Vitus Nippy Balance Bike Review – An Expert Review

eric-awwy By Eric Awwy, 24 Jan 2022

One of the highlights of the 2019 London Bike Show was the Vitus Nippy Balance bike. Among the kids’ bikes displayed at the show, there was no bike that looked as stunning as the Vitus Nippy Balance.

Because of its stunning look, the bike attracted lots of onlookers. It was quite popular at the show.

In this bike review, you are going to discover everything important you need to know about this popular bike. You will discover everything including its weight and adjustable seat.


Frame material: aluminum alloy

Weight: 4.1 pounds

Recommended age range: 2 – 3 years

Seat height range: 12.2”–14”

Tire type: foam

  • Famous bike brand
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Easy to pick and push
  • 2 inches growth
  • Puncture proof tires
  • Plastic tires
  • No footrest

Vitus Nippy Balance Bike: An In-depth Expert Review

There are lightweight balance bikes and then there is this Vitus bike. This bike weighs just 4.1 pounds making it extremely lightweight. You literally cannot find a quality balance bike that weighs less than this one.

The fact that this Vitus bike is extremely lightweight makes it perfect for small kids. This is because lightweight bikes are much easier to pick from the ground and push off.

Its lightness also makes it perfect for parents. You or your partner can easily carry this bike to the nearest park where your kid can ride safely.

The bike can also easily be carried all the way back home.

Discover more about this bike including the fact that it is available in a variety of colors in the section below.

What we like about this bike

Lightweight build

We absolutely adore the lightness of this balance bike. This is because we know it is important for a balance bike to be very lightweight for it to be easy for kids to use.

This Vitus Nippy is made of a magnesium alloy and it weighs just 4.1 pounds. To say it is lightweight is an understatement. It is extremely lightweight.

Because this bike is extremely lightweight, it is very easy for a toddler to pick up from the ground and for them to push off once they climb on.

The lightness of this bike also means that it is much easier for a kid to control than a heavier bike.

Lastly, the lightness of this bike means you can carry it easily to and from the nearest bike park where your kid can ride or glide safely.

Adjustable handlebars and seat

The Vitus Nippy comes with adjustable handlebars and an adjustable seat. The fact that both the handlebars and the seat of this bike can be adjusted shows a lot of thought was put into designing this bike.

Because by making the handlebars and the seat adjustable, the engineers who made this Vitus bike ensured it could grow with its owner.

What does this mean? It means as the owner grows, this bike can be adjusted to fit their proportions better.

In even simpler terms, the adjustable handlebars and seat enable you to change the positions of both to ensure the bike remains comfortable as your kid grows.

Plastic tires

The fact that this bike comes with plastic tires may not seem like an advantage but it is. While the plastic tires do not offer the same kind of cushioning and traction offered by air tires, they offer a puncture-free biking experience.

So, if you live in a location that is unpaved and punctures are common, you will really love this bike’s plastic tires because they will ensure punctures are never a problem,

So, if you have no knowledge about fixing punctures or you just don’t want to spend time every now and then fixing a puncture, the Vitus Nippy is the best bike for you to get.

Furthermore, while plastic tires certainly are not as cushiony as air tires, they do offer some level of cushioning.

In fact, the cushioning is so good that most kids wouldn't be able to tell if this bike has plastic tires or air tires.

Great styling

This bike has extremely nice styling. Most balance bikes do not have any notable styling. They are just simple bikes with paint that starts peeling after only a couple of weeks.

However, this is not the case with this particular bike. It is a bike made by a French company so you certainly expect it to have superior styling and it does.

The bike is available in a number of metallic colors from bright blues and reds to stealthy black.

Low price

The price of this bike is not too expensive. This is something that we really love about it.

The reason why is that this bike has plenty of top-quality components plus a stunning design.

When you see it with your eyes you will definitely expect this bike to be expensive. However, we do not know how Vitus managed to build a stunning frame and add expensive components to the bike and still keep its price relatively low.

So, if you want to purchase a beautiful yet inexpensive balance bike, you should strongly consider getting this Vitus bike. 

High performance

We really love the performance of this Vitus Nippy bike. It is so well-made that all a kid needs to do to ride on it is to give a bit of a push off the ground.

When your child pushes off on top of this two-wheeler, you will have to chase after them. That’s how this bike effortlessly moves even when the slightest effort is applied.

So, if you’ve been looking for a kids’ bike that is going to perform very well, you should consider none-other than this Vitus bike.

The lightness of this bike plus its superior hub construction are the things that make it move with very little resistance.

Brand value

This bike is made by a big bicycle brand. The brand, Vitus, is very well known to many bike experts or those who frequently.

The brand on this bike and the branding on it, make it stand out. So, if you want a balance bike that your kid will use and then you will resell later, this is it.

Its branding will ensure somebody will buy the bike from you almost as soon as you post it online

What we don’t like

Plastic tires

This bike has plastic tires and not air tires. The plastic tires do not provide the level of cushioning typically provided by air tires.

However, while the plastic foam tires do not provide the same level of comfort as air tires, they are puncture-proof. And this is definitely an advantage,

Final Verdict

The Vitus Nippy is a wonderful balance bike. It is lightweight and performs very well especially on paved surfaces. It also performs okay on unpaved surfaces. The bike is perfect for parents looking for a quality budget balance bike as it is an inexpensive bike despite its expensive components.

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