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Mongoose Fat Tire Bikes Review

eric-awwy By Eric Awwy, 28 Nov 2020

Having done a comprehensive review of the best fat bikes for kids and youths, we thought it wise to do a best-by-brand category for the best kids’ fat tire bike brands.

Fat bikes are all the rage in the world of biking right now, and Mongoose Bikes Company has quite the enviable reputation when it comes to fat-tire bikes.

The supersized tires of these bikes get riders all the attention for their unique look and expand the limits of biking for adventurous riders. Technically, this is by offering flexibility on just about any terrain, whether snowy or sandy or muddy – talk of versality, these bikes carry the day!  

And that is primarily what distinguishes fat-tire bikes from conventional bikes.

Established in 1974, the Mongoose brand is just shy of fifty years in the world of biking.

This brand is synonymous with aggressive riding, so it is no surprise that it is a top competitor in the fat bikes industry.

As with most bikes, choosing the best from the numerous industry brands can be such a challenging task. But for the ultimate fat biking experience, we’ve assembled a detailed review of the best Mongoose fat bikes for kids and youth.

Have a look.

1 Mongoose Kong Fat Tire Bike

Mongoose Kong Fat Tire Bike
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Mongoose Kong is one of the most famous Mongoose fat bikes for smaller riders, and this is because of many reasons.

The bike’s 20-inch by 4.25 inch wide tires are appropriately grippy for superior traction and stability on dirt, grass, sand, or snowy terrain.

It is a steel-framed mountain bike, which is a bit heavy, but alloy rims help keep the weight down, making the bike’s overall weight manageable by kids.

A Shimano derailleur with 7 speeds offers ideal gearing for any terrain, while twist shifters make the operation smooth and seamless.

Top that up with mechanical disc brakes that lend stopping power with precision and comfortable beach cruiser pedals, then peddling up hills couldn’t be easier.  By far, one of our favorite features is that whether in wet and hazardous conditions, these brakes stop safely.

With an adjustable seat height and a threadless headset, which can also be modified, the Kong easily fits riders of different heights.

 The off-road capabilities of fat tire bikes are endless, and Kong is one of the best ways for younger riders to experience it.

2 Mongoose Argus Toddler Fatbike

Mongoose Argus Toddler Bike Review
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A one of a kind creation from Mongoose bike is the Mongoose Argus toddler fat bike.

This fat tire bike is fit for riders aged 3 to 5 years old or between 38 and 48 inches tall.

If you have a child within that age bracket, you will be delighted with the fact that this bike’s features are designed with them in mind.

Assembly is quick and easy, and in no time, the bike will be ready to hit the trails.

We love that it features an easy to use single-speed drivetrain whose handling and maintenance are much easier for kiddos. 

But it doesn’t go shy on the fat tire bike performance as its16 inch is 3 inches wide tires can handle all terrains with ease. It smoothly glides through mud, rugged trails, gravel roads, loose sand, or snow exceptionally well.

Furthermore, the bike features BMX style components, which give it such a rad look.

The Argus toddler fat bike is well made with a durable steel frame that will last for years, even getting handed over to the next toddler in line.

To ensure safety, it is armed with a steel caliper rear brake, although we will add that it requires a bit more compression from the toddler for the bike to come to a stop.

 But that notwithstanding, the Argus toddler fat bike gives one of the best on and off-road experiences for toddlers. You can hardly go wrong with this choice.

3 Mongoose Dolomite Youth Fat Tire Bike

Mongoose Dolomite Review
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Next in line is the Mongoose 2019 Dolomite men’s fat tire bike, a fat tire bike that has hit the streets harder than an ice cream truck in the 90s.

The Dolomite’s 26-inch by 4 inch wide tires are designed to fit riders 5’4” to 6’ 2” in height.

The tires easily roll over anything on their path, and the extra width is convenient over bumps and other obstacles, earning them the ‘go-anywhere traction’ name.

A sturdy steel frame and alloy rims pair durability and lightweight nature, while disc brakes deliver crisp stopping no matter the condition one is riding in.

You can also quickly adapt to your terrain with the 7 speeds with twist shifters and Shimano derailleur. 

Some assembly is required before the bike is ready for the road but once done, you will get lots of looks from people on this one as it boasts of a super cool style.

What’s more, a threadless headset makes adjustability easy; creating a more customized fit. 

 Our only qualm is that the bike’s seat is hard as a rock, but it can easily be switched out for a more comfortable choice.

