Burley D Lite X Bike Trailer Full Review

eric-awwy By Eric Awwy, 21 Jan 2020

Although one cannot tell the Burley D’Lite X from the upgraded version of the Burley D’Lite, the fact that the former has a seat that reclines independently makes it distinguishable.

Plus of course, the price can be a distinguishing factor as the Burley D’Lite X is a premium bike trailer and deserves a price that matches its status as a high-end bike trailer.

The Burley D’Lite X features a premium 20” wheel, which, according to us, is aggressive and unforgiving on the trails and stable given its wider width.

The wheel also has a modern reflective taping, which further makes this trailer the best yet in the high-end class of bike trailers.

Additionally, it gives it a better clearance, so the kids and the trailer are not exposed to any matter on the trails and roads.

Burley D Lite X Bike Trailer

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Full Specs

Weight: 29.3 lb.

Brake Type: Foot brake

Tire size: 20-inches

Interior Height: 24-inches or 60.9 cm when seated.

Interior width: 22.5 inches or 57.2 cm.

Interior shoulder width: 26 inches or 66.1 cm.

Seated Leg Room: 21.5 inches or 54.61 cm.

Cargo space: 50 Liters.

Handlebar height: 30-51 inches or 76.2-129.5 cm.

Size when open (L x W x H): (33.3 x 31.3 x 38.3 inches) or (84.5 x 79.4 x 97.2 cm)

Size when Folded (L x W x H): (37 x 31.3 x 14.3 inches) or (94 x 79.4 x 36.2 cm)

Maximum weight limit: 100 lb. /45 kg.

The number of riders: 2 children (Double trailer).

Things to expect when you unbox the Burley D Lite X:

  • Trailer
  • User’s Manual
  • Tow Bar with Hitch
  • 1-Wheel Stroller Kit
  • 2 Wheels
  • 2 Quick Receivers
  • Safety Flag

Why will you love the D’Lite X straight out of the box?

the excellent Burley D'Lite X interior

Super Lightweight and Foldability

Folded Burley D Lite X

Straight out of the box, we could not resist the incredible lightness of the double stroller and a bike trailer (a two in one, you say!).

To be specific, the Burley D’Lite X only weighs less than 30 pounds. Also, noticeable at first glance is the neat flat or compact fold.

Therefore, you can simply haul it around in your vehicle's trunk without worrying about it being space-greedy. Its transportation is as easy as the word itself.

We noticed that upon folding the wheels easily pop off and slip into the storage bag that comes along with the bike trailer in the box.

Even though it was slightly bigger in the trunk, it is comparatively smaller compared to other folded double bike trailers in the market that consume much trunk space.

Extra Large Storage Space

Roomy storage of Burley DX Lite

The storage space also won our hearts. Well, some trailers have limited space, making you think of paniers when you want to carry some supplies for the kids. However, that is history with the Burley D’Lite X child bike trailer.

It boasts of a huge 50-liter cargo area in the ear that can swallow your adventure gear. Being a deep one, the rear cargo space can hold quite a bit of anything your kids want to carry along. The flap that covers the cargo space further secures the top, and you do not have to worry about hurling your gear and stuff as you get into the adventure mood with the kids.

The interior and exterior of the D’Lite X alike also have extra organized pockets where you can store some valuables: phones, cameras, and water bottles-you name it.

Rain, Dust, and Extreme Weather Well Factored in the Design

The weather extremes can mess up what was to become a great family bike ride. Not with the Burley D’ Lite X, though! The bike trailer has a rain cover that is permanently fixed on the trailer.

It can be rolled up easily when not in use and securely held to the front door of the trailer front using elastic loops.

And the good thing about this cover is that the zipper is rainproof, so the kiddos will never get wet at all. The rear portion of the trailer also features a separate rain cover.

The Burley D’Lite X also has a sunshade, which like the rain cover, is permanently attached. The sun cover slides lower and upwards when you pull on the strings on either side of the front cover.

The good thing is when you feel it is rudimentary, you can easily detach it, and the sleekness of the D’Lite won’t be affected an inch!

Protection from the Sun Rays

The Burley D’Lite X, like the Thule Cross, comes with a full-length tinted window. Now, apart from just privacy, which can be beneficial in some scenarios, the windows are made of UPF 50+ protection that prevents 98% plus UV light. For those long summer family rides, family bike tours, or bike camping, the bike trailer would be efficient.  Even when tucked inside our little honorable passive riders can have panoramic views even in reclined positions, like bosses!

