Woom OFF 4, 5, and 6 Review

eric-awwy By Eric Awwy, 17 Sep 2021

When you want to get your child a bike to get them riding on the trails, there are a few limited options that come into mind. And with the few options, you also have to consider crucial bike elements such as the drivetrain, suspension, and overall bike geometry that would match your expectations. This is where the Woom OFF comes in to save the day. Coming in trims of 20”, 24”, and 26” wheel sizes marketed as woom OFF 4, woom OFF 5, and woom OFF 6, respectively, these bikes are the perfect selection for kids who want to transition into off-road riding. Besides, with hydraulic disc brakes, carbon forks, and lightweight frames, the woom OFF rigid mountain bikes are also good commuting bikes for riding to school or along the beach.

Overview of the Woom OFF Bikes

Best for beginner and intermediate mountain bikes who want to build their bike handling skills.

Gears: 9-speed with SRAM trigger

Brakes: Hydraulic Disc.

Fork: Carbon.


  • 20-inch woom OFF 4 – 17.2 lb.
  • 24-inch woom OFF 5 – 18.9 lb.
  • 26-inch woom OFF 6 – 20.5 lb.

Seat height

  • 20-inch woom OFF 4: 23-29”.
  • 24-inch woom OFF 5: 28-34”
  • 26-inch woom OFF 6: 30.9-38.4”

Other Specs

  • Aluminum built frame
  • Carbon or Suspension fork
  • 1x9 SRAM drivetrain
  • SRAM trigger shifter
  • 35” Schwalbe Rocket Ron wheels
  • Side protected saddle
  • Hydraulic disc brakes
  • Studded pedals for more grip

An In-depth Review of the woom OFF 4, 5, and 6

There is no doubt that finding a perfect mountain bike can be tasking. In most cases, if you are not keen enough, you can get a good bike in your eyes but awful in your young groms’ eyes. There is always a lot to consider when purchasing an MTB for the kids and youths. While the bike's components such as drive train, frame material, and the wheels certainly matter, where the bike is to be ridden is also a decisional factor as it defines whether or not the bicycle eventually becomes the best mountain bike for your child.

Luckily, with research-driven designs, companies like Woom can manufacture bikes fit for children in different categories and ages, whether small kids or teens seeking the thrill on two wheels. The woom OFF is designed for riders who are comfortable riding uphill in moderately rough terrains or trails. It is ideal for young riders who want to take on single-track trails without steep elevations. But if your young groms are after doing the trail tricks, jumping on jump parks, or doing vertical elevations, or handling all terrains, you can instead opt for the woom OFF Air bikes.

As indicated earlier, the woom OFF is available in different sizes; 20-inch, 24-inch, and 26-inch models. Such categorization makes it easy for parents to select bikes based on various factors such as age and body size. The 20-inch wheel, however, seems to be the most preferred bike among them all. To top all the cool features, you can enjoy premium quality at a very affordable price.

The woom OFF bikes feature nimble bike geometry centered around kids' bike needs. It perfectly presents stability and confidence on the trails, with the components well put into providing for more responsiveness and adequate maneuverability. Therefore, the cross-country orientation is unbeaten in climbs, descents, and riding in challenging trails.

  • Extremely lightweight
  • Strong carbon fork or suspension fork with extra bike stability
  • Wide sized tires to allow maximum grip, traction, and absorption
  • Fast shifting with the trigger shifts
  • Adjustable handlebars
  • Superior hydraulic disc brakes
  • Non-slip pedal design
  • Non-tubeless compatible wheels
  • Cables hanging outside the frame
  • Some bikes tend to bend in challenging terrains

Woom OFF Geometry

The woom OFF has a modern MTB geometry. The bike's geometry considers the number of stability kids would enjoy, with the lower bottom bracket and extended wheelbase.

Besides, it has a curved top tube, which eases getting on and off the bike. This makes the rider keep an upright posture while trail riding and even roll steeper when going rapidly on the lanes.

The wheelbase also allows for jumps in the tracks and also sharp bends on the trails. This means that nothing can hold the little riders back when challenged on a path or a skatepark.

The handlebars on the woom OFF are also broad, and at 580mm, they provide excellent handling capacities. The handlebars can raise for a maximum of 20mm, and the stem can be flipped to give an upright or leaning position for aggressive riding. But it is upon the parent to determine the appropriate angle for their kids and set it into place.

Even though pedals are not much of a deal when selecting a bike for your kid, the ones on the woom OFF are worth mentioning. They are a splendid selection for stock pedals to ever fit on a kid's bike. Each pedal has metal pins that maintain the foot's position when riding. Pedals strikes are therefore a rare occurrence for kids.

Excellent Performance Features of Woom OFF Bikes

For proper shock absorption while riding on the trails, the carbon fork would be the best option for your kid--- nothing that it is also the lightest and cheapest option. The woom 4, 5, and 6 bikes are lightweight mountain bike options for families who do light trail rides with their youngsters. If you go for the suspension fork, you will have to dig deeper into your pockets while adding more weight to the bike. Combined with the meaty tires, your child can enjoy a smooth ride on the rough and rocky terrains, something lacking in rigid bikes. And there is no reason to struggle that much when the woom OFF AIR bikes come with an air-suspension fork for the same purpose. Otherwise, if you ride on soft and relaxed trails, you will enjoy the seamless performance on woom OFF bikes, especially on a budget.

