Qeridoo Kidgoo Review: High-Quality Bike Trailer and Stroller

eric-awwy By Eric Awwy, 24 Mar 2022

Although not as widely known as other popular high-end bike trailers in the American market, the Qeridoo Kidgoo is a show-stopper that deserves just as much attention. The German-made trailer hits off all the right boxes in a high-end trailer checklist, so we’re so excited to review it.

To start with, it is available as a single trailer and a double trailer. We reviewed the Kidgoo double trailer and had nothing but compliments for it.

It’s a multisport trailer that serves more than just one function, as it also doubles as a stroller.

But we’re not going to give it all away in one go.

So how about a quick breakdown of what you can expect from this double trailer before we get down to its nitty-gritty.

Overview of the Specs of Qeridoo Kidgoo

A good buy for: Families looking for a multisport trailer to enhance their outdoor experience.

Trailer Capacity: Comes as either single (one kiddo) or double trailer (2 kids)

Weight: 39.6 lb. (double) and 37 lb. (single)

Notable features:

  • Baby insert feature
  • Full rain cover
  • UV protection windows
  • Stroller kit
  • Can convert for use in skiing and hiking
  • Adjustable suspension

In-depth Review of Qeridoo Kidgoo

As we intimated before, the Qeridoo Kidgoo bike trailer comes in single and double trailer options. There are three different trims for each: Kidgoo, Kidgoo Sports, and Kidgoo Pro.

The Kidgoo trim is the most basic bike trailer in the line of Qeridoo Kidgoo Models.

The Kidgoo Sport is similar to the Kidgoo only that it features a mechanical disc handbrake, which is a good feature if you want to jog with the trailer or if you leave in elevated areas.

Finally, the Kidgoo Pro comes with the standard features of the Kidgoo Sport, only that it adds a 14-inch jogger wheel upgrade. To get the pro trim, you will add 200$, and it’s good that it is compatible with ski or hike kit upgrade.


The Qeridoo Kidgoo trailer doubles as a stroller and does an excellent job, which can’t be said for many bike trailers.

The Kidgoo does a great job at being a stroller because rather than featuring plastic or rubber tires, it features a pneumatic front stroller tire. 

The pneumatic tire accounts for its excellent functioning as a stroller because it rolls much more smoothly than the other two aforementioned alternatives.

Practically, the stroller tire (located underneath the trailer) can be attached or detached by simply pushing a button. During this transition from bike trailer to a stroller, the trailer arm is stored on the side of the trailer

When attached, the wheel makes it easy to maneuver through tight spaces with ease. This is especially so because the swivel wheel can be locked for straight tracking.

And the user-friendliness stretches to an easy-to-use foot brake located in the rear of the stroller. One simply needs to push the brake to engage it and lift up the brake lever using your foot to disengage it.

Another great feature for parents is that the handlebar height of the stroller can be adjusted when in stroller mode. This makes it easy for each parent to customize the stroller to their height.

True to being a multisport trailer, the Qeridoo Kidgoo has a jogger kit upgrade option.

Highly durable construction

The Europeans really did a superb job on this one.

The design of a trailer, as we all know, can make or break a trailer even before it hits the market. The Kidgoo’s high-quality design is one that is sure to last from child to child as it entails heavy-duty

Every part of this trailer is designed with precision. Every part entails top-notch construction, from the frame to the side windows to the seats and wheels.

The aluminum frame is the first layer of protection for the child. It is designed to withstand damage from impact without hurting the child.

Even the fabric feels superbly made. Being neither too light nor too flimsy, we don’t expect it to tear apart any time soon after the purchase.

Comfortable seats

We all know that children definitely get cranky when they are uncomfortable. So at best, you’ll just have a cranky child for the day. But at worst, your child might end up hating cycling as a sport altogether. For this reason, it is imperative to most parents that trailers seats are comfortable.

The comfort offered by the Kidgoo’s seats is second to none.

That’s thanks to the ample padding, which runs all the way from the seating area to the sides of the seats, which offers a high level of comfort and support. In addition, the coziness experienced within the trailer just makes long rides all the more tolerable.

And if you are one for the looks, well, this high-end trailer will not disappoint as the fabric of the seats just screams luxury.

Adjustable 5-point harness

Well, security is another indispensable factor when it comes to trailers. So, it comes as no surprise that this well-thought-out trailer also incorporates high-security features.

