Bixe 12-Inch Balance Bike Review

eric-awwy By Eric Awwy, 04 May 2021

Bixe balance bikes are available in two different sizes- the size 12 for toddlers and size 16 for older kids aged four years plus.

They both come at a budget-friendly price tag and offer something a little different to inspire the confidence of young toddlers. However, for the size 12, which we will be reviewing in detail below, how the bike’s weight remains minimal without compromising its quality and functionality is what sells it for us.

Let’s look at what it has to offer.

Bixe 12” Specifications

Recommended age range – 18 months to 3 years

Weight – 4.6 pounds

Tire type - foam

Seat height – 11.5” – 15.5”

Frame material – aluminum

What we Like and You Probably Will Too!

To comprehensively answer our readers on whether, compared to other balance bikes in the market, Bixe 12” was a worthy buy, we decided to let our testers do their thing as our researchers asked the right questions. We also scoured the internet for answers based on reviews from other parents to ensure that we are giving a comprehensive review of the Bixe balance bike. From being extremely lightweight at an affordable price tag to having maintenance-free foam tires, Bixe 12” is an excellent starter bike for small toddlers. Here is what stands out on the Bixe 12” balance bike.

Great geometry

We greatly appreciate that the symmetry of the bixe 12 is such that it encourages an upright riding position and, in turn, eases the balancing and controlling of the bike. This is thanks to its long wheelbase.

Additionally, the seat is placed low to encourage a low center of gravity which makes the bike easy for kids to maneuver.

Extremely lightweight

You really can’t beat the impressively minimalist weight of this bike! The lightweight is attributed to an aluminum frame whose configuration works to create the easiest handling for toddlers.

Believe it or not, it merely weighs 4.6 pounds. However, even for the lightest of bicycles, this one takes it a notch higher as most 12-inch budget bikes usually weigh about 12 pounds.

So what does the lightweight translate to? Will the bike be easily carried off by the wind?

Absolutely not! 

The lightness means that the bike is effortless to maneuver, especially for petite kids. Parents won’t have a hard time picking after their kids and storing the bikes for the next riding session.

Foam tires

Unlike the bigger Bixe 16”, which features air tires on metal rims, the Bixe 12” has foam tires on plastic rims.

Other than being cheaper than air tires, foam tires contribute to the bike’s minimal weight as they tend to weigh less. Although common among many budget balance bikes, the disadvantage to foam tires is that they offer less traction and cushioning off-road.

However, with the average balance bike being used either indoors or on pavements, foam tires should suffice.

Adjustable handlebar and seat height

Bixe 12 allows 3 inches of handlebar adjustment, rising from 20 inches to 23 inches.

For many budget balance bikes, it’s common to have a seat height range of 3 inches. However, the Bixe 12 beats most of them by allowing 4 inches of adjustments, the lowest seat setting being 11.5 inches and the highest being 15.5 inches.

Both the seat and handlebar require an Allen key for proper adjustment, as they do not feature quick-release clamps. The process isn’t too much of a hassle, but it does take a considerable amount of time.

Needless to say, this height adjustment also allows for the bike to stay longer with the child as well as for generally bigger toddlers to fit the bike comfortably.

Comfortable padded seat

Speaking of comfort, the bixe 12 is also endowed with a padded seat. However, the seat’s padding lies on the extra side compared to the average balance bike seat.

Safe design

With toddlers, prioritizing safety is vital. Any bike manufacturer should take into consideration the random outbursts and accidents that are so common to children within that age.

As for the bixe 12, its handlebar grips are made of plastic and do feature safety bumpers at their ends to prevent little ones from hurting their little fingers in the event of a fall or collision.


We like that the bixe 12 incorporates a designated area for the toddler to rest their feet. But what is even more satisfying is that the footrest is placed out of the way of the child’s feet so that it doesn’t interfere with the child’s stride.

It’s a nice-to-have feature that is great to spot in a budget bike.

What we Don’t Like

There’s very little that we would change about this beginner bike. It just seems to hit all the boxes.

That said, the bixe 12” does not have a provision for brakes to put it to a stop. This means that the young rider would simply have to stop the bike by firmly putting their feet on the ground. Of course, it is the natural way to stop balance bikes; and is the method used by most budget balance bikes, but if the presence of brake levers as a secondary aide is of importance to you, you should take heed to that.

Additionally, while we praise Bixe for going to lengths to create one of the lightest bike frames, like many other bike enthusiasts, we wonder whether the below 5-pounds weight has a significant effect on the riding experience of a 7-pound balance bike.

Lastly, the bixe 12” features exposed rounded bolts, which in our experience, tend to scratch little legs, especially as they begin to wear. But for a budget bike, we don’t expect hidden bolts, so this doesn’t surprise us.

  • Extremely lightweight
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Maintenance-free foam tires
  • Great span of seat height adjustment
  • The saddle has extra padding
  • Footrest
  • No handbrakes
  • Exposed bolts

Final Verdict

If not for anything else, the Bixe 12” is a fan favorite for being one of the lightest bikes on the market.

Make no mistake; this is a bike that has been prepared to succeed at training kids on how to balance with its long wheelbase and great geometry that are geared towards maintaining a low center of gravity and thus aiding balance.

Brake or no brake; there is not much to render a hindrance to the outstanding performance of the bixe 12.

What else can we say? If numbers are a big deal to you, then it would do you well to consider that there’s a reason why the Bixe 12” is among Amazon’s top-selling bikes.

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