Thule Chariot Cross 2 Sport Trailer/Jogger Review

eric-awwy By Eric Awwy, 16 Dec 2019

If you are among those who ask “, is a jogging stroller worth it?” We have an answer for you – Try out the Thule Chariot Cross Sports Stroller and you will forever fall in love with bike trailers that double as strollers. A first glance at this piece of art screams its compatibility and versatility for multisport functionality. If you are ever on the hunt for that stroller that can make you have fun and worry less about leaving your kids behind, the Thule Chariot Cross should be your best pick. The best thing yet is that with some optional sports skits, the Thule Chariot Cross can become anything from a running stroller to a bike trailer and even a cross-country ski rig. It is all worth your investment, huh!

Talk of comfort, this is the only trailer that comes with reclining seats and a bunch of other kid-friendly features. Besides, this top-pick bike trailer is durable, which is a plus for athlete parents.

Without trouble, the Thule Chariot Cross 2 ticks all the boxes for a parent seeking a trailer that easily converts to a stroller.

Thule Chariot Cross 2 Sport Stroller

Thule Cross Sports2 Trailer Stroller
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Weight: 32 pounds

Number of passengers: 2

Trailer arm: included

Conversion kits: Stroller kit (4Wincluded), Jogger and ski kits (available as an upgrade)

Wheel size: 20 inch

Carrying capacity: 100 pounds

Dimension 44 x 25.5 x 45 inches

Folded dimension 33.6 x 24.4 x 14.7

Seated/ internal height:  26.77 inches

Safety harness: 5-point

Handlebar height: 25-44 inches

Material: aluminum, polyester 

Colors: blue/Poseidon, roarange/ dark shadow, Thule blue/Poseidon

  • An all-around trailer that gives you the best in biking, jogging, strolling, and cross-country skiing.
  • The only Thule model to offer independently reclining seats.
  • Removable and easy-to-clean seats
  • Adjustable suspension system for a smooth ride
  • Folds compactly for easy storage and transportation
  • Conveniently easy to switch between models
  • The sunshade can get lost as it is entirely detachable
  • Cost is higher than most

Full Review of the Thule Chariot Cross Sports 2

It has become almost custom to include the Thule Chariot Cross 2 on every best bike trailers list- oh yes, it’s that good!

The Thule Chariot Cross 2 is the second of the Thule Chariot line and in our own words; it is the best gift for the most active families.

Coming from such a top-performing high-end brand like Thule, we did not expect anything less, and tell you what, we were not disappointed! This trailer is packed with features that ensure both the rider and the little passengers are comfortable, secure and ready to side away.

Let us see how this trailblazer performed when put to the test.

  • Versatility

When it comes to multi-functionality, very few trailers come close to what Thule offers!

The Thule Chariot Cross 2 is no exception as it comes fully equipped with a trailer arm and stroller kits: and avails jogging and skiing kits as an upgrade option. What we love the most about this multi-functional bike trailer is that it performs exceptionally well across all its four roles.

Dual swivel wheels mount to the chassis and easily convert the carrier into a four-wheeled stroller by simply pushing down the two small plastic wheels and disengaging the trailer arm.

Amazingly, the performance of four-wheel strollers as compared to three-wheel strollers on uneven surfaces is remarkable.  The two small plastic wheels on this trailer steer easily and maneuver well in the most functional way when riding through rugged terrain.

Additionally, the jogging kit entails a large fixed front wheel that rolls easily and tracks exceptionally.

  • Interior/ Size

The Thule Chariot Cross is available as a single or double trailer. We recommend buying the Chariot Cross 2 especially if you have a growing family as it will serve you diligently throughout your kids’ growth spurts.

This trailer comfortably seats two differently aged passengers as it has a maximum carrying capacity of 100 pounds and a great internal height that further allows this.

  • Storage Capacity

 Although not as huge as the Burley system, Thule Trailers have a greatly functional storage system. As you would expect, like in the Hamax Outback, D’Lite, and Burley Bee bike trailer models, Thule breaks the norm and does not include a rear cargo hold. In its place, the Thule Chariot Cross’ main storage area is in its trunk, which is separate from the trailer’s body.

The advantage of this cargo pocket or trunk of sorts is that it folds up flat and latches onto the frame of the trailer thus it can be stored away when not in use. This in turn provides more legroom when on stroller mode.

Another great feature of this trailer is the Thule Kick n’ Store convenient for on-board storage of its conversion kits. The main conversion kits do not take up any storage space as the light and compact trailer arm slides into the wheel guard and locks into place at the side of the trailer.

As for the stroller wheels, they attach to the front wheel guards in an upside-down position. This enables an easy switch between activities while you are out and about

  • Brakes

For additional stopping power, the Chariot Cross offers a rear-wheel hand brake as an upgrade for use in jogger or stroller mode.

This is especially handy when navigating hills in stroller mode

  • Bike Hitch and Trailer Arms

The Thule hitch is by far one of our favorites.

The arm fits onto the rear axle of the leading bike and the trailer follows naturally and without making any noise thanks to the ball and socket design of the hitch that also allows it to slide at any angle. 

Compared to lower-end trailers, this one here pulls very smoothly and effortlessly

  • Comfort

If there is one thing you cannot sacrifice for others when buying a bike trailer, it is the comfort of the passengers.

