Pello Reyes Bike Review

eric-awwy By Eric Awwy, 24 Jan 2022

Pello Reyes is hands down the best 24-inch mountain bike for kids. If you are looking for a bike that an average or intermediate rider can enjoy both on difficult and not-so-tough terrains, go for the Pello Reyes.

It is a bike that looks stunning and moves like magic. Its weight is perfect and its construction is just next-level.

The design of this bike makes it perfect for riding on both paved and unpaved surfaces. Its suspension makes it perfect for both smooth rides and bumpy rides.

In this review, you will discover everything important about this magnificent mountain bike.


Frame material: Aluminum alloy

Weight: 22 pounds

Recommended age range:  7– 11 years

Seat height range: 22.5”– 31”

Fork: Spinner Air Fork (55mm travel)

Tire type: air

Tire size: 24 inches

Gears: 9-speed with SRAM Trigger Shifter

Brakes: Mechanical disc brakes

  • All-terrain bike
  • Kid-specific lightweight frame
  • 9-speed bike
  • High-traction and high-cushioning tires
  • Responsive steering
  • Disc brakes for effective braking
  • Expensive

Pello Reyes Bike: An In-depth Expert Review

When you see this bike for the first time, you will admit that the engineers at Pello really worked their socks off to make it.

This is because it is a brilliant 24-inch mountain bike perfect for riding on both paved trails and bumpy mountain bike trails.

It features lightweight aluminum construction, advanced Tektro mechanical disc-brakes, and super responsive steering. All these things make it such a sweet and versatile bike for long-term use.

Get to know more about the Pello Reyes in the section below.

What we like about this bike

High performance

Your kid will certainly fall in love with this bike once they try it. Why? Because it is a high-performance bike - it is designed to ensure it moves as fast as a balance bike can.

The things that make the Pello Reyes a high-performance bike include its lightweight frame, its 9 gears, and its special wheels.

All these things work together to ensure this bike can move very fast.

This bike’s tires are special Kenda K-RAD tires. These tires are wide and very stable. They make this bike perfect for riding on all types of terrain.

Perfect brakes

This 24-inch bike has the perfect brakes. Brakes that bring it to an immediate stop when applied. It does not matter whether your child is riding it fast or slow.

Because this bike is a high-performance bike, the fact that it has handbrakes is a blessing. This is because it means the bike can be stopped safely

The perfect brakes on this bike are Tektro mechanical disc brakes. They have much better stopping power than regular V brakes. They are also somewhat better brakes than standard hydraulic brakes.

Quality headset

This bike has a high-quality headset known as Cane Creek headset. Many people ignore or do not even know what a headset is. The headset is an important part of bikes.

When the headset does not work right. It becomes difficult to control a bike.

This bike comes with a Cane Creek headset that is among the best of the best headsets.

The headset works like a charm and it does not get damaged easily.

Comfortable Seat

The Pello Reyes has one of the most comfortable bike seats. The seat is child-sized and comes from an Italian manufacturer.

It is comfortable because it is quite padded and it can be adjusted in various ways to be made more comfortable.

There is no way your kid will find this bike’s seat uncomfortable.

Ease of assembly

When you buy and get this bike, you might think assembling is quite a process. However, while assembling it is not the easiest thing to do, it is also not the hardest.

It will take you between fifteen to twenty minutes to assemble the Pello Reyes bike. If you cannot do it on your own following the instructions, you can request someone more technical minded to help you.

Lightweight frame

This Pello bike is very lightweight. In fact, it is so lightweight that it weighs less than 22 pounds. For a 24-inch mountain bike, 22 pounds is extremely lightweight.

The lightness of this bike makes it perfect for kids. Kids can more easily dominate rough terrain, stake parks, and trails riding lightweight rather than heavy bikes.

So, if your little one is the adventurous type, you should get them this bike to dominate challenging surfaces.

If your child is already an aggressive or an adventurous rider, you should buy the Pello Spinner Grind Air fork shock. This shock is expensive but it will make the bike more fun to ride on rough or bumpy surfaces.

Rider’s body position

When riding this bike, your kid will mostly be sitting upright. They will be sitting more upright than they would sit on other bikes such as the Guardian 24-inch and the Woom 5 that allow for aggressive riding position. Keep in mind that the Worm 5 and the Guardian 24-inch are bikes that people think are less aggressive than the Pello Reyes.

What we can conclude from the above information is that the Pello Reyes bike has an extremely non-aggressive stance. It is perfect for timid riders or for those who do not want to ride in an aggressive position.

Pedal efficiency

The Pello Reyes has a low-set bottom bracket that increases its pedal efficiency and keeps its center of gravity low for better control on rough terrain.

To make sure the bike has enough clearance to prevent pedals from striking the ground on trails, the Pello Reyes’ bottom bracket is set higher than other bottom brackets.

In short, the information above shows that the bike is a one-of-a-kind mountain bike with enhanced pedal efficiency. And a design that makes it perfect for riding on trails or rough terrain.

The pedal efficiency makes this bike the ideal machine for toddlers to use to summit hills and then ride downhill.

Because the bottom bracket has enough clearance, it is unlikely that the pedals will hit the dirt at any point when you are summiting a hill.

Air tires

The tires on the Pello Reyes are air tires. This makes them much more comfortable than foam tires. However, it is important to note that most 24-inch mountain bikes do not have foam tires. They have air tires. So, the Reyes bike having air tires is not really a distinctive advantage.

The thing that sets these Reyes air tires apart is what they are. They are K-RAD air tires known for being wide and offering great traction and stability. They are perfect for trail riding, compact dirt trails, and paved road riding.

What we don’t like


The only disadvantage of this bike is that it is quite pricey. Bike experts or enthusiasts will quickly recognize that the bike is totally worth every penny in its price tag. On the other hand, a number of parents will be put off by the price regardless of the quality of the bike and its components.

Final Verdict

The Pello Reyes is a stunning 24-inch mountain bike. It is well-made and designed for fun trail riding and mountain biking. The only problem with this two-wheeler is that it is a bit pricey. Otherwise, it is a brilliant machine.

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