Hamax Outback Multi-Sport Trailer Review

eric-awwy By Eric Awwy, 22 Dec 2019

You are probably here because you are confused between the Hamax Outback and the Burley D’Lite bike trailer, which one should you choose, right? If not so, you are looking for a comprehensive Hamax outback review.

The Hamax Outback combines sophistication, simplicity, and performance to make it the best bike trailer that has a sporty look. It is truly loves if not for the beauty it could be a combination of value for your money, performance, and versatility.

The multisport trailer comes standard with a hitch, single swivel-wheel stroller wheel, and you can decide to use other conversion kits for an upgrade.

We dabbed it the king of comfort because our testers even slept soundly when we were testing. Buckle up let’s see what makes the Hamax Outback multisport trailer stand out.

Hamax Outback Multi-sport Bike Trailer -Double

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Style: Double

Functionality: Trailer, Stroller, and Jogger.

Weight: 40.7 pounds

Carrying capacity: 100 pounds

Wheel size: 20-inch

Conversion kits: Stroller (Included), jogger (upgrade)

Dimensions: 42.5 x 27.9 x 13.4

Internal height: 28 inches

Brake type: foot brake

Colors: White/orange, charcoal/red, navy/white, red/black

  • Multi-functional trailer
  • Sleek, aerodynamic design with low center of gravity
  • Extra roomy interior makes it ideal for older/taller kids
  • Adjustable suspension offer a smoother ride
  • Padded ergonomic seats enhance comfort
  • Great ventilation even with rain cover on
  • Easy one-click transition between kits
  • Not the lightest trailer as compared to its competitors
  • Lacks an exterior storage compartment

Full Review of the Hamax Outback Double Trailer

When it comes to comfort, very few trailers come close to what the Hamax Outback offers.

As a market leader in child carriers in Europe for over 30 years, we expect nothing less than top-notch performance from this brand.

The Outback’s sleek aerodynamic design won us over but what else does it bring to the table?

Let’s find out;

  • Versatility

The Hamax Outback is an excellent multi-sport bike trailer, stroller, and jogger all in one.

It comes standard with a trailer hitch that attaches to the quick release on your rear wheel and a single swivel wheel for use in trailer and stroller mode.

It is worth mentioning that the hitch installation is entirely hassle-free and perhaps the easiest we have witnessed. .

As for use as a jogger, the jogging kit entailing a fixed front wheel and a handbrake; is available separately as an upgrade. The handbrake activates the front jogging wheel making it come to a slow stop.

The Outback performs excellently in all its functions but what really impressed us about the conversion kits is how easy it was to switch between one and the other. This can’t be said about all trailers that offer the conversion option. For the Outback, one simply needs to push one button, pull up on the lever and the new attachment can then be used.

  • Cabin Size

Here’s what sold this trailer for us; it is the most spacious of all the trailers we have come across!

The Outback boasts of superior internal space achieved through additional inches in the interior of the cabin. The roomy cockpit and generous head, shoulder and leg room make it ideal for older, taller and/or larger kids as they feel less confined.

 The only thing that you need to take note of is that due to the wideness of the Outback, riding single track is off the books and it might also be a hassle pushing the stroller through crowded places.

Otherwise, it excels in all other areas.

  • Storage Capacity

Not only can the Outback accommodate kids on the larger side but it can also hold the most amount of cargo.

This trailer’s rear storage has more than enough room for stowing away supplies. Be it extra layers, snacks, books; the compartment will hold them all. Plus there’s additional mesh pockets for storage of smaller items.

The only problem some people may complain about is that in spite of the storage compartments being huge; they are placed within the trailer. The placement of the main storage compartment in the interior as opposed to the exterior of the trailer was however not a problem for us.

  • Wheels and ground Clearance

It comes standard with 20-inch rear wheels and a single swivel stroller wheel that attaches to the chassis.

The three wheeled stroller pushes smoothly and the quick-release rear wheels of the trailer disengage easily for even flatter storage. Talk about convenience!

What’s more, the tires don’t just release easily for quick storage but they are wider and thicker hence they provide excellent traction on all terrains. You will definitely notice this on rocky trails!

