Woom NOW Kids' Urban Bike Review- Best Cargo Bike for Kids

eric-awwy By Eric Awwy, 13 Sep 2022

We have talked about encouraging kids to commute to school. In equal measure, we encourage families to plan bike tours. And then comes to the innovative Woom NOW pedal bike to make commuting and touring easier and more fun. With it in the equation, your little ones can now carry their language around as they reap the benefits of cycling.

In recent years, as cities struggle with mobility, efforts have been made to make spaces around us accommodative of cycling lanes and other bike facilities. As a result, the mobility culture around bikes is growing among us daily. For cycling families with kids who love cycling in urban spaces, the Woom Now is the ultimate urban lifestyle bike that single-handedly delivers on commuting missions, simultaneously serving as a cargo bike.

To imagine what went into the creation of NOW, one would only conclude that Woom is always ahead of the game. The design is novel, practical, and what every kid needs to carry around some loads. The Woom Now takes the competition of kid-specific cargo bikes to a new level. The years of research and development have paid off, and it is visible.

Call it a toned-down adult cargo bike, the Woom Now allows kids to haul their gear, backpacks, and everything that fits the front-mounted cargo space. As a result, they have the freedom to carry anything everywhere they can ride.

With the unique and innovative frame design, staggered wheel set-up, quality components, and other features, this bike is perfect for bike touring, bikepacking, camping, or regular commutes. Let's now break down what makes the Woom Now tick almost all the boxes a parent would wish such a bike did.

Quick Overview of Woom NOW (4, 5, and 6) Bikes

Before we delve into an in-depth review, let's first begin with a sneak peek at the Woom NOW specs.

  • Dynamo hub-powered front/rear lights
  • Microshift twist shifter
  • Smaller front wheel
  • Larger rear wheel
  • 8-speed gears
  • Aluminum alloy frame
  • Hydraulic disc brakes
  • Small frame bag
  • Full coverage fenders
  • Truck cycle front cargo rack with 22 lb. capacity
  • It comes in 3 sizes (Woom Now 4 for 6-8 years), (Woom NOW 5 for 7-11 years), and Woom NOW 6 for 10-14 years).

Full Review of the Woom NOW Pedal Bike

Woom is a company that prides itself as a kids’-specific bike brand. It has produced many great bikes for kids and teenagers, and with the introduction of Woom Now, you can only imagine its next innovation.

The Woom Now is a perfect bike for young commuters. It is a perfect cargo bike with an innovative cargo rack that makes it easy to haul luggage and items. It is a bike we recommend for young commuters between 6 and 14 years who want a safe, reliable, easy, and sustainable means to haul their luggage, such as sports items or backpacks, with confidence in getting to their destination.

As a parent purchasing it either as a gift or a routine bike investment to add to the family cache of bikes, you will have value for your money. But what makes the Woom NOW stand out?

Innovative Rack Design

Although the bike isn't as nimble and fast as expected, it perfectly meets the objective of building it. Typically, the idea behind the bike was to help young kids between 6 to 14 years heave moderately heavy loads.

When you buy your kids the NOW, you don't have to mule their luggage on top of yours. Instead, they can independently carry moderately bulky loads such as backpacks, sleeping bags, sports gear, groceries, coats, boots, etc.) on their bike.

The Woom NOW has a rack to facilitate this. The rack has certain unique features and capabilities. For example, it has a strapping system that allows kids riding the bike to strap whatever cargo they are hauling.

The bottom of the rack is constructed using solid plastic to hold the cargo in place firmly. The rack is also mounted on the frame so that it is sturdy, allowing it to carry up to 22 lb., which is the rack's weight capacity.

The rack also has a height limiter, which guides the height of cargo to be loaded onto it. We found this subtly interesting as it gives the kids a wider view of their surroundings and what's ahead of them. The rack is also placed at a lower height to lower the center of gravity, which makes the bike stable even when loaded.

The bike has smaller wheels in the front to allow the lowering so that the young cyclist can comfortably see what's ahead of them, control, and balance the bike. In addition, kids can fold up the rack using an integrated elastic loop when not in use, making it a good commuter bike. And if you want to add water bottles or bike locks, you can use the dual accessory mounts on the back sides of the rack.

