5 is a dream come true. Besides, when kids are already enjoying Woom 4, they are always targeting the Woom 5 for an upgrade to 24”.

This beautiful beast of a bike comes with 8-speeds that comes with a range of shifters for ease in pedaling in different topographies. Children on the Woom 5 are as confident as pro cyclists and smile every stroke of the pedal. If it is a birthday surprise to a 9-year daughter or son, be sure that you have surpassed the standards. Woom 5 makes surprises look like vivid dreams.

Woom 5 Numbers at a Glance

There is something special about Woom 5. However, before we even delve deeper, let us have a look at the numbers that matter.

Stand-over height of 24.5 inches

Drive train  1 x 8

Wheel size 24 inches

Weight 18.08 lbs

Maximum seat height    32.28.”

Wheelbase     37.83.”

Grip height    35.”

Appropriate for ages 7-11 years

Best for children with height  49”-57.”

With these numbers, we have already answered your questions on “who is Woom 5 suited for?”

The Woom 5 pedal bike is suitable for kids who enjoy a mix of long pave rides and some bit of off-road cycling. It is also best for parents who are die-hard mountain bikers and partly road-bike enthusiasts and are all keen enough to introduce their children into the cycling culture. For this, the Woom 5 fits both duties and never deserts its function until the mission is fulfilled.

Now, let us head straight to the pros and cons of the Woom 5 Bikes. These are some of the things we liked and hated when testing.

Accessories and Fine Details

The old adage goes that the devil is in details. Now, the Woom bikes never cease to amaze. Every inch of the Woom 5 is loaded with something that contributes to its exceptional attention to details. Engineers, architectures, and artists would all agree that details speak volumes. Now, let us unpack the Woom 5 features that show the bike constructors have exquisite attention to details:

  • At an early age of just 7-11 years, your child would be acquainted with handling a bike with both rear and front wheels with a quick-release lever.
  • When leaning on the wall, the saddle is carefully constructed to protect the bike. The tiltable saddle that moves back and forth as well.
  • The Woom 5 comes with a quick-release lever on the seat post for on-the-go adjustments. Besides, it is etched with insertion marks (measuring scale) that are useful when a bike is used by different riders.
  • Its plastic bike chain catcher holds the chain when it falls off the crank. This is a feature you might need when the kids are learning to shift the gears. But once they are pro riders you are good to go.
  • The Woom 5 welding is on another level. You can confuse it for a carbon frame.
  • The perfect Woom kickstand design makes it not to interfere with the crank when it attaches to the rear axle.
  • And when you need a bell for caution, you can buy it as an add-on.

Now, what more would convince you otherwise from purchasing the Woom 5 bike for your 7, 8, 9, 10, and 11-year-old son or daughter? Many parents we interviewed were wowed by the attention to details that remain the greatest invention in the kids’ bike history.

Let’s explore further.

Hassle-Free Assembly

When the package arrives, a parent is always eager to unbox and assemble the Woom 5 bike. Every Woom bike comes almost fully assembled and adjusted to fit riders of different heights out of the box.

Inside the box, you will get an easy-to-follow instruction and a pair of tools. The two tools are the 5 mm hex key or stem and the 15 mm pedal spanner.

Besides, you will also get an instructional video that further makes the assembly easy and fast. Mostly, within 10 minutes, you will be thinking of taking your little ones for the trails trial.

As part of quality assurance, every bike is checked and qualified before being assembled for packaging. As if that is not enough, Woom 5 comes with a variety of ergonomic features.

Ergonomic Features of Woom 5

Trust Woom for the super-lightweight bikes. The Woom 5 is no exception to the light-weight tradition. And this is not a coincidence or accident but follows a long history of research and product quality improvement.

It is simple mathematics, riding a bike half of three quarter your weight feels worrisome. And even when you succeed in doing that, chances are you will never enjoy a ride on your bike.

Now, the same applies to kids, and Woom just mastered that.  To make riding fun and put a smile to the little riders, it combines lightweight components and lightweight materials to its frame. For instance, the bike frames are welded from the 6061 aluminum alloy that is lighter than the older steel frames.

With the children riders in mind, the bike also comes with a lower center of gravity. And with a lower COG, you can trust that your young cyclist will be stable and balanced. Besides, for those with adrenaline and aggressiveness, the center of gravity makes them lean as they take corners.

Another ergonomic factor is the narrow Q-factor that makes it well-matched for children. Remember, the Q-factor determines the extent to which the legs of your young rider splays out over the pedals. Narrow Q-factor is preferable as it brings comfort and out of the world experience when riding. And Woom 5 gives you just that!

The saddle is also made of non-toxic materials and comes with an age-specific ergonomic design.

The Wonderful Woom Saddle

For bikes, saddles serve as the significant and most significant points of contact between the young riders and their bikes. An uncomfortable saddle positioning and design can make kids hate even the lightest and performing bike like the Woom 5.

The Woom 5’s saddle, more like an adult bike saddle, comes with guaranteed comfort. With it in place, your child can kiss saddle sores goodbye.

The saddle is by default, designed with the kids in mind. The volume of the saddle matches the measurements of the hips of children supposed to ride on the Woom 5.

Besides, the saddle is narrow and carefully padded.

The saddle can tilt up and down and can also move back and forth. In case of complaints about the comfort of the seat, a simple adjustment of the seat angle and the handlebar distance can be a genesis of their love for the saddle and the bike.

The saddle is also made from non-toxic child-friendly material and has additional added protection to lean on walls.

Look out for the age-specific ergonomic design of the saddle. It is for sure an experience a father or mother never regrets throwing some dime into.

