Allen T2 Sports Deluxe Steel Bike Trailer

eric-awwy By Eric Awwy, 04 Feb 2020

If you are a parent, guardian, or a grandparent looking for an inexpensive way to haul the kids or your grandchildren, the Allen Sports T2 can come in handy. Though not fully equipped with the high-end features like the Hamax Outback or Burley Honey Bee, it is a great bike trailer for low mileage transport. We consider it a basic trailer that can serve as a test for parents seeking to go the bike trailer way. In this Allen T2 sports Deluxe trailer review, we tell you why you need to spend your dime without twitching, if you are a beginner. We also suggest some of the best bike trailers for cycling families.

If you are the occasional cycling type with your family and you are blessed enough to have a neighnourhood with paved roads, we recommend the Allen T2; otherwise there are other trailer bike brands that can serve you better.

Both Allen Sports T2 and S2 are known for solid designs, better than the Walmart bike trailers, and they come with a great price point.

Let us dig right into it, won’t we?

Allen T2 Sports Deluxe Child Bike Trailer

Salient Features of Allen T2 Sports Deluxe Trailer

Style: Double

Weight: 20 pounds   

Number of riders: 2

Wheel size: 16 inch

Carrying capacity: 100 pounds

Conversion kits: none

Internal height: 21 inches

Material: steel

Colors: blue, grey, red, red/white, white/red, yellow

Full Review of Allen T2 Deluxe Sports Steel Bicycle Trailer

When it comes to budget trailers, Allen trailers ranks high up there.

The thing that sets the Allen t2 apart from its competitors is that it delivers high quality trailers at a budget friendly price.  

Small, lightweight, low-profile and most of all very efficient; this bike trailer is packed with everything that a family of casual riders could want in a carrier.

If you are on a tight budget and only plan to stick on paved roads then this is just the trailer for you.

  • Trailer only

The ‘T’ in Allen T2 is an indicator that this carrier only functions as a bike trailer. It comes standard with a trailer arm that is attaches securely to confidently haul the child.  It is quite an affordable alternative for families trying out bike trailers and is not willing to invest much on bike trailers. Besides, it is best suited for shorter trips around the city or neighnourhood where there are paved roads. It is sufficiently the best bike trailers to haul pets, kids, and cargo, all in different times. With its awesome ventilation and bigger windows, the Allen T2 id definitely a good bet for fair-weather climate areas.

  • 16-inch wheels

Other than only serving one function; and doing so remarkably might we add, the T2 differs from the Allen S2 in that it has 16-inch wheels while the latter has 20-inch wheels. It falls into the disadvantaged category where InStep Take 2 belongs, having 16-inch wheels, which limits ground clearance and terrain the trailer can smoothly take on. At the low-budget bike trailer category, opting for the 20-inch wheeled Schwinn Echo or if you have some more cash to spend Burley D’Lite X and Burley Honey Bee is advisable.

Another standout feature that sets these trailers apart from other budget trailers is that they both trailers have their wheels on metal rims and spokes rather than on flimsy plastic rims.

The advantage of these metal rims is that they are more durable however if we are to compare the wheel size then we prefer 20-inch wheels of the T2 as they are safer at higher speeds and offer more ground clearance.

Nonetheless that doesn’t take away from the performance of the 16-inch inflated rear wheels as they track straight and pull smoothly with minimal noise.

Thanks to a quick release feature, both S2 and T2 wheels can come off quickly for storage.

  • Lightweight Steel Construction

The Allen T2 boasts of a sturdy steel construction. This make enables it to be easily carry two toddlers and further add to the durability of the trailer.

You can rely on it to take up a beating and still emerge strong.

  • Cabin Size

This trailer shares the same internal width as the Allen S2 which means that with the same internal width, the trailer can easily and comfortably carry two children

Here’s the hitch; while the recommended maximum capacity for this trailer is 100 pounds, we wouldn’t particularly advise for you to exceed 80 pounds.

To be honest, the trailer is a tight fit for two large toddlers so if your kids are on the taller or larger side of the spectrum then the S2 would be a better fit as it offers more head and leg room.  

Remember; the comfort of the passengers is key when it comes to trailers. If your kids however fit within the width size and recommended weight limit then the T2 works perfectly.

  • Exterior Storage Areas

The Allen T2 sports an easily accessible storage compartment right behind the trailer’s seats. The compartment is flat-bottomed and spacious enough to accommodate riding essentials such as diapers, jackets etc.

In addition there are two small nylon pockets outside these compartment that can be used to store delicate such as keys. Note however that the pockets aren’t sturdy enough to secure valuable items such as a wallet or phone so you need to be careful with what you store there.