The presence or lack thereof of comfort features can make the difference between a great and an entirely unbearable adventure.

Clearly, the manufacturers of the Thule Chariot Cross 2 were aware of this as they equipped it with very comfortable seats. The seats are padded to cushion the child’s bottom. Not only that but the smooth surface is easy to clean and even removable for an easier washing experience.

To enhance the comfort of children under the age of one, Thule offers a Thule infant sling and baby supporter. However, these features are restricted for use in stroller or jogger modes, which are much safer for the little ones.

If you want to use it as a stroller, you can get the Thule Console or the Hydration Cage.

Even with the features, the Chariot Cross 2 comes after the Hamax Outback in comfort features, and matches up with the Burley D’Lite trailer, based on ratings from our little testers.

The trailer’s bottom spots the same thick nylon fabric used in its sides. In addition, it has a hole through which water can easily pass through in case the little one spills some liquid.

The Thule Chariot Cross 2 Sports is built to handle any weather as it comes equipped with a sunshade, zip-up mesh door, and a plastic rain cover.

The zip-up-mesh door easily zips up and down and can be rolled away when not in use.

The Thule Cross is one of the only trailers that offer an adjustable sunshade. Not only is the sunshade conveniently longer but it can also be adjusted up or down to provide more skin protection from the glaring sun, even when compared to the Thule Chariot Cheetah XT.

Being one of the only trailers with a top view window, the sunshade does not extend to cover the top view. In its place is a double layer of mesh that offers more shade.

Although the detachable nature also allows room for losing the sunshade

The Chariot Cross further comes with a waterproofing plastic rain cover that is entirely detachable through elastic loops that attach to the sides.

The great thing about this cover is that it does not just cover the door. Instead, it extends to cover the sides and top of the trailer for maximum protection from the rain.

On the flip side, however, the Thule Chariot Cross Sports falls short in that it lacks rear ventilation. This means that when the rain cover is in use, the airflow within the cabin is minimal.

  • Suspension

The large rear wheels have an adjustable suspension system ideal for a smooth ride regardless of the terrain.  So this is the best bike trailer for both on-road and off-road rides, thanks to the suspension system.

In addition, it is easy to do as you simply slide the latch upwards or downwards depending on the weight of the load.

The suspension system allows for adjustment to five different settings, so it can fit all types of families, as it is ideal if you have either light or heavy kids. Just be sure to adjust on both sides of the trailer.

  • Seat Type and Positioning

This trailer takes the cake for having the supportive seats.

The bench-style seats are one of the few, if not the only truly reclining seats we know of.

The seats of the Cross 2 recline independently of each other through one-handed operation! One simply has to push the reclining button on the trailers’ exterior and gently pull it back to allow the seat to move from an upright position to a fully reclined position.

What’s more, the seats recline a full 7 inches so your child/ children can comfortably nap while on the go. 

The seats of the Thule Chariot Cross are well padded on the sides, front, and shoulders, which solves the possibility of sore tush on the little riders.

Besides, the position of the set is comfortably set, just like in the Burley D’Lite X. In this respect, the standard position of the little passengers reclines slightly so that their legs are forward at less than ninety degrees angle.

Moreover, for passengers with long knees, the support just behind the knee helps cushion against any impact while on the move.

  • Security and Safety

The need for security of the child being hauled cannot be stressed enough!

As such, the Thule Cross 2 Sports comes with a 5-point harness that is entirely easy to adjust and buckle but more importantly, it is entirely secure.

  • Ease of Use

For being so large, the Cross 2 is fully collapsible and its wheels remove for sub-compact storage. Transporting this trailer is a breeze.

Thule Cross’s user-friendliness is further noticeable through its entirely adjustable handlebar. At stroller mode, the swivel handlebar adjusts to multiple heights making ideal for couples/guardians with great differences in height.

The conversion between kits could not be more convenient!

This is thanks to the Thule Versa Wing system, which enables quick and easy conversion between kits, regardless of the kit used

  • Quality and Value

In terms of quality, the Thule Chariot Cross exhibits keenness to detail, high-end design, and top-notch quality materials put together to bring comfort, love, and affection to the passengers and the adult users. Without the fear of disappointments, you can take this trailer for bike tours or camping and you are sure to get everyone back home happy and rejuvenated.

The rip-stop canvas cover coupled with the thermo-molded seats makes Thule Chariot Cross a workhorse. If you have twins, this is a great choice for a bike trailer. The best thing yet is that you can accessorize it using the Jogger Kit and the cross country skiing kit and keep the fun regardless of the weather, it is unstoppable!

Although expensive compared to other budget bike trailers, like for instance the Burley D’Lite X, the high price is justifiably for the best reason.


We were thoroughly impressed by this cleverly designed bike trailer. Thanks to the innovative design, kids can now ride in trailers without fearing the weather extremes.

From its independently reclining seats to a convenient top view window, an easy conversion mechanism, an adjustable handlebar for different users, and a natural flow of the trailer: what is there not to love about the Thule Cross 2?

We know that there is always the Thule Chariot Cross vs. Thule Chariot Lite debate. Well, even though the Thule Cross comes at a cost higher than the Chariot Lite, it has great features that are upgraded. Purchasing the Cross 2 assures you of durability, comfort, multi-functionality, and safety of the kids, and more ride times requested by the little ones.

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