The Calibrated Seat Post

The Woom 5 seat post is constructed from anodized aluminum. It has standard insertion marks that indicate the minimum and maximum insertion points to ensure restriction to heights and weights. It also helps when changing bikes between riders.

Geometry and Frame

As we said before and as most parents would prefer, the Woom 5 pedal bike is carefully constructed to take in children aged 7-11 years. In fact, one of the top-selling propositions of the bike is the fact that its components, build, and design suit a child’s body.

The frame, which hugely contributes to the weight of the bike, is made from lightweight aluminum. They indicate that it is built from high-quality Aluminum alloy 6061. The light frame plus the narrow, small, and light components make the bike naturally fit for children who want fun on two wheelies.

The frame design is such that the rider is always in a semi-upright position. Ask any bike enthusiast or pro; the slightly forward slant position is the best for comfort while riding. It also fends off resistance.

You can adjust the handlebars to change the position of the rider. So, the 2019 Woom 5 is entirely something to the aggressive riders who prefer leaned-in positioning.

As we mentioned earlier, the Woom 5 has a narrower Q-factor (the distance between the pedals), which makes it an efficient machine on two wheels.

Size and Weight

The seat height of the Woom 5 24” pedal bike is 32.38” max. The lowest seat height is 26.38” giving a seat height range of 6”. Now, this only means that kids of different heights and inseams can comfortably ride the Woom 5 as long as other bike sizing factors are considered.

Notably, the perfect Woom 5 inseam is between 23.5 and 30.5.”

Expert advice: When purchasing a bike for your kid, always buy it when the child is either lower or mid the age and size spectrum to allow them to grow and enjoy the bike.

In terms of weight, it is 18.08 lbs., which makes the Woom 5 top among the list of lightest 24” bikes.

Performance of the Woom 5 Pedal Bike

If you are a horse lover and have that favorite horse in a race, the Woom 5 would be that horse. One word that can describe the performance of the Woom 5 24” bike is AWESOME!

Watching your child ride the Woom 5 is quite an experience. One that you can never get watching the latest trailers or movies. It can make you wish you were Benjamin the Button and grow younger as you age only to have some experience.

You can be sure to have a dream riding the Woom 5 back during your childhood days. It happened to most of our testing team, and the next day we met for coffee it was all about “the dream I had riding a Woom 5 pedal bike.”

Its brakes, tires, and gears make it a perfect workhorse.

Gears and Gain Ratio

The Woom 5 is fitted with SRAM X4 derailleur and SRAM 8-speed grip shifters on this bike, just like the Woom 4.

With a gain ratio range of between 2.4 and 6.8, your child will do great Wattage on the straights and expend less energy when ascending some tricky mountainous trails.

Tire System

Ever heard of the SOOPA-DOOPA-HOOPS lightweight aluminum rims? Probably not. But with the Woom 5 in your budget, be sure to experience more than just a single lesson. Like humans, bikes have evolved! It is simply neat and carefully designed to fit the high status of the bike.

The lightweight SOOPA-DOOPA-HOOPS rim accommodates a pair of 1.85” wide Schwalbe Little Joe folding tires – call it the Special Woom Edition!

You can trust the bike to carry your child on the gravel and have a better grip on the dirt trails. The tires provide a low-resistance, excellent rolling resistance, and firm grasp of the ground.

Besides, the tubes come with a universal filling valve that does not require add-ons when filling. You can simply fill in a petrol station or use the typical mountain bike pocket/hand pumps.

It has aluminum hubs with sealed bearings and quick releases to quickly install and remove the wheels. The wheels are supported by 20 stainless steel spokes that are two times laced for strength.

Braking System

Woom 5 comes with a pair of Mini-V brakes. Its two brake levers have reach-adjustability to fit your child’s hands. Besides, the brakes are coordinated by a couple of high-quality Jagwire cables that reduce friction and maintain top performance.


The Woom 5 handles have reduced the diameter to fit into the small hands of the potential riders. The handles are also made of non-toxic material.

Woom 5 handle

They also come with screwed in bar end plugs to ensure firm and uninterrupted grips. Sliding handles are not only uncomfortable but also dangerous as they can distract the kids on speed. Your guess is as good as mine what happens to distracted cyclists. However, it is a problem solved by the design mechanisms of the bike.

The Fork and Headset

The Woom 5 24” bike comes with a lightweight unicrown fork that is also built from aluminum. It has a one-inch shaft and is self-aligning for smooth riding.

The Woom 5 also features a fully-integrated headset that has sealed industrial bearings for smooth rotation. Besides, it comes with an integrated head clamp.

Its stem is made from forged aluminum, which contributes to its overall light weight. The new Vario stem grows with your child and has two clamps from where the handlebars are fixed by the use of an Allen-Key. And these are some of the components and features that make Woom 5 a market ruler in the 24” bike category.

Final Words

The weight, ergonomics, endless pros and fewer cons, the price tag, and the unmeasured fun should be buying points for the Woom 5 24” pedal bike. If you are looking for something that can take on the light dirt trails and still perform wonders on the paves, this is a guarantee workhorse for that.

With 85% of the components being customized to make it fun riding, the Woom 5 is a top of the class 24 inch bike. And with the upcycle program or membership you can upgrade to the Woom 6 once your kid outgrows the Woom 5.

You can choose to accessorize the Woom 5 with some of the Woom accessories.

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Hi, Thanks for the review. Is the twist gear shift easy to use for small (7yo) hands? My child isn't the strongest and we are having a lot of problems with the Trek Shimano Revo grip twister gears. Thanks!


Hi, Jen. Sorry am just seeing this now. Yes, it is. If you purchased it already am sure you noted the same. Thank you