If you are looking for all-terrain adventures, you want to get in on the fun world of fat biking with the Mongoose Dolomite.

4 Mongoose Argus and Argus ST

Mongoose Argus and Argus ST  review
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The Argus fat tire mountain bike by Mongoose is one of Mongoose bikes' most decent creations, in our opinion.

First things first, the assembly of the bike is quick and super-easy, especially for seasoned bikers. 

The 20 x 4inch tires are gigantic compared to standard bike tires, and the extra-wide tires can handle sand and snow effortlessly.

What’s especially commendable is that with a range of up to 26-inch wheels, this line offers the same ultimate performance in all sizes.

Built on a steel fat-tire bike hardtail frame, this bike banks on stability, and it delivers a smooth and sturdy ride.  

Suitable for riders age six and above, an adjustable seat height keeps the bike longer with the rider, but once again, the seat itself may need a change as it is not as comfortable.

That aside, the bike’s 7 speeds with rear derailleur are operated by twist shifters, which allow easy gear shifting and easy hill-climbing. Besides, we love how mechanical disc brakes supply precise speed control in slippery weather just as much as it does on gravel roads.

Of course, the outstanding supersized tires overshadow the rest of the bike’s features, but one thing remains; the Mongoose Argus youth bike is one of the best bikes to add to an adventurous rider’s fleet.

5 Mongoose Malus

Mongoose Malus Review
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The places the Mongoose Malus can take you and the things you can do with it are limitless, and that’s what blows our minds when it comes to this bike’s performance.

For starters, its beach cruiser frame gives it plenty of clearance to conquer any terrain. So much so that it smoothly takes on sand, snow, and every terrain between.

Seated on strong yet light alloy rims are the bike’s knobby 4-inch wide tires, which offer tons of traction and stability.

The steel mountain-style fat tire frame can take a hard beating and still stand without major damage. An alloy head stem and mountain handlebar further ensure control while out on the trails.

With front and rear disc brakes, this bike delivers the most effective braking even on slippery trails. No accidental smashes or slip-ups while out and about.

The Mongoose Malus 26-inch fat bike further has 7 speeds with a rear derailleur for smooth gear changes.  

With a sturdy steel frame, mechanical disc brakes, a 7-speed drivetrain with twist shifters coupled with 4-inch wide, grippy tires, the Mongoose hitch bike just borders on perfection.

6 Mongoose Hitch Fat Bike

Mongoose Hitch Review
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The Mongoose hitch is a great bike to take out and have much fun with without worrying about the terrain or gradient.

Its red cruiser design frame is quite the attention-catcher, so if that’s what you’re looking for, then this is just the bike for you.

Standing on a durable steel frame, this men’s fat tire bike is very generous with regards to stability. The frame’s durability is a given, so you can expect to pass this bike on to the next size-appropriate rider in the family.

This one is for the older bunch. Sure it leans a bit on the heavy side, and that’s why it’s best suited for riders between 5’3” and 6’2.

Like the previous Mongoose fat bikes, the knobby supersized (26 inches by 4.25 inch wide) tires of this bike make it possible to ride on virtually any terrain.

For maximum security, it features front and rear disc brakes, which give excellent stopping power.

Even tackling hills seem like child’s play thanks to the 7-speed drivetrain of this bike. One can easily adapt to varied terrain!

We aren’t too crazy about the hard seat, but that too can easily be changed at a local bike store.

But for the price, the Mongoose hitch is one of the best ways to gain entry into the adventurous world of fat biking.

Our Parting Shot!

Fat bikes are the best way for bike lovers to keep the party going even when the seasons continue to change sporadically.

That is where Mongoose bikes' specialty comes in.

Their fat bikes are gear-optimized to make tackling hills and other inclines much easier. With adequate braking power and surefooted tires, the safety of riders on off-road terrains is ensured.

Of course, the fat bikes vary in terms of heaviness and wheel size, but one thing’s for sure; you are promised year-round riding with these oversized tires.

Specially designed for younger riders, the bikes mentioned above allow families to ride as a pack when the older riders are joined by the youngest ones even during the winter holiday season.

What are you waiting for? Grab a Mongoose bike for your family’s youngest, and enjoy the fun it delivers!

You can also have a look at our article on the best kids' bike brands, and let us know in the comments which other Mongoose Fat Bikes we could add to enrich the list. When you are a happy reader, you become a happy buyer, and that melts our hearts :-)

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