 We also love that the neat design is wrapped up by internal cable routing, leaving the entire piece of art admirable from afar and close. Indeed, Woom Now fits the bill as an urban or city bike, but its features make it more of a cargo bike for kids, suitable to take on smooth and moderately rough or dirt trails.

Integrated LED Lights

We are advocates of kids' safety on bikes. One aspect of safety is being seen by other road users.

Thinking about this, the Woom engineering and design team thought it wise to include a dynamo hub that powers the integrated front and rear lights. So, as long as the bike is in motion, the lights will always charge.

Even when stored for a long time, thanks to the efficient hub, a single pedal stroke will get the lights shining bright for visibility. And with the stop function, the lights will remain on if the kid stops pedaling, which means safety is assured when they make stops to hydrate, rest, or at traffic lights.

And the wondrous thing yet is that the standby feature is integrated with the design of the light. The positioning of the lights makes it possible to be seen as the front one is mounted below the rack and the rear one on the rear fender. There is a switch to turn off the lights in case you want to do so.


As we already indicated, the Woom NOW comes in three sizes, 20", 24", and 26", which fit kids between 6 and 14 years. This means every kid can ride the Woom NOW, provided it fits their stature, height, and size.

Primarily, kids as young as 6 years can ride the Woom NOW 4. And if you are a small adult, you will find the Woom NOW 6 fit for you.

We noticed that, like all the Woom bikes, the minimum seat heights and weights remain low for all the 3 sizes. We also noticed that the riding position is relaxed, upright, and comfortable thanks to the excellent bike geometry of the Woom NOW. Check the Woom website for the specific bike geometry of each Woom NOW bike size.

Woom Now Name

Seat Height (inches)

Frame Size in Inches

Weight (lbs.)

Best for ages

Approx. Height of Rider (inches)

Woom Now 4




6-8 years


Woom Now 5




7-11 years


Woom Now6




10-14 years


High Quality and Kid-Friendly Components

Like other Woom bikes, the Woom NOW comes with a quality build and high-quality bike components.

These components are all kid-specific and safety/comfort-oriented. We like that kids between 6 and 14 years riding the bike would find the handlebars, saddle, pedals, grips, and cranks fit for their stature and build.


The frame is innovatively designed to offer stability and comfort and allow the other components to fall into their rightful places to execute the mandate for which the bike was built. Like other Woom bikes, the Woom NOW has a low stand-over height to help kids easily hop on and off the bike. The kids can also balance, control, and handle the bike when loaded.

Ergo Grips

Comfort on a bicycle matter. And Woom NOW features ergonomic grips to cushion kids' hands from the vibrations of the surfaces they ride their bikes. The grips feature a lock-on mechanism that prevents them from slipping off when in use. The kids' hands are further protected by the cushions at the edges when they kit walls or solid objects along their paths.


The Woom NOW comes loaded with a kickstand that pops up before the kid hops on and pedals away, which we found to be an innovative safety mechanism.

Comfortable saddle

The saddle of the Woom NOW is super comfortable to allow the kids to enjoy the ride without saddle sores. It also helps the riders to sit upright to have a clear view of their surroundings when cycling.

Wheels and tires

The tire set up on the Woom NOW is staggered – the rear wheel is large, and the front wheel is smaller in diameter.

The rationale is to improve stability by lowering the center of gravity. In addition, by bringing the wheels close to the vertical plane of the handlebars, a rider can quickly turn the bike, which makes it easier for them to control and balance it even when loaded.

The frame design allows the rider to sit upright, even with the staggered setup. Crowning the rims is a pair of 2.15 inches-wide Schwalbe Big Apple or what is referred to as balloon tires.

The tires also have an extra safety feature: they have reflective sidewalls and an inbuilt puncture protection mechanism. In addition, being that they are oversized and knobby, they hug the terrains and roads better and have better vibration cushioning, making rides smoother and comfortable, even when the Woom NOW bike is loaded.

Drive Train

Although not your fast bike, the Woom NOW has a drive train that allows kids to cycle up and down without sweating. It comes with a 28-teeth chainring and a cassette with teeth ranging from 11-32 teeth. And a bike nerd would go further in numbers to state that the gear ratio is between 0.9 to 2.5, whereas the gain ratio is between 2 and 6. That's pretty much enough gearing needed for commuting and cruising around urban areas and cities. These numbers speak of optimal performance, given its unique purpose. The crank also has a narrow Q-factor, which means efficient pedaling and power transfer to set things into motion. It also features grip shifters, primarily standard in high-end (premium) bikes, and the WOOM NOW.