Its car-seat-like 5-point harness is one such feature that gloriously secures children in place. This is the case because the Kidgoo uniquely features a chest buckle which adds to the security of shoulder straps. This is just the ideal solution in the case of wiggly children who tend to get themselves loose from trailer buckles easily.

While we’re still on the topic of comfort, we must emphasize how thoughtful it is that the manufacturers included padding on both sides of the attachment areas of the harness (this consists of the crotch and shoulder areas.)

This means that the harness won’t press onto the child’s skin, and the child/ children feel comfortable rather than constrained as they would if the harness was not padded.

Parents will also be thrilled with how easy to use the buckle is. One just loosens or tightens it using the pull tabs located at the front of the seat. No time will be wasted as they try to get kids locked in. At the same time, differently-sized kids can get a precise fit as the straps are easily adjustable.

And lastly, another cool feature about the harness is that if you are hauling one child, the harness can be shifted to the middle of the seats!

Safety features

A host of other safety features can be spotted all around and within the Qeridoo Kidgoo.

These include a safety flag, reflective accents, and reflectors located on the front and rear end of the trailer. Their protective role is a very intentional one as these features work well to make the child more visible by other road and trail users. This, in turn, keeps them from collisions which would be destructive.

Roll bumpers enhance safety

Adding to the safety features is a unique feature that we haven’t seen around most trailers. In addition, the Qeridoo Kidgoo features roll bumpers that separate this trailer from its competition singlehandedly.

The reason for this is that the roll bumpers serve the important role of protecting the child’s head from damage if the trailer rolls over. The bumpers are strategically positioned near the child’s head for this very purpose.

Talk about going above and beyond to ensure child safety!


The Qeridoo Kidgoo further features headrests that offer ample support for nap time. The headrests are just as well-padded as the seats, so their support is high.

Not only that but the headrest can also be adjusted up or down using Velcro.

Adjustable suspension

Yes, yes, yes! With the Qeridoo Kidgoo, children are further promised the most comfortable rides thanks to the leaf spring suspension system incorporated in it.

We expected this feature on such a high-end trailer, and we were not disappointed by it. It does a great job of soaking up bumps and cushioning the children from hard impact when riding off-road and on other bumpy terrains.

Tons of storage space

It’s not really a trip if essential supplies aren’t packed to go, is it?

Whether you are planning to use the Kidgoo for short or long trips, you’ll be happy with the trailer's exceptional amount of storage space.

A sizeable rear trunk that can fit lots of supplies coupled with a pocket just above it also features smaller interior pockets. The trunk and pockets feature a magnetic closure which is really cool as it automatically closes itself.

As if these storage spaces aren’t enough, the Kidgoo has a lash cord that can be used for further storage.

That said, these storage spaces are mostly located outside. Unfortunately, this means that the storage spaces offered by the design of the trailer won’t do much for the children.

While there are dedicated pockets for children within the trailer, they just aren’t as stretchy as most kids’ pockets usually are. As a result, it’s quite hard to store snacks, water bottles, and other essentials by themselves. A little help from mom or dad is almost always needed. And even then, the storage space isn’t much.

So as far as functional storage space goes, kids are at a loss.

Plenty of functional door covers

A trailer is usually as protective as its covers, and the Qeridoo Kidgoo conveniently features THREE door covers.

The first is a mesh door, the second is a rain cover, and the third is a sunshade for UV protection. Each of these doors covers does an excellent job of protecting the child from the elements.

For instance, the mesh door protects the child from bugs and lets in air. In addition, the sunshade offers sun protection, while the rain cover offers splash protection.

One great feature is that the length of covers can be adjusted to suit the needs of the child. For example, the sunshade can be rolled down entirely or folded up so that it only protects the eyes from the sun’s rays.


The Qeridoo Kidgoo wins again for its ability to fold down for compact storage and for being able to do so easily.

The process of folding down the trailer for storage need not be cumbersome or time-consuming, especially after a lengthy ride. And that is exactly what you get with the Kidgoo.

To fold it down, you just need to pull in the two knobs located at the back of the frame. This motion will push the frame forward and cause it to collapse into its folding position. Just like that, the frame’s size will have reduced significantly, enabling you to store it compactly.

Angled seat

Right off the bat, the seat of the Kidgoo does not recline. Now, usually, this would be a negative trait. However, the Kidgoo already comes fixed at a relaxed angle. In addition, the natural seating angle of the Kidgoo makes loading kids onto the trailer very easy for parents.