  • Comfort Features

Like we mentioned before, the Allen T2 comes at such a pocket-friendly price because it sacrifices some of the comfort features found in higher-end trailers.

These include UV-tinted windows and sunshade that you can get worth hundreds of bucks more. 

And again; these do not take away from the fact that the trailer still offers comfort for the rider and hauler.

For starters, this trailer sports large front and side windows that work well to provide a bright and uninterrupted view for little kiddos

The upper back of the seat features loose mesh that functions to provide an airy cabin. Additionally, the child can press their head into the mesh layer that offers support for a helmet and prevents the child’s head from being pushed forward by the weight of the helmet.

  • Padded Hammock Style Seats

The comfort level of the kids can be seen from the hammock style seats that this trailer features.

Usually, hammock style seats are not preferred over hammock style seats as they lack support underneath hence they tend to sag in the middle making the ride altogether uncomfortable over time.

However, Allen trailers use a different approach whereby rather than attaching the seat directly to the bottom of the trailer, the seat is independently stitched to the frame. The seats are thickly padded plus there’s another layer between the ground and the child’s bottoms for ultimate rider’s comfort.

Furthermore, the added layer creates more distance and works well to protect the little one’s bums from the road underneath.

Don’t expect the thickly padded hammock style to be as sag-free as bench style seats found on higher-end trailers but all the same the lack of sag is quite stellar for a hammock style seat.

  • Five Point Safety Harness

The Allen T2’s buckle system is another feature that impressed us.

For a low-end trailer, spotting a buckle system that is just as secure as those spotted in higher end trailers is a great discovery.

On this trailer, the child remains highly secure through a five-point harness system that fastens easily and is padded to ensure the child isn’t uncomfortable when strapped to the seat.

What’s more, the harness straps are adjustable for a more precise fit.

  • Protective Features

Other than the quality and easy to use five-point harness system to secure the child in place, the Allen T2 features a foot guard tube to protect little feet from harm as well as a stationary rain cover that shields them from rain.

The permanent rain cover does not get in the way of the rider as it can easily be rolled up when not in use and unrolled when the drizzles start falling.

At the same time, the trailer offers ventilation thanks to small oval openings at the top sides of the trailer’s windows. Although the holes ensure air flow, we only recommend using the rain cover as a by-the-way rather than intentionally setting out to ride on a drizzly day as some rain drops will definitely make their way into the cabin through the small openings.

Lastly, the trailer comes with a safety flag to enhance your visibility on the road and thereby protect you and your little one from unforeseen accidents.

  • User-friendliness

Here’s what we loved the most about the Allen T2.

Our testers found that due to the fact that it lacks certain features found in higher-end trailers, the overall effect is that the trailer is lightweight and hence easier to haul either uphill or downhill.

The exterior covering of the trailer is made of mesh front and canvas sides held via Velcro. The front mesh door opens and closes easily through a zippered system. The only thing that we can warn you about is that being a budget trailer, the cover is more prone to wear and tear over time as compared to the more durable Thule or Burley cover material.

  • Folding Design

As expected, this trailers folds down for easy storage and transportation. Although it takes more time to reassemble and more effort to fold; this can be forgiven especially coming from an entry level brand.

  • Lightweight and sturdy steel construction
  • Comfortably padded seats
  • Secure 5-point harness system
  • Hammock style seats less prone to sagging
  • Pulls much smoother and quieter compared to other budget brands
  • Small openings on the cover allow raindrops into the cabin
  • Not as durable as higher end brands

Final Take!

For a bike trailer going for less than 200 dollars, the Allen T2 and S2 alike are among the less expensive bike trailers we have come across. And we must state that they are a great buy for families testing the waters before investing passionately.

When we tested it alongside the Schwinn Echo, the Echo performed better, and given it falls in the budget bike trailer band, we would advise you to check it out as an alternative. Nevertheless, if you have planned a long journey, bike parking, bike camping, or bike touring with kids, go for the Burley Honey Bee and say goodbye to disappointments.

What we loved the most about this trailer is that it has great and high-quality features that you would see in brands that are more expensive.

For hundreds of dollars less, you can effectively haul your child with you. This is one of the most pocket-friendly trailers for kids and parents who occasionally ride.

It earns 4.1 stars out of 5 from our team of reviewers. It counts as an introductory bike trailer that will give you as much fun as a high-end bike trailer but not for so long and with limited terrain coverage. The fact that it is light, small, and easy to set up and transport makes it worth trying.

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