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Schwinn Elm Girl's Bike Review

eric-awwy By Eric Awwy, 29 Dec 2020

If you are a parent passionate about cycling, you know the value of getting the right bike. As we advocate for more girls on bikes, we can confidently recommend the Schwinn Elm girls Bike.

From the colors to the design and accessories, the Schwinn Elm Girls Bikes have an ultimately cute look that appeals to many young girls who love cycling.

It is a great bike to ride around the neighborhood and pack in some childhood memories. The good thing is that it comes in sizes 12, 14, 16, 18, and 20, so if your daughter likes the Schwinn Elm line of bikes, they can ride and upgrade as per the sizes. Furthermore, it comes in teal, pink, and purple, which are colors that girls like.

Let’s sink deeper into this Schwinn Elm Girl's bike review for the finer details, which will make you and your little girl (s) fall in love with the bike.

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Schwinn Elm Bike Review
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Why Schwinn Elm Girls Bikes Fly off the Shelves

Compared to the likes of Royalbaby Freestyle and Raleigh Jazzi, the Schwinn Elm girls’ bike easily distinguishes itself as a best-seller. It is one of the best girl’s bikes you will ever find in the market, and here are some of the reasons to fall in love with this beauty coming in two wheels.

Good Q-factor

The Schwinn Elm girls’ bike comes with an exclusively kid-specific Q-factor featuring a narrower pedal position that matches the width of the hips of the child. In our pedal bike buying guide, we explained that Q-factor allows easy pedaling and handling a bike. Even for the timid girls, once they master how to handle the Elm, that’s it!

Best bet on Braking

The Schwinn Elm girl’s bike comes with two sets of brakes for easy stopping. It comes with a handbrake and a coaster brake. The kids can use the coaster brake that activates as they pedal backward or engage the brake handles on the handlebars' left grips to activate the front caliper brakes. By the brakes' design, the Schwinn Elm makes it easy to transition to handbrake only bikes.

Ease of Assembly

If you are not one of those parents with artisanal skills, it might serve you right to know that assembling the Schwinn Elm bikes is not challenging.

The bike comes ready to be assembled. You will have the saddle handle, kickstand, Chainguard, and the number plate in the box. It took us close to 10 minutes assembling and oiling the parts of this bike, and our tester was out on their greatest ride ever!

Kid-Specific Design

The Schwinn Elm girl’s bike features the Schwinn- patented SmartStart technology, ensuring that bikes are made to fit the kids. It entails a complete redesigning of the bike geometry to better suit the rider's body type and creates comfort and an ideal riding position. This means that Schwinn Elm girls’ bike riders enjoy a lighter bike frame, which means better control. Equally, they enjoy smaller grip diameters to fit the little hands. The riders also enjoy the narrow pedal position, which matches the hips of most kids. The seats are also at a slightly higher position that increases the handlebar's reach distance, which makes it fit kids better.

With the technology, expect to see exceptional control, less wobbling while pedaling, boosting confidence, and comforting the little one as they enjoy their ride around the neighborhood.

The Schwinn Elm is precisely not a kids’ bike that looks like a toned-down adult bike- it is built for kids. It is the type of kids’ bike that prepares the girls for full-sized bikes, which is why it is the best buy. Everything about it shows that it is designed for young cyclists and with the young riders in mind.

Adjustable Saddle

The Schwinn Elm girls’ bike seat post has a quick-release that allows for tool-free adjustment. Further, the saddle and the slack seat tube are also adjustable, making it a preferred bike by many parents who do not know how to operate kid’s bikes. The girl eventually figures this out and can adjust the saddle and seat post to suit their heights.

Durable Steel Frame

The Schwinn Elm girl’s bike comes with a durable steel frame, which is a significant factor, although heavy. This means that the bike can be passed down to many generations and eventually used to decorate the house instead of lying idle in the garage.

Besides, the bike can also take any beating thrown at it. Sometimes, when annoyed, little girl riders have a habit of abusing their bikes, and the Schwinn Elm can take any of the beatings that the riders throw their way!

Comes with a Chain Guard

The bike also has a chain guard that protects the shoelaces or edges of girls' dresses from interfering with the chain. It equally prevents the clothes and socks from getting greased if there is over lubrication of the chain.

Standard Bike Basket

Since the Schwinn Elm is designed for girls, it comes with a bike basket, where the girls can carry a few of their necessities during the ride. If you are displeased by the bike basket's design and quality, we have compiled a list of the best bike baskets for kids, which will extend your options.

Schwinn Elm comes in Different Sizes

Undoubtedly, you can count on the Schwinn Girls bike to transition to a full adult bike as it has a range of sizes. The Schwinn Elm comes in 12”, 14”, 16”, 18” and 20” sizes. As usual, we are overly against size 12-inch bikes. There are different height and age variations recommended, which means you can fit your child to any given Schwinn girls bike size.

Schwinn Elm Balance Bike 12-inch pedal Bike 14” Pedal Bike 16” Pedal Bike 18” Pedal Bike 20” Pedal Bike
12-Inch Wheels 12-Inch Wheels 14-Inch Wheels 16-Inch Wheels 18-Inch Wheels 20-Inch Wheels
2-4 Years Old 2-4 Years Old 3-4 Years Old 3-5 Years Old 5-7 Years Old 6+ Years Old
28-38 Inches 28-38 Inches 36-40 Inches 38-48 Inches 42-52 Inches 48-60 Inches
  • SmartStart technology, which signals kid-specific design
  • Transitions kids to advanced bikes
  • Narrow Q-factor for the right posture
  • Lightweight and high quality for the price
  • The handbrake grips can be troublesome to kids with smaller hands

Bottom Line

With the SmartStart technology, Schwinn Elm girls’ bike comes out as a bike designed specifically for younger riders and young cyclists. The bike comes in different sizes, from the Schwinn Elm balance bike, which is size 12-inches, to the 20-inch wheel size bike. It is undoubtedly a bike that your daughter or granddaughter will use to master riding and later on proceed to transition to an adult bike without many challenges.

Given its price, it is a budget bike that guarantees performance, durability, and comfort. It is the best buy for parents whose kids cruise around the neighborhood and want some pinch of style. Its appealing color also makes it an excellent gift for any girl who aspires or loves cycling.

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Great thorough review and great bike that my daughter loves!


We are glad your daughter loves it, Ian. It is indeed a bike that every daughter should have as a gift.