  • Comfort

Your child spends a large percentage of the time seated as you pedal ahead, so you want them to be as comfortable as can be.

And if you are spending a fortune, why not demand for the best in comfort features?

The Hamax Outback adjustable padded seats offer the best cushioning for little kiddos on the go.

It further maximizes on comfort through adjustable headrests that accommodate differently sized passengers and offer superior support when the little passengers fall asleep.  

Thirdly, wide UV-protected side windows and a sun roof offer maximum visibility for the child.  

It further has an in-built ventilation system. In addition to mesh on the back of the seats, mesh panels are sewn in across the rear of the trailer as well as on the front and left bottom corners of the trailers. The two front mesh panels allow air to flow through the trailer even with the rain cover on which is excellent for rainy days!

To top it all off, the bottom of the trailer is nylon fabric that is lined on the inside with thick rubberized mat. The mats prevents kids’ feet from sagging and because they are removable they allow easy cleaning in case of a spill. On the flip side however, the thicker material adds to the overall weight of the trailer making it heavier than most.

As for the comfort of the parents, an adjustable push bar allows differently sized parents to adjust the stroller to suit them. The push bar adjusts to multiple heights in one swift movement so no matter the person pushing, they don’t do so while straining themselves.

  • Weight

The Outback weighs eight pounds more than the Thule Chariot Cross; which says a lot for a trailer! This is due to the additional space which requires more materials as well as additional materials such as the aforementioned rubber mats.

That said; the trailer pulls excellently especially on flatter areas. You will mostly feel the difference in weight as compared to other trailers when riding uphill.

  • Suspension System

The adjustable suspension system of the Outback makes it ideal for any kind of terrain; but especially off-road riding.

The shocks work well to smoothen the ride for both the passenger and the driver so depending on the lightness or heaviness of the kid the trailer can be adjusted for a smoother and more comfortable ride.

  • Seat Type

The Hamax Outback’s bench-style seats are a winner in our books. These are the best types of seats in terms of offering support for the riders as they are not susceptible to sagging.

Additionally, the seat cushions can be removed and washed so the interior remains fresh and clean.

  • Security and Safety

The Outback boasts of a sleek aerodynamic design with a low center of gravity for maximum steering control.

To secure the child in place, the Outback features and adjustable 5-point harness with padded harness straps for ultimate protection and comfort.

Further, the trailer protects the little ones from the elements through UV-protected windows and a three-layered door entailing waterproof plastic material for protection from rain, a height-adjustable sunshade and a mesh material for both ventilation and protection from bugs.

A safety flag and reflectors on the sides, rear and wheels of the trailer enhance conspicuity and alert other road-users of your presence and that of your precious cargo

To top it all off, it features a durable, lightweight, 100% aluminum frame for rollover protection in case of an accident.  

  • Quick storage

The Outback folds easily and quickly and due to the quick-release rear wheels that disengage easily, this makes storage much quicker and easier.  The entire folding process is in a snap and fun as well.  You can simply fold it by unlocking the handlebar, pushing down the set of buttons on top of the trailer, and pulling the set of nylon loops.  Upon collapsing of the handlebar, the trailer is folded, and that is just it!

Comparison table of Hamax outback versus other top performers


Thule Cross

Burley D’Lite (X)

Hamax Outback





Trailer weight

32 pounds

29.3 pounds

     40.7 pounds

Internal seat width




Internal height




Stroller (3W)




4W stroller




Jogging kit




Adjustable handlebar








Seat type

         Bench style

      Bench style  

   Bench style

Reclining seats

Independent recline

  Independent  recline


Standout feature

Independently reclining seats, top view window

Bowed-out sides, independently reclining seats

Roomy interior, thick tires provide great traction


When constructing the Hamax Outback it is beyond clear that ensuring the rider’s comfort was at the forefront of its construction. The trailer’s roomy interior is one of its most outstanding features. Add that to a sleek European styling that is very appealing to the eye and you easily get an all-around great trailer.

And while it doesn’t perform as smoothly as the Thule or the Burley; it sure does come close. For those reasons, the Hamax Outback earns 4.7 out of 5 starts from our teams of testers.

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