The Schwalbe Rocket Ron tires are bulky and well-fitted to provide for proper absorption of vibration and smooth-riding that you cannot find on slim-size tires. They also glide effortlessly over obstacles and have increased tractions. The only downside is that the wheels are not tubeless, meaning they need to run under higher pressure. But hey, you can always convert bike tires to tubeless whenever you want.

The woom OFF bikes have a SRAM 1x9 Drivetrain to allow for flexible speed selection for kids. This is undoubtedly the most superior drivetrain we would expect for a kid's mountain bike. It is much easier to operate, only that it would be better if it had some display to simplify shifting for kids who have no better understanding of changing gears. Otherwise, the SRAM X5 Derailleur gives a clean shifting of the gears. With the gear ratio of between 0.88 and 2.55 for all the woom OFF bikes, you can be sure of good performance and gain ratios.

You will realize how much difference hydraulic disc brakes can make with increased speed options for a kid's ride. There will be improved stopping power, controlled braking, and less skidding. Also, considering how small-sized kids' hands are, the brakes are easy to operate. Hence the Promax brakes are good at reducing fatigue.

We also liked that the woom OFF comes with thru-axles both for the front and rear wheels, which perform better than the quick-release skewers we are used to in other kids’ bike brands. In addition, these thru-axles offer stability and are safer for the kids because there are no skewers that can rattle loose and back out.

Things To Improve

The Woom OFF bikes are well-built, and their sturdy and ergonomic design gives them a performance spec that cannot be compared to other bikes. Even with such considerations, the cycle would still work with a few improvements to get more advantages for riders. They include;

Cable routing. The brake and gear cables on the woom OFF are routed externally on the bike frame. However, a mountain bike of its kind will probably be taken on dusty trails and muddy conditions. It is therefore essential that they are routed internally for improved handling.

There is no quick-release Seatpost collar on the woom OFF, and it does not sit right with the bike. Most people are baffled by the fact that the other woom bikes have it except this one. Mountain biking requires many seat adjustments, and lowering the seat has proven effective on downhill rides. If there were a dropper post, the process would have been more straightforward, saving more time on the trails.

Upgrading the bike is not as simple as it may seem. The frame is not much of a concern, but the crank arms and fork would make it nearly impossible to find something that would work. Also, with the headset design, no company has introduced aftermarket shocks that would work with the woom OFF. It would be more fun if there were more upgrade options for the bike.

Who is the woom OFF built for?

  • Kid riders who prefer a versatile bike for commuting and off-road rides
  • Kids who like riding on trails with no tremendous obstacles would need a front shock bike
  • Kids who would want to ride mountain bikes without the need of having a front suspension
  • Kid riders who wish to ride a highly light bike to maneuver around trails easily
  • Parents who are looking for the most affordable and lightweight bicycle for their kids
  • Parents looking for an all-round bike to serve different purposes

Features that make the Woom OFF bikes outstanding


Woom off 4

Woom off 5

Woom off 6


Lightweight high-quality 6061 t6 aluminum

Lightweight high-quality 6061 t6 aluminum

Lightweight high-quality 6061 t6 aluminum


9-speed SRAM trigger shifter with SRAM X5 derailleur.

9-speed SRAM trigger shifter with SRAM X5 derailleur.

9-speed SRAM trigger shifter with SRAM X5 derailleur.


Woom OFF DISCO TEC double-chamber aluminum rims, aluminum hubs, through axles, aluminum nipples.

Woom OFF DISCO TEC double-chamber aluminum rims, aluminum hubs, through axles, aluminum nipples.

Woom OFF DISCO TEC double-chamber aluminum rims, aluminum hubs, through axles, aluminum nipples.


Light carbon with a post-mount for the disc brakes.

Light carbon with a post-mount for the disc brakes.

Light carbon with a post-mount for the disc brakes.


20 x 2.25” Schwabble Rocker Ron with ADDIX SPEED rubber compound.

24 x 2.35” Schwabble Rocker Ron with ADDIX SPEED rubber compound.

26 x 2.35 Schwabble Rocker Ron with ADDIX SPEED rubber compound.


Non-toxic kid-anatomy-fitted saddle.

Non-toxic kid-anatomy-fitted saddle.

Non-toxic kid-anatomy-fitted saddle.


Ergonomically adapted handlebars 580 mm wide.

Ergonomically adapted handlebars 600 mm wide.

Ergonomically adapted handlebars 680 mm wide.


Anodized aluminum Seatpost

Anodized aluminum Seatpost

Anodized aluminum Seatpost


Child-friendly grips

Child-friendly grips

Child-friendly grips

Drive Train

Forged 110m aluminum cranks

11-32 teeth cassette

Forged 130m aluminum cranks

11-34 teeth cassette

Forged 150m aluminum cranks

11-32 teeth cassette


17. 4 lbs (without pedals)

19 lbs (without pedals)

21 lbs (without pedals)

Wrapping Up

The Woom OFF build is impressive from front to back, and it is a unique mountain bike that provides all the best comfort and functionality young kids would always want. It comes off as a sturdy yet lightweight bicycle, essential for starting one off into the journey of mountain bike riding. All the vital components are fitted without compromising on weight and geometry requirements. The bike, therefore, can handle all cross-country trails, uphill climbing, and downhill rides. This is the best choice for the young and upcoming mountain bikers.

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