Pello Romper 14

eric-awwy By Eric Awwy, 24 Jan 2022

This stunning Pello bike is a wonderful machine that is ready for action. It is a bicycle that has everything your kid needs to have safe fun.

What stands out the most about this bike are its tires. The tires are Kenda pneumatic tires that enable all-terrain biking.

In this review, you will find out more about these tires and other important details about the bike.


Frame material: aluminum alloy

Weight: 15.9 pounds

Recommended age range:  3+

Seat height range: 17.25″–21.25″

Tire type: air

Tire size: 14 inches

Pello Romper 14" Bike: An In-depth Expert Review

Featuring a lightweight aluminum frame, a Cane Creek headset, Tektro brakes, and big Kenda tires, you wouldn’t be wrong if you said this is one hell of a quality bike.

Like most Pello bikes, this machine oozes quality. It meets and definitely raises the standards for kids bikes in the USA.

There is nothing not to love about the Pello Romper 14”. Its design is perfect for a kid to jump on and ride. And its features are superior to ensure it works like a charm.

  • Extremely lightweight
  • Wide Kenda all-terrain tires
  • Advanced dual handbrakes
  • Responsive steering
  • Good for both small and big kids
  • Higher gearing
  • Big tires add weight
  • Expensive

Find out more about the bike in the section below.

What we like about this bike

Sturdy frame

The Pello Romper is a brilliant pedaled two-wheeler, it comes with a sturdy and well-made aluminum frame.

The frame is quite light even for a toddler bike. Its lightness makes this bike easy to ride, to control, and to park.

The sturdy frame of this bike plus its coating makes it one of the most durable toddler bikes on the market.

Mid-rise handlebars

The Pello Romper comes with mid-rise handlebars. The handlebars are comfortable to use for both newbie and aggressive riders.

Why? Because they position the rider in an upright and comfortable position. This position allows for better control and balance.

Therefore, if you are looking for a pedaled bike that is easy to control, you should look no further than the Pello Romper 14”.

The mid-rise handlebar position as exhibited in this bike is becoming increasingly popular nowadays.

It is even more prominent than the aggressive leaned-in position. Even mountain bikes that are traditionally aggressive bikes nowadays have comfortable mid-rise handlebars.

Perhaps the most amazing thing about the Pello Romper’s handlebars is the fact that you can adjust them.

You can adjust them to accommodate your son or daughter better as they grow taller.

Mid-range gearing

The Pello Romper has a 3.7 gain ratio, which is the same gain ratio on most 24-inch high-end bicycles.

The 3.7 gain ratio mid-range gearing is perfect for early riders as it allows them to gain speed quickly and to tackle hills with ease.

It is important for newbie riders to gain speed quickly because they can balance better on faster moving bicycles than on slower moving bicycles.

So, the 3.7 gain ratio is perfect for those learning how to ride because it increases speed very fast.

Moreover, this impressive gain ratio ensures every pedal stroke helps bikers to gain significant distance. In contrast, bikes with lower gain ratio such as that of the Cleary Gecko, require more pedaling strokes to cover the same distance as the Pello Romper.

No kid wants to pedal like crazy in the hot midday sun. For this reason, avoid lower gain ratio bikes and stick to mid and higher gain ratio bikes.

Big knobby tires

You will find that the Pello Romper has big knobby tires. These tires are Kenda tires. They are 14 inches across and 2.1 inches wide.

They are wide pneumatic tires. This makes them very cushioning and comfortable. And the cushioning also makes them perfect for trail biking and true mountain biking.

Most similar bikes to this one does not have tires as big as these Kenda tires. This usually makes them less comfortable than the Pello Romper 14.

The only downside of big tires is that they add weight to the bike. However, they also make the bike perfect for aggressive riding and mountain biking.

Brilliant brakes

This bike has brilliant brakes - the Tektro mini v-pull brakes. These brakes have brilliant stopping power. While previous models of the bike had only one brake, post-2019 models have two brakes.

These brakes make the bike much easier to stop. They also make the bike a much safer pedaled bicycle.

Your kid will appreciate going downhill with dual brakes they can apply at any time rather than having to use their feet to stop the bike.


One more thing we love about this bike is that it is a high-performance bicycle. It can quickly gain speed as it has an impressive 3.7 gain ratio.

You kid will love riding this bike especially over a long distance. Because it multiplies the effort of every pedal stroke to move the rider further than a low gain ratio bike would.

The fact that this bike is easy to ride for both boys and girls makes it the perfect choice for kids of either gender.

The Pello Romper moves amazingly well on both paved and unpaved surfaces. On paved surfaces the Pello Romper is stable and moves very fast, while on unpaved surfaces such as gravel, it provides stability and good traction.

Adjustable seat

This lovely bicycle comes with an adjustable seat. The Romper has a seat height range of between 17.25 and 21.25 inches.

This means its lowest height limit is 17.25 inches while its maximum height limit is 21.25 inches.

The purpose of the engineers at Pello introducing an adjustable seat in this bike was to allow parents to gradually adjust it with time making it comfortable for their kids as they grow.

In addition to the seat being adjustable, it is also very comfy. The seat is padded and child-size. Its size and its comfiness make it perfect for toddlers and preschoolers.

What we don’t like

Big tires add weight

This bike comes with big tires for stability and better cushioning. However, while big tires make rides more comfortable, they also add to the weight.

Nevertheless, the total weight of the bike is just 16 pounds. This stat shows that the bike’s big tires do not really add much weight to it.

Final Verdict

The Pello Romper is an amazing pedaled bike. Its main highlights include lightweight construction, high performance, big knobby tires, and very effective brakes. Get this for your kid to transition them from non-pedaled to pedaled bikes.

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