Hydraulic Brakes

Stopping power is necessary for a powerful bike that hauls loads and kids. And the engineers and designers at Woom never slept on their job. The Promax FI 140 mm hydraulic disc brakes mean business when it comes to stopping the bike. Disc brakes are superior as they offer an efficient razor-sharp response, which sustainably stops the bike even when loaded. On top of that, disc brakes are more durable. We found it convenient that the brake levers on the Woom NOW have a reach adjust that enables you to adjust them to fit the hands of the little rider. Besides, the rear calipers are mounted nicely on the frame to protect them from damage.


As a parent who appreciates a good quality bike for their kid, you would agree with us that getting the Woom Now is a game changer for your child. It is a bike equipped to be ridden all year round in selective terrains. In addition, it comes equipped with front and rear wheels’ fenders to protect the child from dirt sprays as the tires revolve on the paths they are cycling.


The stock pedals on the WOOM NOW are perfect. However, if you want to customize the build further, consider getting replacement pedals to spice up the fun and make the ownership of the bike fun and worthwhile.

Quick Releases

The front and rear wheels of the Woom NOW have quick releases that make disengaging and assembling the tires quickly. Besides, the seat post also comes with a quick release that allows easier and faster saddle-height adjustment. Caution, though, the rear wheel will need an Allen Key for it to detach from the hub.

Frame Bag

Apart from the rack, the easy frame bag to attach and remove increases the storage capacity of the Woom NOW. Kids can throw in keys, bike locks, or other small items and snacks. It is a simple yet practical frame bag that easily opens and automatically closes thanks to the magnetic enclosure system.

Lightweight Kids' Bike

Considering what it is to deliver, we would rank Woom Now as moderately lightweight. Furthermore, the weight capacity of the integrated front rack is 22lbs, which means that the bike can hold enough load.

That said, and considering the frame bag, smaller or petite kids will first struggle with the Woom Now.

The Woom NOW 4 weighs 23.1 lbs., Woom NOW 5 26.5 lbs., and Woom NOW 6 27.9 lbs. So when you purchase the Woom NOW bike for your kid, let them have a few days to get accustomed to its weight before hitting the road on it.

If possible, have them carry some items around on the rack so that they can master to adjust to their weight when loaded and when not loaded.

Award-Winning Bike

If all the buzz around the Woom NOW has not convinced you that this is the bike you need, especially if you live in towns or neighborhoods with safe cycling and bike commuting spaces, the awards it has received should sell it to you. The Woom NOW, even as an entrant into the premium kids' cargo bike space, has received some prestigious awards, including Design and Innovation Award, Red Dot Design Award, Taipei Bicycle Award, and we are sure there are more, which we will keep updating. You will never go wrong by purchasing the Woom NOW for your kiddo.

If anything, Woom bikes maintain a good resale value if you have no one to pass them down. Plus, you can always take advantage of their Upcycling program.

All parents and kids who go the Woom bikes way never regret it because they love it for what it is. We have an article explaining why parents and kids love Woom bikes.  

Final Verdict

Everybody has their opinion on a rad-looking bike, but for the Woom NOW, everybody would like it from first sight. It is lit, unique, practical, and functional. Although not as nimble as other Woom flagship bike models, it totally performs what it's built for moving cargo through spaces.

We recommend the Woom Now for kids who commute to school, kids riding around cities, kids who like to get groceries and other stuff, and kids who love the independence of carrying stuff on their own bikes. It is better than mounting a rear rack on a kids' bike. Of course, most kids' bikes do not allow you to attach a rear rack either. And it performs better when on moderately rough terrains.

It is a bike you need for those family camping trips where you must ride with kids through camping sites, parks, or kid-friendly bike trails. It is the best kids' city bike you will ever get in the market, at least for now.

The finicky design, practicality, and reliability make it a marvel in bike engineering. We can only wish that you get it because, for us, it ticks all our checkboxes as the best urban bike for kids who like to cruise around with their luggage.

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