Not only that, but it is also comfortable for napping. So, we’re not too mad at it as the only downside is that the seat can’t be positioned upright.

Trailer Infant/Baby Inserts

For joggers and walkers in the house, you can be sure not to leave your infant behind when you acquire the Qeridoo Kidgoo Stroller. It comes equipped to accommodate an extra feature – the infant insert.

You have the liberty of choosing between two types of infant inserts either the Baby Shell, which is ideal for four weeks old to 12 months babies, or up to 26 lbs. or the Baby Hammock that is ideal for four weeks to when the baby can sit independently or when they are 22 lbs.

The good news is that you can factor in these additional extra features, which you purchase, are compatible with single and double trailer trims. And you can also mount two infant inserts if you have twins to haul around.

What We Don’t Like

Even though this piece of German engineering swept us off our feet, there are a few features that we did not like, more features the company should upgrade.

Assembly is time-consuming

While most trailers come 95% assembled, the Qeridoo Kidgoo comes 80% assembled. Unfortunately, this means that its buyers have to spend more time assembling its parts before the trailer is ready to use.

The suspension system of the Kidgoo comes secured to the axle. However, the bummer is that one has to install the axle for themselves. And while the process of installation is not that challenging, it does take some time which most users are not umped about.

And just like the suspension, one also has to install the brake for themselves.

Headrests are not compatible with helmets

Although the headrests on the Kidgoo are very comfortable, they just don’t blend well with helmets. This may not be a big deal, except some states have strict helmet laws and the absence of a helmet puts the child at great risk.

The leeway here is that the headrests are completely removable, so the problem of compatibility can easily deal with in this way.

No storage place for stroller wheel

Storing the stroller wheel when trying to switch back to trailer mode is a nuisance because, unlike other trailers that offer an option to flip the wheel up for storage, the Qeridoo’s front wheel does not have that option. This means that one has to have separate storage space for the front wheel.

Minimal ventilation

When it comes to ventilation, it’s usually either a hit or a miss.

Unfortunately for the Qeridoo Kidgoo, it’s not entirely a hit. However, the great thing is that the Qeridoo’s mesh door and unique Velcro front windows do let in air.

The mesh door and windows do a great job of letting in the air for warm riding days, but that isn’t the same for hot days. This is especially because of the small size of the windows and the lack of ventilation from the rear end of the trailer.

The good news is that the minimal ventilation isn’t as noticeable on cooler days. Therefore, the Kidgoo is a great choice for cooler weather as opposed to hot weather where the lack of back and side ventilation would be awfully noticeable.


Generally, double trailers offer great towing experiences as they are very stable.

Weighing 39.5 pounds, the weight of the trailer is normal for a double trailer. However, you will definitely feel the weight of this trailer when traveling uphill. Therefore, it isn’t the best choice for those who live in hilly areas as they will be more inclined to feel the pressure.

The weight is, however, not noticeable in stroller mode.

The floor is not rubberized

A lot of features in the Qeridoo Kidgoo were thoughtfully incorporated. However, the lack of a rubberized floor mat for such a high-end trailer was disappointing.

The Kidgoo has a piece of fabric that runs across its floor and is sewn on one side and attached by Velcro on the other.

A floor mat offers support for the child’s feet and protects the trailer’s floor from wear and tear. In addition, of course, the fabric in the Kidgoo offers support for feet. But this makes the trailer floor prone to wearing out faster than its other parts.

While the floor of the trailer is sturdy, the lack of a covering is something that is common to cheap trailers.

Seat pads are not removable

The only other thing you may not be thrilled about this trailer is that the seat pads are not removable for washing. But that in itself isn’t that big of a deal as there are cleaning options that can be explored, regardless of the fact that they may not be as convenient as washing the pads outside the trailer.

And when it comes down to it, this trailer does offer a lot more such that this minor factor can be overlooked.

Final Remarks

If you have tried the likes of Hamax Outback and want to try out a fancy feature-packed trailer boasting the best in European design, this is one trailer that is worth the financial investment.

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With the coziness of the Qeridoo Kidgoo, you can be prepared for unforgettable experiences with your child. Especially so because the Qeridoo Kidgoo double trailer boasts unique features such as cleverly-designed storage, unique safety roll bumpers, and excellent storage space.  

It’s evident that the pros definitely outshine the cons on this one. For that reason, we highly recommend this trailer for biking families!

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