Woom 1 Plus Balance Bike Review

eric-awwy By Eric Awwy, 24 Jan 2022

Woom 1 Plus is a brilliant balance bike built by one of the leading bike companies in the world. The bike is widely regarded as one of the best bikes for kids.

It is perfect for kids between three and five years old. Unlike many balance bikes, it comes with a significantly adjustable seat. It also comes with a handbrake.

Its seat can be adjusted about 4 inches upward. What this means is that as your child grows, you can increase the height of the seat for them to be more comfortable.

The fact that this Woom bike comes with a handbrake is very interesting. This is because there is a widely held belief that balance bikes do not need a handbrake. However, everyone will agree that kids are much better having a handbrake than not having one, especially when riding a bike downhill.

In this review, you will discover everything you need to know about this bike including how its handbrake makes it a much safer balance bike.


Frame material: aluminum alloy

Weight: 9.5 pounds

Recommended age range:  3– 5 years

Seat height range: 14.8”–18.5”

Tire type: air

Tire size: 14 inches

  • Famous bike brand
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to pick and push
  • 4 inches growth
  • Cushioning tires
  • Footrest
  • Puncture risk tires
  • High handlebars

Woom 1 Plus Balance Bike: An In-depth Expert Review

The Woom 1 Plus is a bike built for newbie riders. It is absolutely perfect for newbie riders because of four key reasons.

First, it is a lightweight bike. It only weighs 10 pounds. Because it is so lightweight, this two-wheeler is easy to pick up and easy to push and enjoy.

Second, it has cushioning tires. The cushioning tires make it perfect to use because they make the bike more comfortable to use.

What more would a newbie kid rider like than a comfortable ride on a new bike.

Third, it has high handlebars. The high handlebars of the Woom 1 Plus make it perfect for newbies because they ensure the rider is sitting in a natural upright position.

This position will make any newbie more comfortable and confident to ride a new bike than the leaning forward position forced by low handlebars.

Fourth and lastly, it has a footrest. The footrest makes this bike perfect for newbies. Because anyone who has never ridden a balance bike would be more comfortable with their feet on a footrest when they do it for the first time.

Discover more important information about the Woom 1 Plus in the section below.

What we like about this bike

High performance

This is a high-performance balance bike. It is a bike that is very speedy and that your kid will quickly fall in love with.

Kids love running around and moving fast. There is no way your kid will experience the kind of speeds this bike is capable of and not love it.

The slightest push will make this bike to roll and roll effortlessly for several dozen feet. The reason why is its lightweight construction coupled with its sealed bearings.

Your kid will love the speed of this machine and how far it can go.

Most large bikes feel hard to control and balance but not this one. While it is large, its design is such that it is actually easier to control. What about the design makes it easier to control? Well, it is the handlebars and the headset. These two things are so well throughout that even a 2.5-year-old can easily maneuver this bike even at full speed.

The bike is easy to control even on dirt trails.

Big air tires

Quite a number of balance bikes on the market have foam tires. Only a few top-quality ones have air tires. The Woom 1 Plus is one of the few with air tires.

The air tires on this bike are 14-inch tires. They are in fact bigger than the typical tires on standard balance bikes (12-inch tires).

The fact that this bike’s tires are bigger makes it perfect for bigger and taller kids. This is because the bigger tires make this bike taller than the average balance bike. 

Moreover, the bigger tires on this bike make it better suited to handle bumps and curbs. So, if your home is full of bumps and curbs, you should go for this bike to make sure your kid can get around the neighborhood with ease.

One last thing about this bike’s tires is that they are very well tread. This makes them perfect for off-road biking and for biking on other types of terrain.

Two handbrakes

As mentioned, a few moments earlier in this review, this bike is a speedy bike. Because the manufacturer made it a speedy and high-performance bike, they decided to add handbrakes.

The handbrakes have plenty of stopping power when the bike is at a high speed.

Every parent wants their kid to be safe when playing. The presence of two handbrakes on this bike means you will also be sure that your kid will be safe when riding this bike.

Because this bike has two brakes, it is important to teach your kid how to use them. Otherwise, they might apply the wrong brake during full speed resulting in minor or severe injuries.

Removable turning limiter

This bike comes with a turning limiter. The work of this turning limiter is to prevent your kid from turning the handlebars too quickly.

The turning limiter on the Woom 1 Plus is an elastic turning limiter. It prevents the handlebar from turning quickly and it also corrects the bad rotation of the handlebar

The Woom 1 Plus turning limiter prevents your child from turning the handlebar too much when riding the bike. This, in turn, prevents your kid from frequently falling off the bike.

As your child grows and becomes more confident on the bike, you can remove the turning limiter as it is removable.

What we don’t like

High handlebars

The Woom 1 Plus’s handlebars are high. While high handlebars are not a bad thing, they are only appropriate for timid riders. They are certainly not suitable for aggressive or adventurous riders as they do not give the sort of control required.

Puncture risk tires

This Woom bike has air tires. While air tires provide more cushioning, they are also prone to punctures. This is unlike foam tires that cannot get punctured at all.

Final Verdict

The Woom 1 Plus is an amazing bike that is perfect for tall or rapidly growing toddlers. It is short enough for 3- to 4-year-old and tall enough for 5- to 6-year-old. It is designed for both urban and trail adventures, get it for your kid to help them have fun learning how to ride a bike.

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