Allen S2 Bike Trailer/Stroller Review

eric-awwy By Eric Awwy, 05 Feb 2020

Parents who have bought this premier child bike trailer and stroller claim that it has a clever design, comes with excellent features, and all for an affordable price. The fact that it transforms into a jogger and a stroller further seals the deal.

The Allen S2 trailer/jogger comes with a universal coupler that secures the rear axle of the adult bike and makes the installation process quick and seamless. In addition, the trailer/stroller/jogger meets the ASTM safety standards. However, there is more, find out in this review.

Allen S2 Bike Trailer & Stroller

Allen S2 Trailer and Jogger Review
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Specs of the Allen S2 Bike Trailer & Jogger

Weight: 24 pounds

Model: S2-Y

Number of riders: 2

Carrying capacity: 100 pounds

Wheel size: 20 inch

Conversion kits: 3-wheel stroller on chassis (included)

Internal height: 24 inches

Brake type: foot brake       

Colors: blue, grey, red, red/white, white/red, yellow

Allen Sports S2 Bike Trailer/Stroller Full Review

First things first, when it comes to trailers do not expect Allen trailers to offer the same features as Thule trailers or Burley trailers.

Now that that’s out of the way; here’s what you can expect from the Allen S2.

For starters, the Allen S2 has almost identical features as those found in the Allen T2 with a few exceptions (which we will dig into a bit later).  Like the Allen T2, it performs impressively and at a low price point.

Here’s how it performs

  • Versatility

The main difference between the Allen T2 and the S2 is that while the former functions as a trailer only, the later works both as a trailer and a stroller.

It comes with a trailer arm for use in trailer mode and can easily convert into a stroller through the included swivel wheel

The universal coupler that it comes with is extremely convenient as it can easily attach and detach to the rear axle of just about any bike!

To wrap up its versatility, its folding design with the quick release wheels makes it easy to store and transport. So yes, the Allen S2 perfectly fits in the trunk of your car and is not space hungry.

  • Stroller Function

Unlike most trailers that serve the stroller function this trailer comes with its own dedicated stroller arm. The stroller arm is much shorter than the trailer arm allowing the stroller wheel to attach much closer to the frame.

This is one of the most distinct features of the Allen S2 and can be both advantageous and disadvantageous.

On one hand, because the stroller wheel isn’t attached to the trailer arm, the stroller can be conveniently wheeled around without the trailer arm awkwardly sticking out and inconveniencing the pushers and other people in more crowded areas.

On the other hand, because the trailer arm no longer has use when in stroller ram, it has to be tucked away. The storage area of the trailer arm is located underneath it so to fold it away, one has to completely overturn the trailer which means that each time there’s a switch between trailer and stroller mode, the kids have to get off of the trailer.

Additionally it hosts a single height handlebar which although not as convenient as those with multiple height adjustments; it functions properly.

  • Great Cabin Size

Like the T2, the Allen S2 trailer and stroller can comfortably transport two children although we recommend sticking to 80 pounds of load rather than the recommended 100 pounds maximum.

The good news is that the S2 is a more accommodative option for taller kids as it has more head and legroom as compared to the T2 trailer.

The additional inches of space differentiate the S2 from the T2 but also enables the S2 to provide as much room as more expensive brands. 

Ultimately with the same internal width between the T2 and the S2, the additional headroom of the S2 make it a better option for both taller kids who can fit comfortably within and shorter kids who have more time to grow into the trailer.

A longer shelf life is always a plus if you ask us.

  • Sufficient Storage Capacity

The large exterior compartment, two rear storage pockets and additional internal compartment are sufficient for carrying essentials for your ride or stroll.

The only thing that we would advise you to take caution with is the storage in the rear pockets.

They are not sturdy enough for storage of valuable items such as a phone. So be sure to only store valuable items if you intend to use the trailer in stroller mode as this allows you to take notice in case of any falls along the way.

  • 20 Inch Wheels

Another difference between the Allen S2 and the T2 is the size of their wheels. The S2 has two 20-inch wheels plus an additional 16-inch stroller wheel while the T2 has two 16-inch rear wheels.

The 20 inch rear wheels deliver low rolling resistance making them pull smoothly and steadily and thanks to quick release feature they can be easily removed for proper storage.

Additionally, both wheels feature metal rims and spokes; a feature that sets them apart from most lower-end trailers.

In terms of performance, the difference between the two wheels is noticeable at lower speeds. The 20inch wheels have a recommended maximum MPH of 15mph while the 16-inch wheels work well at a maximum of 10MPH. therefore if you plan to ride at higher speeds, the 20-inch wheels of the S2 are a much safer alternative.

Moreover, they offer more ground clearance as they sit higher off the ground.

  • Lightweight steel construction

Another strength of the Allen S2 is that it is constructed with highly durable and entirely sturdy steel material. Thus, the safety of your child and your ability to haul the trailer will be the least of your worries.

  • Parking Brakes

For maximum control of the stroller, it is equipped with parking brakes located at the front of each rear wheel.

One simply has to pull the lever that then engages a metal tab to contacts the tire to park or bring the stroller to a stop. 

  • Comfort Features

Like the T2, the S2 has extra-large front and side windows that provide an excellent view for curious riders.

It also comes standard with a removable three-season bug and rain shield that can easily be opened and closed depending on the weather. 

There is proper ventilation within the carrier; achieved through a loose mesh over the upper back of the seats. The mesh works well to support the child’s head when wearing a helmet thereby preventing them from tipping over to the front when wearing it.

  • Seat Type

For extra comfort, this trailer sports thickly padded hammock style seats.

The great thing about these seats is that they are less susceptible to sagging compared to the average hammock style seats. This is due to the fact that the seat is sewn directly into the frame rather than the trailer’s bottom and the carrier packs an additional layer beneath the seat that offers more support and creates further distance between the child’s bottom and the ground.

They are not as firm as bench style seats found in more expensive trailers but these seats spotted in Allen trailers an very well be said to be way better than those found in Schwinn or InStep trailers.

  • Five-Point Harness System

The five-point harness spotted in the Allen trailers is in our opinion one of the best upgrades done to them.

The harness system is padded for extra comfort and can be easily adjusted to fit the height for taller and shorter kids

You can be sure that this system securely and comfortably holds your children in place.  

  • Easy-to-use Exterior Cover

The trailer further features an easy-to-use zip up, mesh cover through which kids get in and out of the trailer. Our only reservation about it is that it is thinner than those found in high-end brands so you can be sure that the material won’t last as long as those found in more expensive options.

However, for the time that it serves you, you are promised easy gateway for your child.

  • Protective Foot Bar

Another great feature of the Allen S2 is the foot guard tube that works well to protect little passenger’s feet.

  • Folding Design

The trailer folds way for easy storage and transportation however it doesn’t fold as compactly as a Thule, Burley or Croozer trailer and the process is more demanding in that it takes more time.

If you don’t mind five to ten minutes of folding then you will definitely love this trailer.

  • Functions well as both a trailer and stroller
  • Seats are padded for maximum comfort
  • 20-inch wheels on metal rims
  • Stroller wheels attaches closer to the carriers frame
  • Interior has more head and legroom for taller kids
  • Convenient storage space
  • Switching between trailer and stroller mode requires them to get off the trailer
  • Tight for two large toddlers
  • Not as durable as higher-end brands

Final Take!

If you are on a tight budget and still want to ensure the comfort and security of your kid then this is the trailer for you.

Costing about 50 dollars more than the Allen T2 trailer, the Allen S2 trailer & stroller is best choice for riding on casual paved trails.

Our editors award it 4.2 out of 5 stars.  

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