Ergonomic and Safety Features

Nothing comes close to the ergonomic features incorporated into the rad looking, Burley D’Lite X. First off, it comes with an adjustable handlebar that becomes handy when using the stroller mode. The handlebar is smooth and comfortable to the person pushing the trailer and can move different heights. Besides, when in riding mode, the handlebar doubles as a roll bar when folded forward.

Inside the Burley D’Lite X, the passengers can sit comfortably, thanks to the hammock-style seats. The seats offer a passive suspension feel for the riders, and this is what we call Fantastic! The recessed helmet pocket makes it a kid-friendly and safe bike trailer even for toddlers and young babies. Also, thanks to the Flex Connector, the adult bike can lay flat while the trailer remains upright. Suitable for parents who feel like kickstands add extra unnecessary weight.

Five Point Harness System

As if not comfortable enough, the engineers also integrated a five-point harness buckle system that is child-proof. The harness system secures the children safe during a ride.

The design does not compromise on safety and comfort for lightness; instead, coupling all the ergonomic features achieves what is the best bike trailer by design and functionality in the market.

Skid Guard sand Suspension

The bike trailer has skid guard plus reflectors, which are huge inclusions for safety. The skid guard that has innovative reflectors help protect the trailer while you pedal the joy out and your riders either cheer or make fun of you!  Besides, the adjustable suspension system can help you maneuver through different terrains while the kids get the comfort reflected as part of the user experience when designing this piece of industrial art.

The bike trailer also has wheel guards that protect against unforeseen obstacles on the trails or on the roads.

Premium Seat Pads

The seat pads are also premium, see every reason to invest in this bike trailer, which further maintains comfort and safety for the kids. And the best thing ever yet is the fact that the users can control the seat independently via the independent recline dial.

Even though there are not so many recline options (three recline positions- 110°, 115°, 120°), kids still love the available options! The Thule Cross seats recline more than the D’Lite X seats. However, when in recline mode, the rear storage area becomes inaccessible, but that’s not a matter.

High-Quality Materials

Burley D Lite X Shell

The Burley D’Lite X frame is made of heat-treated 6061-T6 aluminum frame tubes and hinges, which gives it the deserved strength to hurl its maximum weight capacity. The Burley D’Lite meets and exceeds the ASTM F1975-09 safety standards. The seat is made of water-resistant 600D polyester cover and seat fabric, which contributes to its durability.

Hitching Type

The Burley D’Lite X bike trailer hitches into a socket that attached to the rear axle of an adult bike. There is a cylindrical joint where the pin passes through to secure the bike trailer on the socket. The entire process of attaching and detaching the D’Lite X trailer’s tow arm to a bike is easy peasy!

Super Easy Assembly

Assembling the D’Lite X is super simple. Even for lazy parents who would rather call their neighborhood bike mechanic for an assembly, you will find the assembly process for the Burley D’Lite X simple, exciting, and straightforward.

Given its streamlined design, you can assemble it in a single breath. However, if you have trouble following the assembly guide, you can call the responsive Burley Customer Service to walk you through the process. The entire process, you only need an Allen key and nothing else a perfect “hold my beer!” move.

  • Adjustable suspension.
  • Great ground clearance.
  • Roomy storage space (50 liters).
  • Independently reclining seats.
  • Convertible to a jogger or stroller (multisport functionality).
  • Comfort and safe to carry kids around.
  • It is a bit pricey but for a good reason.
  • For bigger kids, the safety roll can hinder maximum comfort.
  • The cover does not pull tightly.

Our Verdict on the Burley D’Lite X Bike Trailer

The Burley D’Lite X bike trailer combines the aspect of a stroller and a bike trailer. This high-end bike trailer, whose price point is hugely deserving, is a luxurious way to tow the kids around for adventure, family rides, to and fro school rides, and when commuting with kids. It is a bike trailer that has all the safety and comfort features incorporated without a compromise or sacrifice. It comes packed with a premium interior and versatility in terms of performance. If you are looking for an option to haul two kids around in a bike, do not think twice about the Burley D’Lite X, it already is a parents’ and kids’ darling. For an excellent bike cart for kids, without concern about the price at the expense of safety and comfort, the D’Lite X fits the bill. For us, the Burley company is synonymous with high quality and this product lives up to that name. For a tight budget, check out the HoneyBee, which is also a great choice.

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